Saturday, August 1, 2009

St. John's chapel 圣若望小堂

I called up Mdm Lee of Triang, a committee member of "Save St. John's Chapel" to enquire about the latest development of the chapel.

She told me that the developer (who were given the land) claimed that the church has encroached about 10 fts of its given land (arrow). So they cut down all the trees adjoining the side of the chapel and built up a new wall.

I think it is a show of force.

But the good news is: the chapel is still standing. The June dateline had passed, but no news of an impending demolition. The local MP has told them that the state government is still trying to find an amicable solution. Until then, the chapel is safe.


她告诉我,发展商声称教堂占用了他们拥有的土地约十尺 (箭头),所以就把那儿的大树全砍掉,然后筑起了一道新围墙。



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