Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful humanity

I had my right Knee Replacement done more than 3 years ago. (Notice)

With the new part, I had done thousands of kilometers of traveling, enjoying walking as well as a "new life".

History repeating itself - on my left knee. I had severe left knee paint about six months ago. I knew that was the signal of a "failed knee" symptom.

A visit to my Orthopedic confirmed that it is suffering from severe Osteoarthritis - wear and tear of cartilage. Nothing can be done ... no supplements, no medication except pain killer ... a total knee replacement is the option. 

At the moment, the pain is still tolerable. I am determined to walk, to travel ...even if I needed a walking stick or crutch. 

I will review my option a year later. 

A story on a handicapped young man inspired me and give me the motivations to bear the pain and live life with zeal and excitement. 

Please see SCREENING HUMANITY on Astro channel KBS 391 or 392 (HD),  to see this courageous young man who lost a hand and a leg during an accident at the age of 4. 

Alternatively, watch it on Youtube @ this link All About My Love. (Series of 5 episodes) 

This programme is aird daily at 9:20 am, and repeating all 5 episodes on Sat and Sun morning @ 8:00 am. 

It is our favourite programme. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For the youth 给青年人

What is Lent ? What has it got to do with you ?

What must you do then?那你需要做些什么?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home sweet home cooking 甜蜜的家乡菜

The first things Uli would like to do when she arrived at our house was to cook for us!

We requested a traditional German dish.

Today, she cooked for us an authentic local German dish "Koenigs Berger Kopse" (Königsberger Klopse).

We loved it .... wonderfully delicious and distinctively German !

(More pictures in Facebook 更多照片)

(Uli's Travel Blog 个人部落格)

Uli 到了我家之后,第一件事情要做到就是为我我们烹煮。


今天,她就煮了德国的一项地方菜肴 Koenigs Berger Kopse。它是以牛肉搓成的肉丸为主,配上芥辣配料的蛋、马铃薯等。

我们爱死它了 。。。非常的美味。。绝对的德国风味!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kuching rush 古晋匆匆

Linda (左二  2nd left), Rose (左三 3rd left)及小儿子

Last Wednesday & Thurssay, I was in Kuching to visit my sick friend Peter in a private hospital. He is suffering from Aplastic Anemia, a blood disorder.,

I took this opportunity too to meet up with a few friends over there.

Alice has been transferred from KL to Kuchang more than 2 years ago. I was meeting her for the first time in Kuching, and her apartment offered me a convenient accommodation.

Annie Ng is a hard working teacher in Kuching. I last met her was about 3 years ago. She treated me for dinner and presented me with Kuching famous colored layered cakes to bring home.

Peter and wife Linda are from Sibu. Linda was with Peter for the past 10 days, keeping him company while he undergoing treatment.

I was surprised to meet a deceased acquaintance's daughter who happened to be Linda's friend.

May merciful God the Father blesses Peter a speedy recovery.

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上个星期三及四,我到古晋一家私人医院探访朋友Peter。他患上了一种“再生不良性贫血”症 - 骨髓不会制造血小板。


Alice 爱丽丝,从吉隆坡调回到古晋服务已近两年了,这是我们在古晋的第一次见面,她的公寓是我最方便的住宿了。更妙的是,她让我使用她的车代步,我出入可方便多了!

Annie 是一位非常勤劳的老师。我们上一次见面,是古晋交流会期间。她热情的请我们吃晚餐,还送给我古晋著名的千层糕,作为带回家的伴手礼。

Peter & Linda 是诗巫的教友。在古晋的整十天的治疗期间,Linda 都陪伴在丈夫的左右。

我也很惊讶的遇见了古晋20多年前,第三届古晋交流会认识的老朋友陈少白的女儿,陈如兰女士。她也很惊叹能够遇到他爸爸在西马的朋友。少白兄在十五年前,蒙主恩召 ,回归天乡。


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Friday, March 28, 2014

Another goodbye 再次的说再见

Goodbye means seeing you again next time.

This morning at about 7:30am,  we bid farewell to Gerd and friends at the airport. It seemed like yesterday when we welcomed them at the same airport more than 3 weeks ago.

Dorit, Claudia and Pauline were trying hard to hold back their tears.

After the sending off, Uli the season traveler followed us home. She is embarking yet another journey to Cambodia with another German friend in a week's time. (See Uli's Travel Pictorial Blog)

Meanwhile, she is enjoying a the few days break at our home ....

Uli: My god, am I supposed to eat with the heads(fried fishes)?

Uli followed us to pay respect to my departed parents for "Qing Ming" festival
Uli 跟随我们到父母的骨灰塔作清明




送别过后,来自德国自己行的Uli, 则跟随我们回家。她将在一个星期后,回合另一位德国朋友,到柬埔寨游玩。(可观看Uli 旅游照片部落格)


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Acies 检阅典礼

The Legion of Mary under the wings of Kuala Lumpur Regia (highest council in Peninsular Malaysia), held its Acies this afternoon at St. John's Cathedral.

