Tuesday, August 31, 2010

National day holiday 国庆假期 (2 )

Cheng with husband Lau and children
Cheng 与丈夫及孩子

We took the opportunity of a holiday to catch up with Cheng and family from Klang.

They arrived at Kajang around noon. So it was lunch time ... where else to.....!? We brought them to Semenyih for the famous " Nai Sa" !

After lunch, we proceeded to Farm at Broga. I have promised Cheng long ... long...time ago to show them the Farm. At last, I've realized my promise to her.

At Broga, they visited the (also famous) Broga Rock Dato temple. They spent about 45 minutes to pray and looked at the beautiful surrounding scenery.

Andrew welcomed us warmly to the Farm. We settled down quickly and soon found ourselves relaxing in the cool weather brought by the evening rain.

Cheng and family enjoyed the cosy and relaxing environment at Farm. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant and Cheng left for home at about 7:45 pm.

At about 10:00 pm, Cheng sent a SMS informing us that they have arrived home safely and thanking us for the [ 1day tour package] !

We too would like to thank Cheng and family for their company and an enjoyable trip together.

See you sometime soon.... in Klang for Bak Kut Teh! (more pics on Facebook)

乘着假期之便,我们约好了来自巴生的朋友Cheng 及家人见面。

他们在午间抵达加影,正是午餐时间,到哪里。。。?! 我们带她们到士毛月出名的“奶沙”餐馆用午餐。

午餐过后,我们就往Farm 出发。我答应过Cheng 好多次,好久了要带她去参观Farm 。今天我终于实现了我的诺言了。

还没到Farm 前,我带他们去参观武莱岸香火极盛的石拿督庙。他们停留了大约45分钟,在那里膜拜及参观了美丽景观。

Andrew 热情的欢迎我们的到来。很快的我们就放松的融入了幽静的环境了,也享受了傍晚一场雨后带来的清凉气候。

Cheng 及家人都很享受这里的舒适清幽的环境。我们在大约六点左右,到附近的一间餐馆享用晚餐。他们在7点45分,晚餐后,就启程回家了。

在晚上十点左右,我们收到了一则来自Cheng 的短讯,告诉我们他们已经平安的到家,并感谢我们这『一天旅游配套』。


下次再见了....在巴生享用美味的肉骨茶?! (面子书更多照片)

Dinner 晚餐

National day holiday 国庆假期 (1)

Today, we Malaysians celebrate our country's 53 rd birthday.

At 9:00 am, our community gathered at the church for a Thanksgiving Mass ... giving thanks to God for the blessings He has showered on our beloved country. We asked God to continue His blessings on us all, may all citizens of different races and religions, live in peace and harmony; may our country rids itself of corruption, racism and discrimination, be transformed and reformed into a land of just, clean and stability.more pics on Facebook)

Today is also my eldest daughter Adeline's birthday. She is away in Singapore for a conference. Happy birthday to Adeline with love !



今天也是我的大女儿淑迎的生日。她正在星加坡参加一个会议。愿天主降福她,保佑她 。。。。生日快乐!

Merdeka breakfast afer Mass

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nah 呐

I did not pay much attention to the latest video uploaded by Wee Meng Chee , more famously a.k.a Namewee. He kicked up a storm in 2007 by rapping the national anthem in a Youtube video.

Tonight's evening news saw quite a good coverage by the TV stations. He made this new video in response to the latest incidents of twp racist headmasters telling the Chinese students to " Chinese go back to China".

The video issue was played up by Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of UMNO, supported by many politicians and ministers.

Out of curiosity, I checked it out in the Youtube.... Nah.呐..!

Not big deal. It is just a young man letting off his frustration and anger in response to the situation of the country.

This is the sign of time and the thinking (mind) of the young generation. Whoever are so stupid just to label him as "racist", "disturb the harmony".... then they themselves are the actual racists and disturbing the harmony of the country. (Utusan Malaysia is the racial shit stirrer)

It is wise to listen to their voice than just using force to silent them.

The video is a little bit vulgar ... to us older generation, but it is the way of the young generation expressing their feelings and sending out messages. This is the voice and image of the young generation... they want to be heard!

I pray that Namewee would not be the sacrificial lamb of the racists and politicians, who wanted his head for their own gains.


