Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guangzhou WAR 广州步行吃喝游 3 (Ending 完结)

In front of the hotel 酒店前照

 Our hotel is situated at Zhujing District, an area seperated from the city by the Pearl River. However, we can cross over to the other side by the many bridges, by bus or by ferry. It is very convenient.

On the third and fourth day of our Guangzhou WAR, we explored the more urban area of Guangzhou - by foot, ferry, Metro and bus.

Guangzhou Metro is user friendly and cheap ( A 10-station trip usually cost RMB 2 only)

On the fourth day, we spent half a day for sign seeing and left for airport in the evening. We spent RMB 7 to the airport by the Metro ... "cheap till you laugh !"

It was a great trip for us and a wonderful fun and food filled journey that we would like to repeat if opportunity arises.

It was not an expensive holiday. It cost each of us about RMB 1200 (RM 600) per person inclusive of hotel, food, transport, day tour and some shopping but excluding airfare.

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Bye Bye 再见



在第四天,我们利用早上半天时间去观光,然后在傍晚,乘搭地铁到机场,取道回家。从广州市区到机场,相当长的一段路(大约四十分钟),只需人民币7元 。。。真的是“便宜到笑!”。 (假如乘搭德士,大约人民币120左右。)


这不是一个用费高的假期。 我们每个人都费用,大约是人民币1200元左右(RM600), 这包括了酒店住宿,交通费,饮食及一些购物,但不包括机票。

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