Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evangelisation 99 福传九九

The members of Mustard Seed Evangelisation Center (MSEC) and Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd (Guang Ren) held a meeting at 5:00pm today to finalise the "Evangelisation 99 " project. Our Spiritual Advisor Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ng was also present.

With the copyright permission from the Hong Kong Diocesan Audio Visual Center, the project "Evangelisation 99" is to re-produce locally 4 DVD titles a year to be distributed in South East Asia region through membership scheme.

For RM 99 a year, memebers will receive 4 DVDs annually, together with 4 issues of "Fangxiang" produced by MSEC, "Heng Yu" periodical produced in Taiwan plus other benefit and gift items. The first DVD (on St. Paul) would be launched on 15th April.

After the meeting, we adjourned to a steamboat restaurant for our fellowship.

芥子福音传播中心(芥子心)及光仁服务中心成员, 连同指导神师黄大华神父,在今天傍晚五时,召开会议,讨论“福传九九”计划的最后制作工作。

在得到香港教区视听中心的授权后,“福传99” 将在本地生产四片主题DVD, 以会员制,推广至东南亚地区。






For Christianity

Today, many news agencies reported:

The Home Ministry has rescinded a government gazette that allowed conditional use of the word "Allah" in Christian publications with immediate effect.

Admitting that there was a mistake in enacting the gazette that had resulted in confusion over the word in question, Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the government's decision to ban the use of the word 'Allah' in Herald - The Catholic Weekly remained in force until the court decided otherwise. (Star online)

Below is a post I have written on 26 February which I did not published.

Tonight (25/2/09), I received this SMS:

"Herald is granted permission to use the word "Allah" in its publication. this is a victory for the Catholic Church. Let us all blast this SMS to everyone we know and give thanks to our Almighty God"

This was a one step forward, two steps backward so called the "victory" even Fr. Lawrence, the Chief Editor of Herald did not mention in Herald itself but only revealed this in an interview on 25 February, a day before the hearing of a judicial review regarding the use of "Allah" in Herald.

He received a letter from the Home Minister's office informing him of a gazetted government order that "The printing, publication, sale, issue, circulation and possession of any document and publication relating to Christianity containing the words 'Allah', 'Kaabah', 'Baitullah' and 'Solat' are prohibited unless on the front cover of the document and publication are written with the words 'For Christianity'." It took effect on 16 February.

This was clearly a violation of our freedom of religion. It seemed like "after consideration, we allowed........ if...... " , in actual fact, it was adding another restriction. It was an act of discrimination against Christians.

That was the way how our other rights and privileges being taken away slowly by government's so-called "kind consideration" in the past.

All of a sudden, we Christians, especially majority Bumiputra Christians in East Malaysia, found ourselves committed an offence under the Internal Security Act by having a copy of Bahasa Malaysia Bible or religious publications containing the word "Allah". All Bibles have no "For Christianity" printed on cover.

When we said our Greed "I believe" in BM, we have to replace the word "Aku percaya akan XXXXX Bapa mahakuasa"... otherwise the whole congregation would be hauled to Police Station. We are not allowed to say the word "Allah".

Ridiculous.... laughable.... tak masuk akal !

A minister's order can be repealed or revoked. It is not permanent.

Fr. Lawrence at the same time commented that the Home Minister's action may be considered as contempt of court because the judicially review is still on-going.

The Church will be seeking opinion from the Attorney General's Chamber for clarification.

The gazetted Order also drew strong protest from many Muslim organisations for allowing Herald to use the word "Allah".

P/s: with the rescinder of the order, the above were rendered academic. Luckily the Church did not withdraw the case and the judiciary review continues. Justice Lau Bee Lan of the Appellate and Special Powers division fixed May 28 for the hearing.

A hunbled, contrite heart 痛悔谦卑赤心

Our Church has entered the liturgical season of Lent. Lent means "spring" in old English. It is the time for our "spiritual spring cleaning". It is a preparation for the passion, death and resurrection of Christ on Easter.

Yesterday evening we attended the first Way of the Cross of Lent and Mass. The responsorial Psalm (Psalm 50) summed the spirit of Lent.

Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness,
In your compassion blot out my offence.

O wash me more and more from my guilt
and cleanse me from my sin.

My offence truly I know them,
my sin is always before me.
Against you, you alone, have I sinned;
what is evil in your sight I have done.

For in sacrifice you take no delight,
but offering from me you would refuse,
my sacrifice a contrite spirit.
A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn.

What our merciful Father God wants is a contrite heart. All the fasting, penance, prayer and sacrifices shall lead us to the conversion of heart.

“Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel.”

Trusting in you God that a humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn.

