Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rivers of life 生命之河流

From left : Elaine and husband John with Archbishop Julian Leow
Elaine Theresa Lim, a parishioner of Holy Family's Church, kajang, is holding a solo exhibition at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur from Nov 25 to Dec 8.

More than 30 pieces of her works are exhibited with the theme: Rivers of Life. She is using a unique  medium called "net fabric on board" for her pieces.

She was diagnosed with cancer in January 2012 and treatment followed.

"I have not only survived but I am beginning to live!"

"By a strange twist, the disease that could have ripped me apart, has instead, waken me up from my sleep and lent me wings. She shared in her introductory booklet.

She attributed the Awakening to "wonderful Grace", thus the art works.

Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Most Rev. Julian Leow were present at the opening of the exhibition and blessed  the art works.

This is her third solo exhibition. Prior to this, she held two solo exhibitions before: His Hideous (Dec 2012 at Church of the Holy Family) and Songs of Deserts (March 2013 at KLPAC)

Exhibition opens daily from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. All are welcome.

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林莲叶(Elaine Theresa Lim),加影圣家堂教友,在吉隆坡表演艺术中心展开一个个人艺术展。










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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sunday visitors 星期天访客

Raymond Hooi is a Malaysian working in Singapore. He has just returned from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and making a stopover in Kajang to attend a friend's wedding. 

He is a seasoned backpacker with footsteps covering many countries and cities.

Doreen is from Penang who came with husband to attend 2 wedding functions in KL and Kajang respectively. 



Doreen 则来自槟城,与丈夫一同下来吉隆坡和加影,参加两位朋友的婚宴。


Pauline met her Johor Baru secondary classmate Florence first time in 43 years after graduation. 

Florence is staying in same Sg Jelok neighbourhood for more than twenty years. 

They are going down to Johor Baru this weekend for a reunion ... first time in 43 years too!


Florence 就住在我们家附近。


Friday, November 14, 2014

Visitors from Bintulu 民都鲁访客

On 13/10/2014, Thursday, Dennis from Bintulu Sarawak, took a KTM commuter train to Kajang with his wife Jane and son Paul for a visit.

Dennis is an oil and gas service contractor in Bintulu. He visits KL frequently on business but has never set foot on Kajang and Putrajaya.

I brought them for a tour of Putrajaya and later to a Satey lunch in Kajang.

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十月十三日星期四,来自砂劳越民都鲁的Dennis 陈祖男兄弟,与太太及儿子,乘搭电动火车,从吉隆坡来到加影。

Dennis 常常来吉隆坡公干,但从未踏足加影与布城。


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Monday, November 10, 2014

A visit to Temerloh 淡马鲁之行


十一月八日,星期天, 我与太太,还有李太(陈少芳)及凌太(吴秀梅)到彭亨州的淡马鲁,参加在小刘(Lau)家举行的集会。

我们都是2012年,云南摄影之旅 的队员。我们在结束那趟旅游之后,许多队员以脸书及集会保持联络,因此成为了朋友。(可以观看我们的旅程)

八位队员去年在加影就集会了一次 (观看我们又见面了)




淡马鲁是彭亨州第二大的城市,坐落在两条河交汇处,并以盛产河鱼出名。它的另一个称号是“巴丁鱼城市,因为这里出产美味的巴丁鱼 (Patin) 而出名。

小刘与太太Jessy 热情的欢迎我们,并一同到一家咖啡店喝茶。他们特别介绍道地的Kiam-Si茶(茶加炼奶及鲜奶)

这次能够出席的队员除了我们之外,还有来自吉隆坡的Yi Von,Eagle Leong, Chong 和Elayne夫妇。

往后的24小时里,我们就是吃、喝及游玩。小刘夫妇介绍了我们许多道地的美食佳肴,其中一道非常特别的是淡马鲁马来式Tempoyak Ikan Patin ,一道以发酵榴莲作配料的巴丁鱼。





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Nov 8, Saturday, my wife and I, together with Mrs Lee and Mrs Ling, we headed to Temerloh for a gathering at Lau Chee Hak 's house.

