Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The year 1989 年

The June 29 issue of Time magazine is a summer journey double issue ... looking back 20 years ago, the fateful year 1989 that transforming the world... even until today!

I picked 3 main events out of many that affected my life....

1. The collapse of the Berlin wall and the communist regime of the People's Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany). My wife was working in the East German Embassy then. The unification of Germany saw the closure of the East German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

My wife and I have the opportunity to witness the lowering of the East German flag for the last time on Unification day by the Charge d'affair of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy (West Germany) in Kuala Lumpur.

We are still keeping the metal sign board of the East German Embassy.

My wife later "crossed over the wall" to join the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy.

2. The World Wide Web (WWW). In 1989, an English physicist Tim Berners-Lee invented the first browser call WorldWideWeb. Web surfing, email, blogging has changed my life.

3. The Tiananmen Square massacre. June 4 1989 saw the China Communist regime using military force to crush the students occupying the square. I did not feel much then. Later when more details surfaced, I felt for the suffering of the students and right activists. The persecution of right and democracy advocates continues even till today.

Also mentioned was on March 24 1989, a tanker named Exxon Valdez with 53 million gallons of Alaskan crude oil, ran aground just after midnight, releasing more than 11 million gallons of "black gold' polluting the beautiful Alaskan coastline and wilderness. It was the worse environmental disaster in American history.

Currently, my wife is on an Alaskan cruise vacation. I shall find out from her on her return whether Alaskan coastline has recovered fully from the disaster after 20 years.

In February 1989, a satellite was launched into orbit 12000 miles above the earth. This was the first of 24 satellites forming the global positioning system (GPS). Today, I use my GPS device to guide me going places.

Where was I then 20 years ago? I was in Kajang happily bringing up my three adorable children. Looking at the pictures taken in 1989, I wished can turn back the time...... How much I loved them...but their childhood has gone .... they have all grown up now!

Cameron Highlands
金马伦高原 1989







2。全球资讯网(WWW) 的发明。英国物理学家田巴尼李创立了全球资讯网,世界上各国的人们,可以使用网际网络汲取资讯及互联。网上浏览 、电邮及部落格改变了我的生活。






Pulled out first tooth

Zoo with friends

Giving prizes at the TaiChi Chinese New Year dinner. It is still going on after 20 yrs

**where was my wife? official secret!

Cool juice 清凉果汁

After a long day... hot day, it is refreshing, cooling and satisfying to have a glass of home made vege-fruit juice!


Red(green)apple, carrots, cucumber, celery, orange


Juice (left)

waste (right) for compost
渣 (右)作有机肥

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last year today 去年今日

Fooling with Fr. Leo's wheel chair at Guangzhou Airport

Today is the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles. It marks the end of the Year of St. Paul.

One year ago today in Xiao Pu Zi, Yunnan, father Leo Chang was enjoying one of the happiest moments of his life - celebrating his 51st year of priestly ordination and 80th birthday in his home village with his immediate family and villagers. (see Blog - Adventure in Kunming)

We were having great fun there.

May we cherish the great times we have with him。 Fr. Leo Chang is a faithful servant of Christ, emulating Paul's example, sailing across the seas, over hills and mountains, spreading Good News of Christ.

May his soul rest in the peace of our Lord.

Fr. was very happy with the food and wine(bottle)

今天是伯多禄及保禄宗徒的主保日。 这也意味着教会保禄年的结束。

一年前的今天,在云南的小堡子,张学礼神父正在和亲人及村民欢庆他的晋铎五十一周年及八十岁大寿。这是他人生最快乐的其中一天。(看旧帖子 -昆明历险记


让我们怀缅和他一起的快乐时光。 张神父是主耶稣忠诚的仆人,仿效保禄的榜样,飘洋过海,攀山越岭,传播主的福音。


The biggest and the most birthday cakes I've seen

Fr. enjoying water pipe. His elder brother showed his rare smile. He died a few days after Fr. Leo's funeral

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death of an icon 巨星的陨落

I enjoyed most of Michael Jackson's songs and his dances. He was a super-talented artist, King of Pop, an icon.

His sudden death was tragic. May his soul, through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen.



