Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give them time 给他们时间

Elizabeth Wong was enjoying carefree days before March 8, 2008. She was a social activist, enjoying what she was doing, and also love and be loved. Little did she know that the General Election on March 8 brought great changes to her life, and life of many others too. She stood for election for the first time and was elected a state assembly person and appointed an Exco member. Her life is constantly under scrutiny not only by her constituents, but also by her enemies. If she knew that she would become such an important person, she would be more careful in her undertakings and relationships with others before the election.

March 8 General Election brought many unprepared, untested, inexperienced aspiring politicians and underdogs to the front line and placed in many important positions. Majority of them were from the Oppositions. Many adapted and performed very well, but small number of them succumbed to pressure, power and money.

My Kajang state assembly man Cikgu Lee Seng Kim (PKR) was an underdog in the March 8 election. He faced powerful MCA opponent who has immense resources and manpower. He has to put up his election posters and banners by himself. While MCA could throw big dinner every other night for the people, he could hardly afford giving out mineral water. He won with a big majority. He is doing well as an assemblyman serving his constituency.

In 2001, a young man who followed his father to visit a boastful lawyer over some family legal matters, feeling bored, started playing with his new camera. Seven years later, his video brought the downfall of a powerful power broker and set off the wave of change. On March 8, this virtually unknown young man, raw and inexperience, hardly can speak Bahasa Malaysia, Loh KoK Ben was elected the MP of Kelana Jaya on PKR ticket.

I first met Tian Chua at an embassy function about five years ago. I have mistaken him as Teng Chang Khin (bottom right), the Kelang state assemblyman then. In my mind, I likened Tian Chua to the popular cartoon character Lao Fu Zi. Both are skinny but tough, adorable, spirited, endurable, frequently bullied by people but never give up. Tian Chua then was active in the Reformasi movement and a co-founder of PKR. He can be seen in many rallies and demonstrations. Frequently chased, arrested and assaulted by the police, but always making a comeback and never say die.

March 8 saw him elected to be a Member of Parliament of Batu constituency. Today, we still see him at rallies and demonstrations, still chased and arrested by police, but we can see him also in smart suit at the Parliament building.

Talking about Teng Chang Khin (DAP), he was the lonely opposition voice at the Selangor State Assembly. He has the record of being banned from the assembly, abused and assaulted by the BN representatives. The table turned after March 8. Today, he is the Speaker of the Assembly.

Hee Yit Foong, That Woman of The Year, was also saw her fate changed on March 8. An underdog, unknown but with zeal and dedication, her struggle against the tyranny bore fruits and she rose to the position of the Deputy Speaker of Perak State Assembly. However, she succumbed to the temptation of power and money. Her greed betrayed herself, her comrades and the people who supported her.

Same as the two frogs from PKR who joined Hee Yit Foong as members of the PEKUT club. (Perak Katak Ular Tikus Club). They were corrupted by power and money.

Never mind if they are inexperienced, untrained and making mistakes, provided they are honest, clean and willing to learn and serve. But do not betray their principle, belief and the people supporting them. Do not be greedy and corrupted. These are unforgivable!

For those who are still holding up, they need time to learn, to adjust and to change. This include the current state of affair of Perak, the pending legal actions and confusion. It is a process, a baptism of fire. They will be transformed and achieve success in due course. So give them time, give them the support, for a better, brighter, clean, just and harmonious tomorrow.

黄洁冰在二零零八年三月前,过得是个无忧无虑的生活。她是一位活跃的社会工作者,享受他的工作,也享受爱情。她懵然不知道,三八大选会给她及许多其他的 人,生活巨大的改变。她会中选为州议员及被委任为州行政议员,该是第一次参选的她,始料不到的事吧。从此她的生活受到大众的注目,包括选民及政治敌人。假如她知 道将成为一位这么重要及引人注目的人物,我想,在三八大选前,她会在生活 、工作 、及与人交往上,更加小心。

三八大选将许多毫无准备 、没经考验,没有经验,不被看好的政治新哥新姐们,推到前线,并掌管了许多重要的职位。他们大部分都是来自反对党阵营。他们之中,有许多还能够承担及胜任,但也有小部分被压力 、权利及金钱击垮。

我在加影的州议员李成金老师(公正党),在大选时是绝对不被看好。他面对拥有庞大资源及人力的马华代表,还得自己张贴竞选海报和旗帜。对方可以几乎在每隔 一晚,就举办大型的餐宴集会,李老师则连分配矿泉水也有问题。但最终他以高多数票胜出。目前他非常努力的为他的州议席选民提供令人满意的服务。

在2001 年,一位年轻人,跟随他的父亲到一位喜欢夸耀的律师住所,谈一些家庭及生意的法律事项。当时他觉得很无聊及沉闷,就把带来的新相机拿出来玩及拍摄。七年 后,他的录影,把一位有势力的权势代理人拖垮,也带动了改变的波浪。在三八的大选中,这位寂寂无名的,嫩稚,毫无经验,不会说马来语的年轻人罗国本(右),在公 正党的旗帜下,中选为柯拉拿再也区的国会议员。

老夫子一样。他们 都是瘦瘦的,但很坚强,受爱戴,充满百折不饶的精神,非常能耐,虽然常常受人欺负,但从不气馁。蔡添强当时是非常活跃于“野火莫熄”政治运动,也是公正党的创始人之一。他常常出现在游行 、示威的场合里,被警察追赶 、殴打及逮捕,但很快的他又到回来,从不言弃。三八大选看到他成为吉隆坡巴都区国会议员。今天,我们还是可以看到他照样出现在示威 、游行的场合里,但同时也见到他西装笔挺的出现在国会的殿堂中。


许月凤,年度特出妇女,命运也是在三八大选后,有了重大的改变。一位无名小卒,不被看好的行动党支部委员,经过二十年的坚持,信念及面对霸权的斗争,在三八大选开花结果,当选州议员,并被委任为霹雳州议会副议长,得到吐气扬眉。可惜,在面对金钱和权力的引诱下,她出卖了自己的尊严 、信念 、同袍及支持她的选民。金钱和势力使到她人格腐败,遗臭万年。


人民不介意他们无经验,没经考验,及犯错,但只要他们是忠诚 、清廉及愿意学习及付出,为人民谋福利,都可以被接受。但千万不要出卖人格,原则,信念及支持你的人,更不可以贪婪及腐败,那就不被接受及原谅,更没有第二次的机会了。

那些继续为人民服务及付出的代议士,他们需要时间学习 、调整及改变。这包括目前霹雳州的乱局,法律行动及各种前所未有的局面,都是学习过程。他们将会在这个过程中,得到洗练及锐变,取得成功。我们应该给他们时间,更给予他们支持,以便迎来一个更好 、光明 、公正 、清廉及和谐的将来。

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