Saturday, May 30, 2009

FTZ scandal 自由贸易区丑闻

The reports on the Port Kelang Free Trade Zone scandal is the hot topic of the week, not the Penanti state by-election. The reports revealed improper dealings, malpractices and conspiracy. It implicated a few politicians and businessmen.

I can only use some Chinese language terms to describe this affair : "snakes and rodents conspiracy 蛇鼠一窝", "black smoke and dirty air 污烟瘴气",“endless greed 贪得无厌”, "all swimming together in a filthy waters 同流合污”.

What started in 1999 on a 1.8 billion free trade zone project ballooned into a 12.5 billions scandal. If not because of the perseverance and determination of the Oppositions, and the change of political landscape after March 8 2008 general election, this scandal would have been easily covered up by the government.

Opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang is one of the politicians pursuing this matter. To make sure we (the people) know how much is 12.5 billion, he posted this figure on his blog:

RM12.5 billion is not chicken-feed. It is equivalent to five RM2.5 billion BMF scandals.
RM12.5 billion can be used to build four Penang bridges,
25 universities at RM500 million each;

125 hospitals at RM100 million each;
1,250 schools at RM10 million each;
312,500 low-cost houses at RM40,000 each;
declare amnesty from collecting assessment for 13 years for Selangor state or 45 years for Penang state; or
give everyone of the 27 million Malaysians regardless of age a payout of RM338!

In fact it is like striking a RM1 Million price lottery each and every month non stop for the next 1,041 years!

Dammed to these corrupted politicians and government officials who took the public interest and monies as their political loots and ‘shared" among themselves like their own.

So what's next, dear PM Najib?

吧生港口自由贸易区丑闻的调查报告,是这个星期最令人注明的课题,而不是在今天投票的本南地州议席补选 (民联如众望所归获胜)。

报告显露了许多违规 ,滥权和合谋的地方。有几位政治人物,部长和商人被指名牵涉到这个丑闻。


这个自由贸易区的计划,原始于1999年,本来只需十八亿的费用来打造这个现代自由贸易区,并得到迪拜(Dubai) 投资公司入股的计划,后来因为发觉内部管理不当,黑暗重重而撤离,就导致这个贸易区的费用,膨胀到一百二十亿。



或者分送给整个马来西亚二千七百万人口,每人338 元。

其实这个数目,就好像每个月都中了一百万元的彩票,连续不断的 1041 年!



Friday, May 29, 2009

Life well lived 活得有深度

Attended Christopher Lim Beng's funeral Mass this morning at 10:00 am. The 100 year-old Church of the Holy Rosary was almost full with six priests con-celebrated the Mass.

Attending funeral not only an act of respect and offer prayer to the deceased, show of support to the bereaved family, it is also time to look at life, my life.

I remembered Sr. Theresa Chew mentioned recently in a forum a sign found in the Church of Bones: "who you are, we were, who we were, you will".

Yes, at the funeral, I am looking at the deceased whom I will be in future. The life of the deceased is a mirror for me, an example for me, a legacy I can learn and cherish.

Christopher Lim Beng, a property developer, left behind a legacy as a humble, simple and hard-working man with an un-wavering faith.

To the family, he was a hard-working and responsible father. A life well-lived with depth.

To the youth movements whom he has been involved since his youth, he was the pillar of strength. He never failed to give support, financial and moral, to all youth activities.

To the community, he was a generous benefactor and a man of faith.

To me, he was a man of few words, generous, humble, simple and a trustworthy comrade. He will shy away from the front row, but you can always count on him to be at the back seat to lend his support.

As I told his son while paying last respect: " we are proud of your father."

Dear Bro Christopher, may your soul rest in the peace of the Lord. We will remember you always!


参加安所(殡葬)弥撒,不只是对亡者的尊重,悼念及祈祷,对亡者家人的支持,但也是看看个人的生活 - 我的生活的时候。



林明兄是一位发展商,他遗留下给我们的是一个谦虚 、朴素 、勤奋的传奇生活,一个坚强的信德。

对他的家人来说,他是一位尽职 、勤劳的父亲。他活出了一个有深度的生命。






Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loan sharks' private jail 大耳窿私人监狱

Sinchew Daily pic 星洲日报照片

This posting is specially for my oversea visitors.

They were no terrorists or mentally deranged human being.

They were the prisoners of loan shark, a.k.a Ah Long, in Malaysia, yes, it happened in Malaysia.

The loan sharks set up their own "private jail" to hold borrowers defaulted on their payments.

One of the "prisoners" who was set free after the family settled the loan, informed the police of such jail.

Prime Minister Najib expressed shock with the media report and ordered the relevant authority to take swift action against the culprits.

The Prime Minister said he could not believe how inhumane some Ah Longs could be against those who fail to settle their debts.

A supervisor and two runners of the syndicate were arrested. So far, no big fish was being arrested.

Police were now zeroing in on loan shark syndicates in the area. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar said the police would not show any mercy to loan sharks who hurt people.

It sounded familiar. The Police was saying the same thing many years ago when loan sharks started splashing paints to houses and burning houses of loan defaulters. If Police stayed true to its words, the loan sharks would not be so bold today as to set up private jail.

Bernama pic 马新社照片









Sick priest 神父病了(3)

My wife and I visited Rev. Fr. Anthony Chan this morning.

He is bed-ridden, thin and frail but alert. He extended his warm handshake and smile to us when we entered his room.

Mrs. Lee is there to look after him almost 24 hours round the clock.

He doesn't speak and needs tube-feeding 2-hourly.

He prays with the "Divine office" (a thick book) regularly, sometimes 2-3 hours if he has the energy. He closes his eyes to rest or sleep when tired.

