Saturday, April 30, 2011

Genuine friends 真诚的朋友

Many friends learned about my wife's operation only after she has been discharged from hospital. It is not our wish to see them get caught in the perennial traffic jam and bad weather traveling from Kajang to visit her in Subang Jaya.

We are grateful to many who came to visit her at home or called up to convey their greetings. All of them have showed us their genuine affection and loving concern. In particular, we are touched by the visit of Andrew and wife Ann on Thursday morning.

Andrew suffered memory loss after a few procedures on the blood vessels of brain. However, with the tender loving care of his wife and his own determination, he has recovered quite well albeit occasional memory lapse once in a while.

Ann is a walking medical encyclopedia firstly through her experience and knowledge gained as a nurse and secondly from her own suffering.

Ann is suffering from rheumatism and osteoarthritis. She is constantly in pain, especially joints and bones, more so when walking. In fact, her knees condition is 3 times worse than my pre-0ps condition.

She is such a caring and courageous woman.

Andrew and Ann were making their 1-km (painful) walk to our house when a friend saw them and given them a lift half way through.








Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pitiful people 可怜的人

星加坡大选 11.5.2011
Singapore Polls May 11, 2011.

Respectable but..... 可敬但也是.....
pitiful people

Lee Kuan Yew, 87, appeared weak and spoke with slight slur, submitting his nomination papers to contest in the forthcoming election.

Opposition leader Chiam See Tong, 75 and suffered a mild stroke in 2008, submitting his nomination papers to contest the forthcoming election.

(Pictures source: The Star)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crap 屎桥

The Sucker has a face now.

Tricubes Bhd, a "pokai" (bankrupt) company that given the contract to run the 1Malaysia Email project, has admitted that it will charge government agencies 50 cents (US 16 cents) per email sent to 1Malaysia Email account holders. His target customers are Income Tax Dept, Employee Providence Fund (EPF).....

It must be the most profitable business in the whole world !!

At a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Tricubes chief executive Khairun Zainal Mokhtar (right) stressed that users of the email will not be charged. But they will be expected to pay an additional cost if they want their mails to be more "secure" and for encryption facilities, which are optional.

He said his company is using "secure sockets layer (SSL) which is quite secure.

Only fools would fall for such stupid crap, he thinks he is the only one in the country knows about things Internet !! so sucker's faeces finally floats up to the surface, and the fox reveals its tail.

And 1 Malaysia Email is private funded, no government money involved. However, Khairun revealed that Tricubes Bhd has raised RM 5.3 millions from MAVCAP, a government venture capital firm wholly owned by Minister of Finance Incoperated.

can you trust these buggers? What is the real motive behind this " good for the people and country" plan? (See post Still a sucker)


Tricubes Bhd,受政府授予『一个马来西亚电邮』计划的特权“仆街”公司,承认它将向使用它的设备发出的电邮,每通收取马币五角钱的费用。(大约美金十六分)。它的主要目标顾客是国家税收局和公积金局。


在一项新闻发布会上,这间公司的首席执行员凯鲁(上)特别声明,这个电邮的用户则不必付出任何费用。不过,他说假如他们想要享受“更安全”的现有服务,就可能要付出一些费用。他说他的公司是使用SSL 保安系统的,所以会更安全保密。


这个计划是私人执行,所以不会用政府的一分钱。凯鲁在记者会上,透露了他的公司已经向MAVCAP 筹到了马币五百三十万的资金。 MAVCAP 是政府的投资基金公司,由财政部长全权拥有。

你会相信这些混蛋吗?到底他们背后真正目的是为人民及国家吗? (参阅 还是吸血鬼

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter 2011 复活节平安

Alleluia Alleluia, Christ has risen
阿肋路亚 阿肋路亚,基督复活了

" But the angel spoke; and he said to the women, 'There is no need for you to be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.

He is not here, for he has risen, as he said he would...." (Matthew 28:5-6)



Happy Easter to you all


Friday, April 22, 2011

Dramatic life 戏剧人生

Life is dramatic and unpredictable .... or rather predictable !?!

When I checked into hospital on 20/2/2011 for my Total Knee Replacement operation, my wife was by my side.

Exactly two months later, our roles reversed.

On 20/4/2011 (Wednesday), I was by her side when she checked into the same hospital for her gallstones operation. (See old post Dramatically fallen ill ) The surgery is called Cholecystectomy, the removal of Gallbladder with laparoscopy (key holes surgery).