我们的教会已经进入了礼仪四旬期-四十天的祈祷,守斋和善行的时期。这是一个为我们身心准备耶稣的苦难 、钉死在十字架上及他的复活的到来。





是的,仁慈的天主要的是 我们的一颗痛悔和谦卑的赤诚之心。四旬期里我们所有的祈祷,守斋和善行,就是要使到我们的皈依成功。



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Visit to priest 拜访神父

With guilt, we went to visit Fr. Anthony Chan this afternoon at the Church of St. Theresa, Pandamaran, Port Kelang. With the GPS, finding the church was easy.

Feeling guilty because this was the first time in many years that we visited him at his parish. I met him many times at church functions but it was always a "Hi" and "Bye".

Fr. Chan was surprised but happy to see us. He looked trim and was his usual jovial self. He looked much younger than a 83 years old priest.

I learned Catechism under Fr. Chan and baptised by him at the Holy Rosary Church more than 33 years ago.

He has retired but still active teaching Catechism to adults, celebrating Masses at St. Theresa Church and other parishes of Kelang District whenever he is needed. He still leads a busy life.

It was almost six in the evening after saying goodbye to Fr. Chan, so we went to Pandamaran market place to look for food. From far we noticed a crowded stall and thought it must be a popular place.

It was a Bak Kut Teh stall.

We have not eaten the famous Kelang Bak Kut Teh for many years. We joined the crowd. It was delicious.......yamyam!

Fat Fat Thursday... lean lean tomorrow - It is Friday ! just eat lah...










Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad loss 痛失

I received the sad news yesterday morning.

Michael Tan (53), photographer of Herald, the Catholic weekly, passed away suddenly of a heart attack. He left behind his beloved wife Helen. They have no children.

Michael was a friendly, helpful, kind and well-loved person. We met often at church functions. His death was a sad loss to the community and the church.

Funeral Mass will be held at the St. Ignatius Church tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00 am. May his soul rest in peace.


Michael Tan, 天主教【前锋报】的摄影记者,昨天心脏病突发,与世长辞,享年53岁。他留下遗孀Helen。 他们没有孩子。

Michael 是一位友善 、乐于助人 、善良及得人爱戴的教友,我和他常在一些教会集会碰面。他的逝世,确是本地团体及教会的一个损失。


Snippets 生活花絮

A week ago, received a call from Sr. Theresa Chew asking for telephone number of the doctor who had treated my wife's Trigger Finger. She read about my wife's successful surgery from my Blog and wanted to recommend her two fellow sister Nuns from Kluang who have the same condition for treatment. (see January Blog posting)

Two days later, Sr. Theresa called again to inform that the two sisters have successful treated by the same doctor at the Tung Shin Hospital. One of the sisters who had done an operation before on one of her fingers, has her two fingers treated this time and was amazed by this revolutionary and simple procedure.

To their surprise too, the doctor waived his professional fee of RM200.00 each (totaled RM400.00), but just the nominal hospital charges of about RM 75.00 only. They met a kind and generous doctor!

With thanks in their hearts, they left for Kluang on the same day few hours after the surgery.

I understood the Rev. Sisters have to do their own house chores, including cleaning and washing. These were the most probable cause of their Trigger Fingers. So they came with Trigger Fingers, returned with Happy Fingers. But always remember, not to be too trigger happy fingers --- take it easier with your mopping and cleaning!

Talking about house chores, we are better off with a housemaid to do for us. My maid has no "trigger fingers" but other condition.

I wanted to highlight not her medical condition but the importance of insurance cover for the maid.

Recently she has a gynecological condition and warranted urgent specialist attention. If we sent her to Government hospital, she may have to wait for a long time, or even not getting any treatment at all. So with the maid's consent, my wife brought her to see a gynecologist for treatment that cost more than a thousand Ringgit. The maid was aware and agreed of the cost which she may have to bear all. But we were considering whether to bear the full or part of the cost in view of our maid's low wages.

A few days after the treatment, my wife remembered that we have taken up an insurance policy (optional) for the maid against sickness (?!) and accident. She was not sure whether it covered this gyne condition and the treatment, so she called up the insurance company to enquire. She was advised by a friendly staff to submit claim forms and relevant documents for consideration.

Two weeks after submission, my wife was informed by the insurance company that the claim has been approved and payment was ready.

Insurance cover is very important for us but also for the housemaid too. For peace of mind, the less than hundred Ringgit annual premium is worth it.





据我所知,修女们都必须自己去亲身做打扫 、清洗等家务,这些都是形成“扳机手指”的可能因素。这次修女们带着“扳机手指”前来,带着“快乐手指”回去,我希望他们以后不要太“随意手指”做家务 - 抹 、扫、洗都要小心!