May our Lord have mercy on him, comfort him in the final hours of his great missionary life.

Mother Mary, pray for him.
Dear friends, let us pray for him too.








Dumpling day 端午节

Today is Duan Wu Jie, also known as Dumpling day.

In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is a grand festival of dragon boat race and eating zong zi (dumpling). But it is a quiet affair for Malaysian Chinese. However, dumplings is still a must for the day.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I mourned 我哀悼

Today, we lost a good friend, a comrade, a benefactor and a faithful servant of God.

Christopher Lim Beng (57) was called home by the Lord this morning at about 4:30 am. He left behind wife Rosalind and five children (3 girls and 2 boys).

Christopher suffered nose cancer about 12 years ago but recovered fully after treatments. He enjoyed clean bill of health although the treatment has impaired his hearing.

Three weeks ago, after making the pilgrimage to St. Paul's Church at Kuala Kubu Baru with his family and fellow legionaries, he felt ill the next day and was rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately and unknowingly, cancer has attacked his lung - 80 % of his lung has been collapsed. He needed ventilator to breath.

The doctor has informed his family to prepare for the worse. Prayer request was sent through out the country and overseas also.

He recovered miraculously after two weeks in ICU. He was transferred to ordinary ward and able to breath by himself.

With myself recovered from the "thunder flu", my wife and I visited him last Thursday evening. He was in good spirit but not able to talk due to throat injury sustained during the emergency treatment ....insertion of many tubes.

We wished him well and bid him goodbye. I thought he may go home in a few days time to rest in homely environment.

This morning, I looked at my phone, many friends sent me the same message: " Our beloved brother Lim Beng was called home to the lord this morning........."

He was a humble, simple and generous man. He has contributed tremendously towards the development of the Chinese speaking youth movement and many other lay organisations. We will always remember him.

Funeral Mass will be held at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Brickfields on Friday at 10:00 am.

May his soul rest in peace of the Lord.





不幸及不察觉之下,原来癌细胞已经攻击了他的肺脏 - 几乎八十巴先损坏了。他需要机器来帮助呼吸。






林明兄弟是位谦虚 、朴素及慷慨的人。他对本地的华文青年运动及教会的许多组织,作出了许多贡献。我们都不会忘记他。



The signs of time 世风日下

A news reported Chinese newspapers but not in the main stream English papers.

A 27-year old lady lecturer was driving alone from Penang to Kuala Lumpur on the North-South Highway on Friday 22-5-2009. Her car was banged at the back by another car when reaching Tanjong Malim. It was about 8:20 pm.

She stopped at the back of a stationary oil tanker and got out to investigate the damage. Four men also came out from the other car.

While talking to the men, the oil tanker moved out. The lecturer realised she was alone with four men at the middle of no where darkness... She sensed danger and wanted to get back to her car.

It was too late ...the men grabbed her and snatched her gold chain and hand phone. Another man jumped into her car and drove off with her handbag inside.

She considered herself lucky not sustaining any physical injury.

A lone lady ... in darkness... standing at the emergency lane of the highway.... waving at passing cars for help! It was very scary indeed.

With the high crime rate, daily carjacks and robberies ....would you stop your car at the highway at night for a lone girl ...waving and jumping ? may be five men would jump out of darkness to rob you the moment you stop your car !

So for a long time, no one stopped for her.

God knows for how long, finally a lorry stopped. She related her story and requested the driver to send her to the nearest police station.

But the lorry did not exit at the next toll plaza. She sensed something amiss. She demanded the driver to stop the lorry for her to get down. Instead, the driver showed his ugly face by attempting to pull off her clothing..

A struggle went on. She has to save herself... somehow, she managed to jump out of the lorry and landed safely on the road again... waving for help again....

Finally, as reported, a genuine kind Samaritan picked her and sent her to the police station...

She was lucky to be alive and safe from the fangs of robbers and rapist !

This is the signs of times in our country.


一位27岁的女讲师,在22-5-09 星期五,独自驾车,使用南北大道,从槟城回去吉隆坡。在靠近丹绒马林的时候,一辆尾随的车突然碰撞她的车尾部。她把车驶到紧急停车道,停在一辆油槽车的后面,下来察看损坏。在此同时,对方也把车停下,里面走出四个男人。





以目前我国的保安情况,每天有无数的劫车 、打抢到事件发生,可说是草木皆兵,谁敢贸贸然的在晚上,看到一个单身女人在大道旁手脚摇摆的,你敢停下来吗?要不然,你停下车之后,女孩后面突然跳出几名大汉,把你洗劫一空。。。!

所以过了好久 、好久都没有车停下来。






Sunday, May 24, 2009

The interview 面谈

The following has been posted by Charles Hector on his blog regarding the latest development of the "interview" of Rev. Fr. Jean Claude with the Police on Friday 22-5-09.


UPDATE: Well, Fr Jean Claude met with a courteous police officer (he thinks it may be Special Branch), and they were asking him 'funny things' - i.e. about his personal background. They also asked him whether he had a criminal record. They wanted to know about the one who talked about 'Freedom of Religion"**, and whether there was any 'political content' -anti-UMNO ...anti-MCA content. [I am sure that the police was present, and they know exactly what was spoken by me]. He said again the police officer did give the impression that they had to do this because the instructions came from the 'top'.

Looking at the questions, I verily believe that it just pure intimidation. Scare them...and make them stop their struggle to save the chapel of St John's.

