Monday, February 28, 2011

Grateful 感恩

Yesterday (Feb 28) I started my full session of physiotherapy at the hospital.

Besides many bending and lifting, the therapist also instructed me to do a cat walk ... walking without the aid of walker. I managed to walk normally for about 3 meters .

When I left my office on Friday Feb 18, I told my staff of my operation on Monday (Feb 21) and assured them would be in office the following Monday (Feb 28).

I was over optimistic then without giving it a serious thought that a knee replacement is a major operation involving other risks and complications.

Grateful thanks to God and the intercession of Mother Mary, and the prayer of many friends, I was at my office this afternoon after the physical therapy session!

Full recovery may take another 2 to 3 months. I still feel pain in the operated area and also due to weak muscles. I can bend my knee slightly more than 90 degree. The optimum is 130 degree

By the way, I noticed many are still not sure what a knee replacement is all about - change knee caps? putting in steel plates? tightening with screws? add in plastic parts?

My two X-ray of right knee (side view), before and after operation, hopefully will help many of you understand what is a knee replacement. Repetation of explaining what was wrong with my knee sometimes could be quite a frustrating experience.

Picture left is before operation (my original knee condition), almost bone rubbing bone ....

Picture right is after the operation with prosthesis parts fixed. Original knee cap (patella) is being used because it is still in good condition.







我注意到还有很多人对膝盖关节替代手术,还是一知半解 - 换膝盖?加上铁片?用螺丝上紧?置放塑胶片?




congratulations 恭贺

Congratulations to my God-daughter Cecilia in Kota Kinabalu on the arrival of her first born baby girl Abigail on 22-2-2011.

祝贺我在亚庇的乾女儿诗诗,在22-2-2011诞下了一个可爱的宝宝 Abigail 。

See her wedding posting 诗诗结婚帖子

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sadly loss 痛失

Sadly loss.

My second brother-in-law Mr. Foo Ee Tien (72) passed away peacefully on 24 February 2011 at his Seremban home. He left behind his wife, two sons and a daughter and three grandchildren.

I was not able to attend his wake and the funeral today at 11:00 am. I last met him on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

May his soul rest in peace at the Western Heaven where he always desired to.

我的第二姐夫符气新先生(72岁)在 24-2-2011 于芙蓉的住家,平安的与世长辞。他留下太太,两个儿子,一位女儿及三位孙子。



Friday, February 25, 2011

The world 这个世界

Thanks to Epidural analgesia, I have a speedy recovery.

I was on my phone a few hours after the operation, answering calls from friends, suppliers and customers on hospital bed without them knowing what I was undergoing at the moment.

Suppliers were trying to update me with the lastest news of crude oil due to the turmoils in Lybia and Middle East, in order to justify the increase of prices which changes by the day. This is an opportunity for the oil exporters, merchants and big oil corporations making a kill. All of them are greedy speculators and suckers of the blood of the world.

I am dealing with solvents which are by-products of crude oil.

About the same time, sad news of New Zealand earthquake came in, many lives and properties lost. My deepest condolences to the beautiful people of New Zealand.

Holding on to my helpless limb, I am wondering what is going on in the world?

Christchurch, NZ 纽西兰基督城







Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home sweet home 回家了

My Consultant Orthopedic just visited me at the ward a moment ago (1:20 pm).

He open my wound and found it to be “beautiful” and satisfied.

He said:" are you ready to go (home)?"

I responded:" Yes".

"Ok, do you physio twice a week and come back to see me at my clinic in two weeks time."

"Thank you Dr."

My friends, I am being discharged, I am going home sweet home where recovery really taking place.

我的骨科医生刚来病房给我做检查。(1:20 pm)







Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am OK

Dear friends, I am ok and doing well. Today I did some excercies including bending knee and walking a few steps.

Please do not visit me at the hospital ... I will be discharged in two or three days time.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My operation 我的手术

Before op 手术前

Firstly my apologies to many friends who did not know my whereabout and what about.