We were members of a photography group to Yunnan on October 2012. Our friendship developed and keeping in touch regularly through Facebook and gathering. (See also Our Journey)

Eight of us met last year in Kajang.(See We meet again)

We made a stop at Bentong, congratulating Lim Chee Keong on bagging APEC photography competition recently. Almost a page of him and the winning picture appeared in Star newspaper (Oct 8).

We had a celebration lunch at Bukit Koman New Village with specialty - Boiled duck and roast pork.

After lunch our continued our joureny to Temeloh.

Temerloh is the second largest town in the state of Pahang and situated at the confluence of Pahang River and Semantan River. Temerloh is also knowed as " Bandar Patin" (Patin city) as it is the home of Patin fish.

We arrived at about 3:30 pm. Our host Lau (Chee Hak) and wife Jessy welcomed us warmly to their home and later a coffee shop for tea.

Yi Von, Eagle Leong, Chong and wife Elayne were group members who were able to attend this gathering.

For the next 24 hours, we were treated to many delicious Temeloh food and delicacies including a very special dish called Tempoyak Patin fish, a Malay dish of patin fish cooked with fermented durian. 

We also visited the Pekan Sehari (one day market), a Sunday street market where hundreds of stalls selling different types of produce, food and clothing.

We left Temerloh for home at about 3:00pm on Sunday.

A big Thank you to Lau and Jessy for their warm hospitality and generosity.

We shall meet again next year!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Church by the river 河畔的教堂

From Kanowit, the next destination is Church By The River, Dalat.

I had visited Datlat 17 years ago. Fr. Masang, a Redemptorist, was then the Parish Priest . He was posted there to serve the Melanau community.

He produced his first album titled “Church by the river” to raise fund for development projects of St. Bernard Church.

With 2 more albums followed, he managed to raise more than RM1.5 million and in the process, through concert and promotion tours, making famous St. Bernard Church as The Church By The River.

It was an arduous five to six hours by the bumpy and potholes-filled un-tarred road from Sibu to Dalat in 1997.

On Friday 24/10/2014,  Philip Kong, Hee Tong and I boarded a speed boat in Sibu for the 2 hours tiring ride to Dalat.

Hee Tong is a Legionary assigned to teach Catechism to Dalat Chinese-speaking children on weekly basis. A team of six rotates to go there two by two.

It was a small boat supposed to seat 12 passengers but was always over-crowded. There were about 15 of us on board that day, and along the way, more were picked up. Passengers had to sit upright throughout the journey with no stretching room.

I admired the legionaries who made frequent trips to Dalat.

After more than 2 hours tiring ride, we finally arrived at the Church at about 4:40 pm.

Fr. Simon Lau, a young priest ordained 3 years ago, is the Parish Priest and welcomed us to stay at the parochial house.

The church changed not much from 16 years ago but with more beautiful landscaping of matured trees and plants. However, the cafe by the river bank (Relax Corner) has been improved tremendously.

In the evening, we had Mass and a fellowship gathering with the small Mandarin-speaking community in Dalat.

The next day, Hii Tong and Philip conducted classes for children from standard one to six at a Chinese school nearby.

They are mostly Iban children with a few of mixed parentage of Iban and Chinese.

We bid farewell to Fr. Simon after classes. He too has to go to outstation Iban longhouses for Mass. 

Hii Tong was driving on the return leg from Dalat to Sibu. (Car belongs to Fr. Simon's parent) 

En route, we traveled an hour to  Mukah to visit an enterprising young man who runs an IT center, a café and a capsule-room hotel which is believed to be first in East Malaysia.

From Mukah, we made another stopover at St. Charles Church in Selangau to visit Fr. Mathews. We met Bishop Joseph Hi who was there to administer Sacrament of Confirmation to more than 100  youngster during the morning Mass earlier on. 

Fr. Mathews from Kenya is also a Mill Hill Missionary priest serving in Sarawak. We met Fr. Rex, a missionary priest from The Philippines who arrived here 3 months ago. 

