Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy marriage 白头偕老

Lucia & John (left 4th & 5th), 光辉及慧银(左4 及5) 2008

On Boxing day, I fulfilled a promise made a year ago to my youngest God daughter in JB.

Last December, Lucia (Xiao Mei) from Ulu Tiram came with his boy friend John for our get together(see My god-daughters) in Johor Baru. They informed us that they were getting married on 26th December 2009 and wished we could come. They knew each other for more than 7 years.

On Saturday 26th, Pauline and I were the witness at the wedding of Lucia and John at the Church of the Holy Family, Ulu Tiram.

May God bless this newly wed happy and harmonious marriage life.

I will happily love you until your teeth dropping off !

在『开礼物日』(Boxing Day),我实现了对新山最年幼的乾女儿一年前的许诺。

去年的十二月,在我们的聚餐里,慧银(小妹)介绍了他的男朋友光辉(John) 给我们认识,并告诉我们,他们将在2009年的十二月二十六日结婚,邀请我们出席。他们相识已有七年了 (看旧帖子-我的乾女儿)。



左起From left:
Agnes, Irene, Angela

Yam seng

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