Friday, June 26, 2009

A (H1N1) 流感

As at today, Malaysia has registered more than 100 cases of A (H1N1). Majority of them were imported cases - Malaysians and visitors coming from infected countries especially Australia, US, England and the Philippines.

Government has requested those returning from the above four countries should observe 7-days self-imposed quarantine as precaution.

This morning, I went to Tung Shin Hospital to visit Lina. At the main entrance to the ward building, a nurse was stationed there to check the temperature of all visitors. Those who found to be OK, a green sticker be pasted on the shirt.(see pic)

Lina and her mother were sleeping soundly. They must be very tired. I did not disturb them but prayed in silence. I left about 10 minutes later.

Lina's face looked puffy....


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially named the flu as A(H1N1) which previously known as swine flu. The main reason is - the virus is not from the pig but man to man.

However, the Government controlled RTM (RadioTelevision Malaysia) stations still called it The Swine Flu in all Malay news and programmes. The minister concerned, a law Ph.d holder, also suggested other media follow suit. He said A(H1N1) is difficult to pronounce and causing confusion. By calling it The Swine Flu, will make the public more aware of the disease and its danger.

His move received strong opposition from the Minister of Health.

He is trying to associate pig and the disease and both are equally deadly. What a laughable mentality !?!

Obviously, some people are more obsessed with pigs than the others.

马来西亚 A (H1N1) 流感的病患,到今晚为止,已超过了一百宗。大部分的病例都是从国外进入的,特别是美国,英国,澳洲和菲律宾这四个重灾区。






世界卫生组织已经把这种流感成为 A(H1N1), 因为这中病毒不是来自猪,而是人传人。

但是,我国的国营电视台 RTM 在它的马来文节目中,还是称这种病毒为猪流感。拥有法学博士的有关的部长说,A(H1n1) 很难念,会引起混淆。他也建议其他的媒体跟随。他说称这病毒为猪流感,会使到公众更认识这病毒及其危险。



Thursday, June 25, 2009

My dinner 我的晚餐

For the last few days, I have no time for blogging.

Besides "managing" my house (wife pigi makan angin on vacation), I have taken up a "second job" (cari makan for a living) - managing another partnership business. I have to travel a round trip of 130 km almost daily to this company..... what to do, time is bad, got to do double job! :D

Tonight, after my weekly legion meeting, I decided to have dinner at the nearby 99 Food Court (hawker center).

This was the second time to this center since it opened five to six years ago. The first time was my the Parish Priest Fr. Julian and few other parishioners. He already in Rome for about 2 years.

There were more than 50 stalls of different food- Penang Cha Kuih Teoh, Singapore prawns mee, Taiwan sausages, China Raman, Hong Kong Dim Sum, Hokkian Mee, Guangzhou fried mee...

I remembered Fr. Lawrence recommended China Raman he tasted when he was here in March for the parish penitential service.

So I ordered the Raman (RM 4.00) and dumplings (RM3.00). It tasted not as expected.

I don't quite like the place. The floor looks dirty.... blackish, the dirty looking cement table tops are rough and oily......

Like other hawker centers, many foreign workers manning the stalls. Even the Raman stall owner from China also engaged an Indonesian helper.

For record purpose (FYI my wife): today done first load of laundry, boiled dog rice....:D


最近除了要“管理”家之外(太太去吃风了),我还增加了另一份工作 - 管理一家合股生意。我几乎每天要驾驶来回全程130 公里到这公司上班。没办法,行情不好,要“兼职”才行! :D

今晚,圣母军周会过后, 我决定到附近的『久久美食中心』用晚餐。(名字好像我们要用在DVD计划的“福传久久”!)


这中心有超过五十当各式的食物 - 槟城炒粿条,新加坡虾面,福建面,广府炒,台湾香肠,香港点心,中国拉面等待。




如其他小贩中心般, 许多外国工人看管档口。就连中国拉面的大陆档主,也请印尼女工来帮忙。


Sunday, June 21, 2009

St. Paul 圣保禄

It was one year late, but better than never.

At the tail end of The Year of St. Paul, my parish held talk sessions on life and spirit of St. Paul in four languages. The sessions were held simultaneously at four venues from 3pm to 6pm.