In Sarawak, the state government allowed foreign missionary priests to serve in the state on special permit. 

Fr. Mathews treated us to a light meal at a nearby coffee shop with dishes of …… wild boar, zzzz and xxxx ( not to be disclosed).

From Selangau, it took another hour and half to reach Sibu, thus concluded a wonderful journey to Dalat and the Church By The River.




24/10/2014 星期五,昌春、希通和我三人,在下午两点 ,乘搭了快艇,前往达剌。




经过了两个多小时后,我们终于抵达了达剌,在教堂前面的码头上岸。 堂区主任刘成武神父欢迎我们,进住在神父楼。







离开沐胶,也是大有一个半小时后,我们来到了Selangau 雪兰奥小镇。




玛窦斯神父带我们到一家咖啡店,叫了几道当地著名的野味招待我们。山猪肉是其中一项,其他还有zzzz、xxxx (不便透露)。




(录影  Youtube) 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A day with the Nature 与大自然共度一天

We brought our parents (in law) to visit Fr. Naden at Simpang Pertang, Negri Sembilan. Our last visit was almost 4 months ago.

As always, Fr. Naden was happy to welcome us. Rakie and Gani, the Orang Asli brother and sister pair were there also.

Rakie prepared a delicious home-cooked lunch for us.

Her Sambal poached duck eggs and Lidah Kerbau (Buffalo's tongue) were my favourite.

It was a wonderful day back with the nature.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jalan Jalan Sarawak (4) 砂劳越走透透

23-10-2014.  Kanowit.

I put up a night in Bintulu, meeting up over dinner with Fr. Michael Sia and a few of his parishioners.

Dennis Ting chauffeured us (me and Philip Kong) from Miri to Bintulu and taking good care of us until we left for Sibu on 23-10-2014 morning.

We took an express bus from Bintulu at 8:30 am for a 4-hour journey arriving at about 12:30pm.

I was met by Jackie and Hee Tong at the bus station ... and lunch followed.

More dining at night ... dinner with Linda and children. Linda and husband Peter are warm and generous, and always give us (me and my wife) best treatment whenever we are in Sibu.

The next morning, after breakfast, I went Fr. Fabian Kong to his parish at Kanowit which is an hour from Sibu.

Kanowit is a small time at the bank of Kanowit river, a tributary of the main Rajang River.

Fr. Fabian is the Parish Priest of the Church of St. Francis Xavier assisted by Fr. Philip Obaso (Kenyan) and Fr. Onesimus (Ugandan). Both are Mill Hill Missionary priests.

There are 10 outstations villages under the parish. The priests take turn to visit all of them, many can be reached by boats only. 

I was taken by Fr. Philip to a boat ride crossing the Kanowit river to a small chapel at a village called Majau. It serves the Iban longhouses in the area.

Later, we visited a long house which is called Rumah Panjang Benjamin with 53 "pintu" (doors or households). It is Iban custom to name the house after the current head of the longhouse.

Benjamin is a jovial and friendly head. He and his wife welcomed us into their beautiful long house. It has 3 rooms for Home Stay guests.

We were treated to home brewed Tuak , a popular alcoholic drink during festivals particularly The Gawai (Havest Festival) which is celebrated at the end of May each year.

In the evening, I attended the Mass in the church attended also by many school children from nearby boarding school.

After the evening Mass, we went to a Chinese family for Rosary prayer.

The host, Joseph and wife Tracy, treated all of us to a delicious home-cooked dinner.

My Kanowit one-day visit was a great experience covering boat ride, outstation small chapel, Iban Longhouse, Tuak drinking, family prayer and the interesting bumpy car rides.

Hearth felt thanks to Rev. Fathers for their hospitality and kindness.

It was an unforgettable journey.

