Friday, May 20, 2016

Good time in Taichung 台中的喜乐时间

We supposedly to have spent 5 days in Taichung. However, we were out to other city almost 3 days, leaving hardly 2 days in Taichung.

Our friend Wei Qiang and wife Li Fang welcomed us to their home. Making Taichung as our base, Wei Qiang brought us to Pingtong, Kaoshiong and Tainan for sightseeing and visiting friends.



请看录影 Youtub video on Taichung

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Video of Sun Moon Lake pictures


Youtube Video 录影

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hualian, Taroko, Qingjing 花莲、太鲁阁、清境

Collection of pictures on Hualian to Qingjing, passing through Taroko National Park。


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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Taipei pictures video 台北照片集锦

A video presentation of Taipei pictures has been uploaded to Youtube


Youtube - Taipei Pictures potporri video 台北照片集锦录影

Friday, May 6, 2016

Pictures 照片

Some interesting pictures of some places we've been, food we have eaten.


1. Taiwan Sistine Chapel  台湾的西斯丁教堂

2. Beautiful and unique churches 美丽独特的教堂

3. Lunch fellowship 午餐共融

4. We are gathering again 我们又聚在一起

5. Last day in Taiwan 台湾最后一天

Hshinchu 新竹

After a hectic 4-day stay in Taichung, we left for Hsinchu by high speed train.

The Japanese technology high speed train was comfortable and quiet, at speed about 280 km/h.

We were warmly welcome by Fr. Chin Sinwee, a Malaysian priest based in Church of Lady Mt Carmel in Hsinchu.

Hsinchu is world famous IT city with many top technology development companies, one of them is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world largest semiconductor manufacturer.

It is our last stop of the 2 weeks holiday in Taiwan.

We left for home on April 23. It was an amazing and grace-filled journey!

Pictures 照片

新竹Hsinchu (1)








Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Taichung, Tainan, Kaoshiong 台中、台南、高雄

Sun Moon Lake was the last destination of the trip for my two children.

From Sun Moon Lake, we arrived at Taichung city where we parted company. Our two children continued their journey northward to Taipei, where they put up a night and flew off to Malaysia the next day.

We were warmly welcomed by our fellow legionaries brethren Wei Qiang and wife Li Fang.

For the next few days, Wei Qiang became our guide and driver. we traveled south to Kaoshiong and Tainan, meeting many old friends, seeing many new places, visited many unique churches and eating different types of food. It was a great journey.

I would like the pictures to tell the story, see all pictures on Facebook.

1. Sun Moon Lake to Taichung 日月潭到台中

2.WanJin Pilgrimage 万金朝圣

3. Wanjin to Kaoshiong 万金到高雄

4. Unique churches 独特的教堂

5. Taiwan Sistine Chapel 台湾圣丝丁教堂






Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

At Qingjing town 清境

 We left Qingjing in the morning for Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is a renowned tourists' favourite, and also a big reservoir. It is about 7.5 square kilometer.

We arrived at the lake on April 15 at about 3 pm. It was raining but did not deter us from lake side cycling. It was fun and wonderful experience.

We put up a night at a cosy lake side hotel, and did a boat ride before we departed to Taichung.

Pictures 照片:清境到日月潭 Qingjing to Sun Moon Lake


日月潭是游客必到的景点,也是一个水库。它的面积大约7.5 平方公里。