Fr. Lawrence Ng was the speaker for Chinese speaking parishioners. He set his talk in three parts: the persecution of Christians by Paul, the conversion of Paul and the missionary journey of Paul.

This was his maiden public talk (besides homilies in Masses) for Fr. Lawrence since his ordination on 2-2-09.

A day earlier, on Friday, 19th June 2009, Pope Benedict XVI has inaugurated in St. Peter's Square The Year of Priests. It ends 19th June 2010.

“as for me, the only thing I can boast about is the cross of Lord Jesus Christ...”(Gal 6:14)





较早前,于19-06-09 星期五,教宗本笃十六世在罗马的圣保禄大殿为【司铎年】揭幕,直到 19-06-2010 结束。

请多多“指教” Please point out

Happy father's day 父亲节快乐

Today is Father's Day.
At all Masses, the priests blessed all fathers. Happy Father's Day.


While the priest giving blessings, the choir sang...


而今,已长大成人,为国 、为社会献身,





Recalling my youthful days,
the happy, carefree times of life
wonderful memory

Now I have grown up
serving the country, community
Thank you papa for your up bringing.

Papa, I love you,

Papa, I love you,
Wherever may be, I am thinking of you.

Papa, I love you,
Papa, I love you,
I will always remember your teachings.

Papa, I love you,
I will always love you and filial to you.

To my own children and all children.... Daddy love you all.


人间最美夕阳红 -- “照顾父母,关爱老人”研讨会。
10 am - 5 pm




1. 谈论为人子女的责任
2. 把“照顾父母,关爱老人”思想传播开去


**名额有限,需预先报名,收费每人RM20, 包括茶点及午餐。
Tel: 03-79658571

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chinese music concert 华乐晚会

Attended a Chinese Orchestra Music Concert tonight at the New Era College organised by old boy association of a Chinese school.

It is a concert presented by a combined orchestra making up of: Yu Hua Chinese Orchestra, Orkestra Tradisional Artisukma University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and New Era College Chinese Orchestra.

Besides traditional Chinese music, they also presented classical composition by Mozart - Serenade fur streicher in G-Dur and western popular such as Love stroy meets Viva La Vida, He is a piriate... all were re-arranged and played by Chinese traditional instruments.

Musicians were young and talented.

今晚参加了有一间华文中学的校友会主办,在新纪元学院举行的【乐汇】华乐音乐晚会。这是由三个乐团联合呈现的 - 加影育华华乐团,国民大学民族乐团和新纪元学院华乐团。



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dream holidays 梦想假期

Pauline and friends left for Vancouver tonight by 10:50 pm. JAL flight for an Alaskan Cruise holidays.

I am home alone .... relaxing !

Wishing them a safe & joyful holidays.


我一个人在家 ---- 很轻松!

我祝他们有个平安 、愉快的假期。

武吉公满 Bukit Koman

武吉公满新村 Merdekaview 照片)

I hailed from new village and have a special attachment and liking of new villages.

Now there is another village under threat.

- The whole village is filled with foul, pungent smell.
- The nearest house is separated by a road from a mine.
- Just two meters away from toxic chemicals.
- A leakage of this chemical will result a catastrophic disaster.
- Water pollution is another big concern (heavy metal).

Kampong Bukit Koman is a picturesque new village situated at Raub district, Pahang. 400 households are having peaceful and leisure lives. But due to rich in gold of its soils, it brings misfortune to the village.

In 1899, an Australian mining company was operating a gold mine in the area until 1963 when it ceased its operation. In 1997, the Department of Environment approved an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report submitted by Raub Australia Gold Mining Sdn Bhd and issued a permit to operate.

In October 2006, villages discovered the state government had quietly issued a license to the company to use Cyanide in its gold mining operation.

They appealed to local representatives, state assemblymen, member of parliament of the ruling parties, and even to the Mentri Besar to stop the operation which will endanger the health of villagers, but to no avail. All of them siding the company by saying all are legal, all are in line with the law, all are following the specifications, all are safe.

