Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Taichung, Tainan, Kaoshiong 台中、台南、高雄

Sun Moon Lake was the last destination of the trip for my two children.

From Sun Moon Lake, we arrived at Taichung city where we parted company. Our two children continued their journey northward to Taipei, where they put up a night and flew off to Malaysia the next day.

We were warmly welcomed by our fellow legionaries brethren Wei Qiang and wife Li Fang.

For the next few days, Wei Qiang became our guide and driver. we traveled south to Kaoshiong and Tainan, meeting many old friends, seeing many new places, visited many unique churches and eating different types of food. It was a great journey.

I would like the pictures to tell the story, see all pictures on Facebook.

1. Sun Moon Lake to Taichung 日月潭到台中

2.WanJin Pilgrimage 万金朝圣

3. Wanjin to Kaoshiong 万金到高雄

4. Unique churches 独特的教堂

5. Taiwan Sistine Chapel 台湾圣丝丁教堂






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