Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home sweet home 到家了

Narita Airport,Japan 日本成田机场

Home sweet home!

At about 5:45 pm, our JAL flight landed at KLIA, and two hours later, we reached home, home sweet home!



Meal on plane 飞机餐

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hokkaido 12 北海道

Toyata Rent-A-Car

We returned our 8-seater Vellfire MPV (Alphard) to Toyota Rent-A-Car this morning near the Chitose Airport. It cost us 227,500 Yen for 10 days rental (about RM8,600). It is cheaper than renting the same model of MPV in Kuala Lumpur.

We bid sad farewell to our companion for the last 10 days who served us faithfully and comfortably, covering 2000 kilometers.

We boarded 1:00 pm flight for Tokyo and arrived one and a half hour later at Norita Airport.

Due to unavailability of connecting flight to KL, we stay tonight at Norita U-City Hotel, about half an hour of bus journey from Norita Airport.

After checking in, we walked to explore the surrounding area near the hotel. We visited a big Japanese Buddhist temple which is also a tourist attraction. Many stalls and restaurants can be found along the road leading to the temple.

We have Onagi for dinner.

We called it a night and retired early, so that we will be ready for the 11:00 am flight back to Kuala Lumpur. (Leaving for airport at 7:00 am). (More pictures in Facebook)

我们今早把租来的 8 座位 Toyota Vellfire (Alphard) 退还给租车公司 Toyata Rent-A-Car。十天的租金是 227.500 日元,约马币八千六百元,这比在吉隆坡租用同一车款来的便宜。


因为不能够订到今天的飞机,所以我们在机场附近的 Norita U-City Hotel 酒店过一夜。




Authentic Made In Japan Onagi 道地的日本烧鳗鱼饭

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hokkaido 11 北海道

We decided to have a free and easy day in Sapporo.

After almost 8 days of moving around east, north and south of Hokkaido, a relaxing day in Sapporo still involved a lot of walking.

I put my RM22,000.00 prosthetic knee into good test. We walked, to my estimation, about 5 km round the south and eastern part of Sapporo to explore places of interest.

Sapporo is an orderly and clean city. Many cyclists can be found on the mall, gardens and parks. Life is much relaxing in Sapporo.

Nijo Fish Market is a must for visitors. It is a fish market offering fresh seafood from Hokkaido.

Odari park looks beautiful in tourism brochure. We found it a letdown. The park is very long covering few streets well kept and planted with many flowers and shrubs. May be it is late Summer, not many flowers can be found.

However, the city park is an attractive place to sit and relax.

We tried out the Sapporo sub-way by taking a train ride to go back to hotel. A very young and friendly railway customer services staff showed us how to buy ticket, where to board the train and where to get down.

We spent the last evening in Hokkaido by doing some shopping in the arcade. (More pictures in Facebook)









Hokkaido 10 北海道

Noborebetzu is famous for its hot springs.

Besides volcanic sites, it has many lakes and beautiful mountains. We spent whole day in the area visiting hot springs and lakes.

We arrived at Sapporo at around 8 pm after a 150 kms journey from Noborebetsu. Sapporo would be the last leg of our journey.

Our hotel situated at the busy pedestrians arcade which covers 6 streets. Underneath is the sub-way station with many shops and walkways. (more pictures in Facebook)

Lake Toyako, with Island within the lake





Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hokkaido 9 北海道

Today, we experienced the Valley of Hell, the beauty of Nature, the mystery of water (geyser), , majesty of mountains ....

Then back to the modern civilisation ... we are back in Sapporo, a sprawling city.

A long day...traveled more than 300 km the whole day, we are in Sapporo at about 8 pm. After dinner, I went for a hot spring spa...too comfortable, going to sleep and hopefully when available, would upload to Facebook.


然后,又回到了文明 。。。我们回到了札幌。


The Valley of Hell

The mystery of soup

The wonder of nature - Island within Lake Toya
自然的奥妙 - 湖中之岛

Sapporo's beautiful SYT

Going for Hot Spring Spa

Too tired liao... post when available and able

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hokkaido 8 北海道

Today we went down south to Tomakomai, a sea port town gateway to the famous Lake Toya. We are going to see a lot of mountains and lakes.