Her gallstones are like a time bomb, may give her trouble anytime, any where, so it must be removed as soon as possible. However, my knee operation took precedence, so we concurred that as soon as I gain back my mobility and strength, she will go for her surgery.

After admission, she was wheeled into the operation theater at about 2:30 pm. The surgery was expected to last about one and a half hour.

I waited at the ward and did not see her came out at the anticipated time ..... Then at about 6:15 pm, I was informed that the surgery has been completed and she was at the recovery room.

At about 7:30 pm, she was wheeled back into the ward room .... almost 5 hours later!

She looked pale, tired and in pain ... and hardly can hear her voice. But I was glad and relieved to see her back.

An hour later, the Consultant Surgeon came to the ward to see her and told me the happening.

Half way through the laparoscopy, the surgeon discovered that the common bile duct was blocked with some gallstones and could not be removed by the scope. After checking through X-ray, he decided to have an open surgery (the traditional method) to remove all the remaining stones. Thus added another couple of hours to the surgery.

Finally, the gallbladder (with stones) and the stones blocking the duct were all been removed.

Instead of 2 nights stay in hospital with laparoscopy, she has to stay twice the number of days (or more) in order to recover and to be discharged.

Thank God for the successful surgery and she is recovering slowly but surely.

She was participating the Passion of Christ in the hospital.

Gallbladder and stones


在 20/2/2011,、当我进入医院去动膝盖关节换置手术的时候,太太是陪在我的身边。


20/4/2011 星期三,太太进入同一间医院,要动胆囊及石切除手术,我陪伴在她身边。这个手术是把整个胆囊(包括里面的石),用针孔仪器切除。(请看就帖子 - 戏剧性的病了







在针孔手术进行中,医生发现胆液输送管被几粒石阻塞着,用针孔仪器不能拿出。在检查了X 光片后,他觉得需用传统方式,开刀把它拿出。这样就把手术时间加了两三个小时。





Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still a sucker 还是吸血鬼

Another ambitious project under 1Malaysia transformation programe - 1 Malaysia Email Project !

Prime Minister Najib had announced the initiative as one of seven new projects, at the fifth progress update of the Economic Transformation Programme in Putrajaya yesterday. The project will offer centralised e-government services such as online notifications and digital bill statements from government agencies. Every Malaysian above the age of 18 will be entitled to an official email account to communicate with the government.

Just in case you think otherwise, Najib twitted: "Before I sleep, let me clarify that the 1 Malaysia Email is a private sector project. No public money is involved and entirely voluntary".

Tricubes Bhd, a financially ailing public listed company, has been awarded the RM50 million contract to launch this 1Malaysia email service. Its share was traded at the stock Exchange upon the annoucement at RM0.16 (sixteen cents) from an average of RM0.057 per share.

Mere hours after the announcement, the project came under fire from the online public and opposition leaders who questioned the need for - and the actual intended beneficiaries of - such an expensive system for a service that is freely available elsewhere. ( Facebook protest group - 1M Malaysian who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia Email )

I don't trust all these buggers. They are the parasites hooking on to the government and leeches sucking people's blood (money).

Repeatedly, Najib stressed almost with a grin that it does not cost government a single cent to set up this project, it is all private funded.

However, this company is charging government agencies, such as Income Tax, Police Department, local authorities for using their database and facilities to send out notices, summons, notifications to the public which usually the individual agencies are doing themselves. It is a disguised back door out-sourcing making fat money out of government agencies. And it is people's money. ( 17 millions Malaysians' database is given to the company by the government free of charge! free gift !)

Najib said, the email account is voluntarily. However, due to its monopoly, sooner or later, Malaysians would be forced to register with this company in order to receive notices and bills from government agencies such as Income Tax returns, EPF statement, properties assessment bills, summons.....

Is the people will benefit or someone else's pocket?

And all your personal information would be secret no more!

And Big Brother is moving another step closer to you !

