Friday, April 30, 2010

Relaxing 吹风

The sun was so hot that burnt its own backside 太阳热到烧到自己屁股

Today's weather is extremely hot.

After attending a funeral Mass of a 97 years old grand old lady at 2:00 pm, we decided to beat a retreat to the Farm.

Such a pleasure to drive along the road lined with rubber trees, oil palm and fruit trees. It was about 5 pm...feeling cool and relax.....

We had our dinner at our favourate country restaurant and reached home about 9:00pm.

Tomorrow will be going down to Melaka to attend the funeral service of a 101 years old grand old lady.


在下午二点正,参加了一位97岁老婆婆的安所弥撒后,我们决定到Farm 去乘凉,吹吹风。




Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rest in peace 安息主怀

马六甲主徒会会士黄怡川神父的母亲,亚嘉大 Agatha Lee 女士,昨天傍晚蒙主恩召,享年 101 岁。葬礼及安所弥撒将在星期六, 1/5/2010 下午二时正,于阿依沙拉圣玛利亚堂举行。



The mother of Rev. Fr. Francis Ng CDD, Mdm. Agatha Lee, passed away yesterday evening at the age of 101. Funeral Mass would be celebrated at 2:00 pm on Saturday 1/5/2010 at the Church of St. Mary, Air Salak Melaka.

I will attend the funeral on Saturday.

May her soul through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silent Retreat 静默退省






From Friday to Sunday, I was down in Melaka to attend our annual Retreat at the Good Shepherd Seminay (above pic). 13 members and associates from 3 organisations – Guang Ren Service Center (Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd), Mustard Seed Evangelisation Center and Costantini Research Center attended this silent Retreat.

『Let down, Let out, Let flat, let off, let go』

With these words from Retreat director Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ng, we started our Retreat on Friday night. For the next 36 hours, participants would observe rule of no talking and complete silence, creating a conducive environment to listen and dialogue with God, in peace and harmony.

Annual retreat help us to review, repair and deepen our relationship with God, in so doing, would enhance our communion and harmony in personal relationship with fellow brothers and sisters, and the community.

Every one is encouraged to attend a retreat ( 1day, 2 days or 3 days) as least once a year.

在静默退省中,有许多时间做祈祷,各种方式的祈祷。我用了半个小时,筑成了1/3个篮球场大的玫瑰念珠,我称之为 “玫瑰之路”。用步行的方式,每天都念了20 端的玫瑰经。

In silent retreat, you have plenty of time for prayer...any style or way of prayer. I spent half an hour to make this rosary almost 1/3 of the basketball court. I called it " Way of the Rosary". By walking, recited 20 decades of Rosary each day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All is fine - sequel 一切如常 - 延续

"Oooooi, Encik! why you turn back?"

"I want my money back....give me back RM 150!"

"Why? you have already given can you take back?"

"Kawan (friend), you don't know meh! Government has withdrawn the amendment of
Road Transport Act... that means the fine remains RM300 only, no more RM1000!.."


"I don't know. May be people jealous of you people making more money.."

" Aiya... bodoh (stupid) government....tukar tukar saja (keep on changing)... difficult to earn extra man.."

" Oooi, you are a government servant, you are the goverment... "

"May be we all are stupid...!"

Today headline news: Government has withdraw the bill for further review due to protest from certain quarters...











Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All is fine 一切如常

Headline story : The amendment of the Road Transport Act which increases the compound fines of major traffic offences (beating traffic light, double line overtaking, speeding....) from RM 300.00 to RM 1000.00 was presented in Parliament for first reading.

Under the day light story:

" Encik (Mr.), you were speeding at 100 km/hr ...the limit is 90 km/hr.... "

" Aiya... sorry lah....."

" now the fine for speeding has increased to RM 1000.00 you know... a lot of money!"

" Can help or not? "

" you mean help you to pay less?"

" yes lah..."

" aha! it is you who asked me to help... yah lah, RM1000.00 is really expensive .... how much you think is cheaper? "

" RM50 can gao dim (settle) lah.."

" Oooii friend, the fine has increased 3 folds to RM1000. Last time RM 50 OK, but now must be RM 200 ..... otherwise you go to court to pay RM 1000 lah!.."

"Adoi ... you also like perompak (robber)...."

" I am helping you to save RM 800.00..."

" Ok lah....200 ...200 lah ... "

" I didn't ask any thing from you Mr... It is you who offered me ...I know the law very well, it is not lawful to ask from you .. It is you who asked me to help.... and you give it to me..... "

I am doubtful the increase of fine has any effect on reducing road accident and fatality... but very sure that this amendment will help many to increase their income... after all, the Government is trying very hard to raise the per capita income of the people so that the nation can achieve the status of developed nation in 2020!

And it is safe to say that, with such steep fine and under the 1 Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirit, more would ask: mau selesai (want to settle)? and many would answer: Mesti mau selesai (sure want to settle) ........

