Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life after retirement 退休后的生活

Still maintaining an office

And taking up domestic jobs

Faulty cistern

Replacing rotten chairs legs

Satisfaction guaranteed

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Congratulatons 恭贺

Joseph, center, with Idris Jala (second right), Minister in the Prime Minister Department

Congratulations to Joseph Lim for being one of the three winners of Junior Chamber International Creative Young Enterpreneur Award (JCI CYEA) 2011.

The award is to honour young entrepreneurs for the success and creativity in developing their businesses.

Joseph Lim, 37, is the Managing Director of Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd, one of the leading suppliers that converting palm oil waste into valuable products in supporting other industries.

He, together with two other winners, would go on to compete in November in the international round at the World JCI CYEA 2011 in Belgium.


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Joseph & wife Evon 恒毅及夫人






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Friday, September 23, 2011

Left turn, right turn 向左转,向右转

Left turn, right turn!

Tangkak is no longer a place for my return visit.

I was attracted by Tangkak beef noodle ... but no longer so. The beef noodle has changed from big bowl to smaller bowl; full bowl of tasty soup has been reduced to half bowl; junky beef meat has been chopped to small cube, like the Rubik's cubes... the beef noodle there attracts me no more, and I do not see the need to be at Tangkak. (See old post)

But the Holy Spirit has called on me today:"go to Tangkak...".

Has the Spirit found a new beef noodle stall that serves original Tangkak beef noddle?!?

No. The normal stall that I went was on the right, whereas the Spirit called me today to turn left!

At about 11:15 am this morning (Friday 23/09/2011), my wife and I arrived at the traffic junction in the middle of Tangkak Town. I did not turn right as usual to the Tangkak beef noodle stall ... instead, following the prompting of the Spirit , I turned left....

After traveling for about half a kilometer, I reached my destination on right : The Church of St. Matthew, Tangkak.

There a kind looking elder and a bearded man (not St.Matthew, but a learned man)were waiting for me!

This was my first ever one-to-one encounter with the elder, and first time with the bearded man after a 3-year absence.

Yes, I was there to meet up with the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. John Yu and the immediate past Superior-General of CDD, Rev. Fr. Stephen Ng.

The Spirit works in a mysterious way ... never mind why I was at the St. Matthew's Church, and why Fr. Stephen was there too... What was important : The Name of the Lord has been manifested ... Alleluia!!

Fr. Stephen has completed his terms as the Superior-General of CDD last year and returned to Malaysia from Taiwan about 5 months ago. Currently he is on Sabbatical leave and residing at the CDD House in Pulau Gadung, Melaka.

Shedding fair skin of northern hemisphere, he is now tanned and radiant, looks younger and rejuvenated by the tropical sun. And this is the familiar Fr. Stephen I used to know!!

He was here on the invitation of Fr. Yu to celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew, patron saint of the parish.

I was honored and blessed to meet Fr. Yu, a respected and well-loved senior priest in the Johor-Melaka Diocese. I had the opportunity to lunch with him and acquaint him through his sharing, thus deepened my respect and admiration of this loyal servant of Christ.

I was impressed by his agility, and moving up steps with ease. I asked him what was his secret of health.

Besides sharing his daily regimented healthy life style, he presented me a few words of wisdom:

1. Rise early daily,
2. Exercise daily,
3. Eat moderately and
4. Don't worry

Fr. Yu rises everyday around 5:00 am and follows by exercise. He has formulated his own exercise routine and doing them without fail for more than 50 years.

He serves the Lord with joy and peace in his heart. He is one of the very few priests who conduct Catechism classes for young children. He reckoned the initiation of religious instructions to young children (pre-Communion) is a an important phase and foundation of faith education.

He also shared on the touching faith journey of his own father. And because of his father, he became priest.

Fr. Yu came from a staunch Buddhist family in the North-Eastern province of Jilin in China. He vividly recalled his experiences of chanting Buddhist prayers during his childhood days. His father converted secretly to Catholicism without the knowledge of his parents and family. He faith was tested severely, just like Job in the old testament. He courageously persevered, his faith stood firm and solid. God blessed him, God rewarded him later .... And he managed to pursue his auntie to enter a religious order, and sent 0his son (Fr. Yu) to the seminary!

