Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kenya (3) Masai Mara 马赛马拉国家公园

The climax of Kenya tour was the visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve, where our Safari began.

The game park is a very big area stretching across the border of Tanzania where it is called Serengeti National Park. 

It was about 250 kms from Nairobi but took us more than 5 hrs to reach there. More than half of the journey ( about 130 kms) was bumpy and wavy dirt road filled with potholes and loose stones.

Vehicle and man were put to extreme physical and endurance test. Thank God both survived the return journey of more than 500 kms of grilling ride.

Masai Mara Reserve is world renowned game park, where thousands of wild animals roam free. We were able to see many animals in close range.

At the vast grassland, we witnessed the gathering of about 400,000(my estimation) of  Wildebees and Zebra in preparation for the so called Great Migration (crossing of Mara River).

It was a precious and unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Parents in law 岳父母

Amanda (third from right)
My parents-in-law were in Kajang to attend the Confirmation celebrations of Amanda, their grand-niece on July 27.

They took this opportunity to visit Fr. Naden in Simpang Pertang.

My friends from Titi, which is about 20 Kms from Simpang Pertang, gave us some durians.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kenya (2) Edel Quinn 爱德奎










Another good reason for me to come to Nairobi is to visit the tomb of Edel Quinn, Hero of the Legion of Mary, in which I am a member for almost 35 years. (Click her to know more about Edel Quinn)

Through Fr. Mathews' arrangement, we were warmly welcomed by the Assistant Parish Priests of St. Augustin Church, Nairobi, Fr. Mike and Fr. Benedict. The Parish Priest was away on other business. 

We were treated to a delicious local flavour lunch.  

The tomb is situated at a cemetery for priests and religious. Edel was given special place to be buried there. It is less than a kilometer from the church. 

It was an emotional moment when arrived at the tomb of Edel. 
Four of us Legionaries, my wife and I, Joseph and wife Rose, recited together the Catena (Legion prayer), prayer for the beatifucation of Edel Quinn, and ask for her intercession for blessing upon all legionaries  and praesidia. 

On December 15, 1994 Pope John Paul II declared Edel Quinn "Venerable". One miracle attributed to her intercession is still required for her Beatification.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kenya 1 肯亚

Praise and thanks to Father almighty, through the intercession of Mother Mary, our Kenya Safari Adventure ended happily with plenty of excitement and wonderful experiences.

It was truly a great adventure filled with risk and  unpredictability.

We left Kuala Lumpur on 12/7 on a midnight 2-hour flight by Thai Airways, with 3 hours transit in Bangkok. Then boarded Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi on 13/7 morning , reaching destination at 6:30 am Kenyan time (5 hours behind Malaysia)

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Rev. Fr. Mathews who was in Nairobi a few days before us. Fr. Mathews is a native Kenyan Mill Hill Missionary priest serving in Sibu Diocese in Sarawak for the past 4 years. He was on a 2-month home leave.

Through his sacrifices of almost 2 weeks of  home leave, he arranged and led us in this unforgettable Safari. We are grateful to him for helping us to realize our childhood dream of an African Safari!

Our accommodation is the Mill Hill Missionary House in Nairobi. It has a beautiful garden within its compound, peaceful and quiet.

Despite our jet lag and lacking of sleep, we wasted no time to start our itinerary by visiting a Giraffe conservatory, crocodile farm and Mill Hill formation House where Fr. Mathews stayed during his formation years in Nairobi.

The temperature in Nairobi is around 15 to 25 degree C. It is dry season now, thus quite dusty in the city area. Many roads were clogged with cars and pedestrians.

At times, traffic was quite chaotic but not unruly. Drivers were aggressive but did observe certain briquette (give way) and seldom honk at each other.

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我们在12/7晚上乘搭泰国航空班机,两个小时抵达曼谷,停留了大约三个小时后,续程肯亚航空班机,在当地时间13/7六点半早上抵达目的地 -- 肯亚首都奈罗比(内罗比)。肯亚时间比马来西亚迟五个小时。


他牺牲大约两个星期的假期,特地安排及带领我们这趟的行程,我们心里感激不尽。也因为他的牺牲,我们才能够实现数十年的童年梦想 -- 到非洲观看野生动物。



奈罗比的交通有时会很混乱,但不是乱七八糟。司机们有时会抢位,但不是横蛮,有时还会让路,也很少会按汽笛对抗 。


Friday, July 24, 2015

Rare opportunity 难得的机会

A rare opportunity, indeed once in a life time, to witness lion mating up close at Masai Mara Game Reserve.