The villages has no choice but to form their own committee to take up the issue and save themselves. In March 2008, it filed an application for a judicial review at the High Court on the decision by the Director-General of Environment which approved the EIA for the mining operation in Bukit Koman.

After more than a year's waiting, the High Court ruled on 1/6/09 dismissed their application on grounds that the application was out of time (too late). They should have applied within the stipulated period of 40 days after the presentation of the EIA. The court also cannot force the company to make a DEIA now as the time frame had elapsed.

In February this year, after Chinese New Year, the company started its mining operation with Cyanide. The whole village filled with foul chemical smell, many villages feeling nausea, vomiting, headache and not feeling well. The village became a toxic place.

They have approached for help from Mentri Besar, MCA state and parliament representatives, including Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, former Minister Chan Kong Chai, and Ng Yen Yen, herself is the Member of Parliament of Raub and federal minister.

All of them are supporters of the mining company and insisting on the operation is safe. The villagers challenged them to come for a brief stay at the village to see and feel themselves. So far no taker, no response from them, not even set feet on the village. May be they are feeling safer and comfortable in their own shells.

From the way things moved, the media, especially newspapers, are restrained from wider coverage on this subject. So far none of the MCA ministers concerned (especially from Pahang) has not make any stand on this issue.

Looks like the villagers of Kampong Bukit Koman has to rely on themselves on this issue.

Save Bukit Koman Blog

Join Facebook group



- 全村弥漫着刺鼻的化学味。
- 与最近的屋子隔一条马路,就是矿场。
- 相距两公尺,与剧毒为邻。
- 任何泄漏,全村将有灾难之劫。
- 水源污染,更令人担心 (重金属)。


在1899年,澳洲矿物公司就在此采金,直到1963年停产。在1997年,环境局根据一份评估报告,发准证允许一间本地澳资公司【 劳勿澳洲金矿私人有限公司】重开矿场。



最后,他们成立自救委员会,上禀法庭,要求司法审核,以推翻环境局总监批准的【劳勿澳洲金矿有限公司】呈上的环境评估报告,不符合国家环境素质法令下的要求, 并要求该公司再呈上另一份详细的环境评估报告。经过一年的诉讼后,法庭在今年六月一日,推翻申请,理由是村民逾期申请司法审核。该环境评估报告是在1997年提出,至今已是十一年了。他们应该在法定的四十天内提出才有效。

在今年的农历新年过后,公司开始了采毒金的操作,整个村就弥漫了臭味,村民有呕吐 、失眠及头晕的现象。武吉公满就变成了一个毒村。


他们(执政者,政客及部长)都说很安全,因为矿场运作都是符合规格及安全指南。但村民挑战黄燕燕及卫生部长廖中来,“ 请到本村小住几天 ”,不住也行,至少也亲身来看看吧!






Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beads 念珠

I dropped by Cahaya Puri Holdings this morning.

There were some new design Rosary that I have not seen before. It was supplied by a group very much devoted to Mother Mary. They called themselves simply a "Marian Apostolate". Their slogan: We make. We give. You pray.

They are double-chain, rollable beads Rosary. The chains are made of stainless steel, and the beads are of renowned Swarovski crystal.

Price ranges RM120 to RM150 each which I think is a good buy. The “Marian Apostolate" will channel part of the profit to charity works like supporting poor children in The Philippines.

The Rosary is named 【Ladder to Heaven】




这念珠价钱从马币120 至 150 一条。我认为是物有所值。“圣母使徒” 将会把部分利润,应用在慈善工作,如济助菲律宾的贫困儿童。


Different “beads” 不同的“珠”

Today I also "preyed" on my favourate "beads" - Cempedak fruit





爱之光四月份里,登载了永援之母,圣母圣心,吾乐之缘三个支团联合举行周年庆祝会。有趣的是,吾乐之缘支团被称为老婆团 (我相信团员都是妇女),而丈夫则大部分在永援之母支团。在诗巫,夫妻是圣母军团员已是很平常的事,而老爸老妈,甚至孩子,三代同堂,都是圣母军的,也不是罕见。



郑文牍修士说:“做圣母军的要 7-11,全天候”



