Wednesday, July 31, 2013

大树下的芙蓉古早味 Old Seremban taste under the trees






I was in Seremban this morning to attend an interview session for the book < Story of the Catechists> at the home of Steven and Anna.

Angela is the author of this book who conducted the interview with a few Seremban parishioners on the life of catechist Agatha Chang.

Agatha is suffering from dementia and currently residing in he Little Sister of the Poor Nursing Home, Cheras.

After the interview,  Steven and Anna brought me to eat the authentic/old Seremban Laksa (Curry Mee).

It is a Mee stall under big trees with more than 30 years of history.

It is fantastic !

Steven and Anna 金彪及年娇夫妇

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pilgrimage ( 1 )朝圣之旅

七月26 日,我参加了一个非常特别的朝圣之旅,到槟城大山脚圣妇亚娜(St. Anne's Church) 朝圣。





这也是我第一次到圣妇亚纳堂朝圣。我本身对朝圣的态度可能与他人不同。还没朝圣,就有了“朝圣疲劳” 。。。对朝圣听得及见得太多(听过很多美丽的朝圣地方及故事,也见过很多“朝”过的“圣人”),所以有一种“不圣的唏嘘”(此文曾刊载于《爱之光》)。

这次我应该是因着“朝声”而前往圣妇亚纳堂作一个朝圣之旅。 不过,我告诉自己,无论结果如何,圣或不圣,这趟行程必定是与众不同,也必定有所收获。


这台弥撒是由罗马梵蒂冈宗座驻 马来西亚大使若瑟马力诺总主教主祭,古晋夏总主教,槟城主教及多位神父共祭。弥撒过后有圣妇安纳塑像游行。




( Youtube 录影)

On July 26, I embarked on an unique pilgrimage to St. Anne's Church in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I joined a group of Iban pilgrimes from Kanowit, Sarawak led by Fr. Mathews Olili and lay leader Catechist Edmund Kalai.

Fr. Mathews is a Mill Hill Missionaries priest from Kenya. He was sent to Sibu Diocese immediately upon ordination slightly more than 2 years ago. He was recently being transferred from St. Francis Xavier's church in Kanowit to St. Charles's church in Selagau.

This brave young missionary has to overcome cultural shock and language barrier soonest possible in order to discharge his pastoral missions. Within a short period of 2 years, he has mastered the Iban language and some Mandarin.

This was my first time such close contact with fellow Iban Catholics and more uniquely, an African priest from Kenya. A rare opportunity and blessed encounter for me!

This was also my first pilgrimage to St. Anne Church honouring St. Anne, the mother of Blessed Virgin Mary on its feast day.I saw waves of big crowd thronging the grounds throughout the evening and night.

I witnessed their fervent devotion, piety and acts of Faith towards St. Anne, leading them to God through Sacraments of reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. 

We attended the feast day 8:00 pm Mass on Saturday, July 28. The Mass was celebrated by Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Jeseph Marino, co-celebrated by Archbishop John Ha of Kuching, Sebestian Francis, Bishop of Penang, and many other priests.

Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister of Penang was also present at the Eucharistic celebration. However, he left before the Holy Communion.

(See Facebook for more pictues)

(Video in Youtube)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Evil old man 邪恶的老人

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who asked whether Chinese Malaysians want to share
political power with the other races or want to seize it altogether.

He claimed that already has the control of the Malaysian economy, the Chinese wants to seize political power .....

He is sowing the seeds of fear, suspicion, hatred and distrust among races. He is destroying the unity and hormony of the country. He is playing the racial card for his selfish personal interest.

Chinese has today no control over Malaysian economy ... Oil and gas, banking, automotive, transport, aviation, government-linked companies are in the hands of the Malays ...

And how can a population of less than 25 % seizes control of the country ?

This 88 years old man, in his twilight years, still spiting poison and toxin, telling lies and distortion, leading simple and honest people to sin, to hate, to fight, to destroy ..... 

" It would be better for such a person to be thrown into the sea with a millstone round the neck than to be the downfall of a single one of these little ones." (Luke 17:2) (c/r Matt 18: 6)









Saturday, July 27, 2013

Way up north 北上

I am going up north .... 我往北上了

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teh Farm & The Farm 郑园及庄园

One of the job of retired persons are to check on their working friends.

Today we went checking on two of our working friends at Teh Farm and The Farm, both are in Lenggeng, Negri Sembilan.

Richard Teh is running a Guinea Fowl for more than 2 years. Currently the farm is having about 3 thousand fowls, mostly for eggs.

I saw a potential of a "leisure" farm, suitable for outdoors activities, camping and retreats.

The facilities are simple (can be improved). At present, it can comfortably hold activities for a group of 20.