Monday, February 23, 2009

Buckle up Please 请系上安全带

Effective 1-1-2009, all back seat passengers need to buckle up. It is the law.

On a few occasions when I was a back seat passenger, I found myself forgotten to fasten seat belt. I can be fined for RM 300.00 for the offence. No discount, no appeal.

To avoid being caught by the Police, I have made myself a sign to be pasted on the back of the front seats of all our family cars as reminder for the passengers.

It is easy to make. You can download the sign above, adjust to your desirable sizes, print on a piece of color paper, cut it out accordingly and have it laminated. It costs about a Ringgit apiece but would save you not hundreds but thousands of Ringgit in fine in the long run.





Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retreat 避静

I was away in NUBE Training Center in Port Dickson for the Retreat of catecumens of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) this weekend (Friday to Sunday).

It was our parish level 4-language retreat in preparation for their Baptism in April. Twelve catecumens and eleven team members & sponsors from our Chinese group attended this retreat.

Due to my mixed up of dates, I have to come back to Kajang to commentate a wedding service on Saturday morning. But I was very happy because Mary the bride, and family were among our 1st RCIA "graduates" in 1992. She was a 12 years old school girl then. I wished her a blessed and happy new family life.

The theme of the Retreat was Deepening our Discipleship - the Spirituality of Communion and was conducted by our very own team members. We have songs, prayers, reflection, sharing and laughing throughout the retreat. The catecumens experienced fellowship and communion through various sessions and activities.



因为我自己摆乌龙,搞错日子,我得在星期六早上,赶回加影教堂,在一台婚配礼仪中,担任带经员。不过我还是很高兴,因为新娘(美荔)及父母亲 、妹妹是我们华文慕道班的第一届的“毕业生”(1992年),当时她还是一位十二岁的学生。我衷心祝福她新婚快乐,天主降福她们的新家庭。

这次避静的主题是“深化门徒精神 - 共融灵修”,并由我们慕道班本身的组员负责带领。这个避静充满赞颂歌声、笑声 、祈祷 、默想及分享。慕道者也从各环节 、各种活动中,切身体验到了友情及主内的共融。

Friday, February 20, 2009

rumours monger 散播谣言

I received from two Catholic friends this SMS this morning:


I believed this SMS is originated from a non-Catholic preyed on the all goodie-goodie, Rosary ever-ready, knee-to-the-floor Catholics. This is also a re-cycled SMS appeared years before.

There were SMSs giving false information on Pope John Paul II before his death. People called me up to ask: I received SMS that Pope John Paul has died, what should I do? In actual fact, the ill Pope was resting comfortably at his residence.

Ignorance is the main factor for falling easy prey to this type of false information. To avoid being fooled by the many false news and information through hand phone and email, it is wise to spend a Ringgit a week to get a copy of Catholic publications such as Herald, Hai Sing Pao... to update oneself with the latest news and happenings in the local and universal church.

Do not be too excited with some sensational messages. Check first. If you spread false news, then you are a rumour monger.

Moreover, it contains elements of superstition contrary to our Catholic teachings. And it becomes a chain-letter type of message.

By the way, I received the SMS at 10:00 am. In 3 hours time, it will be 1:00 pm local and 6:00 am in Rome.

Telecommunication companies are the one who have their wishes granted.

**This is the latest news from Blessed Mother Teresa's canonization from the official website:

A Servant of God who is beatified is called “Blessed.” The Blessed may be canonized after the occurrence of one more miracle attributed to his or her intercession.

In Mother Teresa’s cause, we are waiting for a second miracle required for the canonization.


“ 特丽莎姆姆将在三个小时内,被宣认为圣人。假如你现在马上祈祷,你的三个意向将会在她的名下得到实现。请把这个讯息传递到至少五个人。请马上为你的意向祈求。高特丽莎传。”

我相信这是一则源自非天主教徒开始的,对象是那些虔诚 、念珠不离手 、膝盖跪地的好好天主教徒们。这也是多年前出现过的旧讯息。


无知是受骗的主要原因。为了避免被人误导,聪明的人都会每个星期投资一元购买教会的刊物,如前锋报 、海星报等,来充实自己,获得本地及普世教会的最新消息。








Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give them time 给他们时间

Elizabeth Wong was enjoying carefree days before March 8, 2008. She was a social activist, enjoying what she was doing, and also love and be loved. Little did she know that the General Election on March 8 brought great changes to her life, and life of many others too. She stood for election for the first time and was elected a state assembly person and appointed an Exco member. Her life is constantly under scrutiny not only by her constituents, but also by her enemies. If she knew that she would become such an important person, she would be more careful in her undertakings and relationships with others before the election.

