Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two sides of a coin 银角的两面

Two sides of a coin.

Side A:
1.) Higher fatality on the roads - Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) was saddened by the increase road accidents and 289 deaths during the 13 days Hari Raya period despite more policemen deployed on the roads.

Side B:
1.) Police are unable to cope with the summons and warrants of arrest issued to motorists .... so every now and then offered 50% discount to encourage motorists to settle their summons. Better still, many motorist take the short cut, before summons being issued, on the scene "out of pocket" settlement is better than "out of court" settlement! Save time and less trouble ... Summons? no big deal!

So Malaysian motorists have no fear of the law!

2) Wah !!! every body is pretending to be surprise that we have registered more than 1.3 million of illegals ....... don't worry, more illegals would continue to come to our country, by land and sea. If you throw a stone in a night market, the chances of hitting an illegal is 50-50.

Side B:
2) Have
no fear, we have all types of operation of amnesty for the illegals. Recently we have the 6P illegal registration progamme ..... and a present of a 3-year work permit... everybody is happy, everybody is making money.

No Malaysian Identity card? No legal paper? Don't worry, just make sure your pocket got money!

Side A:
3) Primary students fallen ill after drinking the 1 Malaysia milk .... diarrhea, vomiting....

Side B:
3) More students' health would be compromised .... The school free milk project has been stopped many years ago due to many problems.... students fallen ill, milk poisoning ....

But it is such a lucrative project ... no one would give up easily. So re-branding needed.Free milk project closed, 1 (WANT) Malaysia Milk is not good? try 4 (FOR) Malaysia .... how about 8 (EAT) Malaysia ?!!

Side A:
4.) Lynas Rare earth plant is surely here to stay despite protests, appeal and experts opinions...and lesson learned from Mitsubishi Rare Earth Refinery in Bukit Merah, Perak which was closed in 1992.

Bloody smart Australian sell rare earth for profit and Malaysia kept the waste ...very toxic waste for generations of Malaysians. Smart business plan!

Side B:
4.) Australians had bribed Malaysians to get money printing job from Central Bank Malaysia.... So not surprise we have many supporters of Lynas plant here...

Furthermore, millions of dollars has been pumped into the building of the plants in Gebeng, Kuantan. It is quite impossible for the Pahang state and Federal government agencies to order Lynas to close down and go home ...(the plant is wholly owned by Lynas Australia).

And no one is willing to return $$$$$ pocketed .....

BTW, our transactions accept no coins but notes only!


A 面) 全国副总警长很悲伤的看到今年的开斋节假期,警方虽然增加了执法人员,交通意外及死亡人数(289人)仍然升高了。

B 面) 警方不能清理发出的交通罚单及逮捕令,所以常会给予50%折扣鼓励驾驶人士前来清还。有的驾车人士或骑士更聪明的,在还没有开罚单之前,就在现场“口袋外”和解,比“庭外”和解更有效和快捷。交通罚单。。。算得上什么!


A 面)哗!。。很多人都假装很惊讶,在最近的非法劳工漂白登记中,有超过一百三十万的非法外劳!但不要惊讶,会有更多的非法外劳,经海,路路进入我国。假如你在夜市场丢一粒石头,击中外劳的机率是50对50.

B 面)外劳们绝不害怕。我国长至五年,短则三年,都会有很多的大赦行动,开放大门给他们回去,然后再偷渡回来。最近有的就是6P 非法外劳漂白登记行动,加上一份三年的工作准证 。。。 大家都高兴得意,因为大家都可以 make money ! 没有准证?没有合法文件,没问题,最重要的你的袋子有 MONEY !

A 面)

B 面)更多学生的健康将受到影响。学校免费牛奶计划,早在几年前,因为很多问题。。。学生喝奶中毒,肚泻。。。

但这个计划实在是太赚钱了,那里可以轻易放过 。。。免费牛奶计划不行 ,1(益)马来西亚牛奶行吗?不行?改改其他名字再来过。。。4 (施)马来西亚?8(发)马来西亚?怎样?!

A 面) 关丹莱纳稀土加工厂一定会被政府批准生产。厂房几乎建好了,就算是来自各方的反对,抗议及负面报告,加上霹雳州在1992年关闭的三菱稀土厂为前鉴,彭亨州政府及联邦政府部门不可能叫莱纳停止生产,大包回澳洲吧!


B 面)澳洲商人有先例,贿赂马来西亚的官员,取得国家银行印制钞票的生意 。。。。难怪现在有很多人支持莱纳在彭亨州开厂。



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