More than 1000 legionaries from Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Klang, Seremban, Mantin, Kajang and Batang Berjuntai attended this annual event which started from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Acies ( in Latin means an army sets in battle formation) is a consecration of legionaries and as a body assemble to renew their fidelity to Mary, Queen of Legion,and from her to receive strength and blessing for yet another year's battle with the forces of evil.

Members would come to the front in pair, right hand touching the Legion Vexillum, renewing their pledge:"I am all yours, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is yours."

Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam, Regia Spiritual Director Fr. Raymond Pereira, Petaling Jaya Chinese-Speaking Curia Spiritual Director Fr. Andrew Wong and Sr. Theresa Chew, who is the spiritual Director of Kepong Curia, attended the function and led the legionaries in the collective consecration.

(More pictures in Facebook) 




检阅典礼(拉丁文Acies)就好像军队的排阵,向圣母军的首领圣母玛利亚,表达对她的忠贞 、奉献及孝爱,也从她那里领受力量及祝福,面对新的一年的挑战和恶势力的斗争。





We have voted 我们已投票了

Today is THE big day !

We have voted at about 9:00am this morning in our Kajang by-election at polling center in Kajang High School. 

The respectable candidate Kak Wan (Wan Azizah) was visiting the polling center too.

No so many voters turned up yet as the polling started from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.

A new indelible ink is used. True to its name this time, it cannot be removed or washed, and it is pandan-flavoured!

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刚好遇到了来巡查的候选人,可敬的Kak Wan (万姐)。




Saturday, March 22, 2014

A good Friday 有意义的星期五

 It was Friday, good weather with cooler temperature after few days of heady downpours.

My wife and I went for Friday's Way of the Cross service in the church. The service commemorate the arrest, suffering and death of Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago.

He suffered and died for our sins.

The service took a non-tradition style - instead of altar boys taking the cross going around the 14 stations, parishioners are invited to participate in the "carrying", to walk in his shoes the journey
Jesus took and the sufferings he has undergone.

After the service which lasted more than 45 minutes, I went alone to the Kajang Stadium to attend a civic gathering.

It was organised by Party Keadilan to protest against government's misuse and abuse of the judiciary system.

Anwar Ibrahim, the Oppositions leader and de facto leader of Party keadilan, were found guilty two weeks ago of sodomsing his assistant 16 years ago. He was sentenced to 5 years jail. He was released pending his appeal.

Many Malaysians believed it is Barisan Natioanl government abusing the judiciary to "finish off" Anwar's political career.

Anwar was charged with the same offence 16 years ago by then prime minister Mahathir.

Veteran opposition politician Karpal Singh was found guilty of sedition and fined RM4,000. The fine will disqualify him as a Member of Parliament of Gelugur, Penang. He was charged merely by saying " the sultan of Perak can be question in the court " during the constitutional crisis of Perak in 2009.

May opposition leaders and politicians were charged and jailed under this draconian law, and many more are awaiting court hearing on various offenses.

As in Anwar's case, one offence, charged twice under 2 UMNO prime ministers .... It has caused public uproar and anger.

The gathering attracted more than 12,000 people coming from Kajang and nearby areas, mostly dressed in black.

A) Way of the cross pictures in Facebook

B) Civic gathering at Stadium Kajang pictures

C) Short video 







安华是反对党领袖及公正党实权领袖。 他在两个星期前,被法庭判决16年前,鸡奸他的助手,罪名成立,入狱五年。目前他是保释在外,等候上诉的听审。








A) 拜苦路照片Facebook

B) 体育馆公民集会照片 Facebook

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to KL 再回到吉隆坡

Gerd and Dorit was back to Kuala Lumpur again.

After a week of sun and sea at Casa del Mar resort in Pulau Langkawi, his group of friends are taking a two-day break in KL for more shopping and sightseeing before continuing their last leg of the tour-Melaka and Pulau Tioman tomorrow.
We met up today with then in KL for lunch.

In the evening, while relaxing at home, Barisan Nasional (BN) election campaigner consisting of a Datuk from the state of Trengganu came visiting. They brought a bag of gift for me too. They  asked me for the support in the coming by-election with polling day on Marh 23.

I welcomed them and thanked them for the gift. (bottom picture)

我们的德国朋友Gerd 和Dorit 有回到了吉隆坡。

他们在浮罗郎加屿的Casa del Mar 酒店享受了近一个星期的太阳与海滩后,回到吉隆坡暂休两天,以作更多的购物及观光活动。他们将在明天继续行程的最后一个环节 - 到马六甲和刁门岛。




Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beautiful flowers 美丽的花

This afternoon, on the way home from Seremban by using Semenyih-Saujana Impian bypass, my wife and I saw 2 beautiful flowering trees at a car park of apartment blocks.

I returned with a camera and took some pictures of the plants.

The trees are named Trumpet Trees because of their trumpet-like flowers. They can be found along town streets and parks. They usually flower after a hot and dry spell.

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(观赏照片 Facebook)