又一个雄心勃勃的一个项目 - 一个马来西亚电邮



一间面对经济困难的挂牌公司, Tricubes Bhd ,已被政府委任来发展这个耗费马币五千万元的计划。在计划宣布后,该公司的股票,从平均的 5点7分,跳到16分。

在首相宣布这个机会后,马上引起了好多网络团体及反对党领导人的抨击。他们不明白到底是为了什么,及什么人受益,而花费这么庞大的金钱,去开发目前可以免费就能够享受到的服务。所以,很快点在面子书上,出现了一个反对的户头。 1M Malaysian who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia Email 一个马来西亚人不要纳吉的一个马来西亚电邮 )




这 间公司将向相关政府机构收取费用,如所得税局,警察部门,地方议会,因为使用这间公司提供的服务,把账单,服务税,交通传票,通知书等发出去。其实这些部 门目前是自己执行的,但有了这间公司,就得用它的服务。所以,这是一种后门店“外包”方式,让这间可能面对交易所停牌的公司,大赚钱,起死回生。。。是不 是很气死! (政府将把一千七百万18岁以上人民的资料,免费送给这间公司去赚钱!)





Friday, April 15, 2011

头都大 Head splitting headche

(This post was posted on 15-4-2011 in Mandarin)

The Akitab (Malay language Bible) issue has been around for many months. We have seen dialogue and offer back and forth between government and Christian bodies... with Idris Jala, a Christian and Minister in the Prime Minister's department, coming into the picture, presenting a 10-point solution, implying that the issue has been resolved ....

No, the issue has not been resolved! In actual fact, Government's overture seemed to be one step forward, two steps backward .... it simply lacked sincerity and the trust of the communities concerned.

Yesterday's news reported that, with the impounded Akitab being claimed by the importer, the issue has been settled (paper cutting top right - Impounded Bibles has been claim. “Bible issue resolved" - Idris Jala). Again, this is not true, the issue has not yet been settled!

The Bible issue is tip of the iceberg. The iceberg (core issue) is: The "systematic and gradual constriction" and erosion of basic human rights protected by the Federal Constitution.

" We Catholics remain united with our fellow Malaysians of other religious traditions, who have suffered a systematic and gradual constriction of public space for expression of our religious identity. Christians and non-Christians alike suffer restrictions in the form of the freedom to display and use religious symbols, prohibitions and unreasonable restrictions placed on construction of places of worship, the absence of burial land, the distortion of our history books and other issues concerning both religious freedom and other civil liberties." (Pastoral letter of Archbishop Murphy Pakiam dated April 1, 2011.

The banning of the use of the word "Allah" and impounding of 35100 copies of Malay language Bible (Alkitab) are two of the many restrictions and harassment.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) in a statement dated March 30 noted: ...."there has been a progressive pushing back " of Christian rights ---dating back to the 1980s ---namely the right to practise, profess and express their faith.

The printing permit of Herald the Catholic Weekly was not being renewed because it used the word "Allah" in its Bahasa Malaysia section. The case was brought to the High Court and judgement was made in favour of Herald. Government is appealing against the decision.

Sarawak Council of Churches accepted 10-point solution

On April 14, mainstream media reported that with the 10-point solution and the collection of impounded Bibles by the respective importers, the Bible issue has been resolved.

Not true. Impounded Bible issue has been settled, the core issue is still not resolved, no even the issue of banning of the use of Allah.

The 10-point solution is to resolve the Bible issue. Instead it has divided the Christian Churches into 2 category - the East Malaysia Churches (no restriction) and the West Malaysia churches (with restrictions). (Bishop Paul Tan of Melak-Johor Diocese called it the 1 nation, 2 rules policy)

And it caused division and disunity among the churches.

In response to the 10-point overture by the government on April 2, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) expressed welcome and caution. Due to the gravity of the issue, the CFM would need to meet and deliberate on this matter (among member leaders both from Peninsular as well as from Sabah and Sarawak).

"There is no hurry for us to come up with an answer for the government's latest offer, even though the government seem to have a dateline (Sarawak election on April 16)" (Fr. Michael Chua wrote in Herald, April 10)

It meant slowly, no hurry and be careful.

But no so for Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS), a member of Council of Churches in Malaysia (CCM) which is a member of CFM.

As if on cue, follow the script (directed by God knows who), ACS under the Chairmanship of Bishop Bolly Lapok announced that they accepted the 10-point resolution issued by the Government with thanks and gratitude.

A meeting of ACS leaders with the Prime Minister was arranged by Idris Jala. Every one seemed to be happy with the outcome. An impeccable timing and good show.

Was it the sweetness of the carrot or the weight of the stick ?

On April 8. the CCM Youth issued a statement reject outright the 10-point solution issued by Idris Jala. It was the first and only church group who has made stand on the resolution.

