Thursday, May 28, 2015

Facinating Indian Teh Tarik 神奇的印度拉茶

Taiwanese visitors were facinated by the Indian Teh Tarik ( Pulling of milk tea). They loved it.


Legion Fellowship 圣母军交流会

My wife and I will be going to Sibu, Sarawak for our 23rd Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Taiwan Annual Legion Fellowship which would be held from May 29 to June 2.

There are 24 participants from Taiwan who started their journey on May 26 and making a stopover in Melaka for a 24-hr stay.

I met up with them on their arrival at KLIA and accompanied them for their trip to Melaka.

They left for Sibu the next day (May 27) evening.

(Facebook pictures )






(Facebook 照片)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Odawara, near Mt Fuji 富士山邻近

The last leg of our journey ~ in video 日本的最后一站。

See video Youtube 录影

Thursday, May 21, 2015

最美丽祝福 Most beautiful blessing




“我们的寿数,不外七十春秋,若是强壮,也不过八十寒暑;但多半还是充满劳苦与空虚,因转眼即逝,我们也如飞而去。。” (圣咏90)

在这短暂的人生中,假如找到了人生的意义及目标,那是一个非常完美及喜乐的事。 人生将不会因劳苦而悲伤,不会因空虚而寂寞。

一群充满喜乐、感恩心情的新领洗者,在19-4-2015 晚上八时正,集聚在一起,欢庆他/她们人生中,最喜乐的事 -- 找到了耶稣,找到了信仰,找到了人生的意义。(歌曲最美丽祝福







Twenty two is a number, but one third of my life.

I joined RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult) ministry of Holy Family Church 23 years ago. A year later, joined the newly formed RCIA Mandarin until now.

I rejoiced in seeing the transformation of new enquirers to Neophytes (newly baptised), sharing their joy and gratefulness in finding Jesus.

"The span of our life is seventy years -- eighty for those who are strong -- but their whole extent is anxiety and trouble, they are over in a moment and we are gone." (Psalm 90)

Life is short but if found your calling and faith, it's "anxiety and trouble" "over and gone" no more.

As a Catholic, it is my mission to share my faith and joy of Gospel with others.

On 19-4-2015, I rejoiced with a group of neophytes, baptised on 4-4-2015 Easter Vigil Mass, in celebrating the conclusion of almost one year 2014-2015 RCIA session.

They were filled with Spirit and Joy. 

Besides songs, praises and prayers, each RCIA team member and neophytes brought a dish to the port-luck gathering.

They sing and dance, reveling in love and fellowship throughout the evening. 

With the ending of 22nd session, RCIA 23rd will commence in July.

Praise the Lord.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kyoto pictorial video 京都照片视频

I managed to make a Kyoto video using still pictures. See it on Youtube.


Beautiful Kyoto video (HD) 美丽京都的照片(高清)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fr. Mathews in Kajang 玛窦斯神父在加影

It is getting more difficult for me to update my blog.

I have lost much of the enthusiasm in writing ... Facebook has made things easier by just loading pictures with a few words. And the interaction is instant -  I can see my friends writing comments and feedback, clicking LIKE. My recent posting of a picture on Mother's Day saw almost 300 likes and nearly 70 comments.

It is not how many LIKE that matters but I found Facebook is more lively and interactive.

However, blogging is still very much in my heart and I would not allow my Blog to be abandoned.

Since returning from Japan, I was down from a bout of flu which saw myself resting for more than 10 days.

The cold weather in Hokone (night time 1 degree C) floored me.

And for the past one week, I was hosting Fr. Mathews Olili, a Kenyan Mill Hill missionary who is serving in Sibu Diocese in Sarawak for the past 4 years.

Fr. Mathews (left) with Fr. George, the Parish Priest of Holy Family Kajang

He needed a Visa to go to United Kingdow for his Chapter's General Meeting. Visa is required for Kenya citizens even thought it is a member of Commonwealth. 

Fr. Mathew flew in to KLIA on May 4 and submitted his application next day (May 5) to VFS in Wisma MCA, Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur. He has to wait for the approval of  Visa and more importantly, the return of his passport to go back to Sibu, Sarawak.

His application was sent to the Philippines for processing and was expected to take 3 to 5 working days through priority service.

(VFS Global is the world's largest and most experienced Outsourcing and Technology Service Specialist for Diplomatic Missions and Governments Worldwide.)

While waiting, he was staying with us and continue to discharge his priestly duties.

Besides English and his own Swahili, Fr. Mathews is also fluent in Iban language. He has learned also French, Arabic, Latin and now is concentrating on Mandarin which he is practising at his present parish, the Mary Immaculate Conception Church in Kapit, an interior town can be accessed only by boat. It takes 3 hours passenger boat ride from Sibu to Kapit.

Father Mathews collected his Visa on Monday, May 11 and returned to Sarawak on May 12 morning. 

See pictures in Facebook to know more.

1. UK to UK in HFK

2. Another day in Kajang

3. Caritas , Kepong

4. Jalan Jalan Negri Sembilan 

5. Sunset Mass @ Holy Family Kajang

6. Morning Mass @ Mantin 

7. Sunday @ Holy Family Church

8. A man of many hats







玛窦斯神父在诗巫已经服务了近四年。他在五月四日(星期一)来到加影,隔天到吉隆坡安邦路马华大厦的VFS 公司呈上去英国的签证申请。他将在六月头到英国修会总部参加一个会议。


VFS 是全球最大的外包公司,专门为世界好多的国家负责处理外交签证及技术提供事务。







1. UK to UK in HFK

2. Another day in Kajang

3. Caritas , Kepong 甲洞圣爱

4. Jalan Jalan Negri Sembilan 

5. Sunset Mass @ Holy Family Kajang

6. Morning Mass @ Mantin 

7. Sunday @ Holy Family Church

8. A man of many hats