约翰克拉神父会见了一位彬彬有礼的警官(他相信是属于政治部的。他被问到一些“莫名其妙”的问题: 例如关于他个人的背景。。。有没有犯罪记录。。. 他们想要知道那位谈到“宗教自由”的演讲者**,有没有政治企图 - 如反巫统 。。。 反马华。。。(我很肯定当时有警方人员在场,知道我所说的一切)。他得到的印象是,这些警官是受上级指示才要采取这样的行动(约谈)。

照他们所问到的问题,我相信其目的纯粹是恐吓 。。。吓吓你们 。。。不要搞这么多东西 - 保堂行动。

** Charles gave a short talk ( He is from Temeloh)
**查尔斯曾在当天谈到宗教自由 (他来自淡马鲁)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lost control 失控

It was disgusting to read the news that The Ampang police today obtained a two-day remand order against the 16 people arrested last night for allegedly holding a candle light vigil outside the DAP's Teratai service centre to mark the "killing of democracy by the illegal government in Perak." . Among the 16 were Janice Lee (above), the State Assembly woman of Teratai.

This was the second arrest of Janice Lee. On 19th May, she also participated in a candle light vigil at Siputih constituency service center at Entrepreneur Park. She was arrested by Police together with Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching.

And I just got the news that Triang Police has called in Fr. Jean Claude, the administrator of St. John Chapel for an "interview" today at 2:30 pm. regarding the 4:00pm Mass at the Chapel on Sunday, 17/5/09. There were many yellow T-shirt parishioners attended the Mass.

It seems that under the new 1 Malaysia concept by Najib, you cannot wear black T-shirt during day time, no candle light during night time, no same color clothing allowed to attend Mass... color synonymous with terror? or we are living in a nation of terror and intimidation?!?

Is the Police out of control ?!?! #%&%**@%% !




是不是我们的警察部队已经失控了?! #%&%**@%% !

After death 身后事

Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, my wife and I attended a forum organised by SinChew Daily entitled:"No holds barred - after death".

The invited guest speakers were (pic below from right): Sr. Theresa Chew, Rev. Jue Cheng, Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Center, Dr. Goh from Hospice Malaysia and Jeff Chancellor, a Dead-care professional from Canada.

星期四晚上七点半,我和太太到星洲日报总社礼堂出席该报主办的 『百无禁忌谈身后事』讲座会。


This was not only a forum on the after-death care, it was also a inter-religious exchange. Although only speakers from Buddhism and Catholic faith, but it was good enough to enlighten the estimated 800 audience and promote better understanding of Buddhist, Catholic and Chinese funeral practices and traditions.

Dr. Goh shared on her personal experiences in caring for the terminal patients while Jeff shared on his dead-care services in Canada.

这不只是一个专题“身后事”的讲座,也是宗教交流的分享。虽然邀请嘉宾只有来自佛教的法师及天主教修女,但也足够使到现场约八百位观众,对佛教,天主教及华人的殡葬习俗 、礼仪及传统,有更深入的认识。


Wednesday, May 20, 2009





2009 年第十七届马、新、汶、台华文圣母军交流会,将在六月四日假台北的剑潭活动中心开幕。这是交流会第二次在台湾举行。



我在翻阅圣母军手册的时候,里面放了一张照片,拍摄日期是 4-6-1991,那是十八年前的事了!那时,东、西马圣母军刚开始有了联络。照片中的三个人,英姿风发,脸上挂着迷人的微笑。今天,这三人都已经各奔东西,寻求不同的理想。


各地华文圣母军1990年,在诗巫第一次集会后,开始了各种的交流活动。两年后,也就是 1992年,第一届圣母军交流会,成功的在亚庇举行了。

假如要引用当年圣母军在爱尔兰成立的情景,华文圣母军交流会的成立也该如此戏剧化的形容: “在今日看来,马、新、汶、台华文圣母军交流会有可观的跨越洲际的发展,但它的产生却很简单。它不是经过一番思考后组织起来的。它的形成极其自然。关于它的规章或操作方式,事先没有筹划,纯然是出于一个提议,那就是各地圣母军应该互相认识、交流、成为主内的朋友。这些都是发自每个圣母军内心的一种盼望。”(参考手册第一章)



Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking a break 歇一歇

My wife has no opportunity to ask me:"where do you get the lipstick on your shirt?". Most probably never will.

But she has plenty of opportunities asking me:" Where do you get the fruits?" " who gives you Bak Chang?", “Who gives you Rambutan?"

Today she asked me:" where do you get the plastic bags?". She was referring to the two empty plastic bags I put at the kitchen table (to be used as garbage bag).

I said:" I bought sandals and shoes today!".

"wah! so free to go shopping?"

It was not " so free", it was "taking a break".

I was on my way back to office using Kesas Highway after seeing a customer in Shah Alam this afternoon. I decided to make a detour to Summit, Subang Jaya to look for new pairs of sandals and shoes.

My old faithful pair of sandals had been with me for the past seven or eight years. They had "walked" with me to many countries and places.

I need to change shoes because of my "deformed" legs.

At the shopping mall, I decided to have a coffee break: a Subway sandwich and coffee.

Ordering a sandwich could be quite a demanding task. First I have to decide what type of filling in the sandwich - tuna? turkey? chicken? beef?seafood? or combinations?

Then what type of bread I wanted- Italian? wholemeal? Turkish? (4 types). Then the length - six inches or a foot long? Next was the toppings - more than ten types to choose from (Tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, lettuce, olives.......). Finally, what sauce(dressing)?

It was good to slow down once in a while ... for a break.


但她却可以常常的问到:“你的水果在那里买的?” “谁给你的粽子?” “这些红毛丹那里来的?”