圣母军在诗巫受到欢迎,受到支持,除有良好的环境外,最重要的是受到赏识。这里的神师们认识圣母军的特点及特长,他们赏识圣母军,赏识团员们的高度纪律和工作效率。正如神父是另一个耶稣(alter Christus), 团员也成为了另一位神父,额外的手和脚,共同完成福传及救灵使命的伙伴及助手。





8。拜访在监狱 、痛苦、寂寞中的人。
9。探访家庭 、病人、无助者。
12。抚慰 、陪伴悲痛者。

当然还有其他的工作,不能全列下来。圣母军依靠祈祷 、刻苦、忍耐,包括忍受刺伤和痛苦,勇敢的去完成工作。圣母军不抱怨事情的不可能,因为深信一切事情可以做,也做得到。

二十多年前,我参加了圣母军之后不久,第一次处理了第十三项的工作 - 埋葬死人。


接下来的其他殡葬安排则是轻易的多了。往后的岁月里,深夜电话惊醒,传来哭泣的声音:“西满,我的 xxx 刚刚去世了,不知怎么办?你能够帮忙吗。。。” 已不再是令我战战兢兢的事了。


Monday, June 15, 2009

Legion spirit 圣母军精神

I received an SMS from a lady legionary in Penang whom I did not know, requesting me help to arrange someone to visit a cancer patient (non-Christian) in Cheras.

I called Wei Wei , a legionary staying in Cheras this evening to "pass" her this "assignment". This is how we use the network of legionaries to carry out visitation to hospitals, compassion service and care to the needy, strangers from outstation, sick and aged.

She happily accepted the assignment.

In our conversation, she told me she is wearing a regulator due to unstable heart beat. She is not able to drive due to her age.

I knew her more than 15 years ago. She joined the Legion of Mary after retiring as a teacher. She must be close to 70 now. She is a member of a praesidium attached to St. Francis of Asisi Parish, Cheras.

She is still actively discharging her legion obligations and duties - weekly meetings, visitation to homes and hospitals, sick and aged, even though she herself is aged.

This is the spirit of the Legion. It is life-long calling. Age does not matter.







Sunday, June 14, 2009

I pray 我祈祷

This evening, I visited Lina Leong, the Ipoh girl who is suffering from terminal cancer at Tung Shin Hospital, K.L.

She looked better than I anticipated. She was on oxygen but able to talk freely although experiencing shortness of breath.

She was still undergoing chemotherapy. Her elder brother from Singapore was there on his weekend visit.

I pained to learn that doctor still sending her for chemotherapy. I can only pray.

Lord, today we celebrated the Feast of your Body and Blood. You promised us and Lina - "He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, lives in me and I live in him". (John 6)

Lord, Lina has eaten your flesh and drunk your blood, you are in her and she is in you. Enfold her with you precious blood, give her strength through your flesh that she received through the minister of communion. In her difficult phase of life, grant her peace of mind, comfort and acceptance of human sufferings.

I pray fervently to you also, touch the hearts of all doctors who are treating her. May they not only follow medical ethics, by also humanly love, compassion, conscience and moral virtues. Drugs and treatments shall no longer necessary for healing her, but to reduce her sufferings and pains of her wrecked body. She needs palliative care, tender love of her family and friends, re-assuring words of doctors and medical staff, not bombardment of radiation and chemicals.

Lord, may her body be absolved into you precious body and blood, where you will take over her yoke of pains and sufferings. May she enjoys pain-free and peac
eful days ahead until seeing you face to face in the full glory of our faith.

Lord Jesus , I also pray for Agatha Tan, grandmother of Fr. Lawrence Ng. She is 93 years old and suffering from life-threatening severe colon infection. May you have mercy on her.

And not forgetting Fr. Anthony Chan. He is fighting for his life in a corner of Kelang.

I offer all of them, and many other suffering people, into you
r life saving cup - the cup of convent, communion and life.

Lord have mercy. Amen!





主耶稣,我们今天欢庆了你的圣体和圣血的大日子。你曾经说过:“。。谁吃我的肉,并喝我的血,便住在我内,我也住在他内。。” (若6)。





主耶稣,我也为黄大华的祖母,亚加大陈听女士 (93岁)祈祷。她被诊断是大肠发炎及破损,有生命之虞。她不愿意动手术,但交托给天主。


我把他们,及其他受苦难的人,放入你的救赎之杯 - 盟约、共融及生命之杯。


Hail Mary 万福玛丽亚

Anthony Ng is a visitor to my blog especially on my travel adventure. He commented to me that most of my travel, especially overseas, has some adventure element.

