Monday, August 31, 2009

Syndicated beggars 集团乞丐

Today afternoon, I stopped at a traffic light in one of the main street of Kajang. A Chinese "beggar" was asking for money from the drivers. He was about 60ish, stout and tanned.

At the next junction when I stopped my car for another red light, I saw another "beggar" about the same age as the previous one and looked stout too, asking for money from drivers.

Both were holding same type of walking sticks and sling begs! Physically, they looked stronger than me.

I refused to give them anything. I am quite sure they are "syndicated beggars" or "professional beggars" - beggars deployed by a syndicate to make money.

May be there are one at every junction.




我拒绝给他们钱。我很肯定他们是“集团乞丐” 或“专业乞丐” - 他们是由一个集团指挥,为他们赚钱的。


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia


Happy 52nd Birthday to our country Malaysia. God bless our country and her people with peace, harmony and prosperity.

Happy Birthday to Adeline too. May God bless you with good health, happiness and may your wishes come true.


我也祝贺女儿淑迎生日快乐,主佑健康 、喜乐。愿你心想事成。

Birthday celebration with friends and family
和朋友及家人共庆生日 (30-8-09)

Pictured at church after Mass on 31-8-2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Barbaric act 兽蛮行为

It replicated a scene in Somalia 1993 where US soldier's dead bodies were dragged on the street for public display. It was a barbaric act.

But it was in a war zone and a lawless country.

Yesterday in Shah Alam, the capital city of Selangor, a severed cow head was on displayed at the State Secretariat building brought in by a group of 50 residents from Section 23 after their Friday prayer at a nearby mosque. They were protesting the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighborhood. They spat and stomped on the cow head and called out the name of Dr. Xavier Jeyekumar, the Indian Exco member in charge of non-Muslim affair of Selangor.

Cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism.

There were a number of policemen on duty but watching the incident without any action taken. The Police chief of Shah Alam district conveyed his apology to Dr. Jeyekumar and a few other leaders for police's inaction in a meeting this morning.

Many Indian and Hindu leaders called on their communities to remain calm and do not over-react to this isolated incident of un-ethical and barbaric behaviour of a few.

I condemned with the strongest term the un-religious, insensitive, barbaric and stupid act of this group of people.

On the eve of 52nd independence day, and month of Ramadan, let us offer a prayer for our beloved country Malaysia and ask for forgiveness .... Lord, have mercy on us.









Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Below is a letter I wrote to the Editor of Herald, the Catholic weekly which was published on 23-8-09 issue.

Dear Editor

Do away with the Ketuanan English mentality in churches
(header by Herald)

I am a Mandarin speaking Chinese Malaysian. I am proud of my Catholic faith. I totally disagreed with the comments by Chris Anthony on “ Racism in the church – Malaysian context” (Herald August 9, 2009, in italic).

“they prefer to regard themselves as Malays, Chinese, Indians than Malaysians, interacting with those of their own race…when we do not understand the cultures and traditions of our “friends” from other races …”

When I say I am a Chinese, it doesn’t make me a racist. Christianity does not prohibit me to be a Chinese, neither does it requires me to discard my ancestry and cultural practices.

This is a sweeping statement best he speaks for himself. Reading his mail, I would like to call the writer an outdated, colonial, pre-Vatican II, “Ketuanan English” creation.

“…it has further aggravated the problem by creating the various language groups. In the fifties and sixties when English was the main means of communication there was greater unity among the various races in the church……”

“Ketuanan English” is another form of racism and discrimination. The writer is against God’s creation of diversity and multiplicity. Today, we not only have English, Indian, Chinese and Eurasian groups, but there are now Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, Vietnamese, Burmese, Nepalese, Korean, Filipino-speaking groups that are present in Christ's Church and community; our church is a dynamic Communion of diversity.

How nice it would have been if the Church had not progressed into what it is today. The writer would most definitely be happy that English would have still reigned sole supremacy!

“whenever a new parish priest takes over there is so much lobbying by the Tamil and Mandarin speaking parishioners to have a priest from their own race……”

I am a Catholic of 35 years and having worked with the English, Tamil, Chinese and BM groups, no group, to my best knowledge, has ever demanded a priest of their own race to serve their community. What they do, in fact, is to REQUEST for a priest who speaks their language. It is a basic right to practice religion in one’s own language. It is not racist and is perfectly acceptable.