Bishop Bolly Lapok is one of the 3 Vice-Presidents of CCM.








所以,『马来西亚基督教联盟』 (The Christian Federation of Malaysia -CFM)对10点方案表示欢迎,但因为它的影响深远,所以保持谨慎,并表示需要多一点时间去研究,包括召集联盟会议来商议,才做出反应。(也就是说:别急别急,小心小心!)

10点方案很清楚的把马来西亚的基督教会,划分成两个等级的教会,这可能就是学自英国人的“分而治之” 的策略。东马的是第一等(50%人口是基督徒),西马是第二等(10%人口是基督徒),两等级优待不同。

事实上,这策略马上就立竿见影!『马来西亚基督教联盟』的盟友,『砂劳越联合教会』(Association of Churches in Sarawak - ACS)很快的脱颖而出,迫不及待的,而且也很配合的在砂劳越州选举投票前,宣布接受政府的10点方案。也因此,首相纳吉特别和该联合会的委员见面,场面愉快轻松,高兴,皆大欢喜。

我不知道是政府的红萝卜太香甜呢,还是大木棒太可怕了,联合会的行动及节拍无瑕可击,非常的 on cue。该会主席波里拉博主教还很感激,感恩政府的慷慨及善意。。。。

虽然『砂劳越联合教会』像似一厢情愿,但内部也有声音。『马来西亚教会协会』(Council of Churches of Malaysia -CCM)(天主教不是会员)青年组是第一个,也是目前为止,唯一站出来直截了当拒绝政府10点方案的团体。


马来西亚基督教联盟(CFM) 的成员是马来西亚教会协会(CCM) 及马来西亚天主教主教会议。


Thursday, April 14, 2011





除了现金之外,还有部长及部门前来派糖果,这包括正副首相。搁置了十多年的新医院计划,州选举到了,首相一来,就宣布拨款两千万元,把这新医药建立起来!一夜之间,千疮百孔的道路,被铺上新的沥青;华小苦等的经费拨款,右部长及官员,笑脸迎人的亲自送上。更大的糖果,就是政府解决圣经问题的十点方案 (糖果看起来很甜,但是却有毒的)。






马华及砂劳越人联党找不到创意,老调重弹: 投给反对党,是以华制华;假如人联党败了,就没有华人代表。。。语带恐吓,但却是笨蛋吓老虎。东马华人比西马华人更精明及勇敢,去年底诗巫国会补选就是一个好例子。所以笨蛋们,不要再用这笨招来吓东马华人了!







Monday, April 11, 2011

Tschuss 再见

After 2 weeks of holidays in Langkawi Island, our German friends returned to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon. They looked suntanned and relaxed.

We picked them from the airport and have Satey in Kajang.

They are such simple, genuine and friendly people, and we are proud to have them as friends.

It was sad to bid them farewell .... after about 8 hours of getting together, we sent them to airport for the midnight flight back to Germany.

Tschuss my friends, see you in Berlin 2012 .... ah ha..! that's is my promise to their invitation which they have extended to me since many years ago.

Gerd Wendlandt, capturing Malaysian life through his lens.
Wendlant 先生透过镜头记载马来西亚的生活

Enjoying Malaysia white coffee

A re
laxing evening





Tschuss 再见我们的朋友,2012年,在柏林见面吧。。。。这是我对他们多年的邀请,作出了答应。

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sunday 这是星期天

It's was lazy Sunday afernoon.

My wife was reading newspaper, the dogs were idling .... came a lady who wass afraid of dog!

I have to chase all dogs to the back of the house to allow the lady with an assignement to come in.

Jackie, led by Kajang boy James, came to my house. She is a volunteer reporter of 【Fang Xiang 】periodical assigned to interview me on issues regarding Internet and evengelisation online.



我得把狗儿赶到一边,给这位“ 身负任务” 的小姐进门来。


我和他谈了什么?她会写些什么? 那就得耐心的等待下一期【方向】的出版了!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Bullies 恶霸

My salutation to MACC (Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission) on their guts to investigate and the arrest of 62 Custom officers nation wide for alleged corruption.

In a Bernama (Government news agency) report, MACC investigations showed that RM108 billion that should have been earned by the country annually have "vanished" and that more than RM10 billion have been illegally transferred overseas as a result of corruption and abuse of power by Customs officers. (On this allegation, the Custom Union already had demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister).