When we arrived at the point, we saw a pair of lions resting on the grass, basking in the morning sun. Slowly the male got up, walked towards the female, and mated for just about 10 seconds.

The male looked majestic and big in size (about 2 meters), comparatively, the lioness was much smaller.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Janbo Kenya 哈罗肯亚

We arrived at Nairobi on July 13, 6:30am local time.

We started our journey from KLIA on July 12 at about 9:00 pm, making a transit of about 3 hours in Bangkok. It took another 10 hours by Kenya Airways from Bangkok to Nairobi.

The next day, we went for our Safari at Masai Mara Reserve which is about 250 kms away.

Here are some pictures, detailed story later.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Fr. Naden 祝纳登神父生日快乐

Fr. Naden (left) and Fr. Stephen (right) 31-12-2008

Today is Fr. Naden's 72nd birthday.

A friend from Penang, James Lee, brought to my attention of Fr's birthday by posting a picture of me with Fr. Naden and Fr. Stephen Ng, CDD.

Fr. Naden is a well-loved by his fellow priests and people around him. His health is OK but physical strength has declined much in recent years. I have seen his tired face in many occasions.

May I wish him Happy Birthday, may our Lord Jesus watch over him, protect him and be with him always.

(参考旧帖子及照片 See old posting & picturesque 1-1-2009)


槟城朋友James 在脸上放载了一张我与纳登神父及黄进龙神父的照片,提醒了今天是神父的生日。



Friday, July 3, 2015

Visting Journey 探访之旅

Hardly a day after returning from Bali, my youngest daughter Elizatbeth continued her holiday with Amanda and Jonathan to Melaka en route to Johor Baru (JB) to visit her grandparents.

However, my wife and I, together with her sister Ann, from Perth Australia, went directly to JB instead.

It was a great 3-day trip.





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1. Visiting Journey 探访之旅

2. Visiting Journey 探访之旅 (2) 

3. Happy Birthday 生日快乐

Saturday, June 27, 2015


“所有的人应该受到平等对待,无论他们是谁,或爱谁” 美国总统奥巴马







有些是以“我是道德的保护者”,“我是道德者”,”我比你更圣洁” 的姿态来教导他人。








天父,我恳切的祈求你, 在这时刻,给我一个冷静的头脑,作为一个普通的罪人孩子。恩赐我这个机会,让我能够去学习、了解及感受你这些男男女女的孩子。他/她们的性取向不是各自的选择,而是来自母胎。这就是你创造的奥秘。








Lord hear our prayer

The ruling of US Supreme Court legalizing the same sex marriage attracted enthusiastic response from social media community. Majority of the Catholic responses voiced out strong condemnation and harsh worded comments.

I looked with sadness not so much of the court ruling but the behavior and words used by fellow Catholics.

Many spoke as the authority if not God himself. How much they know about the lives of LGBT ? Do they really care about them? or just because the Church said so ? Do they treat the LGBT with respect and equality?

Condemnation and alienation are very distinctive among the self-proclaimed "authority" and "spoke-person of God".

Some FB users complained that they were de-friended because of rainbow profile pictures to be united with the LGBT.

I pray:

Oh God,

I am confident that the Institution of Marriage created by you has not changed and being threatened.
It will never be changed, not by human court or earthly beings.

The judgement of the US Supreme court is a matter concerning people created by you.
They are human beings who love you just as much as any other of your children, if not more.

Many of your other “good children” had passionately spoken out on your behalf, some, using  Your voice as if it is You.
Condemnation has been swift, judgement has been unforgiving,  
Harsh words flew freely from your supposedly holy loving children.

I ask you Father at this point of time, for a cool head in allowing me to be a human, a sinner. Grant me an opportunity to learn, to understand and to feel for the many sons and daughters of yours whose sexuality is not of their own choice but through their mothers’ wombs. This of which, is a wonder of your creation.

Give me a compassionate heart to love and to embrace them and to celebrate the joy of your creation.

I ask for the Graces to receive a thousand stones than be the one who casts the first.

Bless me with the opportunity to look deeper into the value of Christ’s Sacrificial Love and Church’s teaching of compassionate Love.

This moment is a great opportunity from you enabling us
to love,
to understand,
to respect,
and to walk with them.

Not pity
Not discrimination
Not hatred

But love them as our equal.

All people should be treated equally,
No matter who they are
And who they love.