Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunny & bright Aberdeen 阳光灿烂阿伯丁

It is July 22, 6:06 pm Malaysia time, and 11:06 am in Aberdeen.

We welcomed a bright and sunny day in Aberdeen. It is about 19 degree C and considered a very hot day to the Aberdeenians.

My wife is feeling very much better. We took a walk around the area.

May praise and thanks be God the merciful Father for my wife's recovery.

现在是七月22日,马来西亚时间傍晚6:06 pm, 阿伯丁时间是早上11:06 am.




Monday, July 21, 2014

Resting in Aberdeen 在阿伯丁休息中

Relaxing and feasting on my favorites享受着我的最爱

Aberdeen is an oil and gas town.

It is gloomy and cold most of the time. We were here two years ago, and a Scottish told me " ..two sunny days make a good summer".

This year, we are lucky. We arrived at Aberdeen with sunny blue sky. My daughter told us they have a really good summer this year with many sunny days.

But the weather changes fast. From sunny sky, it may change to cloudy and cold within hours, temperature ranging from 12 to 16 degree Celsius.

We are resting for the past 3 days in Aberdeen. My wife has a viral fever on the first day of arrival. Fever, headache..... taking medicine ... She is getting better now.

I prayed hard for her recovery.

(As a mark of respect to victims of MH 17, no posting in Facebook)

St.Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen.





在过去的三天里, 我们没有什么活动,只是休息养神。太太在第一天抵步后,就发烧头痛。



(为表示对马航MH17 遇难者的尊重及哀悼,不做脸书的上载)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Begining of our European trip 欧洲旅程的开始

Amsterdam Schipol Airport seemed normal

On 18/7 morning at about 6:50 am local time, we arrived at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport on board a KLM flight.

It was a 12-hour flight from KL to Amsterdam.

When I turned on my handphone, a message sent by my daughter read:" Please text me when u arrive in Amsterdam. MAS from AMS-KL shot down over Ukraine."

A shocking and devastating news.

My children were worry of our safety too. Our KLM flight was supposed to take the same flight path over Ukraine airspace.

The shooting down of MAS place has occurred hours before our taking off, thus prompted the flight to change path.

Before landing at Amsterdam, the pilot announced that " ...despite the long diversion, we managed to land on time..." I was puzzled then ...what diversion?

The tragic news was announced just minutes after we took off from KLIA. We were more than 12 hours kept incommunicado on air until SMS from my daughter.

I was on transit to Aberdeen, UK. On checking into boarding room for flight to Aberdeen, the KLM staff said to me:" ..so you are lucky to fly from KL to Amsterdam".. I was bewildered by her remark then.

It was then I turned on my phone to learned about the news.

My wife and I arrived safely at Aberdeen on 18/7 at about 9:00 am local time. We were received by my daughter Elizabeth who is working in this city.

Let us all pray for the souls of victims rest in peace and strength to members of their families in dealing with this sad and difficult situation.

Lord have Mercy.

18/7 早上六点五十分(当地时间),我们乘搭的荷兰皇家航空班机,抵达了阿姆斯特丹国际机场。












Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Durian's date 榴莲的约会




她与先生John, 孩子Catherine 和Adrew,在下午四点左右,带了榴莲,来到我家。



Many months ago, Fiona told us her husband comes from Raub, Pahang. It is famous for its durian.
Comes July, the durian season, she and husband would go back to feast on durian, and would bring us some too.

Today, our Durian date materialized.

 She and husband John, children Catherine and Andrew came to our house with durian at about 4:00pm.

We have tea.

The children were fascinated by the two dogs, and busy playing with them.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sharing in Melaka 马六甲的分享

On Sunday, 6-7-2014, upon invitation by Rev. Fr. Paul Wong, my family went down to St. Mary's Church at Air Salak, Melaka.

My wife and I were to share on the subject of  Happy marriage and blissful family with the parishioners in conjunction with the parish theme of " Building a beautiful home".

My son Jonathan was to share with secondary students on the topics of : Growing up in love; faith and adolescent; Do not be afraid of growing up.

Although the turnout of marriage couples were small, but we had beautiful and warm sessions which was held in the new church.

Form 3 to Form 5 students attended sessions conducted by Jonathan.

(see pictures in Facebook)

6-7-2014 星期天,我和家人受到黄保禄神父的邀请,来到了马六甲阿逸沙叻的圣玛利亚教堂。




参加我儿子的是Form 3 到 Form5 的学生,所以人数相当的多。

(参阅照片 Facebook)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rose & Wilson's wedding

God-daughter Rose of Mantin, married Wilson today at the Church of St. Ignitius, Petaling Jaya at 11:30 am.

It was a simple yet joyful occasion attended by about 100 relatives and friends.



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A long day for Fr. Philip 菲力神父很长的一天

On Tuesday, we brought Fr. Philip to Kenya High Commission in Malaysia for his personal matters.

After which, we went to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) where Petronas Twin Towers are situated. We took the air-conditioned walk-path to the Pavilion shopping complex.

In the evening, we attended the Opening of the 22nd RCIA (Mandarin) of Holy Family Church.

This morning, Fr. Philip celebrated the morning Mass at 7:00am.

After breakfast, Fr. Philip boarded a 9:30 am bus for Johor Baru. He will put up a night there and taking a morning flight to go back home - Sibu.

1. Fr. Philip's long day pictures 

2. Bye Bye 





吃了早餐,是时候与神父告别了。他将乘搭早上9:30 am 的巴士,南下新山,然后住宿一晚,在星期四,乘坐早班飞机回去诗巫。


1. 菲力神父很长的一天照片

2. 再见

Monday, June 30, 2014

Fr. Philip in Putrajaya 菲力神父在布城

Fr. Philip Obaso was ordained as a priest on April 2013 in his home country Kenya. 

He is a Mill Hill missionary priest serving Sibu Diocese as an Assistant Parish Priest in St. Francis Xavier's Church in Kanowit.

He attended the just-concluded Young Priests Annual Gathering in Melaka and came to Kuala Lumpur attending to some personal matter.

We welcomed him to stay in our house.

Today, after morning Mass, I brought Fr. Philip to visit Putrajaya, the grand administrative capital of Malaysia.

Later in the evening, he has the "World famous" Kajang Satey for dinner.

(See Facebook for more pictures)







(更多照片 Facebook )

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cool day in The Farm 在庄园避暑

We visited Andrew at The Farm today.

Farm is haven for a hot and hazy day.

Andrew is going for his eyes' cataract operation next week, thus the Farm would be closed for the next 3 weeks.

We were surprised to see many durians "dropped" today ... It is durian season in Malaysia.

After lunch, we went to Andrew's house in Mantin town. Andrew has renovated his house recently. It is tastefully decorated, and very cosy and comfortable. 

Wishing Andrew a successful operation, and years of clear-vision happy days ahead.

(See Facebook for more pictures)

今天我们到庄园The Farm 拜访了Andrew.


Andrew 将在下个星期动眼睛白内障手术,所以The Farm 将休息三个星期,不接受客人。



祈愿Andrew 的手术成功,将来的好多年的日子里,都是视觉光亮的美好日子。

(Facebook 更多照片)