Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

At Qingjing town 清境

 We left Qingjing in the morning for Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is a renowned tourists' favourite, and also a big reservoir. It is about 7.5 square kilometer.

We arrived at the lake on April 15 at about 3 pm. It was raining but did not deter us from lake side cycling. It was fun and wonderful experience.

We put up a night at a cosy lake side hotel, and did a boat ride before we departed to Taichung.

Pictures 照片:清境到日月潭 Qingjing to Sun Moon Lake


日月潭是游客必到的景点,也是一个水库。它的面积大约7.5 平方公里。



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