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Eating BBQ Bishop's nose



Dennis 陈兄弟从美里载送我们(我与昌春)来到民都鲁,并接待我们交通及膳食,直到我们在23/10 离开为止。真的万分感谢他与太太、儿子的热情与慷慨。



晚上,Linda (秀凤)宴请我们与他家人共进晚餐。Linda 与丈夫Peter 都是非常的热情与慷慨,每次到诗巫,都会受到他们盛情的招待。

第二天的早餐后,江宗欢神父驾车载送了来到了他的堂区 - 加拿逸圣方济沙勿烈教堂,小住一晚。

江神父是这堂区的主任神父,有两位米尔山修会的修士目前在在此协助 - 来自肯亚的菲力神父及来自乌干达的乌尼斯莫尔神父。


抵步后不久,菲力神父带我乘搭小船,度过加拿逸河,去参观在一个名为Majau 的伊班长屋区的小教堂。

过后,我们前往一个离教堂不是很远的长屋,拜访了长屋的屋长本雅明兄弟。本雅明非常的友善及幽默,他与太太热情的欢迎我们来到他的屋子,并以当地酿制的Tuak 米酒接待我们。








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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A day 16 years ago 十六年前的那一天

27-11-1998, 差一个月就是16年前的那一天。








一位告诉我他是 John wong, 来自山打根 ,来这里参加一项课程(课程名我已不记得)。(当时山打根还是属于亚庇教区)






大约六个月前,我到槟城大修院探访当时在那里任教的 Fr. Julian Leow (廖炳坚神父),问起他是否记得那天的活动,他说没有印象。


梁弘志在10 年前,因癌症而蒙主恩召。不久前,台北举行了一项隆重的周年纪念会,悼念这位伟大的音乐人及耶稣的忠实门徒。他创作了许多脍炙人口的流行及歌颂赞美歌曲,流芳后世。


( 一些照片  Facebook)


27-11-1998, one month short of 16 years ago.

The 2nd National Catholic Youths Song Writing and Composition workshop as held at the College General Penang with the theme " Frequency of Heart".

Famous Taiwanese song composer/writer/singer Liang Hong Zhi, TV host/public communication expert Jesuit Priest Fr. Jerry were invited to be the main workshop animators and speakers.

It was an event organised by the Mustard Seed Evangelize Center (Petaling Jaya), a lay organisation formed by the CDD order ( Congregatio Discipulorrum Domini)  with the main objectives of evanglisation through music, printed media and publishing for the Chinese-speaking community.

My wife and I were invited to the event although we did not know much about music.

Participants were young and aspiring musicians who were interested in song writing and music making.

It was a Friday evening, participants were busily practicing at a hall in the College General. My wife and I were seated at the back watching.

There came 2 young seminarians popping their heads into and checking out with us what was going on. They had just finished their evening sports activities and on their way home to their quarters.

I told them about the nature of the event and asked about their names at the same time.

One told me he is John Wong from Sandakan. He was here for a one-year course ( could not remember the programme he mentioned). Sandakan was then under Kota Kinabalu (KK) diocese.

I had been to Sandakan and shared some experiences with him.

The other one introduced himself as Julian from Seremban , a seminarian from Visitation Parish.

I joked that one day (after ordination) he might come to Kajang Holy Family to be my parish priest. ( He did come to Kajang as the Parish Priest in 2004. As the Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council then, I had the honour to welcome him to the parish and served him for about 2 years)

It was a brief encounter lasted less than 10 minutes. 

Today, both young seminarians had been ordained as Archbishop in their respective Archdiocese.

A few months ago when visited him at the College General, I mentioned this event to then Fr. Julian, he told me that he has no memory of that particular evening.

I have not meet Archbishop John Wong since his ordination. If given the chance, I would ask him the same to find out if he remembered that particular event.

Liang Hong Zhi died of cancer 10 years ago in Taipei. A memorial service was held in Taipei recently to remember this great musician and faithful follower of Christ. He has written many popular songs, including praise and worship that widely circulated in Christian communities.

May his soul, through the Mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen.