RM 1000 fine, no problem, KITA BOLEH SELESAI! (we can settle!)



















Monday, April 19, 2010

Stranded 被困

Two chicken stranded at the airport due to volcanic eruption...

actually 。。。其实。。

actually。。 其实。。

2010 Easter roast chicken @ Aberdeen, Scotland.... photo by Elizabeth Phun
2010 复活节烤鸡。。地点:苏格兰的阿巴玎。。。照片潘淑倾提供


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fellowship 聚餐

5 Taichi members invited a group of us for a birthday lunch at a village restaurant in Semenyih.

The restaurant is called Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant. It is located behind Sri Heneco Industrial Area at Jln Kacau on the way to Nirwana private cemetery. It is also a fee-collecting fishing areas with many ponds for fishing fanatics.

The five members were born in the months of March and April. Besides celebrating with families, they wished to share their joy with friends too.

Adding up, 5 of them are more than 400 years old.

Birthday is just one of the many occasions for them to get together. They take every opportunity to get together and enjoying company of one another. Sharing is beautiful and energizes lives.





More pictures in FACEBOOK 更多照片

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching snake 抓蛇

Celcom, the mobile phone 019 service provider has a very fantastic Chinese name: Heaven and Earth Go (tian di tong 天地通) , something like Touch & Go (yi chu ji tong 一触即通).

This is a real life story of The Heaven & Earth Go catching snake.

Last night at about 8:3o pm, my friend called up to ask me where to find snake catcher.

I asked:" who got snake?"

"my wife...few days already. Very painful even though taking medication. She has to take medicine every 5 hours...even in the middle of the night. I know many snake catches but all died already. Can you use you "directory' to find out where can get one?"

" OK, will try."

Actually he was referring to a type of painful viral rash called "shingles" in western medicine and "snake" in Chinese medicine.

Western medicine treatment includes pain killer, antiviral and anti-inflmmation medication which can last for about one to two weeks.

However, in Chinese tradinational medicine, since it is called "snake" (because it appears in the shape of snake),you need to kill the snake by finding out where the head is and apply "burn" method. It is very effective by giving instant pain relief and recovery in a few days. No oral medication is needed.

So immediate I contacted my "Heaven & Earth Go", not the 019 but 3008. She is my reliable contact and secret agent.... code name HEG 3008 lah !

"Yes, TaiLo, will get back to you!"

I know my HEG 3008 seldom fails me.

At about 10:30 pm, message came in ... at the Batu 7, Jln Balakong, at the back of Public Bank, a small Buddist temple, there is a snake catcher!

The message was immediately conveyed to my friend.

This morning, at about 9:30 am, my friend called.

" Mission accomplished. Got the catcher.... he managed to "burn" the eyes of the snake. My wife is feeling less pain and very much relieved... thank you."

"how long is the snake?"

"from toes to buttock!"

Thank you indeed to my HEG 3008 for her excellent service.

Celcom 是019 手提电话公司,它的华文名字非常的有霸气,叫作 『天地通』,就好像我们付过路费用的加值卡『一触即通』(Touch & Go) 同个意思。



“谁生蛇?” 我不问蛇在那里,因为我知道他所指的蛇是什麽回事。



他说说的蛇,是一种病毒菌,在西医里,叫作 Shingles。通常一个人在出水痘之后,有一些病菌还存留在身体里,在这个人年纪大了,身体抵抗力低的时候,就会爆发出来。西医通常都是止痛药,抗菌及发炎药等,需要两个星期才能够痊愈。

而华人传统医药则叫它为“生蛇”, 因为在外表看来,它就好像一条蛇的形状,所以就要以“抓蛇”的方式来治理。当找到了蛇头之后,就用火把它眼睛“烧”掉,病就会好了。不需要服药,而且马上就可以止痛及很快复原。

我马上呼叫了我的特工天地通。。。这不是019天地通,而是 3008。她是我非常信赖的特工,代号是HEG 3008 (天地通3008)


我知道HEG 3008 不会令我失望的。








其实应该多谢的是HEG 天地通3008,快速,可靠的相助!

Sunday, April 11, 2010















Holy Family Counseling center 辅导中心

Fr. William and Fr. George blessing the Center

Fr. William heanding over letter of appointment to counselor

The Holy Family branch of Emmaus Counseling Center is opened today at 5:00pm by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. William and his assistant Rev. Fr. George Harrison.

The center is a unit of 2nd floor 3-room apartment just across the road opposite the church. It would be manned by 5 trained counselors from the parish.



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday wishes 生日愿望

Today, being the second Saturday of the month, our TaiChi group held birthday celebration for those born in the month of April... Happy birthday and April fool !

After the birthday singing and feasting, we welcomed Parish Priest Rev. Fr. William (pic, white T-shirt) coming over to the breakfast corner to say hello and greeting our members.

The Taichi group also donated RM1500.00 to Francis, the Sacrcistian, for his cancer treatment at the University Hostpital, Petaling Jaya.