I went for my right knee replacement operation at a hospital in Subang Jaya. It was operated on Monday, 21-2-2011.

The operation is successful and I am rucuperating.(complete rest in bed)

May be tomorrow or day after tomorrow, I will start my physiotherapy and expected to be discharged by the weekend.

It was a two hour operation under epidural analgesia. I could hear the conversation among doctor and operation theater staff and also the sound of sawing the hammering of metals sound.

Thank you to you all for your kind thought, concern and prayer.

3 hrs later after op, at HDU







Sunday, February 20, 2011

Notice 通告


I Will Be Out of Action for A Week
In Workshop for Hardware Upgrading
(20-2-2011 - 26-2-2011)

Will post as soon as condition allows.
Please pray for a successful job. Thank You.


Happy Birthday Lim Kit Siang 祝林吉祥生日快乐

Today is the 70th birthday of Lim Kit Siang, an opposition politician, leader, worrier and a hero.

Happy Birthday to you and my highest salutation. May God bless you and family peace and good health, and your continue effort to make our country healthier and cleaner.



Ugly stamp 丑邮票

Ugly rabbit stamp!

Pos Malaysia issued a new design for the Year of Rabbit. Apparently, the rabbit looks more like guinea pig (below right), no rabbit character and features....

Too much restriction and outside influence affected the creativity of artists.

By the way, I dislike Pos Malaysia. It has increased postage from 30 cents ordinary mail to 60 cents recently.


马来西亚邮局发行了一套兔年邮票。看起来,兔不像兔,倒是像天竺鼠 (上右图),缺乏兔的象征及特点。


其实我不喜欢马来西亚邮局。它最近把平邮的邮费从RM0.30 增加到 RM0.60.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

有情有义 Loyal friend


诗巫福州小子黄禄声,早在二十五年前, 就常常到西马来参加本地教会主办的一些灵修课程,及和这里的教友们打交道。二十一年前,他带领了一团的教友,到西马来游玩,然后与本地的圣母军团员交流,我这样认识了他。



Seated from Left: Fr. Philip Chua, Francis Wong and Peter Tan
Standing left: Joseph Wong

Joseph Wong of Sibu is a person who treasures friendship and loyal to friends.

More than 25 years ago, he already coming over to West Malaysia to attend courses organised by various diocese over here. He made many friends.

About 21 years ago, he led a group from Sibu for a sightseeing trip to Kuala Lumpur and also visited some churches. That's the time I met him.

Peter Tan of Kepong is our mutual old friend. Today we attended his daughter's wedding Mass at the Caritas Church in Kepong. Joseph flew over specially to attend this function.

This is my first time to the newly-built Caritas church. In Malaysia, building a new church is a challenge and struggle. It is very difficult get approval from government (takes years) and receive no funding.

Congratulations to Caritas church members for the tremendous effort in building this new church.

It is a beutiful and modern church. However, the projection screen has spoit the otherwise warm and harmonious interior and the beautiful altar area. This is a price to pay for modernisation. This can be seen in many historical churches too.




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

久待的一天 Long-awaited day


我的哎呀乾女儿第九彩燕,和哎呀乾女儿第十瑷伶,曾计划很久,要一同到 Farm 走走,但因为大家都忙,所以好久都不能实现。


同行的还有一位小妹妹,数年前,我曾答应过带她到Farm 一游,今天终瑞现了!


Playing games at Yen's house... all are ki
ds !

This is a long-awaited day.

My god-daughters No 9, Yen and No.10 Anna, planned to go to Farm sometimes ago, but due to busy schedule, is yet to make it.

Today is a public holiday, finally, we made it!

Joelle, whom I have promised to bring to Farm many years ago, were with us too.

More pictures in Facebook

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 情人节

Today is Valentine's Day.

According to some learned and high moral people, Valentine's day is a very dangerous day.

A female Islamic motivator Nor Bahyah, was reported to have warned Muslim youth against celebrating Valentine's Day as the occasion has been linked with "immoral activities, discoing, couples meeting in private," which she said "were traditions of the Christian community."