I am so happy to see that the church is training many Chinese and Tamil speaking priests to cater to the needs of the lay faithful.

“From the past we know that a common language will go a long way to integrate the various communities and it has to be either Bahasa Malaysia or English, the latter is preferable for obvious reasons.”

It summed up the real thought of the writer.

Ending this mail I would like to quote: “ The church , in fact, lives in the world, even if she is not of the world ….certainly all the members of the church are sharers in this secular dimension but in different ways. In particular the sharing of the lay faithful has its own manner or realization and function, which, according to the Council, is “properly and particularly” theirs. Such a manner is designated with the expression “secular character”. (Christifideles Laici No. 15)

Simon Phun , Kajang.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thief or actor 贼或扮贼

For the past few days, all local Chinese press was busy reporting a thief from Hong Kong entering Malaysia. The media trying very hard to spot the thief, camped day and night at the possible hideout of the thief but to no avail. The thief was very cleaver to hide.

The thief was not wanted by Interpol nor FBI or the local police. In fact he is not a thief at all but acting like a thief....ha! got such thing?

Yes got such thing. I called it "sui yong" (degrading behaviour). Moreover, he is a very famous actor.

The thief (or rather the actor who acted as a thief) was not coming to Malaysia to steal but to attend the funeral of his father-in-law.

So why he needed to hide?

Because the so called father-in-law of the thief was not supposed to be his father-in-law because he was not married.... or not suppose to have a wife... so not supposed to have a father-in-law lah....

I heard the thief was having same name as Hong Kong superstar Andy Law.... but Andy Law has never said that he was married or he has a father-in-law...

So he was not Andy Law? He must be a thief !

Only thief would hide his face when attending father-in-law's funeral! Pitiful.



有的。我称他为 “衰样”(作贱自己的行为),而且他还是一位非常出名的演员呢!







Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simple dishes 家常便饭

Elizabeth's friends from France just returned from an East Coast island trip.

This evening, we have Chinese dinner at our usual family-style open air restaurant. We ordered few typical dishes. They enjoyed very much.

They were very adventurous and eat anything on the table, including chilies. Julie (pic right, Gaelle on left ) even ate an eye of the steamed fish!



他们非常的勇敢尝试新口味,包括辣椒。 茱莉(图右,左为葛儿)甚至把蒸鱼的眼睛也吃了下去!

Enjoyable Video 录影分享

Enjoyable video to watch on YOUTUBE:

1. The Potong Saga (笨蛋傻瓜)

2. By-election rally (补选演说-倪可敏)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Eucharist 耶稣圣体

St. John's Gospel chapter 6 on the Body and Blood of Jesus, which was the Gospel reading for the past 5 weeks, is one of my favourite chapters.

"Anyone who does eat my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise that person up on the last day.

For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.

Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in that person." (verses 54-56).

These are the verses I quoted frequently at RCIA session on Eucharist, communion, love and eternal life in Christ. This is the solid foundation of our Eucharist which was instituted by Christ himself.

While receiving the Communion, I was thinking about the response to the responsorial psalm " Taste and see that the Lord is good".

How was the taste? did I believe this was the blood and body of Christ? Did I ha
ve doubt as the Basilican monk in Lanciano of Italy in AD750? *

It tasted good, especially if it was freshly made wafer! But Lord, I believe it was your Body and Blood. You gave me hope, trust and confidence of salvation and eternal life.

Yes Lord, I believe.

*The bread turned into real flesh & blood. It is still in this form till today.


“谁吃我的肉,喝我的血,必得永生,在末日,我且叫他复活;因为我的肉,是真实的食物,我的血,是真实的饮料” (若六:54-56)


今天当我领圣体的时候,我想起答唱咏的回应 “ 尝到了天主的美善 ”(我自己照英文直译)。





Thursday, August 20, 2009

Idiot litter bug 混蛋垃圾虫

Can you make out what are the items in the picture?

It is a parking lot. On the floor are a piece of tissue paper, on the white line, is a piece of pineapple stalk, and the inner most is a plastic bag next to a car.

Now I want to tell you a story of a piece of tissue paper, a piece of pineapple stalk, a plastic bag PLUS an idiot.

I was sitting inside my car waiting to meet up with my friend for lunch at a car park in Sg Buluh New Village.

