Friday, August 30, 2013

Seremban-Pertang 芙蓉 - 葫芦顶

 My hometown is a small new village at 8th Mile Jalan Labu, Negri Sembilan.( It is renamed Kg Sri, Batu 8)

I attended my village primary school and continued secondary education at Chung Hua High School in Seremban (a private Chinese medium school).

My secondary school day started in the early morning (about 7:45am) and lasted until 4:00pm (with a lunch break).

After school, I would walk more than a kilometer to the bus station to take a bus home, usually reaching around 6:00 pm.

On the way, I would pass a big field and old shop houses ....... and today, on it a big double-storey market was built.

I have not step into the market since its opening more than 2 decades ago.

On 23-8-2013, Steven and Anna brought me and Pauline, Susan and Tony to the market to have our breakfast. And this is the first time I visited this market.

The beef noodle is great.

After breakfast, we headed to our next destination.

Pertang StevAnna Farm ( I re-named the place) is another favorite place of us.

we brought Tony and Susan to the farm for the first time. They were pretty excited about the place.

Susan was happy picking up durian, Tony busy scouting all around....

Later in the afternoon, we went to Titi to attend the Feast Day celebrations of the Church of St. Augustine. (see previous post)

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在这途中,我经过一个大操场及旧店屋 。。。如今已不存在,而是一间双层的菜市场(巴刹)取而代之。





葫芦顶史提安娜园(我给的名字Stevanna Farm)是我们喜欢的另一个歇息地点。




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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

知知港圣奥斯定主保 St. Augustine Feast Day at Titi



















25-8-2013 Sunday.

It was very hot in the morning.

We were in Pertang to visit some friends, and will head for St. Augustine's Church Feast Day celebration in the afternoon at Titi, which is about 20 kms away.

Being used to the air-cond comfort at the Church of the Holy Family kajang, I was a little apprehensive of the heat in the afternoon at the little church at Titi.

God heard this lazy man's prayer. The weather changed cloudy in the afternoon and the temperature dropped. When we got to Titi, the church was cool and comfortable.

The Feast Day Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gregory Chan, and was attended by about 150 parishioners and well wishers from out-station like Seremban and Kuala Lumpur.

Fr. Gregory was ordained about a year ago. He is English educated but is able to recite missal prayer in Romanized Mandarin. However, he gave his sermon in Cantonese.

In his homily, he spoke about the story of St. Augustine's father, and his relationship with the son. St. Augustine was later renounced his sinful life and became a great saint.

After Mass, a fellowship dinner was held at the parish hall.

Parishioners have prepared many delicious Hakka dishes such as Hakka Yong Toufu, Fried pork, wild boar curry ......

Titi has recently become popular with tourist coming for nearby eco-farm stay, Hakka food and local produce.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ah Wong Junior and me 小黄与老潘

Alan came to Kuala Lumpur with his father Anthony Wong more than 10 years ago to enroll into a college for his law study. They were Malaysians residing in Brunei.

He completed his study in United Kingdom and came back to KL again for his chambering and CLP (Certificate in Legal Practice)

On 29-9-2005, he was admitted to the Bar as an Solicitor and Advocate.

His proud parents, sister and I were there to share this joyous occasion.

On 22-8-2013, I met Alan at the Palace of Justice (Federal Court), Putrajaya where he attended some cases of his clients in court.  

May God continue to bless Alan and family with good health and happiness.

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Alan 在十多年前来到吉隆坡的一间学院,就读法律课程。他们当时是住在汶莱。


29-9-2005 他正式成为执业律师。


22-8-2013, 很意外的在布城的司法宫(联邦法院)遇见了Alan。当天他是有案件而需要到此出庭。

愿主继续降福Alan 及家人,健康,快乐,生活幸福。

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mourned 哀悼

Mourning the passing of my eldest sister Ah Moi who died peacefully on 23-8-2013 morning at the age of 68.

She left behind 3 sons, 2 daughters and many grandchildren.

She is a Buddhist. However, I firmly believed that through a different path, she will be united with us in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father, our Creator.


沉痛的哀悼我的大姐潘金梅,她在23-8-2013 早上,平安的与世长辞,享年68岁。




Thursday, August 22, 2013

A case of Allah or not Allah 阿拉或不可阿拉的案件

My wife and I went to the Palace of Justice (Federal Court House) to lend support to our Catholic church.

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam is applying for the appellate court to set aside the government’s appeal against the High Court decision in 2009 which allowed the use of ‘Allah’ the Malay bibles.

Majority of Catholics in Malaysia are Bahasa Malaysia speaking and using Malay Bible which uses the word 'Allah' in place of God as in English.

Three quarter of Catholics are living in East Malaysia and has been using the word Allah for more than 400 years.

Sad to notice that many non-Malay speaking Catholics are not aware or interested in the Allah issue, either due to ignorance or indifference. Some even commented that the Catholic church should not bring this to the court.

It was quite crowded at the first floor of the court house which house the Court of Appea Room 2. The limited space of the court room resulted many being kept waiting outside.

About 10 priests were present in the court to lend their support, with Fr. Lawrence and Fr. Paulino being inside the court chamber. 

Many Muslim groups and NGOs were present outside the court house, reciting prayers and shouting slogans.

The court was called into session at about 9:30 am, taking a break for lunch, and delivered its judgement at about 4:00 pm.

The 3 members panel dismissed the application by the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur to strike out Govt's appeal over High Court ruling allowing Herald to use word Allah. The case will go for hearing of the appeal proper on September 10, 2013. 

Let us continue to pray for our country and our church. 

