Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hokkaido 2 北海道

Otaru canal 小樽运河

I have a good sleep on the first night in Otarau, simply was too tired. Day broke early in Hokkaido at about 4:20 am.

We left our hotel early at 7:00 am for a whole day of outing, and returned at 7:00 pm. A long day and long story.

It was light drizzling in the morning but we went to visit the famous Otaru Canal, an old cannal built hundred years ago and attracted million of tourist yearly.

We went up to Tenguyama (Tengu Hill) to have a great view of the city.

Today we explore the coastal area around Otaru and visited many famous tourist spots.

We were attracted by the fresh and reasonable of the sea food, decided to cook our seafood dinner. We bought fresh scallops, salmon fish, octopus.... We bought a rice cooker to cook them !!

We walked a lot...climb many hills .... we went to see many beautiful rock formations along the coastlines.

Thank God for the cool weather ... and little rain, we have a wonderful day in Otaru!

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Japanese children also support BERSIH (clean) 日本的小朋友也支持干净 (Bersih)






我们被这里新鲜,价格合宜的新鲜海鲜。我们觉得自己烹煮一顿美味的海鲜晚餐。我们买了公鱼(Scallops), 三文鱼,八爪鱼。。。还买了一个电饭煲来烹煮这些食物。。。!



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