The car park was newly tarred and looked clean.

Then a man enter the car diagonally in front of me. He was holding a piece of pineapple. He started the engine, with air-con on, and started to eat the pineapple... very delicious and seemed enjoying very much. More than half way through..(more than half piece of pineapple gone), he decided to take out the remaining portion from the bag.

He threw the plastic bag out of the window and continue to eat the pineapple. Very delicious...must be very sweet.

He decided it was enough and threw out the remaining small piece of stalk. (Oooii idiot, that was the nicest crunchy part!)

Well, finished - do. Seemed very satisfied. So he took out a piece of tissue from the box and wiped his face.... very satisfied.

Then out the tissue paper through the window... and started moving his car out of the parking lot....

So you see, the story is about a piece of tissue paper, a small piece of pineapple stalk, a plastic bag AND of course, an idiot litter bug!








The idiot moving out ...may be going home to shit...
(luckily he did not do so in the car park)

这个混蛋开车了。。可能回家去把吃的 “如厕” 出体外吧。。(幸好他不敢再停车场里如此做)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheese 芝士

I love cheese.

Elizabeth's French course-mate and a friend came over to Malaysia for holiday. They brought some cheese for us. One of them is the famous French Brie cheese.

It must be a famous brand with French words:Le Le Livre Guinness des records and Champion du Monde.

It is soft and savoury. When unwrap, it smells like a rubbish truck passing by, when eating, it tastes like Kuantan salted fish.

It is great.

Wrapper 包装纸


我小女儿的法国同学及一位朋友,到马来西亚度假,带了一些芝士。其中一种是法国著名的Brie 芝士。




Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Luck Ong 翁总好运

MCA President, a.k.a lone ranger, Ong Tee Kiat describing himself under seize from all sides.

Internally, he is facing the mounting challenge of his deputy Chua Soi Lek. Outside he finds himself in the quagmire of Port Kelang Free Zone scandal. Few days ago, Kuala Dimensi CEO Tiong Keng Sing publicly alleged that he has given a loan RM 10 millions to Ong Tee Kiat. Looks like Ong is in deep shit.

He is not only under seize, he also hears the battle cries of his enemies " I want your scalp... I want your scalp..". Among voices are his own party leaders, Tiong Keng Sing and Lim Kit Siang too.

Poor Ong, until today, not a single BN component parties leader stand up for him*.

The only option - turn to his own people. He called a special briefing session on Free Zone scandal and RM10 million loan yesterday to ask for support within his own party.

He was not disappointed. More than 1000 leaders and members rallied behind him singing loudly: " We fully support you... we fully support you..."

He can heaped a sign of relief .... for the time being.

Putting issues aside, I respect and admire Ong's courage in pursuing relentlessly a possible fraud by some famous and powerful politicians and businessmen, all from Barisan National.

I sincerely wish him good luck.

马华总会长 、又称独行侠的翁诗杰(翁总)形容自己正受到“十面埋伏”。


他不只受到十面埋伏,还听到四面楚歌 。。“ 我要你的头颅。。。我要你的头颅。。。” 声音最亮的除了一些自己人外,还有张庆信,林吉祥等。


在无他选择下,他马上召集了整千名马华亲信及自己人支持者,到马华总部作汇报。幸好事情如他所料,大家都一起唱 “翁总,我们支持你。。。翁总,我们支持你。。”.




*UMNO Johor Baru MP Shahrir today praised Ong's effort on expose'.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New taxi fare 新的士收费

Last Friday, I sent my car for brake servicing, so I took a taxi to attend the funeral service of Mdm Teresa, Fr. Lucas' mother.

When I boarded the taxi, the driver (pic) asked me whether I can pay him extra RM1.00 for the trip. He said his meter has not been calibrated to the new rate which took effect on 1st August 2009.

I said no problem.

He told me that he spent 3 days queuing up at the meter supplier for meter calibration but to no avail. He was given an appointment to come back on 28th Aug to do so.

He complained that he has to pay RM70.00 for the calibration and RM 40.00 to Puspakom for certification.

He said the way government doing thing has not been changed - giving opportunity to interest-group to make more money.