I was not able to detail his sharing but hope that his story of faithfulness and courage, services to the people of God would be broadly publicised, as a great example to younger generation, to promote priestly and religious vocation.

Fr. Yu later brought us to view the newly open church (open on 9-10-2011) and its facilities.

It is a spacious, practical and comfortable church. There are classrooms, meeting rooms, a small library and a hall. It is very suitable for organising youth activities.

The church is situated at the center of town, with peaceful and quiet surroundings.

With a joyful heart but reluctantly, we bid goodbye to Fr. Yu and Fr. Stephen at about 2:00 pm, and continued our journey to .... Johor Baru!

I shall return !

(More pictures in Facebook )


我去东甲,是因为那里的牛肉面吸引了我 。。。。但现在不然了。那里的牛肉面,从大腕变小碗;满碗的热汤,减成了半碗;大块的牛肉,切成了小方块, 好像鲁比魔方块般。。。。那里的牛肉麵,不再吸引我了,我也没有需要在东甲停留。(看旧帖子)






那里,一位慈祥的长者,和一为留着长胡子的。。。看起来好像是位高人 (不是圣玛窦)。。。在那里等着我了。





黄神父目前是在马六甲浮罗加东主徒会修院,进行灵修Sabbatical (不知中文的翻译为何?)。他是受本堂余神父之邀,到来共庆圣玛窦主保节。












怀着愉快及不舍的心情,我们在下午二时左右,告别了俞神父和黄神父,继续我们的路程 - 往新山去。


余神父说:“我爸爸非常尊重当时的本堂神父,赞赏No. 1的表样, 所以要把我送进修院,当好像他一样No. 1 的神父 "
Fr. Yu said:" My father sent me to seminary to become No 1 good priest like the then parish priest"

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

An undelivered letter 一封没寄出去的信

Generally, she is healthy, no hBp, no diabetic, good appetite, good memory (better than me),though legs muscles weaken,but can walk about without help

Dear friends,

How are you? I guessed all of you are well and jolly.

I have visited your mother today, and she was tears welling as always. She has "shrunk" further and her voice was distinctly weaker.

She repeatedly telling me "asking God to take me away, life is no meaning at all". However, she still longing one of you would take her home. She has packed all her belongings in plastic bags and placed them on the bed, so when the day comes, she can leave this place immediately.

I have spoken to her that when she dies, I would not attend her wake, would not attend her funeral .... I have done my part as an old friend, visiting and comforting her when possible. What I do after her death is no importance at all, it is for show to the living only. But deep down in my heart, it is my reluctance to see her filial children "sad faces" at her funeral ......that preventing me to do so.

I understand the difficulties that you children face looking after old people. But visiting her at the old folks home, showing care and concern is least you guys can do, and the only thing she is looking for .... She is feeling being abandoned!

One of the workers told me that, your mother was feeling down and sad whenever she saw visitors coming with food and .....LOVE to see their loved ones.

When I told you guys your mother's feeling and yearning to be home the first time you sent her to a Home, I knew that you all took me as a busy body and trouble maker.

Inspite of our friendship, especially your mother with me, none of you informed me whenever she was sent into a Home or changing of one Home to another.... I am a busy body and trouble maker.

If she were to continue to be "trapped and suffered" in old folks home, I sincerely wish that God would grant her wish .... she is more than 80 years old, and has had enough....

May peace be with you all.





我 告诉她,假如真的天主召她回去,我不会去她的灵前悼念,也不会去送殡,也不会流泪。。。因为我于她在生之年,尽了一位朋友对长者关爱之情。人活着做的才是 真,死后才做,那是给别人看的,没意思 。。。其实,更主要的原因,是我不要看到你们这些『孝子孝女』那副死后才流露的“真情”。




往后,你们再把她送进老人院的时候,你们的兄弟姐妹都不会通知我,转换老人院也不告诉我 。。。免得我给你们麻烦。

假如她仍然还得继续的留在老人院受苦,我的确希望天主垂怜及垂听她的祷告,给她平安的离开这个世界 。。。。80多岁的她,已经是受够了!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nothing happens 没事没事

Nothing surprises...!

A car was stripped off everything ... tyres, instruments and ....engines!