Taipei Fellowship's adventure played out at the ending of the journey.

Two Petaling Jaya lady legionaries also stayed at a convent in Yang Ming Shan, also took the same flight home with me. They have "ordered" me to take care of them.... " we follow you only" ! Me !? saviour?! Follow Me?!?!

We were on the same taxi to the ariport. At the check in counter of Malaysian Airlines, the check in staff noticed one of them had her name on the ticket different from the name in the passport. She must has an alias... "Can you show me any identification paper ( IC) with both names in it ?" No IC, no driving licence in her handbag!

"why I have no problem in Malaysia?"

We were in Taiwan. How to prove her identity? In my mind, I was already thinking if any delay cause us to miss the flight, should I stay back to be with her? Her identity must be confirmed before allowing to check in.

After few minutes of checking ans re-checking, "please wait, I shall check with my superior." The counter staff, Miss He Yu was polite and patient, and pretty too. :D

She left the counter to check with her superior.

I applied the most trusted and effective formula: "Hail Mary, full of Grace, please help us to ratify and get her place.... Hail Mary, full of Grace, help us to ratify and get her place... Hail Mary, full of Grace........"

A good few minutes later, she came back with a smile.

"Sorry, we found it on the last page of your passport. 'Bearer also known as xxxx (the alias)'"

sssshhhuuuiiii ! what a fright !

The same situation at the Immigration counter but it was easy. The passport holder knew how the answer. Smiling all the way to the plane and arrival at home !

PEOPLE, if you or your relatives have an alias, make sure key in all names in your air ticket booking .... not too lazy to add in the alias (esp travel agent). You will never know... or passport holder will never know, his/her alias is printed at the back of the passport!

Now I know.

瑞良是我部落格的访客,特别是我的旅游帖子。他遇见我的时候,会说: 为什么你的旅游都有历险的成分?


有两位八打灵永援之母区团的女团员,她们和我同样的到阳明山住宿两天(女修院),然后同一班机回国。所以,她们早就“命令”我照顾她们。 “我们是跟定你了”。 我? 救主?跟随我?!





经过多次的反复查询、搜寻。。“请麻烦您稍等,让我向上级咨询” 。柜台的何瑜小姐非常有礼貌,耐心,而且人也长得秀美。:D

我马上引用最有效,能信赖的方法:“万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你助我们解决苦难能拿到机位....万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你助我们解决苦难能拿到机位...万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠 ........”



同样的状况,在过移民局柜台的时候重演。但她已经知道答案了,所以就毫无问题的通过直到登机 、到家。



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cutie cutie 可爱

Kelvin is eldest son of Susan, Pauline's younger sister. He went to UK for further study and married there. His wife Jennifer is a Shanghainese. They have two children, Luke (6) and Magdalene (4).

Last night they dropped by for a visit. First time we met the two cutie children.

Kelvin 是太太的妹妹,苏珊的大儿子。他到英国深造,并在那儿结婚。太太来自上海。他们有两个孩子,路加 (6岁)和麦德莲 (4岁)。



Friday, June 12, 2009

Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会 (12)

I reached home sweet home at about 2:00 pm.

It was a successful fellowship and wonderful journey. I enjoyed very much.

The 2009 Taiwan Fellowship was record breaking in many aspects:

1. The longest period I was overseas (10 days).
2. First time I carried a notebook for blogging.
3. The most land mile covered - the two days Taipei-Hualian-Kaoshiong-Taipei tour itself covered almost 1300 kms.
4. The highest number of Archbishop/bishops we have ever met in a Legion Fellowship.
5. The highest standard we had ever achieved- Farewell dinner at Yuan Shan Fan Dian (Hotel), 5-star hotel stay at Garden Villa, Kaoshiong.
6. The highest number unit of curia/area (35) participated in a Legion Fellowship.
7. The most hectic gathering - every day, breakfast at 6:30 am or 7:00 am, activities started 8:30am and ended after 9:00 pm. In Hualian, we checked into hotel at 8:30pm and 10:30 at Kaoshiong. Thus making 2009 Fellowship achieved item 9.
8. The most variety of activities: Rehab visit, hospital visit, Cathedrals and churches visit, universities visit, tribal towns visit.
9. The most buses used in a Legion Fellowship (10), thus created a record item 10.
10. The most time spent by female legionaries queuing up for toilet.