Later, we went over to The Farm, which is about 10 minutes away, meeting up Andrew for lunch.

We finished our "work" at about 2:30 pm.

(More pictures in Facebook)


今天我们到玲珑探访了两位工作的朋友  - 郑园(Teh Farm)和庄园 (The Farm)。

Ah Teh (Richard 郑国端) 的‘郑园’是个珍珠鸡养殖场,目前只养了大约三千只鸡,主要是下蛋鸡。




过后,我们到离开大约十分钟车程的‘园庄’,与Andrew 会合,一同共进午餐。

我们在下午大约二时 半就“收工了”。


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guangzhou WAR 广州步行吃喝游 3 (Ending 完结)

In front of the hotel 酒店前照

 Our hotel is situated at Zhujing District, an area seperated from the city by the Pearl River. However, we can cross over to the other side by the many bridges, by bus or by ferry. It is very convenient.

On the third and fourth day of our Guangzhou WAR, we explored the more urban area of Guangzhou - by foot, ferry, Metro and bus.

Guangzhou Metro is user friendly and cheap ( A 10-station trip usually cost RMB 2 only)

On the fourth day, we spent half a day for sign seeing and left for airport in the evening. We spent RMB 7 to the airport by the Metro ... "cheap till you laugh !"

It was a great trip for us and a wonderful fun and food filled journey that we would like to repeat if opportunity arises.

It was not an expensive holiday. It cost each of us about RMB 1200 (RM 600) per person inclusive of hotel, food, transport, day tour and some shopping but excluding airfare.

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Bye Bye 再见



在第四天,我们利用早上半天时间去观光,然后在傍晚,乘搭地铁到机场,取道回家。从广州市区到机场,相当长的一段路(大约四十分钟),只需人民币7元 。。。真的是“便宜到笑!”。 (假如乘搭德士,大约人民币120左右。)


这不是一个用费高的假期。 我们每个人都费用,大约是人民币1200元左右(RM600), 这包括了酒店住宿,交通费,饮食及一些购物,但不包括机票。

(更多照片 Facebook)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The WAR 步行吃喝 ( 2 )

A convenient way to explore Guangzhou was to join a local one-day tour. It covered most of the famous landmarks and scenery of the city.

We joined the day tour on our second day in Guangzhou.

 It brought us to the following places:

1. Baiyun hill. It is only about 300 meters above sea level and covers 28 hectors of forested land. It is the green lung of the city, a popular place for the city dwellers especially during weekends and holidays.

2. Huang Pu Military School. A first military cadet school of China co-founded by Sun Yet sun, Chiang Kai Sek. It is the equivalent of West Point of the US.

3. Yuexiu Park to see the symbol of Guangzhou city -  the five-goat monument. Guangzhou is also know as Goat City.

4. Museum of Mausoleum of Nanyue King zhao Wei  -  An ancient tomb of Nanyue Dynasty (Year 137- 122 BC)was discovered and a museum was built around the archeological site.   About 2000 pcs of exhibits were on display. Visitors are allowed to take photograph inside the museum.

5. Chen Ancestral Hall. Built in 1888, it showcased beautiful architectural design, wood carvings, stone carvings, ceramic sculpture, paintings ... 

6. Canton tower - nickname The Sexy Waist。

It cost RMB 188.00 (RM 100 ) inclusive of lunch, cable car, entrance fees ... It was really worth it !!!

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1. 白云山。这座市区内的绿肺,占地大约28公顷,海拔大约三百米而已。它是广州人周末及假期的好去处。

2. 黄埔军校。它是中国第一所军校,由孙中山,蒋介石等创办,深具历史性,它的地位犹如美国著名的“西点军校”。

3. 越秀公园里的五羊雕像。这是广州的地标,游客必到。

4. 西汉南越王博物馆。1983年,考古学家在这里发掘了公元前137-122年,南越王第二代国王赵眜之墓陵。博物馆就在原地建造。我们可以观赏到出土的千多件展示品。


5. 陈氏书院。 这座建于1888年的陈氏祠堂,建造风格美轮美奂,我们可以观赏到石雕,木雕,陶艺等艺术。

6. 广州通迅塔,也昵称为“小蛮腰”。


(更多的照片Facebook )

Our sumptuous dinner 我们丰富的晚餐

Monday, July 15, 2013

The WAR 步行吃喝游 ( 1 )

Four of us decided to make a walking-eating Rendezvous (WAR) to Guangzhou, China.(Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province)

With Tony be the advance party - attending to his personal matters days early in Guangzhow, booking hotel and marking out our road map, Susan flying in from Singapore and us from Kuala Lumpur, we met up in Guangzhou Baiyun airport at the early morning of July 10.