今天,她就问我:“这塑胶袋那里来的?”。 她指的是我放在厨房桌上的两个空塑胶袋 (可以装垃圾用)。




今天下午,我在沙亚南回见了顾客后,取道Kesas 高速公路会办公室,途中决定转入梳邦再也一间购物中心去看看是否有适合的拖鞋和皮鞋。

我目前的旧拖鞋,已有七 、八年了,它陪我“走”了好多地方及国家。



叫一份三文治,也的费点功夫。首先要决定那一种三文治 - 吐纳鱼?火鸡?鸡肉?牛肉?海鲜?或混合?接下来是要用什么面包 - 意大利?全麦?(四种选择)。

然后是长度 -六寸的还是一尺?接下来,要什么配料?整十多种来选 。。。生菜,番茄,橄榄,酸瓜。。。? 最后,要用什么酱料?


Save Chapel of St John 捍卫圣若望小堂

Mass celebrated by Fr. Jean Claude 感恩弥撒

It is reported in Sinchew Daily today that more than hundred Catholics from KL, Melaka, Penang and East Coast gathered at the St. John's Chapel in Triang yesterday for prayer and petition to save the 83 years old Chapel.

There are many non-Christian locals participated too.

Due to my lingering bad cough and hot weather, I missed the occasion.

May God hear our prayers, Save The Chapel from demolition.

Pic by Sinchew Daily 星洲日报照片





Fellowship after Mass 弥撒后聚餐


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love and fidelity 有情有义

Part 1.

It was a weekend of "departure", "arrival"; "love", "fidelity".

This morning, my wife and I "departed" from our house at 10:00 am for Christ the Light Chapel at Kepong to attend the Thanksgiving Mass of the Golden wedding Anniversary of Michael and Mary On.

We "arrived" at destination at about 10:50 am.

The Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Charles "Botak" Chin. He was overjoyed for being able to be with this couple who have been married for half a century. He was happy also to be the witness of the renewal of their marriage vows.

He said when a young couple getting married, they are filled with joy. He called this a joy of "departure". The couple is departing on a journey as husband and wife, full of dreams and excitements of a wonderful life together.

But today, as Michael and Mary has been married for 50 years, they are filled with joy too. This is the joy of "arrival". They have been partner for the past 50 years, went through the thick and thin of life. Today they have arrived at a milestone... an achievement of being married for half a centuary.

This is a life of love, fidelity, loyalty to each other.

May God continue to bless them and family many happy and joyful years ahead.

We "departed" for home after lunch fellowship. (part 2 at bottom)

一个[启程] 、[抵达] ;[] 和 [] 的周末。




他说一对年轻夫妇结婚时,也是充满喜乐,这是[启程] 的喜乐,他们开始了新的共同婚姻生活,充满希望和憧憬。

而今天这对结婚五十年的夫妇,也是充满了喜乐。但他们的喜乐是 [抵达] 的喜乐,因为他们已经到达了一个里程碑 - 五十年的婚姻生活,一个很大的成就。

这也是他们夫妇的情 、义的生活故事。夫妻相亲相爱,忠诚 ,陪伴 ,互相接纳,共同走了人生的五十年。







所以,这是一个充满情和义的集会。陈教授的喜乐,该是如陈神父说的 [] 的喜乐,因为九十多高龄,是人生美满的时候,能够和一些好友 、学生共庆生日,人生难得也。

Part 2.

At 5:00 pm, I have to "depart" for PJ to attend another celebration.

David Chia is hosting a dinner to celebrate 92nd birthday of Professor Emeritus Tan.

David is a kind and generous man, a loyal and compassionate friend. He will travel to Melaka every year to bring Professor Emeritus to KL to celebrate his birthday with some old friends.

Professor Lao from Hong Kong University is also a loyal student of Professor Emeritus. He comes to KL, sometimes with wife, to be with his former teacher on his birthday. He has been doing so for the past 15 years.

Professor Emeritus was very happy to be surrounded by his student and friends on his birthday. His was the joy of "arrival".

From left seated: Professor Lao, Prof Emiratus, David Chia and his wife Elsie.

Friday, May 15, 2009

你的妈妈呢? where is your mama ?



我再笑说,其实母亲节也称为“无亲节”。她愕然。我说,母亲节是给那些一年三百六十四天,没见父母亲的孩子,没关心过父母的孩子,那些"不知道爸妈的晚餐吃得是什么菜” 的孩子一个补偿的机会,所以,也可以称为“无亲节”。她说我胡说八道。


我的母亲在我十五岁的时候逝世了。。。那是很久 、很久以前的事了。现在想起来,妈妈的印象也越来越模糊了。


妈妈是一个很慈祥善良的人。可能今天已经没有人会向邻居借米 、油这类事情了。有的话,也只是电视剧里,男 、女想互相认识的一种伎俩而已。四、五十年前,这是很平常的事。当时因为人们的生活都很穷困,只有在发薪的时候,才有能力购买家庭需要的物资,用完了,就需要等到下个月的“出糧”才再去购买。所以,很多时候,材 、米 、油 、盐比预期的早用完,那就得像邻居暂借了。


妈妈没和人结恨或说人坏话。当我们和别家孩子打架时,不管我们对还是错,一定会受到妈妈处罚。在妈妈的眼里,打架是不好的事。妈妈没有仇人 、从没和人吵架。


这点,可以从她常常帮人写信就可知道。邻人假如有收到信件,如外地孩子 、亲人,或者中国亲戚有信来,都会来找妈妈代读及代回信。她从来不拒绝任何人在这方面的要求。(妈妈去世后,这工作就由我接过)。

妈妈抽烟。很奇怪,那个年代,很多妇人家抽烟,妈妈是其中一位。她抽的是“白唛 Capston” 及“打猎Rough rider”. 我有时常到店里帮妈妈买香烟。





我的父母 My parents

A lady friend told me her children were bringing her out for dinner on Mother's day. She was afraid of putting on weight ... she called it a " Mother pig's day".