March 8 General Election brought many unprepared, untested, inexperienced aspiring politicians and underdogs to the front line and placed in many important positions. Majority of them were from the Oppositions. Many adapted and performed very well, but small number of them succumbed to pressure, power and money.

My Kajang state assembly man Cikgu Lee Seng Kim (PKR) was an underdog in the March 8 election. He faced powerful MCA opponent who has immense resources and manpower. He has to put up his election posters and banners by himself. While MCA could throw big dinner every other night for the people, he could hardly afford giving out mineral water. He won with a big majority. He is doing well as an assemblyman serving his constituency.

In 2001, a young man who followed his father to visit a boastful lawyer over some family legal matters, feeling bored, started playing with his new camera. Seven years later, his video brought the downfall of a powerful power broker and set off the wave of change. On March 8, this virtually unknown young man, raw and inexperience, hardly can speak Bahasa Malaysia, Loh KoK Ben was elected the MP of Kelana Jaya on PKR ticket.

I first met Tian Chua at an embassy function about five years ago. I have mistaken him as Teng Chang Khin (bottom right), the Kelang state assemblyman then. In my mind, I likened Tian Chua to the popular cartoon character Lao Fu Zi. Both are skinny but tough, adorable, spirited, endurable, frequently bullied by people but never give up. Tian Chua then was active in the Reformasi movement and a co-founder of PKR. He can be seen in many rallies and demonstrations. Frequently chased, arrested and assaulted by the police, but always making a comeback and never say die.

March 8 saw him elected to be a Member of Parliament of Batu constituency. Today, we still see him at rallies and demonstrations, still chased and arrested by police, but we can see him also in smart suit at the Parliament building.

Talking about Teng Chang Khin (DAP), he was the lonely opposition voice at the Selangor State Assembly. He has the record of being banned from the assembly, abused and assaulted by the BN representatives. The table turned after March 8. Today, he is the Speaker of the Assembly.

Hee Yit Foong, That Woman of The Year, was also saw her fate changed on March 8. An underdog, unknown but with zeal and dedication, her struggle against the tyranny bore fruits and she rose to the position of the Deputy Speaker of Perak State Assembly. However, she succumbed to the temptation of power and money. Her greed betrayed herself, her comrades and the people who supported her.

Same as the two frogs from PKR who joined Hee Yit Foong as members of the PEKUT club. (Perak Katak Ular Tikus Club). They were corrupted by power and money.

Never mind if they are inexperienced, untrained and making mistakes, provided they are honest, clean and willing to learn and serve. But do not betray their principle, belief and the people supporting them. Do not be greedy and corrupted. These are unforgivable!

For those who are still holding up, they need time to learn, to adjust and to change. This include the current state of affair of Perak, the pending legal actions and confusion. It is a process, a baptism of fire. They will be transformed and achieve success in due course. So give them time, give them the support, for a better, brighter, clean, just and harmonious tomorrow.

黄洁冰在二零零八年三月前,过得是个无忧无虑的生活。她是一位活跃的社会工作者,享受他的工作,也享受爱情。她懵然不知道,三八大选会给她及许多其他的 人,生活巨大的改变。她会中选为州议员及被委任为州行政议员,该是第一次参选的她,始料不到的事吧。从此她的生活受到大众的注目,包括选民及政治敌人。假如她知 道将成为一位这么重要及引人注目的人物,我想,在三八大选前,她会在生活 、工作 、及与人交往上,更加小心。

三八大选将许多毫无准备 、没经考验,没有经验,不被看好的政治新哥新姐们,推到前线,并掌管了许多重要的职位。他们大部分都是来自反对党阵营。他们之中,有许多还能够承担及胜任,但也有小部分被压力 、权利及金钱击垮。

我在加影的州议员李成金老师(公正党),在大选时是绝对不被看好。他面对拥有庞大资源及人力的马华代表,还得自己张贴竞选海报和旗帜。对方可以几乎在每隔 一晚,就举办大型的餐宴集会,李老师则连分配矿泉水也有问题。但最终他以高多数票胜出。目前他非常努力的为他的州议席选民提供令人满意的服务。

在2001 年,一位年轻人,跟随他的父亲到一位喜欢夸耀的律师住所,谈一些家庭及生意的法律事项。当时他觉得很无聊及沉闷,就把带来的新相机拿出来玩及拍摄。七年 后,他的录影,把一位有势力的权势代理人拖垮,也带动了改变的波浪。在三八的大选中,这位寂寂无名的,嫩稚,毫无经验,不会说马来语的年轻人罗国本(右),在公 正党的旗帜下,中选为柯拉拿再也区的国会议员。