今晚的电视新闻,看到电视台广泛的报道。他的最新短片,是反应最近一间中学的校长,叫华人学生“回中国去” 后,而创作的。

这短片事件,受到巫统的喉舌【马来西亚先锋报】广泛的报道及煽动,还有一些部长及政治人物的的评论,好像有扩大到迹象。(【马来西亚先锋报】是种族课题的搅 屎棍)

为了好奇,我就上网去看了这短片 Nah。。呐!






Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rejoice in the Lord

Today is Sunday:

Inside the church -

The responsorial psalm today:

The Just shall rejoice at the presence of God,
they shall exult and dance for joy.
O sing to the Lord, make music to his name;
rejoice in the Lord, exult at his presence.

Father of the Orphan, defender of the widow,
Such is God in his holy place,
God gives the lonely a home to live in;
he leads the prisoners forth into freedom.

You poured down, O God, a generous rain:
when your people were starved you gave them new life,
prepared in your goodness, O God, for the poor.


I was deep in thought after the responsorial psalm ... forget about the virtue in the book of Ecclesiasticus... not being attracted by the Mount Zion, the new Jerusalem ... not thinking about the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel - man who humbles himself will be exalted....

Outside the church -

8 Hong Kong tourists were killed, six families shattered ... result of a corrupted system and government that not only the 8 tourists died in vain, but millions of her citizens suffered, including my housemaid who has to leave her beloved family to a foreign land to earn a small income in order to survive.

At least 20 millions of Pakistanis in an area as big as Italy, are suffering due to a month-long flooding caused by continuous monsoon rain...

In Malaysia, an innocent kindergarten teacher was stabbed to death by a cold blooded snatch thief....

How to reconcile the presence of God and the sufferings of innocent and helpless people in the world at large?!

By the way, at a corner of The Virtuous BolehLand, a group of self-serving, self-claimed righteous men and women, behaving themselves as God's spoke persons, telling why women and gentiles are not allowed into the holy Mount Zion....

(To be/Not to be continued...)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Social mission 社交使命

Attending dinner (wedding/birthday) is a .?.!.!.. thing.

Guests, tea pot, candle, bowls, plates and spoons are united in one mission : waiting for the food.

So while waiting, water, soft drinks, wine, liquor and tea come out to entertain..... for the next 3 to 4 hours.

Tonight another "mission" accomplished in Kajang -- 4 1/2 hours spent.

参加宴会(结婚/生日)是个 ..?..!..! 的事情。

客人,茶壶,蜡烛,碗碟,汤匙等都团结一致的 -- 等待食物。

所以在等待中,水,酒,汽水,及茶就出场来娱乐 。。。为时三到四个小时。

今晚又一个使命在加影完成了 - 总共是 四个半小时。

New church 新教堂

Wah! what a beautiful new church in Penang!
Official opening on 29th September 2010.


Church of Divine Mercy

Friday, August 27, 2010

stooge 2 蠢蛋 2

@ Malaysiakini

The Police commandos in the Philippines brought shame to their nation.

In Malaysia, a video was just being released showing our own stooge at work.

The forensic expert from Thailand, Pornthip Rojanasunand, was asked by Prosecutor of Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) in Teoh Beng Hock inquest, among others, if she had any experience jumping off buildings and whether it was possible for Teoh to strangle himself.

In the video, it exposed the lousy English and self-confusing questioning of the Prosecutor.

More dramatically, the stooge demonstrated it is possible for Teoh Beng Hock to strangle himself ! He should be sent to the circus.

He also questioned the qualification of Porntip who was a graduate of a university "..... not recognised in Malaysia."

Pornthip retorted: "... but it is the top 5 in Asia!"

He should take a look at himself in the puddle of his own urine.

photo credit: Christ Chew (FB)








Thursday, August 26, 2010

St. Theresa Church, Nilai 汝来圣特肋莎教堂

Today took off to Nilai to visit Fr. Raymond Pereira at the St. Theresa Church.

The church was previously a chapel under the jurisdiction of Seremban parish. Two months ago, it was upgraded to a parish and Fr. Raymond, who has just completed his study in Manila, was appointed the first parish priest.