Nothing much for today. We visited the fish and fruit market to buy staff for our dinner. Later, we visited the Ainu Cultural Museum. Ainu is the aborigines of Japan, mostly found in Hokkaido and nearby islands.

Practically, I am dead tire after 10 pm. So pictures help to tell the story. Please see more pictures in Facebook.



每晚我都很疲倦了,因为都是早出(早上七时),到晚上七时才回到酒店,所以累积了。请看FACEBOOK 更了解今天的活动。

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hokkaido 7 北海道

Friendly and kind Japanese !

Today, July 22 is the 7th day in Hokkaido, we were leaving Wakkainai for Asahikawa. It was an exciting day too.

We left Wakkanai city at about 8:00am to visit the northern most part of Japan - Cape Soya (Soya Misaki).

We took a wrong turn, instead of right, we turn left after leaving our hotel. We noticed it when we realized that the sea supposed to be on our left side, instead, on our right!! However, it was a blessing in disguise!

We saw fishemen drying seaweeds (kelps) in one of the houses along the shore. We stopped and went down to see ... they are friendly and invited us to try out - to dry the sea weeds.

As we do not understand Japanese, we tried to use signs and writing to express ourselves. Thanks to the friendly Japanese family, we have the opportunity to see how seaweeds are being processed.

Finally we made it to Cape Soya, the northern most point of Japan!

We have lunch picnic at one of the park along the way.

After lunch, we continued our journey south. We saw many hay bails along the way and were curious to know how it was made.

We stopped by a field and noticed a tractor was driven to collect hay and made into bales...

The owner was so friendly and came down to talk to us ... alah... Nippon go wakarimasen (do not understand Japanese), we resorted to signs and writing to communicate.

Mr. Togashi Sakae was so kind, invited us to his another farm to show us how hays are being cut and making the bales.

He was so friendly to offer us cold drink after arriving at his farm quite a distance across the road.

We thank him for his kindness and friendliness .... going out of his way, sacrificed his precious time to show us the farms and hay bales making.

We spent more than an hour with him and sadly have to say goodbye to continue our journey toward Asahikawa.

We exchanged Email and promised to keep in touch. (More pics in Facebook)



我们今天将会到日本最北的国土 - 宗昌岬。








热情的主人Mr. Togashi Sakae(找不到华文字)带我们到他的牧场之后,还请我们喝冷饮。




Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hokkaido 6 北海道

Today we went to Rishiri Island, about 2 hour ferry journey from Wakkanai.

It is a small island with a "copy" Mt. Fujiyama (Tokyo) in the middle. We joined a 3-hour round the island bus tour with a Japanese guide ... whatever she said ....we wakarimasen! ( we do not undertand)

We were backed to Wakkanai at about 4 pm and went for some sightseeing around the city.

It is about 22 degree, and I am sunburned! (more pictures in Facebook)

Rishiri Island 利尻島

Inside ferry

今天我们到一个利尻岛 (Rishiri)去游玩,乘坐渡轮,需要两个小时。

它是一个小岛,中间有一座“假”的富士山。我们参加一个巴士环岛配套,导游是一位只会说日本语的小姐,她讲的一切,我们都听不懂 (wakarimasen)!


这里的气候大约是22 度左右,凉快但却给太阳晒焦了!

请看Facebook 有更多照片

Waikkanai city

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hokkaido 5 北海道

This morning we decided to visit a few museums in Asahikawa to add a little "culture favour" to our tour.

But before that, we visited a Catholic Church simply named after the road name (Road 6 Catholic church).

We went to International Dyeing (left) and weaving Art Museum, Yukara Ori Craft Museum in order to know the textile and dress culture of Japanese. We also visited Snow Crystal Museum which is adjacent to the above 2 museums.

We found a nice place in a park to have our lunch.

After lunch we started our journey north to Wakkanai, the northern most city of Japan. We decided to take the western coastal road in order to see the beautiful scenery along the way. We were not disappointed ... blue sky, blue sea and cool weather.(let the pictures do the talking)

We arrived at Wakkanai at about 6:30 pm. It was a five-hour, 250 kms journey. When the wind blow, we feel very cold. Tonight's temperature is around 14 degree C. (Too tired to write, please see Facebook for more pictures)


不过,我们先去拜访了一间天主教堂。这教堂就以本身所在地路为名 - 第六条教会。








Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hokkaido 4 北海道

Grateful thank God for giving us good weather in Asahikawa, I prayed that the typhoon that ravaging southern Japan would blow over soon and causes minimum damage.