Religious bodies in a number of states will send out White Cap Moral Patrol Team to check on streets, brothels and hotels, parks and gardens in anticipated "increase in immoral activities and illicit sex".

I do not know whether on Valentine's day, any increase of sex crime rate, immoral activities or illicit sexual activities, but I am very sure on Valentine's Day and prior to it, many so called religious high moral people, already started biologically (read as animal instinct) in their minds an increase in flow of chemicals, stimulating their hyper imaginative sexual self-fantasized brown matter in their brains, triggering off their warning system to those whom they thought are morally inferior, less holy than I human being, VALENTINE'S DAY IS BAD, BECAUSE I DID IT !

St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians said: "We teach what scripture calls: the things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard,things beyond the mind of man, all that God has prepared for those who love him. ( 2:9)"

Damned to those who teach the mirage that only their distorted eyes can see, lies that their ears can hear and rotten things they made up within their own minds!





我不知道情人节是否真的有更高的性犯罪,不道德行为和非法色情活动,但我很肯定的在情人节或之前,许多所谓宗教道德高尚的人,在他们的脑袋里,生理上(可 解读为兽性),化学元素突然的增加流动,刺激了他们脑袋里面的超大的性爱幻想及自我刺激的棕色物体,启动了警报系统,发出警告:情人节是危险的,因为我体验过!

圣保禄宗徒在致给哥罗森人的书信中说道: 经上这样记载说:“天主为爱祂的人所准备的,是眼所未见,耳所未闻,人心所未想到的。”(哥2:9)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Church New Year celebration 欢庆新年

Everyday is a good day in the Lord

Chinese New Year is a time for being together, to celebrate, to share and to be in communion with the Lord.

The Chinese speaking community of our parish - Church of the Holy Family, celebrated Chinese New Year with a dinner-cum-show tonight at the church hall with the theme : " In Communion and rejoice in the Lord".

Asst. Parish Priest Rev. Fr. George Harrison and more than 300 prishioners attended the function. Former Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Julian Leow, who is on New Year leave from his teaching job at the Penang College General, was also invited to the function.

Many more pictures Facebook




It is the celebrations of hundreds of years!!

This morning we celebrated the birthdays of six Taichi members who are born in February. Their combined years of age is about 450, with the oldest being 84 .



Friday, February 11, 2011

Dramatically fallen ill 戏剧性的病了

Today, 11-2-2011, is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes in commemoration of the apparation of Mother Mary in Lourdes, France began in February 11 1858.

It is also the World Day of the Sick in Catholic Church which was instituted by late Pope John Paul II on May 13 1992.

My wife and I attended the evening Mass and received special annointing of the sick from the presiding Priest, Rev. Fr. George Harrison.

We have to put ourselves into the category of "The Sick" because we are sicked .... with sicknesses. For all you have known, I am afflicted with knee problem and it is due to go into "workshop" for major overhaul !

My wife whom I used to call "as strong as a cow" also suffered from illness recently.

So goes the saying: Life is .... dramatic and surprising!

On January 25 (Tuesday) morning, my wife accompanied me to my doctor appointment at Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC). It was the D-day for me .... to decide on the fate of my knee.

Half an hour before reaching the destination, I heard my wife groaning and breathing heavily. She was wriggling, holding her abdomen.

She told me she was in great pain ... spasm and severe pain in the stomach area.

"do you need to go to toilet?" I thought of the possibility of severe food poisoning.


In a matter of minutes, her condition worsened drastically. She was trying to straighten her body by reclining the car seat ... her eyes opened wide.... it was very frightening.

I was pondering whether to speed up to rush her to the Emergency Room of the hospital.... the traffic was quite congested then.

Then her condition stabilized .... the pain was still there but not getting worse.

Her pain has lessened when we arrived at the hospital. She could stand up and insisted to go with me to the specialist clinic for my appointment. However, she still felt uncomfortable at her chest and still could feel light spasm at the abdomen.