It was done over a period of time, part by part, section by section... and right at the main gate of St. Ignatius Church, Petaling Jaya.

It was learned that reports had been made by the Church to Police and Town Council ....

Verdict: Nothing criminal ... see nothing, do nothing and ... nothing happens.


整辆车被拆空一切 。。。轮胎,仪器及。。。。引擎!

这是经过一段时期,分段及分部分被拆除的 。。。就在八打灵圣依纳爵教堂的大门口.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nangka 菠萝蜜

From Cameron Highlands to Kajang cemetery; from flowers to Jackfruits ..... complicated but granted !

Last week, we got flowers from Paul & Cindy in Cameron Highlands. On Saturday, we laid some of it at the tombs of three priests at the Holy Family Cemetery.

And we were salivating for Jackfruits which were planted at the back of the cemetery.... (see old post Nangka planter)

Today, we got our wish granted ... and many friends were surprised to receive some fruits from me too .

Tombs of (from right): Fr. Philip So, Fr. Leo Chang and Fr. Anthony Chan Jackfruit plants at the background.





Messy & sticky but sweet & crunchy !

Monday, September 19, 2011

Carmelite Monastery Seremban 芙蓉隐修院

Visitors would see this chapel in the middle as they enter into the Monastery
Interior of the Chapel 小教堂内部

This morning, I brought Fr. Peter to Serdang Hospital for anointing of a coma patient.

Due to rain and short of time, I drove Fr. Peter to the Carmelite Monastery in Seremban immediately after the hospital visit (otherwise he would have driven himself). It was my first visit to the Monastery which was opened about 2 years ago.

The Monastery was parched on top of a hill with good view of surrounding area. It is bigger, more comfortable and beautiful than the old one in Mantin.

We arrived at about 11:20 am. Fr. Peter was there to administer Sacrament of Reconciliation for the Carmelite sisters.

The sisters prepared lunch for both of us.

The thoughtful sisters, despite their own vegetarian diet, prepared quite a delicious meal specially for us.

Our Lady of Carmel, Pray for me sinner and my family!

Left wing

Right wing




我们在11:20 抵达,比预约时间迟了20 分钟。彼得神父是到了为修女们办和好圣事。



Fr. Peter (right) 彼得神父(右)

Our lunch 我们的午餐

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life at random 闲情逸致

A quiet and lazy Sunday.

Visited Andrew @ The Farm with Tony & Susan

Idling with dogs

Saturday, September 17, 2011

An adventourous journey 一个探密行程

It was an exciting and adventurous holiday in Cameron Highlands.

14/9, we left our apartment at about 9:00 am and headed towards Boh tea Sungai Palas plantations which was about 9 Kms away off the main road.

The road to Sg Palas plantation is narrow and winding. It is advisable to honk at certain sharp corners to alert cars coming from opposite direction.

It is a lovely and sprawling plantations with tea plants grown on rolling hills stretching as far as eyes can see.

We spent almost two hours at the modern and comfortable cafe with viewing deck, drinking the famous Boh tea, enjoying cakes and scones, admiring the beautiful surrounding.

After Boh plantation, we decided to put our adventure spirit to test - driving up to Gunung Brichang (Mount Brinchang) which is at the western end of Boh plantations.

It was misty and the road was wet after rain. Our sturdy and faithful Toyota Unser brought us to the end of the road of Mt. Brinchang which is 2031 metres, believed to be the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia! (Genting Highlands is 1860 metres).

Due to heavy mist, we were not able to have a good view of surrounding areas except the communication towers built by Telecom Malaysia.

It was a GREAT feat for us ... a man and three ladies, a boy and a toddler, drove on the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia, not with a 4-WD, with a family MPV ... albeit an economy version!

About 4:00 pm in the afternoon, we met up with a mutual farmer friend Mr. Ng who has a vegetable farm at Kg Raja, 10 kms from our hotel.

It was away from the beaten track and needed a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there. We enjoyed our ride at the back of truck.

We were surprised to see such a big area of farm in Kg Raja which is mostly parched on steep hills. We admired and respect the hard working and innovative highlands farmers.

Mr. Ng planted mainly Choi sum, big Bak Choi and small Bak Choi, sold to an agent of a hypermarket. His farm produces about three to four hundred kilograms of vegetables daily.