老夫子一样。他们 都是瘦瘦的,但很坚强,受爱戴,充满百折不饶的精神,非常能耐,虽然常常受人欺负,但从不气馁。蔡添强当时是非常活跃于“野火莫熄”政治运动,也是公正党的创始人之一。他常常出现在游行 、示威的场合里,被警察追赶 、殴打及逮捕,但很快的他又到回来,从不言弃。三八大选看到他成为吉隆坡巴都区国会议员。今天,我们还是可以看到他照样出现在示威 、游行的场合里,但同时也见到他西装笔挺的出现在国会的殿堂中。


许月凤,年度特出妇女,命运也是在三八大选后,有了重大的改变。一位无名小卒,不被看好的行动党支部委员,经过二十年的坚持,信念及面对霸权的斗争,在三八大选开花结果,当选州议员,并被委任为霹雳州议会副议长,得到吐气扬眉。可惜,在面对金钱和权力的引诱下,她出卖了自己的尊严 、信念 、同袍及支持她的选民。金钱和势力使到她人格腐败,遗臭万年。


人民不介意他们无经验,没经考验,及犯错,但只要他们是忠诚 、清廉及愿意学习及付出,为人民谋福利,都可以被接受。但千万不要出卖人格,原则,信念及支持你的人,更不可以贪婪及腐败,那就不被接受及原谅,更没有第二次的机会了。

那些继续为人民服务及付出的代议士,他们需要时间学习 、调整及改变。这包括目前霹雳州的乱局,法律行动及各种前所未有的局面,都是学习过程。他们将会在这个过程中,得到洗练及锐变,取得成功。我们应该给他们时间,更给予他们支持,以便迎来一个更好 、光明 、公正 、清廉及和谐的将来。

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Financial winter 金融冬天 2

For the past 30 years, I have never experienced such a gloomy business environment as today.

Lack of confidence and fear are two factors affecting every one now. We do not know the extent and effect of the financial tsunami which has started in the US. Even the Americans are not sure of the situation in their own country. All the rescue packages are like small drops of rain falling on a parch desert. The black hole is not able be fathomed.

Back in Malaysia, all the politicking superseded efforts to rescue the economy. We heard thunder but not a drop of rain yet! All plan, if any, would be revealed at a "politically auspicious time". While Singapore already in "recession" crisis-battle mood half a year ago, Malaysia is still basking on complacency and "our economy is different from others... sound fundamentals ..." siok-sendiri mood.

I have many export-oriented customers seeing their business nose-dive. Many operations has been folded up. Tens of thousands of workers are being retrenched.

So every one is living in fear. The employees fear of retrenchment, the employers fear of worsening economy and deteriorating market demands. I am one of them.

This morning, I spoke to my employees of the economic situation and the challenges the company is facing. We discuss options and plans to ride out this crisis.

There is a feeling of fear that I have never experienced before. In this challenging times, only Divine guidance and Providence would give me confidence, comfort and peace.

I believed, after the gloomy sky, bright sun shine and blue sky awaiting us.



在马来西亚,政治斗争远超过振兴经济的努力。我们只听到雷声,却久等未雨。任何的振兴经济配套或计划,假如有的话,都要等待到 “政治吉利时辰” 才会宣布。星加坡在六个月前,已进入全民“经济萧条”备战状况了,马来西亚还沉浸在 “我们的经济和其他国家不同。。。稳固的基本条件。。” 自我欣赏的迷思里。




我心中有股我从未体验过的恐惧。我想,在这非常时期,只有上智的指引及天主的恩佑,才能够给我信心 、安慰和平安。


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dirty dirty 肮脏下流

Malaysian politics is getting dirtier day by day. Certain politicians are also rotting in character day by day too.

The circulation of nude pictures of Selangor State Executive Councilor (Exco) Elizabeth Wong (37) is another case of dirty tactics and money politics at its lowest. The pictures were believed to have been taken by her former boy friend when she was sleeping at her home. I have not seen any of the pictures, but firmly believed these are her private pictures (taken at home). Whoever released or publicised these pictures without her knowledge and consent is amounting to using criminal force to invade her privacy and outraging her modesty. This is as serious as rape, so the culprit must be jailed and caned.

After the breaking of the news 2 days ago, majority people sympathized with Elizabeth Wong and supported her action of reporting to Police to bring the culprit to justice. This is a dirty and immoral way to destroy a politician. I believed money is the main motivation of this act of betrayal. The forces behind this scam is all out to destroy her and the opposition parties.

Immediately, a vulture preyed on the dead smelled blood! There is a voice in the political wilderness calling her to resign from the posts of State Exco and assemblyperson of Bukit Lanjan state seat. He is none other than the deposed former Mentri Besar of Selangor Toyol (never mind the spelling), the same man who put Theresa Kok in trouble and in jail.

"This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident," he said.