他投诉需要付七十元调整费,然后还需到 Puspakom (电脑检验)验证,另需付费四十元。

他说政府的做事方式还是没有改变 - 给机会利益集团赚更多的钱。

Friday, August 14, 2009


Fr. Lucas Ng's mother, Mdm Teresa Tay aged 82, passed away on Tuesday 11th August 2009*. The funeral Mass was held today at 10:00 am at the Church of St. Ignitius, Petaling Jaya.

Fr. Lucas (CDD) gave a moving eulogy during which he broke down a few times. His mother is a woman of faith and prayer, constantly praising and thanking God for all the blessings she and family received from God.

She left behind a legacy of prayer, prayer and prayer. She is a great mom!

May her soul rest in the peace of God.






Wednesday, August 12, 2009







Best Cai Tao Kuih 最美味的菜头粿

Elizabeth's friend Lynette, who is working in Australia, back from home for holiday. They met up this afternoon.

We went for the best Cai Tao Kuih in Kajang in the evening.

My family had been frequenting this stall for more than 15 years, since its opening. It is a small road side stall by the side of a temple, operatied by a couple.

As they are getting older, we are afraid that should they retire, we will not have such tasty “ Cai Tao Kuih” anymore!

小女儿淑倾在澳洲工作的朋友 Lynette, 正好回来度假,今天下午他们碰面。

在傍晚,我们去吃加影最美味的“ 菜头粿 ”。



Monday, August 10, 2009

Through the eyes 眼睛看到的

Malaysia is a multicultural, multiracial and multireligious country. We are famed as a country of diversity.

So we have diversity of opinions and views too.

In Malaysia, sometimes, when a rape case happens, there are shouts of "women should not wear sexy dresses"; "women must cover so not to arouse man's animal instinct ".

The victims remain victims of rape and victims of blame, culprits are victors. This is an acceptable views in a certain sector of our society.

When the word "Allah" is used in Christian worship, certain groups are of the opinion that the word "Allah" is an exclusive word used by Muslim only, more so, it is feared that Muslims would be converted.

The government imposed a ban, thus taking away the right of others.

Recently, PAS, a coalition partner in Selangor Pakatan Rakyat state government calling for a ban on sales of alcohol in the state. Muslim is forbidden to consume alcohol.

Alcohol existed thousands of years. Alcohol if consumed moderately (correctly) is good for health. Red wine is good for the heart; Yomeisu is good for health .... D.O.M is good after childbirth. Beer is a healthy alcoholic beverage.

What about the right of others?

Out of sigh, out of mind? No display, no desire. Ostrich mentality.

Or as long as they do not see, their weak "hearts" are safe!

So it is correct to say that corruption, even though is the biggest scourge of the country, but transactions are done under table, in secret, in disguise.... so see no evil, no banning "order" because everything seems alright !

So it is also correct for me to say that the easiest solution is .... dislodge the eyes, so see nothing, no temptation, no sin!

After all, they only see bad things on others, not themselves and within themselves ... they have eyes but cannot see... so what is the use of eyes?!

Malaysia is a land of diversity. I have my view too.




当基督徒作礼拜时,不能用“Allah" 这个字眼,因为有一部分人认为这是回教徒专用的,而且可能会使到回教徒改教。








那我也真确的说,最容易解决的方法是 -- 这些人把眼睛挖出来,看不到,没有诱感,没罪恶,一切都是洁净的。



A new generation

A new generation

Sunday, August 9, 2009











他们几乎和许多法国巴黎外方传教修会及欧洲其他国家的传教修会的神父,同个时期到来马来亚及当时的婆罗州(沙巴、砂劳越)等地服务。今天,有些已经回到天乡,有些还在个别的教区服务。他们都是充满智慧的长者,我们的模范,我们应该以他们为荣 、珍惜及感恩。






我们永远都记得 、怀念他们,特别是这群来自中国的神父。


Thursday, August 6, 2009

MCA & A (H1N1) 马华与禽流感

MCA is in turmoil and affecting the country. Not because MCA is so important as UMNO, events in the party would affect the country, but simply it is rotting and the toxin is affecting the well being of the nation.

The President Ong Tee Keat is facing a " 10 sides ambush" in Port Kelang Free Zone scandal. Within the party, he is facing the emerging power of his deputy Chua Soi Lek.

So Chua Soi Lek was hauled up again to face the disciplinary board on the VCD sex scandal. Another round of power struggle is ensured.