He led us round his farm explaining the growing process and schedule of his produce. He is a third generation farmer succeeded from his father.

Currently he faces worker shortage. The situation was made worse by the recent government 6P foreign workers registration program.

Mr. Ng is a very generous man, besides giving us tens of kilograms of vegetables, sweet potatoes and corns, he insisted buying us dinner before saying goodbye after the visit.

The restaurant we went was famous among the locals. We have local dishes with local ingredients, especially Big Bak Choi freshly plucked from Mr. Ng's farm... DELICOUS !

On the next day 15/9 morning, we visited Paul and Cindy, formerly residing in Kajang. We have a brief visit to their flower farm before saying goodbye.

We reached home sweet home at about 6:00 pm.

( More pictures in Facebook)

( Video @ Youtube)

Marcus, the smallest child labour
Marcus, 最年幼的童工


14/9 早上,我们在大约九点就离开了酒店,驱车前往双溪巴拉斯的Boh 茶园。它离开大路大约九公里的路程。



这里建了一座非常现代化及舒适的咖啡座(应该是喝茶座),还有了望台。喝着香浓的 Boh 茶,品尝着美味的糕点,一边欣赏美丽的环境,妙极了!我们在这里呆了将近两个小时。

观赏了茶园之后,我们的冒险精神兴起,决定往茶园西边的布兰璋山( Gunung Brinchang) 山顶探险。

当时是雨后,所以路面湿滑,但我们所驾的 Toyota Unser 勇敢无比,缓慢但安全的把我们带上了山顶。这里海拔2031米,据知是马来亚半岛最高的公路(云顶海拔1860米)。



大约在下午四时左右,我们会见了一位农夫朋友黄清泉先生。 他在干榜拉惹有一段菜园,离开我们所住的酒店大约十公里。


我们非常惊讶的见到在干榜拉惹有着这么广阔的农耕地,这从外面(大路)望不到的。 我们不得不由心里发出对这里勤劳及创新的农夫们,至上万方的敬意。

黄先生是第三代的农夫,从他的父亲接手经营菜园。目前他种的主要是三种蔬菜 - 大白菜,小白菜及菜心,供应给一间霸级超市的供应商。菜园的产量大约是每天三到四百公斤。

他带领我们参观了他的菜园,讲解了蔬菜的种植过程及面对的问题。最近政府实行的6P 外劳漂白计划,对金马崙菜农影响极大。目前他面对的就是人工短缺,外劳趁机提出许多要求,包括提高薪金及跳槽等。







( 录影在Youtube)

At Paul & Cindy's flower farm (left second & third)
在思明 Paul 和Cindy 夫妇的花园 (左二及三)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's lunch 今天的午餐

Hari Raya lunch at neighbour,Alwi and Jalina's house.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Next 下一帖

Next !

Sg Palas Boh tea plantations

Gunung Brinchang adventure - The highest road in Peninsular Malaysia
布兰樟山探险 - 西马最高的公路

4-WD adventure 四轮车探险

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday @ Cameron Highlands 金马崙假期

Hazy all the way from KL to C.H 从吉隆坡到金马崙,都是烟霾一片

We thought the haze would spare the Cameron Highlands ... Not so, Cameron Highlands was hazy too.

My wife and I, together with Mrs Lee, her daughter-in-law Wai Yee, grandson Marcus and nephew Kai San, went up to Cameron Highlands today for a 3-day 2-night holiday.

By sheer chance, we stopped for lunch at Slim River and by luck, we tasted the most delicious ever Paku (wild fern leaf) at a road side restaurant/coffee shop.

We arrived at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands at about 3:30 pm and was raining. It stopped an hour later.

We checked into a 2-room apartment. (More pictures in Facebook)

我们以为金马崙高原会避开烟霾之害 。。。。并不如此,还是烟雾一片,远山迷蒙。





Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two sides of a coin 银角的两面

Two sides of a coin.

Side A:
1.) Higher fatality on the roads - Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) was saddened by the increase road accidents and 289 deaths during the 13 days Hari Raya period despite more policemen deployed on the roads.