Francis who is suffering from colon cancer , is receiving cancer treatment for the past 3 years. Initially the Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) was sponsoring his treatment but due to fund constraint, the sponsorship has been exhausted and he has to looked for other alternative.

Taichi members came to know his need and generously donated RM1,500.00 which was the proceeds from the recent Kajang Chinese New Year street carnival ABC sales.

Francis (73) who is living alone with no children support, needs more than RM12,000 to undergo six cycle of FOLFOX chemotherapy treatment to control the cancer and prolong his survival. According to his medical report, the cancer has spread to the liver, lungs and nodes.

At present, Francis is still active and able to work, and being recognised by the parish priests and many visiting priests as a meticulous and high standard Sacristian.

If you are able to contribute towards his medical expenses, please email to me at :

God bless us all.



我们的太极班,也把马币一千五百元的善款,交到教堂祭衣房管理员方济格Francis的手上,以资助他到马大医院的癌症医疗费用。这笔钱,是太极班在加影春节老街嘉年华会里,售卖ABC 杂冰的利润。


方济格今年73岁,单身居住,没有孩子的助养。他目前需要大约马币一万两千元的费用,以进行一种叫Folfox, 六个疗程的化学治疗,来控制他的癌病及延长他的生存机会。根据他的医药报告,癌细胞已经散布到肺部,肝脏及神经线。




Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The bell tolls 丧钟敲响

Shady path, tall bamboo plants ..... green and fresh. Am I on a picnic? where?

The place is called Alamanda .... at Putrajaya.

My wife and I went to Alamanda in the afternoon to buy some cottage cheese because we could not get it from Tesco, Giant....

We got it from Cold Storage at Alamanda Shopping Complex in Putrajaya.

Am I on a picnic... not really but relaxing. It is a park within the complex, same concept as the jungle within the airport at KLIA.

Earlier in the morning, I went for my knee check up. Looking at the X-ray, the doctor frowned .....

"not pain?"


"looking at it, it is bone rubbing bone... something needs to be done!"

Days are numbered for my happy-go-lucky knee ...

"how soon?"

"now and .... not more than a year!"

For my knee, the bell tolled.

"I shall come back after six months for a review..."

"OK then".


这个地方叫作 [阿拉慢大],就在布城(布特拉再也)。

这是一个购物中心。我和太太在下午来此购买一种特别的芝士(cottage cheese),因为在其他霸市都买不到。

我不是在这里野餐,而是到这个中心外面的一个小竹林稍微停留。这个竹林的概念,和吉隆坡国际机场(KLIA) 的机场中的森林是一样的。


医生看着我的 x 光片,眉头深皱。。。










Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 复活节快乐



God our Father, by raising Christ your son, you conquered the power of death and opened for us the way to eternal life. Let our celebration today raise us up and renew our lives by Spirit that is within us.

Happy and blessed Easter to you all!

Fr. William of Holy Family Church blessing babies and young children

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the kingdom of God 天主的国

We were at the Nilai Memorial Park this morning at about 6:30 am to pay respect to my departed parents and 2nd brother. Their ashes were interred at the columbarium there.

Usually my second sister in law ( a Taoist) would prepare food offerings and paper money of silver and gold. This year I noticed a bag of soft drinks were added - Coke, Miranda, Milo, 100 Plus, Chinese tea ....

How do I reconcile the fact that my parents and brothers are non-Christian ....I am a Catholic, are we apart and cut off after death? Any use of us paying respect and praying for them?

I believed my non-baptised parents and siblings are creation of God too and as precious as any one else to God. All will be going back to God when the lives on earth ended. As Catholics, we would be judged according to Matthew 25:40:"..."In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me." And non-Christians would be judged by their faith and conscience.

Jesus said:" When I am lifted up, I shall draw all people to me.." (John 12:32)

the late Fr. Leo Chang used to share with me:" mankind enter Kingdom of God in many ways... through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honour is yours, almighty Father, for ever and ever..."

Non-baptised would enter the Kingdom through Christ,
baptised Christian would enter the Kingdom with Christ,
we have eaten the body and drunk the blood of Christ would enter the Kingdom in Christ!

We are constantly in communion through thoughts and prayers and will meet again in the Kingdom of God.

So, drink to the Kingdom of God...Coke? Milo?

(Above view does not represent the view of the Church)


通常都是我到教徒的二嫂负责拜祭的食物及金银纸钱。今年我发现多了一袋饮料 - 可口可乐,美禄,橙汁,100Plus, 茶叶等。


我相信我的父母,兄弟都是天主的受造物,如同其他的人一般的珍贵。我们全部在离开这个世界后,都会归向天主,只是我们作为基督徒,将会依据福音 玛25:40 所说的受到审判:“我实在告诉你们:凡对我这些小兄弟中的一个所作的,就是对我做的。。。”,而他们则依据他们的信仰及良心,接受审判。







Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 耶稣受难日

Today is Good Friday, commemorating the passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.