Aiyooo..yoo, moralist talking about moral! Has this moralist ever feel frighten when lightning strike? A Chinese saying: "There is god 3 feet above your head..."Does he fear god? See who is talking about moral issue!

He too must have been eaten too much of tempe (Fermented soybean, Malay food. He gave credit of his "youthful" look to eating a lot of tempe..he thought we are fools) that deranged his brain. How can he compared a married man having an affair at a hotel with this single girl's nude pictures taken at her home?

He is putting the blame on the victim in a rape case! He is the first one to cast a stone!

At a press conference this afternoon, Elizabeth Wong tendered her resignation. " the interests of the party, I have decided to offer my resignation as Exco and state rep," she said.

"I have done no wrong and I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law and everyone has a right to privacy." She maintained.

It is a wise move to protect her integrity and honour. Compared with that woman north of Selangor, she has my highest respect and admiration.

By the way, I slept with singlet and sarong. Very often, I have to search for my sarong in the morning ... ....pssssst... please do not let Toyol the moralist knows, otherwise I will be in trouble! He may offer to buy my bed...maaaaan!


雪兰莪州行政议员黄洁冰(37岁)的裸体照被流传出来,就是又一件肮脏政治手段及金钱政治极度卑贱的另一例子。那些照片相信是黄洁冰的前任男友,在她住家,当她睡觉 时拍的。我没有看过任何这些照片,但是我确信这些是她在自己家里拍的的私人照片。任何人,没得到她的允准,或她知道的情形下,流传出去,或发表这些照片, 就是严重使用暴力侵犯了她的个人私隐权及伤害她的贞洁。这和强奸同样严重,应该以监禁及鞭打处罚之。

在照片流传后的两天,大多数人都同情黄洁冰,并表示支持她向警方报案调查,以把这个不负责任的无良之人,绳之以法。这是一个非常低贱 、不道德的方法来摧毁一位政治人物的前途。我想,金钱是这启事件的推动力。而幕后势力的目的是要羞辱黄洁冰及她所属的政党。


“这是道德的问题。以前蔡细历(前卫生部长及马华副总会长)也是在同一情形之下,自动辞职” 他说。


而且,据我所看,这家伙可能吃 tempe 吃的太多了,头脑出了问题。(他自夸他的“青春”长相,是靠多吃 tempe 所赐。tempe 是一种发酵黄豆马来食物 -他以为我们都是傻瓜会相信)。他把一位有妇之夫在酒店偷情,和这位在自己家被拍裸睡觉照片的单身妇女相提并论。




“我没有做错,我也不会为我作为一个单身妇人的情欲而觉得羞耻。我没有做出任何违反法律的事情,每个人都有隐私权” 她坚决的宣布。



Monday, February 16, 2009

Procession of the deities 古庙众神出游

It has more than hundred years history and the biggest event of Johor Baru. It attracted hundred of thousands of spectators and is the world biggest Chinese deity procession second to Matzu procession in Taiwan.

I normally avoid crowded place but decided to go with my family for this year's Johor Baru Old Temple grand procession of five deities worshipped separately by clans of Teochew, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan and Guangdong.

The procession would start in the evening but we selected a strategic spot to view the procession as early as 5:00 pm. An atmosphere of festivity filled the air. Cars parked along the roads of procession and families brought chairs, food, snacks and drinks for the occasion. The crowd swelled as it got closer to the evening.

With flashing lights of Police escort, loud drumbeats and shouts of joy, the procession started at about 7:30pm. Hundreds and hundreds of people followed closely behind each deity. It was a show of colours, lights, sounds, culture and piety.

The route covered the town journeying almost 10 kms and took more than 5 hours to complete. It was a sign of unity among the clans and people of Johor Baru. (more pics & video at bottom)


我通常都不大喜欢参与有人潮的场合,但这次决定跟随家人参加今年的新山古庙众神出游盛事。古庙供奉着潮州 、闽南 、客家 、海南及广肇五个籍贯膜拜的神明。

游行在傍晚开始,但我们提早在下午五点就到游行必经之路线,找到了一个极佳地点,对游行行列一目了然。越来越多的车辆,渐渐的停满在路旁。场面是充满了节日气氛,人们携带椅子 、食物 、 零食 、饮料等来助兴,大家的心情都轻松快乐。 随着太阳西下,人潮也越来越多了。

在警车闪等的护航下,一阵阵的锣鼓声及高声呼喊下,游行在傍晚七时半正式开始了。成群成群上百的信徒,跟随在每个神像,花车之後,前推后涌,好像波浪式的向前推进。这是一项缤纷灿烂 、声色俱全 、充满文化及宗教气息的活动。


Our JB journey 我们新山之旅

We arrived home today at 5:30 pm.