St. Theresa Church would be celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee in October 2010 with a Triduum from 1st to 3rd Oct and grand dinner (subscription) at a famous restaurant in Nilai on Oct 30th.

All are invited.

I went to Nilai by North-South highway. I made a detour after Nilai toll to Nilai 3, the wholesales township.

It is a sprawling township with industrial area, housing area and commercial district. The wholesales district is famous throughout the country for its furnishing material supplies, bridal accessories and textiles. It is very popular among the Malay communities.

I was told that on weekends, buses and buses load of buyers, traveling from as far as Johor, Penang and Kedah, come to Nilai 3 to do their shopping.

Fr. Raymond and Tony Chai, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, took me to a coffee shop for lunch. Fr. Raymond recommended the famous Pan Mee for me. It's good! (More pics in Facebook)

Second from left: Fr. Raymond, Tony Chia and George

今天我到汝来(Nilai)拜访圣特肋莎堂的彭睿明神父(Fr.Raymond Pereira)。




我取道南北高速公路去汝来。在收费站过后,顺道去汝来3 (Nilai 3)看看。这是一个非常大的市镇,里面有工业区,住宅区及批发市场商业区。


神父及堂区议会主席东尼,带我到附近的咖啡店吃午餐。神父特别介绍这里的板面给我,确实是不错。 (更多面子书照片)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stooges 蠢蛋

I watched in TV the rescue operation conducted by the Philippines Police in the hostage drama in Manila.

The TV images showed a bunch of clumsy amateurish commandos holding guns in action but no substance (action) .... the clumsy way they banged on the bus door .... squadding together under the bus ....

They were like the stooges on operation.

The failed rescue operation resulted the death of eight Hong Kong tourists.

My deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.






Blood sucking red

Then ... Everyone loves AirAsia because it makes "everyone can fly" !

Now... Everyone hates Air Asia because it resembles a blood sucking airline Vempire!

It sets everyone free to fly ... soars to the sky ... but stealthily it puts many blood sucking parasites into every "hooked on cheap fare passenger".

It is called business strategy ... smart strategy that won AirAsia the best low cost airline in the world. AirAsia is no more a low cost airline but an empire.

Recently I have a run in with AirAsia and discovered some of the latest parasites:

1. RM 10.00 convenient fee for using credit card to pay. It is called convenience fee!

2. When you call AirAsia help line ( Premium Customer Service Line) , you are charged RM 1.95 per minute. By just following the instruction, (press x for English... press y for....; for xxa, press xxx, for xxb, press xxy, for yxx, press xyx...) your call in no time chalk up RM10.00 and yet not even near to speak to a human being....

3. You can send email to Airasia and expect a reply.... in your next life!

AirAsia is no longer a low cost (cheap) airline, but we the passengers are ... being treated by AirAsia low and cheap!

But the reality is: you cannot leave home without AirAsia!

For more information, please visit Fly AirAsia? not me... ( not my viewpoint)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

东家有喜 Host not in


我忘了放出这张布告。21及22 日,我不在家,因为有喜庆的活动。
喜庆 1 ---主徒会欢庆。在21日星期六,三位会士假马六甲会院,矢发永愿,在主徒会内过终身修道生活,这也是朝向司铎生涯的必经之门。




喜庆 2 -- 我岳父的83 岁生日。

马六甲发永愿的庆典及午餐结束后,我们续程南下到新山,庆祝岳父的83 岁生日。

我们在一间餐馆公用晚餐来庆祝他的生日。这是一个简单但非常温馨的庆生会。岳父大人非常高兴我们的到来和他共庆生日,他也很高兴的享用当晚的美味食物。 (面子书更多照片)

Owner out for celebration,closed for 2 days

This is the sign usually put up by the shop owner whenever the shop is closed because of some family celebrations or functions.

I have forgotten to put up this sign. I was away from 21 to 22 August, out for celebration.

Celebration 1 - 3 CDD seminarians took their perpetual Vows at the Pulau Gadung Seminary on 21 Aug witnessed by Bishop Paul Tan of Melaka-Johor Diocese, Diocesan priests, fellow CDD brethens and hundreds of well wishers from overseas and throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

They professed their perpetual vows in front of CDD Malaysia Provincial, Rev. Fr. Philip Tan, Seminary Rector Fr. Thomas Koo and Deputy Rector Rev. Fr. Francis Ng.