Side B:
1.) Police are unable to cope with the summons and warrants of arrest issued to motorists .... so every now and then offered 50% discount to encourage motorists to settle their summons. Better still, many motorist take the short cut, before summons being issued, on the scene "out of pocket" settlement is better than "out of court" settlement! Save time and less trouble ... Summons? no big deal!

So Malaysian motorists have no fear of the law!

2) Wah !!! every body is pretending to be surprise that we have registered more than 1.3 million of illegals ....... don't worry, more illegals would continue to come to our country, by land and sea. If you throw a stone in a night market, the chances of hitting an illegal is 50-50.

Side B:
2) Have
no fear, we have all types of operation of amnesty for the illegals. Recently we have the 6P illegal registration progamme ..... and a present of a 3-year work permit... everybody is happy, everybody is making money.

No Malaysian Identity card? No legal paper? Don't worry, just make sure your pocket got money!

Side A:
3) Primary students fallen ill after drinking the 1 Malaysia milk .... diarrhea, vomiting....

Side B:
3) More students' health would be compromised .... The school free milk project has been stopped many years ago due to many problems.... students fallen ill, milk poisoning ....

But it is such a lucrative project ... no one would give up easily. So re-branding needed.Free milk project closed, 1 (WANT) Malaysia Milk is not good? try 4 (FOR) Malaysia .... how about 8 (EAT) Malaysia ?!!

Side A:
4.) Lynas Rare earth plant is surely here to stay despite protests, appeal and experts opinions...and lesson learned from Mitsubishi Rare Earth Refinery in Bukit Merah, Perak which was closed in 1992.

Bloody smart Australian sell rare earth for profit and Malaysia kept the waste ...very toxic waste for generations of Malaysians. Smart business plan!

Side B:
4.) Australians had bribed Malaysians to get money printing job from Central Bank Malaysia.... So not surprise we have many supporters of Lynas plant here...

Furthermore, millions of dollars has been pumped into the building of the plants in Gebeng, Kuantan. It is quite impossible for the Pahang state and Federal government agencies to order Lynas to close down and go home ...(the plant is wholly owned by Lynas Australia).

And no one is willing to return $$$$$ pocketed .....

BTW, our transactions accept no coins but notes only!


A 面) 全国副总警长很悲伤的看到今年的开斋节假期,警方虽然增加了执法人员,交通意外及死亡人数(289人)仍然升高了。

B 面) 警方不能清理发出的交通罚单及逮捕令,所以常会给予50%折扣鼓励驾驶人士前来清还。有的驾车人士或骑士更聪明的,在还没有开罚单之前,就在现场“口袋外”和解,比“庭外”和解更有效和快捷。交通罚单。。。算得上什么!


A 面)哗!。。很多人都假装很惊讶,在最近的非法劳工漂白登记中,有超过一百三十万的非法外劳!但不要惊讶,会有更多的非法外劳,经海,路路进入我国。假如你在夜市场丢一粒石头,击中外劳的机率是50对50.

B 面)外劳们绝不害怕。我国长至五年,短则三年,都会有很多的大赦行动,开放大门给他们回去,然后再偷渡回来。最近有的就是6P 非法外劳漂白登记行动,加上一份三年的工作准证 。。。 大家都高兴得意,因为大家都可以 make money ! 没有准证?没有合法文件,没问题,最重要的你的袋子有 MONEY !

A 面)

B 面)更多学生的健康将受到影响。学校免费牛奶计划,早在几年前,因为很多问题。。。学生喝奶中毒,肚泻。。。

但这个计划实在是太赚钱了,那里可以轻易放过 。。。免费牛奶计划不行 ,1(益)马来西亚牛奶行吗?不行?改改其他名字再来过。。。4 (施)马来西亚?8(发)马来西亚?怎样?!

A 面) 关丹莱纳稀土加工厂一定会被政府批准生产。厂房几乎建好了,就算是来自各方的反对,抗议及负面报告,加上霹雳州在1992年关闭的三菱稀土厂为前鉴,彭亨州政府及联邦政府部门不可能叫莱纳停止生产,大包回澳洲吧!


B 面)澳洲商人有先例,贿赂马来西亚的官员,取得国家银行印制钞票的生意 。。。。难怪现在有很多人支持莱纳在彭亨州开厂。