We checked into our Pearl River fronting hotel at about 3:30 am. 

With hardly 3 hours of sleep, we started our WAR at 9:00 am.

It was a hot summer in Guangzhou with day time temperature reaching 35 degree, we, the tropical residents, were sweating profusely ... my shirt was soaking wet throughout the day.

The first place of visit was just across the Pearl River. We boarded a ferry to cross over to the other side, and it cost RMB 0.50 ( 50 cents RenMinBee).

It was my dream came true to visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Guangzhou. Our Kajang former Cathecist, the late Lucy Leong was from Guangzhou, and frequently mentioned this beautiful "stone house)" in her home country.(It was popularly known as The Stone House because the church was built with stone blocks)

The construction of the Cathedral started in 1861, and took 26 years to complete.

Two foundation stones were blessed and laid on each side in 1863 by a French Bishop, with the word "Roma" and "Jerusalem" engraved respectively.

One kilogram of soil from Rome and a stone from Jerusalem were laid under the foundation stones respectively.

It is a grand and beautiful church.

After our visit to the Cathedral, we went straight to have the famous Cantonese Dim Sum for breakfast.

We went out the whole day, exploring the city and food - by foot, ferry, Metro and public buses.

( More pictures in Facebook )


东尼 (Tony) 是我们的先头部队 - 他提前几天来的广州,处理一些私人事务,然后定下酒店,安排我们的数天的行程。

苏珊(Susan) 从新加坡起飞,我们则从吉隆坡飞来,在七月十日的凌晨,大家在广州白云机场回合。三时半左右,我们进驻了珠江河畔的酒店。






教堂两边的大柱,有两块奠基石,分别刻上了ROMA (罗马)和 JERUSALEM(耶路撒冷)两个字,表示了天主教会的根源及扩展。

ROMA 的石块下,埋放了一公斤来自罗马的泥土,JERUSALEM 的石块下,则放了一块来自耶路撒冷的石头。 这两块奠基石是由法国的一位主教,在1962年祝圣及安放的。







Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guangzhou rendezvous 羊城游历

9-7-2013 ---- 14-7-2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Retreat 避静

On Saturday, my wife and I went for a retreat at the Good Shepherd Seminay in Melaka organised by Queen of the Apostles Curia, Kuala Lumpur.

Retreat is a pit stop for soul and a spirituality tuning session.

About 70 legionaries from KL and Kajang area attended this 2day-1night annual activity. About 40 of them came in a chartered bus.

The reatreat master was Fr. Anthony Heng, CDD.

Retreat ended this morning (Sunday) with a thanksgiving Mass at noon.

We left before Mass for Tangkak to meet up with officers from Melaka Curia at St. Mathew Church, Tangkak.

I was on the invitation of curia president to speak to officers who were attending an officers retreat there. 

We left for home after lunch.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A day in history 历史的去年今日

3/7/2012 at Berlin Airport.

After a wonderful holiday in Germany, we bid farewell to our old friends Dorit and Gerd with a heavy heart.

“ Dorit and Gerd, Mr and Mrs Paege,  we miss you all very much!"

See old post "In Germany"

Our first home breakfast in Germany 德国的第一个家庭早餐

3/7/2012 德国柏林机场。


" 老朋友,我们很想念你们!”


Blessing of sunshine and rain

It was a gorgeous day -  sunshine and heavy rain.

This morning, my wife and I went to Putrajaya to submit travel documents for a group of  pilgrims to Jerusalem to the Home Ministry for approval.

Israel is the only country in the world does not have diplomatic ties with Malaysia. However, Christians and Muslims are allowed to visit the holy city of Jerusalem.

The policy concerning Christians visit to Jerusalem changes many times in the past decade.

At present, Christians are required to submit travel documentary proof such as air tickets and travel itinerary, plus baptism certificates and letter from the churches concerned to the Home Ministry for approval.

2 years ago, it was Immigration Department as the approving authority,

It was bright sunshine, blue sky in Putrajaya. No haze but plenty of fresh air.

In the evening, we welcomed heavy downpours .... refreshing rain brought down the temperature.

Today was also the opening of the 21st RCIA ( Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), a course for those who wish to know the Catholic faith and the community.

It is my 22nd year of involvement in RCIA. Hopefully, with many young faces emerging and taking more active roles, I can "retire" in the near future!

(See more pictures in Facebook) 

Fr. George lighted a candle declaring open of the 2013-2014 session  赫佐治神父点燃蜡烛,宣布慕道班开幕

今天是个美好的一天 - 阳光灿烂,也有大雨的到来。



政府对于基督教徒到耶路撒冷朝圣的政策, 过去十年来,曾作多次的更改。