You knew it, I knew it, everyone knew it but nobody can do nothing about it .... until MACC said it and acted on it!! Brovo !!

The Immigration Department, Transport Department and Customs Department are big big bully boys. There were previous cases of corruption involving group of officers from these departments. However, these big big bullies flexed their muscles by " work to rule" causing delay, long queues at counters and inconvenience the people dealing with them .... so don't touch us!!

In fact, the immediate effect of the arrest by MACC, we saw delay and long queues at the Kelang Customs departments for clearance of goods .... sort of show of muscle and force.

However, the death by falling from the third floor of MACC building of a senior customs officer suspected of graft and money laudering (one of the 62) has turned MACC from hero to villian!

This is the second case of corruption suspect under the custody of MACC had fallen to death at its building. (see Teoh Beng Hock and Lest Not Forget).

A Bully has found its match!!! Customs ---- > MACC or MACC ------ > Customs ...... vice versa!!

我向马来西亚反贪委员会( 反贪会 MACC )致上最高的敬意。他们非常胆敢的全国性的调查及拘捕了62名涉嫌贪污的关税局官员。


其实,这些都是你知,我知,每个人都只的事情,但却没有人可以做些什么东西 。。。直到反贪会说了出来,采取了行动!!干得好!




这是反贪会涉贪的嫌疑在它们看管中,坠楼事故的第二宗。 (看 赵明福 我们没忘记).


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is a Cross 它是个十字架

I love Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state.

One morning in a house in Ipoh ....

One learned, enlightened and holy religious man called Tok Tok ( equivalent to the Pharisee in Jesus time) got up from bed. He walked to the toilet ... yawning .... and stretching out his hands .... and he saw something in the mirror....

" no no...I must stop doing that .....!"

He saw himself in the mirror, head up and hands stretched ... looked like a CROSS! Alamak, how can I become a CROSS!

He turned ... still with hands stretched ... he saw a CROSS in front of him, on the wall ... it is his shadow ... it is a CROSS too!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! He screamed.... and ran out of his house.

There was a field in front of his house, and a group of people were doing exercise .... swinging with the music. one step forward, two steps back .... one to the right, one to the left .... hands open and legs st reach ... It is a very common group dance exercise similar with the Line Dance and well liked by many individuals and organisations, including government departments for their departmental events ....

" Oh no.... one step front, two steps back... one left one right.... it is a CROSS !!! It is a CROSS!! stop that !! stop that....they are drawing CROSSES .... it is Christian..yyyyy!!!"

From that day, that moment on, the simple, healthy group folk dance of Poko Poko (Poco Poco), believed to be originated from Indonesia, the world largest Muslim country, is banned in Perak !





镜子里看到的是他自己,头挺直,双手张开 。。。。好像一个十字架似的。。。我怎么能成为一个十字架!?!






蒙主恩召 Call to rest






This morning, I attended the funeral Mass of Mathias Ng, the father of Rev. Fr. Lucas Ng.

Mathias Ng was called to rest by the Lord on Sunday evening, April 3 at the age of 97.

The Mass was con-celebrated by 18 priests at the Church of St. Ignatius at 10:00 am where Fr. Lucas is the Parish Priest.

After the final commendation rite, Fr. Lucas shared with the congregation of his thought and memory of his deceased father. His father was a man of few words but loving and caring for his family. He shared a particular incident which touched him very much.

His father, mother , sisiters and nieces came to Taiwan to attend his Final Vows ceremony decades ago. When on board the plane, he wrapped up a bun from the meal. When asked what was that for, he answered that he wanted to bring specially for his son in Taiwan. ..... such a loving and caring father.

His father was a simple man living an easy life. His hobby was fishing and hunting. He did not worry about tomorrow but living today to the full.

Fr. Lucas was grateful to his father for showing good example in living out his faith. He wished more members of the Ng family would response to the Call of God, to offer themselves to priestly and religious lives.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011











经过了好多个月慎重思考,经历了恐惧和忧虑,听取医生的意见和自我分析,最终决定进行膝盖关节换置手术 (Knee Replacement)。


膝盖关节换置手术,就是解决这个问题的最终方案。这个手术,把损坏的膝盖关节 – 大腿骨及小腿骨的末端切除,装上(镶上)人造的金属关节,一劳永逸的把问题解决掉。