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天主教会的巴吉安总主教,向法庭申请撤销政府对2009年,法庭宣判非穆斯林教徒可以使用“Allah” 字眼的判决,提出上诉。

在马来西亚,大部分的天主教及基督教徒,都是使用马来西亚语朝拜及赞赏;而他们所使用的国语圣经,就是使用“Allah" 来称呼天主或上主。

四分三的天主教徒来自东马, 他们使用Allah 一词已经有四百多年的历史了。 令人伤心的是,有许多非马来语的教徒,对Allah 这个课题缺乏认识及认同,这是因为他们的无知或漠不关心所致。




审讯在早上9:30 开始,至下午一点左右午休,然后在三点继续,到了四点左右,就有了判决。

有三位法官组成的听审团一致裁决,巴吉安总主教申请撤销案败诉,政府可以上诉。此案将在10/9/2013 听审。


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

钻石婚庆 Diamond Jubilee


这首美丽动听的歌曲,取自圣保禄宗徒致格林多人的书信(哥前13),告诉我们爱超越一切,爱是美德的灵魂。(Youtube 爱德真谛)


17/8/2013 星期六早上十一时,加影圣家堂大约五百位教友及非教友,集聚一起,出席了黄全成 、林安娜夫妇的结婚六十周年钻石欢庆。



他们的生活,就如以上歌词一样: 爱情恒久,充满恩慈及忍耐。他们不会说他人的坏话,也不做损人利己的事。他们性格随和,良善及慷慨。





On 17/8/2013, Robert and Anna celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary (Diamond Jubilee).

A thanksgiving Mass was held at the Church of the Holy Family at 11:00 am attended by about 500 friends and relatives.

Robert (84) and Anna (81) are well-liked and respected by the community, young and old including Parish Priest Fr. George Harrison. All spoke highly of them.

They are simple and truthful, kind and generous. They spoke no ill of others, always show care and concern towards others especially the poor and less fortunate.

They are active members of the Legion of Mary, attending weekly meetings regularly and participating in visitation to homes and hospitals.

May God continue to shower the choicest blessings upon them and family members, with peace, health and happiness.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The young ones 年青人

Got up at 5:30 this morning.

Picked up Joseph and Rose from KLIA at 7:00 am. They just returned from a visit to Pyongyang, North Korea on a special trip arranged by the North Korean Airlines for travel agents.

Arrived at Dominic Villa, Genting Highlands at about 8:30 am.

Today is the last day of the 9th Young Legionaries Annual Fellowship starting on Thursday, August 15.

Attended a plenary session and left for home at about 11:00 am, to avoid the end of Hari Raya rush traffic.

I met my god-daughter Magdeline and husband John from Johor Baru (bottom pic). Nine years ago, at the 1st Young Legionaries Fellowship, also in Genting Highlands, I was gifted with 5 god-daughters with Magdeline being the youngest.

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九年前,第一届青年交流会也是在云顶举行。当时我“得到了”五位乾女儿。今天,也就是九年后,五位乾女儿中的最小一位 - 小妹(慧银)及她的丈夫光辉 ,也再次的参加了青年交流会,可说是天主的恩赐也。


Saturday, August 10, 2013

聚餐 Lunch fellowship

As I am growing older, memory is a sweet honey that synergies me.

Today, 20 Taichi members had a lunch fellowship at a restaurant in Kajang.

We were counting since the formation of Taichi group 26 years ago, about 10 members had left us for eternal rest.

However, many new members joined in too. Currently we have more than 30 members, with ages ranging from 40s to 80s.

Life is beautiful with friends and acquaintances.

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今天,20 位太极班成员在加影的一间餐馆,来个午餐集会。





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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

郊外走走 To the countryside




Being a free day, we went to the countryside meeting up with old friends.

A relax and happy day.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Pigrimage (2) 朝圣之旅









到了傍晚,我参加了一个非常特别及期待的活动 - 圣母圣像到访教友家庭。













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After a blessed pilgrimage to St. Anne's Sanctuary at Bukit Mertajam, we went to Church of Holy Name of Mary at Balik Pulau on Sunday, July 28 to attend 10:30 am Mass.

We met a group of pilgrims from Kuching led by brother Philip Hii.

Fr. Martin Then welcomed all of us warmly and introduced to his parishioners during the Mass. Two Iban hymns were sung by Iban pilgrims during the Mass.

Joseph has arranged "Penang Laksa & fruits" lunch after Mass. The durian season is almost over, so we did not get the famed Penang durians, but the Penang Laksa, Cempedak and Duku were fantastic!

After lunch, the group continued their journey to Penang Hill and the city tour while I broke off to pursue my "Balik Pulau special" itinerary.

I went with Francis, a local resident, to a friend's durian farm on a hill nearby. From the farm, we have a good view of Penang Island, including the Penang bridge, Penang airport and the city.

In the evening, an exciting event unfolded .... Visitation of the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary to homes in the Balik Pulau community.

This is a 10-yearly event, a tradition started almost a century ago. The current tour started on 26/5/2013 and ends on 15/12/2013, visiting a home daily and covering more than 200 homes.

I was invited by Michael Yip, a long time resident of Balik Pulau, to attend this event at 8:00 pm.

The host of the evening is Chen family.

At 8:00 pm, prayer started. The prayers (including Rosary) were chanted in Hakka, the dialect of the majority Chinese in Balik Pulau.

After the prayer, the crowd was treated to a buffet dinner by the host family.

It was a great and humbling experience for me. 

I joined my group on the next day and visited the nursing home run by the Little Sister of the Poor.

We left Penang Island at about 10:30 am for the next phase of the tour.

I bid them goodbye when the bus reached Kajang and they continue their journey to Melaka and Singapore before flying home on Friday, August 2.

It was a wonderful and fruitful journey. I am honoured to be one of the members among Iban brethren in this pilgrimage.

All praise and glory to God. Amen.

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