I jokingly said that Mother's day also known as "No Mother's day". It was a day for people who did not see their mother 364 days of the year; who did not know what was parents eating for dinner.... So they were actually celebrating "No Mother's day".

Whatever it is, as long as your mother is still alive, every day is mother's day. Do not think of your mother on Mother's day only especially when your mother is no long around. It is stupid.

My mother passed away when I was 15. It was such a long long time ago... she is fading and blurring in my memory........

But I still remembered clearly few outstanding qualities of my mother:

My mother was a kind and charitable lady. Borrowing rice and cooking oil from your neighbour is not common nowadays. You could see it in TV drama only as tactic to know a boy or a girl, but it was very common fifty years ago. Life was difficult then. People bought their rations or necessity on pay day only. If supply ran out before the next pay day, they have to borrow from the neighbours or friends.

We were very poor. My mother widowed at a young age, my eldest brother was 17 and needed to work to support the family. My mother never refused request from any neighbour even her own rice container was almost empty. She never complained of neighbour who "forgotten" to return.

My mother had no enemy or bad mouthed others. When we had fight with other children, whether right or wrong, we will be punished. Fighting was a terrible thing for her. She never talked bad of others and quarreled with any one.

My mother was very knowledgeable. She was not a graduate, or even finished primary school. But she read newspaper everyday. At those days, newspaper was a luxurious. She must be very knowledgeable by reading newspaper everyday.

This can be proven by her reading letters for neighbours and friends. Many villagers would seek her help to read for them letters sent by their outstation children, relatives from outstation and China. And she would reply according to their dictation. She refused no one requesting for help. (I took over her job after her passing.)

My mother was a smoker. Quite unbelievable on those day, many ladies smoked. My mother smoked "Capstan" and "Rough Rider". I used to buy cigarette for her.

Mother meant tender love and warm. Those days we slept on wooden bed - literally on bed made up of about 10 pieces of wooden blanks. My two younger brothers slept with my mother. But on many occasions, I would squeezed in and slept at the end of the bed - space between their legs and wall. It was warm and comfortable. Be with your mother was the most heart warming moments.

My mother was a strong woman. She was widowed at thirty plus. My father was a timber cutter and died in a work accident. He was struck by a fallen tree. My mother was expecting her 8th child (my youngest brother) when my father died. Bringing up 8 children was a tough task.

I can only think of my mother in my memory, in the deep of the night ....

Where is your mother?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disgusting 反胃

Who are they? 他们是谁?

Perak Mentri Besar Nizar's jubilation on 11/5/09 after the High Court declared he is the legitimate Metri Besar (MB) was shortlived.

While he resumed his duty on 12/5/09 morning, the BN government lodged an appeal and a stay of execution at the Courts of Appeal in Putra Jaya about the same time.

The appeal received special treatment and was heard almost immediately. At 1:00 pm, the court granted bogus MB Zambry stay of execution and ordered Nizar to vacate office immediately, 19 hours after High Court declared him the legitimate MB.

Nizar and his Excos vacated their office at 2:30 pm.

Wow, speedy justice....

Next day, 13/5/09, Nizar's council lodged an appeal to the same court in the afternoon to repeal the stay of execution order. He received no favour ... in fact, cold shoulder he got. No date or time to hear his appeal was given.

At 5:00 pm, Nizar was informed that the case would only be heard on Monday, 18/5/09.

Double standard.

Meanwhile, bogus MB Zambry likened his " in office, out office, in office" as a great struggle and sacrifices comparable to Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Mahatma Ghandi of India..... my goossshhh.... I wanted to puiiiikkkkk........... ahhhh.....

(The only similarity .... his face is as thick as Mandela's autobiography....Long Road to Freedom.)

PM Najib, ......... Zambry and his Perak goons are the greats comparable to Nelson Mandela, Ghandi..... who are you then ?!!?

Whoever you are, please don't hide behind the Sultan ... or rather don't use Sultan's name by saying repeatedly: " is up to the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly.....".

Be yourself !

Long Road To Freedom 漫长自由之路

霹雳州务大臣尼查在 11/5/09 得知吉隆坡高等法庭裁决他是合法大臣之后,神采飞扬,高兴极了,但都是短暂的 。

隔天 12/5/09早上, 他回到州秘书署开始工作。也在此同时,国阵及总检察长向上诉庭提出上诉,并要求暂停实行高庭的判决。




第二天,13/5/09 下午二时,尼查的律师团也向上诉庭上诉,要求暂延实行昨天的暂延令。但尼查的申请没有受到特别的处理,其实是没受到处理,因为没高手什么时候会审讯。

到了下午五时,尼查才被通知,他们的申请,将在星期一 18/5/09 开审。


在此同时,假大臣赞比礼把他的“斗争”及“牺牲” 和南非的曼得拉反种族主义,印度的甘地的和平运动相提并论,如此般的伟大。。。啊。。。我要吐了。。。。哎。。。。岂有此理。。吐吐吐。。。

(相似之处,我只能说,他的脸皮,好像曼德拉自传 【漫长自由之路】一样厚而已 。。)

首相纳吉 。。。赞比礼把自己提升到如圣雄甘地 。。。曼德拉。。那你是谁呢?



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friends from Ipoh 有朋自怡保来

From left standing: Joshephin, Yu Ling, Bi Yun, Pauline, Rui Zheng. Seated: Jing Guang

Received a called from Josephine of Ipoh before noon. She and four friends had arrived at Tung Shin Hospital to visit Chong Yu Ling's daughter, Lina, whom I blogged earlier [I can only pray]. Lina is currently receiving treatment for her cancer.

I invited them to come down to Kajang if time permitted.

Yu Ling has been accompanying her daughter in the hospital for more than a month. She has not been home or away from the hospital all the while. So Josephine and friends brought her out for lunch at Petaling Street so as to allowing her sometime to "de-stress".

