Saturday, February 19, 2011

有情有义 Loyal friend


诗巫福州小子黄禄声,早在二十五年前, 就常常到西马来参加本地教会主办的一些灵修课程,及和这里的教友们打交道。二十一年前,他带领了一团的教友,到西马来游玩,然后与本地的圣母军团员交流,我这样认识了他。



Seated from Left: Fr. Philip Chua, Francis Wong and Peter Tan
Standing left: Joseph Wong

Joseph Wong of Sibu is a person who treasures friendship and loyal to friends.

More than 25 years ago, he already coming over to West Malaysia to attend courses organised by various diocese over here. He made many friends.

About 21 years ago, he led a group from Sibu for a sightseeing trip to Kuala Lumpur and also visited some churches. That's the time I met him.

Peter Tan of Kepong is our mutual old friend. Today we attended his daughter's wedding Mass at the Caritas Church in Kepong. Joseph flew over specially to attend this function.

This is my first time to the newly-built Caritas church. In Malaysia, building a new church is a challenge and struggle. It is very difficult get approval from government (takes years) and receive no funding.

Congratulations to Caritas church members for the tremendous effort in building this new church.

It is a beutiful and modern church. However, the projection screen has spoit the otherwise warm and harmonious interior and the beautiful altar area. This is a price to pay for modernisation. This can be seen in many historical churches too.




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