It was a journey of reunion, fun and food. Just like me, this is the first trip to JB grand procession of deities for Joel, son of my youngest sister-in-law Ann (Australia), and first meeting between him and Brian, son of Susan, my third sister-in-law.

Jonathan, my son was backed to KL for official meeting, he too followed us down to JB for the festival over the weekend.

Reunion will not be complete without food. We ( Joey, Adeline, Jonathan, my wife and I) started our journey on Saturday by going to Seremban for breakfast. Then on the same night, we have a delicious dinner and Karaoke singing at a restaurant in JB with Susan, Tony and their children, and our parents.


这是一趟团聚 、乐趣及美食的旅程。我的小姨安娜(澳洲)的儿子祖尔(Joel),也如我般的是第一次到新山参加柔佛古庙众神出游,这也是他和另一位小姨苏珊的儿子布莱恩(Brian) 的第一次见面。


团聚不算美满,假如没有美食。我们(祖尔 、大女儿 、儿子 、太太和我)在星期六一早开始我们的行程,就先到芙蓉吃早餐。然后到了新山的当晚,我们连同苏珊 、东尼及孩子,还有我们的父母(岳父母)到一间餐馆用晚餐及唱卡拉OK.

Happy Kara-OK

Great-grandparents, grand-parents, parents
曾祖父母 、祖父母 、父母辈

Joel (left) and Brian besides him

Friday, February 13, 2009

Going south again 再度南下

Today (Saturday) we are going down to Johor Baru for the Grand procession of Dieties of the Old Temple. We are not paying homage to the Gods, but to see the annual grand festival of Johor Baru with more than 130 years of history.

This is my first time coming to JB for the procession. We also take this opportunity to be with our parents (in-law). They are eagerly awaiting our visit two weeks after the Chinese New Year. Folks are always excited to see their children home.

今天 (星期六)我们将南下新山,去观看柔佛古庙众神出游。我们不是去拜神,而是去观赏这个已有一百三十年历史的新山年度民间盛事。


By election again 又是补选

I admired the strength and fighting spirit of the Pakatan Rakyat which comprises Party Keadilan, DAP and PAS. They are strange bed fellows but able to work together and rise to the occasion.

Despite of many quarrels, misunderstanding, different stand on various issues, and many dangers lurking within and without, the 3-member coalition seems to be holding up very well.

One of the powerful force against them is the Election Commission (EC). The recent rejection of resignation letters from the 3 state assembly persons in Perak is one of many David Vs Goliath situation that they have to face.

Today, the Election Commission officially announced that the by-elections for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bukit Selambau seat in Kedah will be held simultaneously on April 7. Nomination day is fixed on 29 March.

I have no ability to analysis what is the reason behind the dates chosen by the EC for the nomination and polling. But I always believed any decision by the EC is made in the best interest of the ruling BN, although EC is an independent commission appointed by the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

Why such a long waiting period? Almost one and a half month away! The nomination day of 29th March is just a day after UMNO election, very good timing!

I think the long period of time before nomination and polling is to give BN in general, UMNO in particular more time to settle in ( internal problems), and the new Perak state government to "buy" the hearts of the voters..... It also allows Najib to take over the helm of the Prime Ministership on1-3-2009 without hitches.

More importantly, it is a conspiracy. Chinese saying: "long night, more dreams". It is a disadvantage to the Oppositions. May be they are hoping more (if any) frogs and snakes from Pakatan would come out to cause trouble for their own parties(especially in Kedah).

I thought the former EC Chairman Abdul Rashid is snaky, the new Chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof is worse, he is a snake in wolf skin.

It may backfire! Just wait and see!

我非常敬佩人民联盟(民联)的战斗精神及能力。这个由三个政党 - 公正党、民主行动党及回教党组成的联盟,虽然是同床异梦的三个伙伴,但还能够合作,也能够面对挑战。

虽然时常有争吵 、误会 、对许多课题有不同的见解,还有内在及外在隐藏的危险,但到目前为止,还算是能够合的来,维持一体。









Thursday, February 12, 2009

The enemy of the Chinese community 华社罪人

The alliance of snakes, rats and frogs

Hee Yit Foong must be the most hated politician in the Chinese community at this point of time. She resigned from DAP and became an Independent but switched side to enable BN formed the new Perak state government. This caused the collapse of 11-month od Pakatan government.

The voters from her Jelapang state constituency expressed their anger by throwing eggs and incense papers to her house, harassing her relatives, displaying banners with derogatory words. SMSs cursing her has been circulating all over the country. A group of people set up a "Hee Yit Foong We hate you like hell" site in Facebook to express their frustration and indignation. There is a page on her in Wikipedia also.