They also took the opportunity to come down to Kajang.

Sate is a must for visitors to Kajang. I brought them for Sate, thence to my house for tea - Chinese Pur Er tea.

They will send Yu Ling back to hospital before returning to Ipoh, which is expected to arrive before midnight.

I wish them a pleasant and safe journey home.

中午之前,接到阿芬妹的电话,她联同四位怡保朋友,已经到了吉隆坡同善医院,探望张玉玲姐的女儿莉娜 - 她就是我说的,患了癌症求医的那位女孩 (帖子 - 我只能祈祷)。






Thunder flu 雷霆感冒

Cannot withstand a punch !

It is not political, it is not physical, it is medical!

It has been more than a week, and I am still not fully recovered from the flu... not A(H1N1), but the "thunder flu", a name I gave to this particular strain that attack me at least once a year.

I am not able to withstand a punch ... from the thunder flu.Too strong an exponent.

I am still feeling weak... head heavy and congested, cold sweating.... The weather is not making things easy for me.

I have lost more than 3 Kg! Feeling like tou fu fa* !

不堪一击 !


已经超过一个星期了,我还没从感冒中完全复原过来。这种感冒,不是时下的 A(H1N1),而是几乎每年都会攻击我至少一次,我称它为 “雷霆感冒” 的流感。


我还是觉得很虚弱。。。头重 、有挤压感 ,还很容易流汗(冷汗)。。酷热的天气使得我感觉糟透了。


* weak & vulnerable 如豆腐花般的软弱

Monday, May 11, 2009

Justice 正义

I worked half a day in the office and went home at about 2:00 pm. Still recovering from the "thunder flu".

With not much expectations, I checked online news portal for the latest development of the court judgement today which would decide on who is the legitimate Mentri Besar of Perak.

I do not have much confidence in our judiciary on such cases.

But to my surprise, at about 4:15 pm, as I was also watching on TV our Pope is being welcomed in Jerusalem by the Israeli Prime Minister and President, my notebook screen appeared:

The Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that Nizar is the legitimate Perak Mentri Besar..... Justice Abdul Aziz also ordered bogus BN mentri besar Zambry and his six Excos to vacate the office immediately for Nizar and his Excos' return....

The Sultan has no power to sack the MB without calling for a vote of no confidence.

The Court also ordered a fresh election to he held.

Unbelieveable ! This is justice ! It has been done !

Of course BN will not let go the meat easily. The battle rages on... next round! But I sincerely hoped that the third person in the picture below would undo all the wrongs and make the situation right - the right situation of the people, respect the right of the people, people's right is The right!

The latest news is that Nizar is on his way to seek an audience with the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the Assembly. Chinese saying: " you need the person who tied the bell to untie it".






真的令人不敢相信 !这才是正义 !正义得于实行了!

当然国阵不会就那么容易的拱手相让,战斗将继续进入第二轮。不过,我倒希望上面照片的第三个人,他能够将错误更正,作出正确的决定,把局面扭转改正 - 一个人民要的正面局面, 尊重人民的意愿, 人民的力量才是真正的决定力量!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

My new village stories 我来自新村

Chinese subscribers believed to be the main source of income for Astro. From time to time, Astro will re-adjust so called "package", re-shuffle some Chinese channels and charged accordingly. We have to pay a premium for most of the popular Chinese programmes. I am a Astro subscriber but definitely not a fan.

But I have to give a thumb up for Astro 3 weeks ago after watching a great programme produced by them - My new village stories. The first episode was aired on 19-4-2009.

This programme was produced in conjunction with the founding of new villages 60 years ago under the British rule. It featured major new villages in Malaysia, telling the stories of the struggles and sacrifices of early Chinese migrants and settlers, and later the development and progress of the villages and villagers.

It is a wonderful collective memory for those who are born and bred in new villages like me. It is also the collective contribution of Chinese to the development of our beloved country Malaysia.

The programme is aired on AEC Channel every Sunday at 9:00 pm, repeat one hour later at 11:00 pm; repeat on Tuesday10:00 am and Friday 5:00 pm.

** See footnote at bottom

More info 更多播出资料
http://astroxincun.blogspot ;

华人观众相信是Astro 寰宇无线电视的最大收入来源。它时常调整所谓的配套,把节目东拉西扯,调换,然后就成为了新的配套,修改价钱,只有 上没有下。我们通常都要付出较高的费用,才能够享受那些较流行的华语频道。我是astro 的用户,但绝不是它的拥护。

不过,在四月的时候,我得给它一个大拇指的赞赏。Astro 制作了一个新的节目,名为【我来自新村】,第一集在19-4-09 播出。

这节目是配合在英国统治时,建立新车六十周年而制作。节目是介绍全马主要的华人新村,叙述数十万华人当年如何被驱赶进入集中区居住,开垦蛮荒,流血流汗,把新村建立,也把家园建立,新村及村民的艰辛 、刻苦 、牺牲,为国家发展的血泪史。


这节目每个星期日晚上九时,在AEC 301 频道播出,同晚十一点重播,然后星期二早上十时及星期五傍晚五时再重播。

Foot note 后记:

『My side of story』 a book written by Chin Ping, the Head of disbanded Communist Party of Malaya is a good reference book to know more about the history of Chinese new villages. (Available in English and Chinese translation).


Prayer meeting 祈祷约会

SAVE CHAPEL OF ST JOHN Committee invites friends and fellow Catholics to an evening of prayer & Thanksgiving Mass at Chapel of St. John on Sunday 17-5-2009 with programmes as follows:

3:00 pm Praise & Worship
4:00 pm Thanksgiving Mass

Buses will leave Holy Rosary Church, KL for Triang at 12:00 noon. Those who are interested to attend, please contact Michael Siew Tel: 012-3895967 for details.