Asahikawa is the second largest city in Hokkaido. It is clean and peaceful. I saw workers picking every speck of waste or paper from the street early in the morning. The roads and streets are superbly clean.

Within the city itself offers not much for tourists, so we went out today for a day nature and scenic tour.

We took the Patchwork & Panoramic roads from Asahikawa to Biei. We saw rolling hills planted with various crops in different shed and colors - wheat, potatoes, padi, reddish.....

Later we travel out to the mountains to visit wonders of nature - The Daisesusan National Park mountain ranges and waterfalls.

We ended our day by going to Ramen Village in Asahikawa to have authentic Japanese Ramen as dinner..... Oishi desu ne!!

In Hokkaido so far, tourist places visited offer free parking and public amenities. People are polite, friendly and helpful.

With an English speaking GPS, occasionally speaking Japanese which I do not understand a word of it, we manged to navigate ourselves quite well in Hokkaido.

Tomorrow, we are leaving for Wakkanai, the northern most city of Japan.

More pictures in Facebook (Click here)






过后,我们离开旅游区,到山丘区去-- 大雪山森林公园区里的山脉和瀑布。

我们每天都很早出,天黑了才回来。今天,我们决定到旭川市区内的拉面村享用道地的日本拉面。。。Oishi desu ne ! (美味极了 !)



明天我们将前往稚内,日本最北端的城市。 更多照片FACEBOOK (点击此)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hokkaido 3 北海道

Third day in Hokkaido was an exciting day.

Firstly and foremost, I thanked G0d for answering our prayer of good weather.

Today was one of the days that good sunshine was needed. We were visiting the most famous Lavender fields in Furano.

Left Otaru at 7:00 am heading towards Furano, about 150 kms away. It was raining all the way.... until few kilometers from Furano. The sky broke and sun coming out..

Glorious sunshine on the beautiful flower fields. Furano - followers flowers, tourist, tourist everywhere.

I was told by a tourism office staff that it was raining the whole yesterday.

We took a break from over-sunshine, retreated to a neaby forest park to have a picnic ... finishing whatever we brought ... biscuit, fruits, eggs, tidbits....

After Furano, it is a town called Biei, which was picked as the most beautiful village in Japan.. clean, quiet, with beautiful buildings and many bicycles.....

Tonight we put up at Dormy Inn in Asahikawa, second biggest city in Hokkaido ... compare with the big room in Otaru, room in Dormy Inn is simply .... very very small!

Anyway, it was a great day for us! Praise the Lord!

More pictures on Facebook part 1.
More pictures on Facebook part 2







富良野之后,我们到了一个叫美英的小镇,它被推选为全日本最美丽的村镇 - 干净,幽静,美丽的建筑物,及很多的脚车。。。


更多照片Facebook (1)
更多照片Facebook (2)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hokkaido 2 北海道

Otaru canal 小樽运河

I have a good sleep on the first night in Otarau, simply was too tired. Day broke early in Hokkaido at about 4:20 am.

We left our hotel early at 7:00 am for a whole day of outing, and returned at 7:00 pm. A long day and long story.

It was light drizzling in the morning but we went to visit the famous Otaru Canal, an old cannal built hundred years ago and attracted million of tourist yearly.

We went up to Tenguyama (Tengu Hill) to have a great view of the city.

Today we explore the coastal area around Otaru and visited many famous tourist spots.

We were attracted by the fresh and reasonable of the sea food, decided to cook our seafood dinner. We bought fresh scallops, salmon fish, octopus.... We bought a rice cooker to cook them !!

We walked a lot...climb many hills .... we went to see many beautiful rock formations along the coastlines.

Thank God for the cool weather ... and little rain, we have a wonderful day in Otaru!

Too tired to write some more, please see many more pictures in FACEBOOK.

Japanese children also support BERSIH (clean) 日本的小朋友也支持干净 (Bersih)






我们被这里新鲜,价格合宜的新鲜海鲜。我们觉得自己烹煮一顿美味的海鲜晚餐。我们买了公鱼(Scallops), 三文鱼,八爪鱼。。。还买了一个电饭煲来烹煮这些食物。。。!



太疲倦了,请看请看FACEBOOK 更多照片