Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friends from Ipoh 有朋自怡保来

From left standing: Joshephin, Yu Ling, Bi Yun, Pauline, Rui Zheng. Seated: Jing Guang

Received a called from Josephine of Ipoh before noon. She and four friends had arrived at Tung Shin Hospital to visit Chong Yu Ling's daughter, Lina, whom I blogged earlier [I can only pray]. Lina is currently receiving treatment for her cancer.

I invited them to come down to Kajang if time permitted.

Yu Ling has been accompanying her daughter in the hospital for more than a month. She has not been home or away from the hospital all the while. So Josephine and friends brought her out for lunch at Petaling Street so as to allowing her sometime to "de-stress".

They also took the opportunity to come down to Kajang.

Sate is a must for visitors to Kajang. I brought them for Sate, thence to my house for tea - Chinese Pur Er tea.

They will send Yu Ling back to hospital before returning to Ipoh, which is expected to arrive before midnight.

I wish them a pleasant and safe journey home.

中午之前,接到阿芬妹的电话,她联同四位怡保朋友,已经到了吉隆坡同善医院,探望张玉玲姐的女儿莉娜 - 她就是我说的,患了癌症求医的那位女孩 (帖子 - 我只能祈祷)。






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