彭亨州直凉【圣若望保堂】委员会邀请各地的朋友 、教友,在 17-5-2009 星期日到该堂参加一项祈祷 、感恩弥撒约会,节目如下:

下午三时 赞颂 、朝拜
下午四时 感恩弥撒

有兴趣参加者,可共乘巴士前往。巴士将在当天中午十二时正,在吉隆坡玫瑰堂集合及出发。请联络萧伟强兄弟获取更多详情 - 电话: 012-3895967

在主内,我们合而为一 ! 求主俯听我们的祈祷 !


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full moon 月圆

Today is 15th day of the lunar 4th month and the first full moon of May.

Today Malaysian Buddhist celebrates Wesak day. May I wish all our Buddhist friend a happy and joyful Wesak Day.

20 days more, Chinese will celebrate Duan Wu Jie ( Dumpling day). This evening we received from our superwoman friend Mrs Lee first lot of homemade Dumplings (Bak Chang).

She is one of the brave women undergone double knee replacement. Today she is as active as ever, traveling round the world and seeing places. She has just returned from a 2-week trip to China, and is planning an US trip to visit her daughter and a cruise ship tour to Alaska in June/July.

I love Bak Chang !





我喜欢吃肉粽 !

Friday, May 8, 2009

A black day 黑暗的一天

Yesterday, 7-5-2009, was a black day.

I was down with flu with temperature shooting up to 39 degree Celsius. I was coughing badly. I have to gaggle with water to cool myself before entering doctor's examination room. This was to avoid the doctor put me under "suspected A -H1N1 ".

But this could only made it a sick day, not a black day. Yesterday was a black day because of the fiasco in Perak State Legislative Assembly and the actions of the Perak Police and also ludicrously and shamefully, you cannot were black!

It was a black day because you cannot wear black on this particular day. Many people were arrested in Ipoh, some were in the coffee shop having breakfast, one unlucky fellow was wearing a black T-shirt doing his morning exercise ... all because wearing black. Many Members of Parliament, State Assemblymen were arrested by police because they were wearing black too.

I was wearing black but not to be arrested because I was not in Ipoh.

It was a black day because the the over-reaction and intolerance of the Police. The Police Force today likened to a "mad hound", would attack harmless and weaponless people - people wearing black, people holding candles, people walking in a group, any MP or State Assemblyman or women not belonging to Barisan Nasioanal..... even lawyers, but are rather helpless in facing mat rempit (motor-cyle gangs), snatch thieves, robbers, rapists and other criminals.....

They cannot be trusted in protecting the right of citizens and innocents. They lord over the people, not servant and protector of the people.

It was a black day because the constitution and rule of law of the land being disregarded and trampled. A deputy speaker of the Assembly( her name I deemed too derogatory to mention) sacked her boss, the Speaker of the Assembly!?!? what a big joke!

A legitimate Speaker of the house being physically removed (with chair) from the house! First in the history of the parliamentary democracy.

Who is the legal Mentri Besar? The court would decided on Monday, but a "new mentri Besar" already busy at work fighting for his place in the assembly.

When Perak Mentri Besar Nizar asked the Sultan for consent to dissolve the assembly for a new election to seek for a fresh mandate, instead, he happily using his "power" to tell him: “ you better step down, I will appoint a new one. You do not have the support of the assembly any more?!? ” Funny, no vote of confidence was being taken? Who is running the state? who has the mandate of the people?

Mahathir said sultan cannot sack a mentri besar ! Former Judge NH Chin said the sultan is morally wrong in so doing! The president of the Senate said should go back to the people to decide!

It was a Royal Command fiasco show ! It involved The Royal Malaysian Police, with His Highness, Tengku Nasrin at the VIP room and his Highness state government.

Prime Minister Najib called the fiasco a shame to our country. Yes, shame on him, not us.

My flu is getting better but the medication really knocked me down. But I enjoyed the drowsiness and sleepiness after taking the medicines. I can sleep!

I am imposing a self-quarantine until until my coughing stops!

昨天,7-5-09, 是黑暗的一天。

我得了严重的感冒,体温上升到39度,咳嗽的很厉害。在还没见到医生之前,我用水来漱口,希望能“冷却”自己,免得医生量体温时,把我列入“疑似A H1N1"病患。


这是黑暗的一天,很简单的,因为这天穿黑色衣服就是犯法。这天,在怡保,很多人在咖啡店吃早餐被警察逮捕,就因为他穿上黑衣。一位可怜的老兄,穿着黑色的上衣做晨运,也莫名其妙的被警察逮捕。好多位国会议员 、州议员,也被拘捕,原因就是穿黑色的衣服。


这是黑色的一天,因为警察的过激行动及缺乏容忍。今天的警察部队,犹如一只“疯狗”。他们会无无缘无故的攻击那些手无寸铁 、不会对财物或人作出伤害的无辜的人 - 如穿黑衣的人,手拿蜡烛的人,集会的人群,那些不属于国阵的国会议员或 州议员。。。甚至律师!但奇怪的是他们面对飚车党 、摄夺匪徒 、强盗 、强奸犯等,却束手无策。。。


这是黑暗的一天,因为宪法及法律的精神被丢弃及践踏。你看!州议会的副议长,(此人的名字我认为太下流去提到)胆敢开除及驱逐合法的议长,他的上司?!?!可耻 、可笑。




马哈迪说:“苏丹可以委任州务大臣,但不能够开除他。前任法官NHChin 说,假如苏丹开除大臣,道义上,他是错了。上议院议长看到了这个持续的乱象,他认为只有再回到人民哪里,交由他们决定。

这是一齣皇家演出闹剧。主演的有马来西亚皇家警察, 皇家州议员,还有在贵宾室等候的皇储。




Thursday, May 7, 2009

A mess 一塌糊涂

Why the mess in Perak?
Read on:-

An except from N.H.Chin's interview(Malaysiainsider):

Q: Why do you think the people are angry?