All the president's men and women in MCA were busy following the president going round places to shore up support in this rounf of power struggle.

Among them, the Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai. He is not focus on his job.

The A(H1N1) outbreak in Malaysia is not pandemic but alarming. The latest dead toll as at today hits 14, with another 16 local transmitted cases, brings the total to 1492 cases.

Where is Liow Tiong Lai?

The Health director-general Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Merican warned that the influenza A(H1N1) is getting serious and about to break out of its present level into a community disaster!

The Director-General seems running the show. Where is Liow Tiong Lai?

Embroiling in the MCA internal struggle.

MCA is rotting, the country is suffering.. not because MCA is that important or influncial...






A(H1N1) 禽流感在我国虽然还没到严重期,但已是令人担忧及警惕的程度。到今天的最新数字,引这禽流感而死亡的人数,已经达到14人,加上今天又有16人本土感染,总共的禽流感患者,已经到达了1492宗。






Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full moon 月圆

It is full moon.

This is the moon created by God...
The moon that Jesus saw...
The moon my ancestors saw..
The same moon that my departed parents looked up to..

The moon of thousands years...
The moon forever!




Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full moon celebration 弥月之喜

Mrs Lee nee Chan Siew Fong, after seven days' self-imposed quarantine, re-united with the family and her new born grandson.

Tonight, we were invited to her grandson's full-moon (one month) celebrations. Many friends and relatives were invited, plenty of food being served too!



Baby's very unique five "diamond" 婴儿有五个“钻”,非常罕见。

李太的一位可爱外孙女 Her cute granddaughter

Fund raising 筹款活动

Everfit Yoga Studio headed by Lily Teoh, conducted a charity workshop today from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, to raise fund for Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT), a non-partisan humanitarian society to help the disaster relief works in Myanmar, especially the victims of Cyclone Nargis.

The workshop includes Vinyasa Flow Yoga and injuries prevention talk by a physiotherapist. Six members presented belly dances making this occasion extra joyful and lively (see video Belly dance for a good cause).

More than 70 members, paying RM50.00 each, participated in this project.

Exercise safely

张莉莉女士领导的Everfit Yoga Studio 在今天早上主办了一个慈善筹款工作坊,为阿南达马佳赈灾队筹款,救济缅甸风灾的难民。

工作坊的活动有呼吸调节瑜伽和由一位物理治疗师主持的防止受伤讲座。六位学员呈献了肚皮舞,使得这个活动更添加轻松和喜乐 (观赏录影)

约有七十位学员,每人付费RM50.00, 参加这个工作坊。

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Radio talk 电台的话

It was about 11:45 am, I was driving and listening to Mandarin radio station 988 (My FM).

It was a talk show with invited guest hosted by a male DJ. The DJ was reporting on the traffic condition in major roads and highway... many roads were jammed due to the Police road blocks set up in the city. In Mandarin, traffic jam is called "du che" (堵车). At the end of the report, DJ was sighing:... every where also "du che...du che" (jam..jam.).

Then the invited guest interjecting : du che..du che...never mind, but please do not "du lan"...!! (a vulgar term)

I couldn't believe it!

Then I listened further, the invited guest must be a highly learned and educated person. He was talking about virtues, culture, good taste of life ... the names of Confucian, Menze, Goathe....were mentioned practically after every other sentences.

Bad taste!

I switched off the radio to "du"(block) his mouth.

今天早上,约十一时四十五分,我正在驾车,听着电台988 (My FM) 的广播。


突然那位嘉宾加上一句:堵车。。堵车还好,千万不要“堵懒” (这是一句臭话)。





St. John's chapel 圣若望小堂

I called up Mdm Lee of Triang, a committee member of "Save St. John's Chapel" to enquire about the latest development of the chapel.

She told me that the developer (who were given the land) claimed that the church has encroached about 10 fts of its given land (arrow). So they cut down all the trees adjoining the side of the chapel and built up a new wall.

I think it is a show of force.

But the good news is: the chapel is still standing. The June dateline had passed, but no news of an impending demolition. The local MP has told them that the state government is still trying to find an amicable solution. Until then, the chapel is safe.


她告诉我,发展商声称教堂占用了他们拥有的土地约十尺 (箭头),所以就把那儿的大树全砍掉,然后筑起了一道新围墙。