Not bad! For experiencing 10 new records myself. This showed our annual fellowship is growing and improving. (many more not listed)

On the opening day, it was raining the whole day. We were not affected since the event was held indoor. But good weather prevailed throughout the gathering, outing, including last 2 days of sightseeing.

Thank God for the blessings we received and thanks to Mother Mary for her intercession. May God continue to bless us a successful and fruitful Fellowship 2010 at Ipoh.

Alleluia !

The fleet

Commander in Chief - Taiwan Senatus President
总指挥 -




1. 这是我出国最久的一趟 (10 天)。
2. 我第一次带着手提电脑出国写部落格。
3. 这届交流会走了最长的路程 - 只是台北-花莲-高雄-台北的旅程,就已达到 1300 公里了。
4. 我们会见最多主教的交流会。
5. 最高档的交流会 - 惜别晚宴在圆山大饭店举行, 进住高雄绿潭五星级的酒店
6. 最多参加单位/地区的交流会 (35)。
7. 时间安排最紧凑的交流会。每天的早餐都是在六点半或七点,八点半就出发进行已定的活动。在花莲,我们在晚上八时半才进住酒店,而在高雄,则是十点半才进入酒店。所以就有第八项。
8. 最多元化活动的交流会 - 拜访戒治所,医院,主教座堂,教堂,大学,原住民市镇等。
9. 最多巴士同时出发的交流会 (10 辆),所以,也就造就了第十项记录。
10. 女士们花最多时间上洗手间的交流会。





The Commander in Chief & The Coordinator in Chief


**All pics above source:Anthony Wong (Facebook)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会 (11 )

I arrived at Yang Ming Shan CDD Seminary in the evening at about 6:00pm ( Wednesday) and greeted warmly by Rev. Fr. Stephen Ng, Superior General of CDD, Fr. Mai (Taiwan Provincial), Fr.Mi, Fr. Liu and Seminarian Wen Xi.

They have already taken their dinner. So Fr. Stephen brought me out by public bus to Taipei Train Station for dinner. Later we went to Shing Kuang Mitsukosan, a big shopping complex to take a look at the pen-book computer which I was interested.

I got up this morning for the 7:00 am Mass at the Church within the seminary. I decided not to go anywhere and stay back to enjoy the cool and refreshing scenic Yang Ming Shan.

Fr. Mai's uncle Fr. Matthew Koo from San Jose, USA, was here too. He was a participant of our Fellowship.

Fr. Matthew who was born in Shanghai China, was a Legionary Extraordinaire. He was persecuted, tortured and sent to labour camp by the Communist regime for more than 30 years because of his membership in the Legion of Mary. He was a young legionary in secondary school at the age of 18 and arrested at the age of 23. The Communist thought that the Legion of Mary was an counter-revolution army.

This is my first personal contact with a priest who suffered under communist persecution, so I took the opportunity to interview him. An article on him would be published in Legion's publication [The Light of Love] later.

Fr. Matthew left for home on an evening flight at 8:00 pm. He promised to come for the 18th Fellowship 2010 in Ipoh.

In the evening, Fr. Stephen and I took a walk to the Cultural University about 300 meters away. He show me round the campus and the beautiful view of misty Taipei from the University.

Being the last night, Fr. Stephen, Seminarian Wen Xi and I have a long, friendly and cosy chat after dinner.

I will be leaving for airport at 5:00 am for the 7:30 flight home to Malaysia.

顾神父 Fr. Matthew Koo (76)











The first building of the seminary


Fr. Stephen made a brief visit to Jian Tan Center to meet up with some acquaintances
右一: 山打根曾汉鸿,右三:台湾张素珍