问: 为什么人们这样的生气?

A(NH Chin)答:

Do you know why the Perakians were up in uproar against the Sultan of Perak?


It's because, as any lawyer will tell you, especially as he was Lord President before, that before you make a decision, you cannot see the parties. If you want to meet any of the parties, both of them must be present. You never do so by seeing one and then making a decision. The moment you do that, to the losing side or to any observer will think you have been influenced. So it's the impression that counts.

They were angry with the Sultan because they can sense it in their bones that it is wrong to make a decision to see the other side first.



Q: Is the Sultan morally wrong or legally wrong?


A: If the Sultan had executive powers to rule, it is legally wrong, so they could apply for judicial review of the Sultan's decision. But I pointed out in my first article he has no executive power to rule because he is not an executive monarch, he is a constitutional monarch. What he did was morally wrong.


A day in history 历史性的一天

Today is an important day in the history of our country.

Perak State Assembly will meet amid heavy police presence, road block and roads closure, chaos and confusion.

Let us say a prayer for our country, for harmony and for justice and peace.


霹雳州议会将在今天, 混乱及动摇的局面下召开会议。会场外有许多警察的包围,路障设立及道路被关闭。


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Black shirt 黑衣

On 27 October 1987, when the Malayisan Police under the order of then prime minister Mahathir, carried out Operation Lallang, The masthead of The Star was in black (as contrast to usual red). It was a black day for our country.

All together 106 leading opposition leaders, academicians, NGO activists, educationists, religions leaders were arrested and put to Kemunting detention camp. The licences of The Star and Sinchew Daily were revoked. Their operation resumed few months later after restructuring. Alas, they are different papers from pre- 27-10-2009.

5 May 2009, poll reform group BERSIH spokeperson Wong Chin Huat was arrested under Sedition Act by just saying at a press conference "wear black on 7-5-2009" to protest the Perak state government takeover by Barisan Nasional which has been seen as undemocratic and unconstitutional.

By telling people to wear black posed no security threat to the country, no threat to any one except shaming those who are guilty.

The police should put in more effort to arrest mat rempit, snatch thieves, robbers..... they are the threat to the security of the people.

Mahathir, Najib, Syed Hamid, Hishammuddin ,.... any semblance... or any difference?

Whatever slogan, gesture and people-friendly actions undertaken by Najib, like visiting markets, Petaling street, Puduraya.... all are bull shit cosmetic public relation stunt... leopard cannot change skin.

Since when choice of color has constituted an criminal offence? It is shameful and ludicrous.

Oppression is getting worse. The leopard has shown its spots.

在27-10-1987, 警方在当时首相马哈迪的指示下,展开了“茅草行动”。隔天的英文【星报】封面以黑色的字代替了红色的报名,因为这是黑暗的一天。


5-5-2009, 选举监督组织 - 『净选联盟』的发言人黄进发,被警方引用煽动法令下被逮捕,因为他在一些新闻发布会上,呼吁人们“在7-5-2009穿黑衣”,以表示对国阵政府不符合宪法及不民主的夺取霹雳州政权。



马哈迪 、纳吉 、赛哈密 、希山慕丁...... 有相似的地方?! ..... 或有不同的地方?!

纳吉接任首相后,喊了很多口号 、做了很多亲民的动作,如拜访巴杀 、小贩中心等,这些都是公关的骗人的表面动作,豹子不能换皮的!(与虎谋皮,是不可能的!)




Monday, May 4, 2009

A priest is sick 神父病了(2)

After lunch at Sg. Buluh, I went to Kelang to visit Fr. Anthony Chan.

I arrived at Fr's house at St. Theresa Church at about 4:00 pm. He was still resting. Vincent and Daniel Kooi (father of Rev. Fr. Andrew Kooi) were "on duty" there.

I was told that a 24-hour roster has been arranged so that there are people (group) to be with Father Chan all the time. Mrs Lee will still be there during day time. Their kindness and love are really touching!

I did not wish to disturb Father, so I just peeped through the door and saw him resting peacefully on bed.

He is still receiving radiotherapy, and celebrates Mass in the morning too.

May God bless him peace and strength.







Tilapia 非洲鱼

From left: Chee Boon, Freddy, and Chiu

It is time of the month for me to collect payment from my favourite customer.

Today, I went to Sg Buluh to collect a cheque and have lunch with owners Freddy, Chiu and Chee Boon (Finance Manager). We went to a Restoran Lan Je at Kota Damansara, which is famous for its steamed Tilapia fish - one fish per person.

Good food, good company, good appetite !







Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pilgrimage 朝圣

Today, 3-5-09 Sunday, Chinese speaking legionaries from Kuala Lumpur and Kepong made a pilgrimage to St. Paul's Church at Kuala Kubu Baru as the main event for the Year of St. Paul.

About 400 legionaries, locals and Catholics from other parishes attended the 4:30 pm Mandarin Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Charles Chin.

今天星期日, 3/5/09, 来自吉隆坡 、甲洞等地区的华文圣母军,到新古毛的圣保禄堂朝圣。这是保禄年的主要活动。

大约四百名军友 、当地及一些外地的教友参加了傍晚四时半,由陈赞光神父主祭的华语弥撒。

Botak Fr. Chin

Alice, from Sibu but working here, joined our pilgrimage. We stopped at the local coffee shop for Mee and dessert.