Hee's switch of allegiance to BN not only a betrayal of her own stand and struggle against a powerful corrupted institution for the past twenty over years, she has also betrayed her supporters. She has destroyed her own integrity, bringing harm to the Chinese community.

I do not want to talk any further of this traitor so not to make myself angry. But in today's Sin Chew Daily (11-2-09), I noticed a respected man is also affected and angry with the words and behaviour of Hee Yit Foong like many of us.

He is none other than the Deputy Chief Editor of Sin Chew Daily, T.Y Tay. He is a famous and respected columnist, current affairs commentator and analyst.

I have counted 3 times he has in his column commented specifically on Hee within a spell of ten days since her defection.

He point-blankly labeled Hee as a cold-hearted woman, selfish and greedy. She is not satisfied being appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the state assembly. What she wanted is the position of a State Executive Councilor. Her defection is for money, power and revenge.

In his 7/2/09 column, he suggested the face of the four political frogs (Hee is one of them) be sculpted on a hill in Perak, emulating the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the United States. A museum be built at the foot of the mount to teach the future generation of "frog politics". Many visitors are expected to come with feces (and rotten eggs), so waste disposal management is very important.

In today's column, I smelled more gun powder. The recent words and behaviour of this woman after defection must has made Tay really really mad, so much so that he must "wash" her properly. He said this woman was saying utterly nonsense, distorted facts and showed no remorse.

He compared her with Arumugam who has resigned recently his Kedah Exco post due to personal reason. He praised highly of Arumugan who resigned willingly, forgoing all benefits, perks and power. He gave no trouble to his party and his voters.

On the other hand, Hee is a woman of low esteem and low integrity. She is un-repentant, liar and trying to fool her constituents and the world. Her behaviour is making people 'grinding teeth" mad.

Hee's behaviour akin to a traitor. She betrayed friends, comrades, voters and Chinese community. She is self serving.

Today, Hee Yit Foong is synonym of Traitor in Malaysian context. Would she suffers similar fate as Judas who betrayed Jesus?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Pics from Facebook


她的日落洞选区选民非常恼怒,用各种方法来发泄怒气,如向她家抛丢鸡蛋,冥钱,巴刹摊档刁难来买菜的亲戚,拉布条痛骂等行动。除此之外,咒骂短信满天飞,在 Facebook 里面,还有一群“许月凤我们憎死你”网友。



这就是星州日报副总编辑 、著名时事评论员郑丁贤。在跳槽事件发生后,他总共在他的专栏【夜雨晨风】里,专题谈到许月凤的评论,就有三次,其他相关的话题,当然也很多。

他直指许月凤心狠,自私,不知量力,一个没有什么素质的人,被委任为一位州议会副议长还不满意,因没被委任为州行政议员而耿耿于怀。她跳槽的原因可能是金钱 、权力 或报复,或者全部都有。郑丁贤在二月七日的专栏里,建议在霹雳州找一个山头,雕刻四只政治青蛙的塑像,模仿美国罗斯摩尔山四个总统巨像,不过是给这四只青蛙臭名永留。他预计会有很多人来参观,所以提醒建造当局,必须有良好的卫生设施,避免参观者把带来的排放物,或就地取在制造的排泄物好好处理,以维持霹雳州的文明形象。


他把许月凤和刚辞去州议员身份的吉打州民联州议员阿鲁姆甘相比,称她是 “无品” 的政客。他赞许阿鲁姆甘可能因个人难言之隐,辞去州议员的职位,放弃一切利益,地位和福利,没有为难所属政党,也不背叛选民。他说:“人不强求自有品”。


的确,徐月凤的行动,是背叛及出卖了朋友 、同袍 、选民和整个华社,为的就是要达到自己的自私目的,叫人如何不恨之咬牙切齿呢?







Traveling 旅游

Where do you want to go?

Another round of promotion by the two major airlines in Malaysia. Air Asia is offering 500,000 free seats, and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is offering big discount on over 50 destinations.

Air traveling has never been so easy, so cheap and so good before.

Last year we have our fair share of going to airports. We have "airport fatigue". So much so that we told ourselves not so much of traveling this year. But still, we find ourselves going to airport again next month, in June and July also.

Going to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) always make me feeling cheap (low cost). It is congested, disorderly, rushing and squeezing... Even those who hold priority boarding tickets also rush to queue up, fight to be the first one on board or afraid there is no seat in the plane. The waiting at LCCT is a terrible time too. ( you want cheap ma...!)

I hoped MAS could offer more discounted fare during the year. Boarding at KLIA and traveling by MAS is truly a pleasure!






我希望马航在一年里, 会有更多的促销。在KLIA 国际机场登机及乘搭马航,才算是旅游乐趣。