The fright of recurrence prompted her to see a doctor at the emergency room.

I got a wheelchair from the specialist clinic to wheel her to the emergency room. She was immediately attended by the doctor on call.

Seeing her in good hand, I went back to the clinic for my appointment.

My wife was supposed to be by my side for the D-Day but unexpectedly found herself lying on a bed in the Emergency Room.

Through a few tests, including ECG (heart is OK), Ultrasound and blood test, she was found having stones in gall bladder (gallstones).

She was later referred to a Consultant Surgeon.

"The pain was caused by stone(s) lodged in the bile have gallstones and must be removed...."

"if not .... "

"if not, pain may come back at any time...."

Since it was nearing New Year, we decided to hold on until after Chinese New Year and pray for the best!!

So my wife is a lady with many gemstones!

It has no prior symptoms and happened so suddenly. However, we thanked God for not allowing the pain happened during my wife's holiday in Guiling two weeks prior to this incident ..... and not happen when she was driving alone. It happened when we were on the way to hospital !

True to her "colour", my wife is holding on strongly "as a cow"!!

今天 11/2/2011是路德圣母的主保日,纪念圣母在1858年,2月11日,在法国的一个叫路德的地方开始显现给一位名叫伯纳德的女孩。



























Pullman marriage reception 湖边结婚午餐

Mary, our old friend from Tawau, Sabah invited us to his son's wedding reception at Hotel Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside at Putrajaya today.

His son Brandon registered his marriage at the Registra of Marriage at Putrajaya this morning and thence to a lunch reception at the lakeside hotel.

It was a small family reception held at the lakeside pavilion attended by close relatives from bride and groom only.

More pics in Facebook 更多照片

我们来自沙巴斗湖的老朋友Mary,邀请我们参加他儿子的结婚招待午餐,地点是普特拉再也(布城)的一间著名湖边酒店 Hotel Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside。

她的儿子Brandon 今早在布城的婚姻注册局注册结婚,然后举行了这个湖边午餐招待会。


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taichi group Lou shang 太极班捞生

Holy Family Taichi group held its 24th annual New Year "Lou Sang" lunch today.
(see 22nd and 23rd )

Upon the arrival of the Year of Rabbit 2011, it signinfies the Taichi group is entering its 25th year of formation. The group was formed in August 1986.


随着2011 兔年的到来,这将意味着加影太极班进入了第二十五周年了。加影太极班在1986年8月成立。

More pictures in FACEBOOK 更多照片


Monday, February 7, 2011

My god sons 我的代子

Alvin (standing), Melvin and girl friend Victoria (seated)
Alvin (站), Melvin 和女朋友Victoria (坐者)

My two god-sons, Melvin and Alvin, visited us tonight. They are brothers.

Melvin is in college and Alvin just completed his Form 5 and awaiting for SPM (Malaysia Education Certificate) result.

今晚我的两位代子,Melvin 及Alvin 来探访我们。他们是兄弟。

Melvin 目前就读大学课程,而Alvin 刚中学毕业,等待SPM (马来西亚教育文凭)的成绩放榜。

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fourth day of New Year 大年初四

The celebration of Spring Festical lasting 15 days. However, the feasting and holdaying is coming to a close when many of us resume work tomorrow.

My two children left for their apartments, Melaka and Petaling Jaya respectively, this afternoon. All of us start work tomorrow after about a week of New Year holidays.

Today is a hot day, a few more friends and relatives came visiting.

We all missed Mei Mei during the New Year ... we are keeping Ang Pows from friends and relatives for her. She has been away from home for the past 3 Lunar New Years.(She is studying in Arbedin, Scotland of UK).

My wife is the happiest person because we were able to celebrate New Year together with her parents. They were here 3 days before New Year and will be leaving for Johor Baru home tomorrow morning.

We are grateful to God for blessing of good healoth to her parents. Her father is 84 and mother is 78.

With thankfullness and gratitude to God, we look forward to a joyful and peaceful Year of the Rabbit.








Visitors- Church Taichi group members