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* Written solely from memory recollection, may contained factual inaccuracies. If so, my sincere apologies, and shall undergo voluntarily brain examination)

Jalan Jalan Sarawak (3) 沙劳越走透透

美里(Miri) 是个油城。砂劳越/马来西亚第一个油田就是在美里开采的。







2013年,吴对龙神父接任为新的主教,开始了新的一页。美里的春天(Spring time 教宗若望保禄二世:千禧年的到来)迟了十三年,但也终于的到来了。




20/10/2014 星期一,下午三点四十五分,我从古晋乘搭飞机,抵达了美里机场,等待着我的是热情的美里主教座堂主任钟松锦神父。他把我载送到酒店。


傍晚六点半,我与从诗巫过来的昌春、汶莱的志贤、坤章、子云及伯贤兄弟,来到了美里主教座堂的礼堂,看到了一群为数八十人,脸上充满圣神的光彩、 喜乐的圣母军友及家人,热情的欢迎我们。





(Facebook 照片)

 Miri is an oil town. The first oil well in Sarawak/Malaysia is found in Miri.

I had been to Miri four or five times, but only on transit or brief stop over.

Miri airport is the transit point for tourists to the world famous Mulu Caves complex. Miri is also the base station for Niah Pinacles tours.

From Miri, it takes less than half an hour to reach the border of Brunei, and two hours to the capital Bandar Sri Bergawan.

Mire Diocese was founded in 1977  with Fr. Anthony Lee was elected as the first Bishop. He retired in 2013, a long reign of 36 years.

Before its formation, Miri parish was under the jurisdiction of Kuching Diocese, with  many lay organisations including The Legion of  Mary.

Bishop Anthony Lee dis-banded all lay organisations except the Charismatic Renewal prayer group during his reign. 
It was a long winter for the diocese. Legion of Mary, a well established lay organisation, amd many other dis-banded lay groups, were waiting patiently for the coming of a new Spring.

2013, Rev. Fr. Richard Ng was elected as the new Bishop of Mire, succeeding the retiring Bishop Anthony Lee. The long awaited New Spring Time (Pope John Paul II on the Coming of a new Millennium) has finally arrived, albeit 13 years later.

I met an old legionary (70+) from Miri more than ten years ago. She told me in tears: " I wish to see the revival of Legion of Mary in Miri during my remaining life time ...."

The Lord has sent forth the Spirit and renewed the face of the earth.

On 20/10/2014 at about 3:45 pm, I arrived at Miri Airport from Kuching, and was greeted warmly by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Chong, Parish Priest of St. Joseph Cathedral.

Fr. Gabriel has in recent months revived 5 praesidia (Latin means groups, 4 Mandarin and 1 English) in his parish.

In the evening, a fellowship was held at the parish hall. Bishop Richard Ng and more than 80 Legionaries, friends and families members attended the joyful and warm occasion.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Visiting and eating 拜访在吃喝中

27-10-2014 Monday

My Sibu old friend Joseph and wife Rose brought me out on the second last day in Sibu.

We visited Bintangor, a small town about one hour's drive from Sibu.

At the Church of Christ the King, I met the friendly Parish Priest Fr. Philip Hu. He presented me with his parish souvenir mug and umbrella.

We dropped by a coffee shop who is owned by Joseph's nephew John.

John is a happy and joyful man. His has a warm and happy smile.

From Bintangor, we went to a small riverine town nearby called Julau.

I met the Parish Priest of St. Alphosus Catholic Church Rev. Fr. Devadass, from Mill Hill Mission order.

He is from India and has been serving this parish for the past 3 years. He speaks fluent local Iban language.

At night, I had dinner with Rev. Fr. Taam (90 years old), the parish priest of St. Theresa Church at Sungai Merah, Sibu.

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27-10-2014 (星期一)



过后,我们来到了禄声的外甥John 所开的一间咖啡店。

John 是我见过的许多咖啡店东主中,最开心喜乐的一位。他有着开心的笑容,看他泡茶,也是一件乐事。


我遇见了当地圣阿凡索教堂的主人Devadas (德华达斯)神父。他来自印度,是一位米尔山修会的传教士,说的一口流利的当地伊班话。