God blessed us with a good weather for this garden party.

Celebration 2 - My father-in-law's 83th birthday in Johor Baru.

After the ceremony and lunch at Melaka, we went down to Johor Baru for my father-in-law's birthday dinner.

A dinner was held at a Johor Baru restaurant. It was a simple but warm birthday celebration.

My father-in-law enjoyed our company and the food very much. (more pics in Facebook)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food revenge 食物报复

My sweet revenge for being stuck in the traffic jam is ... cannot beat them, join them.... at the Pasar Ramandan (Ramadan food bazaar).

Today I went to the small Sungai Ramal Ramadan bazaar. I bought kuih-muih, murtabak, rendang, lemang...and tou fu fa, my wife's favourite!

Fried fish and vege are own cooking



Relationship 关系

The presence of the Parish Priest at tonight's Legion meeting is a great encouragement to our members.

Parish priests are usually overloaded with works - administrative and pastoral and not able to be present at meetings of organisations.It is understood and accepted. However, it is their duty to be in touch, by any means, with all their flocks and organisations who are his helpers and co-workers. It is called building RELATIONSHIP.

Fr. William's presence at tonight's meeting definitely would spur members to be closer in union with him and offer more prayer for divine blessings on him.

All gains and no losses.

Fr. William reciting prayer together with members





Old friend 老朋友

This morning I went to Batu Caves to visit my old friend Richard Low for a little catching up.

He was a navy retiree and is now working for his brother-in-law's hardware whole sale company as a logistic supervisor.

Our friendship dates back to almost 30 years ago.

Richard, 63, attend the Tabanacle Church at Desa Melawati Kuala Lumpur which was burnt down by some fanatics in January 2010. Two culprits were sentenced by court to 5 years jail a week ago.

After the incident, their new church in Batu Caves was immediately approved by the government and received RM 500,000.00 from the Prime Minister as a goodwill gesture. CIMB financial group also donated RM 100,000.00.

Talking about blessing in disguise!

今天早上,我到黑风洞(Batu Caves)去探访老朋友老刘 Richard Low 谈谈天。






Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tiring journey 疲劳的路程

I left my office today at 4:30 pm. and arrived home exactly two hours later at 6:30 pm. For a journey of 55 kms, the averaged speed is 27.5 km/hr!

Since the beginning of Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) about a week ago, the evening traffic was heavy due to slightly early closing of government offices.

The situation was made worse due to many selfish and reckless drivers. Every one seemed to be rushing...rushing... for what??!

The selfish blue Kancil driver ... a nuisance to other road users
自私的蓝色小轿车 。。。令人厌恶

今天傍晚,我在四点半就离开办公室,花了两个小时,在六点半才到家。这段55 公里的路程,平均时速是 27.5 公里!


路上有许多鲁莽及自私的司机,使得交通情况更糟。 每个人都好像在赶路般的。。。赶什么??!

Perpetual Vows 永愿

In Taipei

In Singapore


Three young men will profess their final vows of chastity, obedience and poverty on Saturday August 21 at the Seminary of CDD ( Congregatio Discipulorum Domini) in Melaka.

The Vows denote their willingness to live a consecrated religious life binding themselves to the rule of the CDD.

May the Spirit be with them, guide them and protect them always.

三位青年,将在8月21日 星期六,在马六甲主徒会会院,矢发永愿 -贞洁,服从及神贫。



Tuesday, August 17, 2010


【爱之光】 七月份







将近三十年的圣母军生活,我不能成圣,但至少“成人”—— 成为一个身经百战,伤痕累累,但经验丰富,见过世面的人。三十年看尽了世间的人情冷暖,人生的生离死别,信与不信,爱与不爱,编制成了我的信仰故事。






Sunday, August 15, 2010

Refreshed and recharged 充实及充电

Refreshed and recharged.

Although we had close to hundred participants, the noise was kept to the minimum. After all, silence came from within, not without.

The surrounding and climate of the hill at Peace Haven was conducive for silent retreat. I was very relaxed and comfortable. I was able to focus on the sole purpose of the retreat - be still and be with God.

I did not feel G0d's coming in a wind, but the cold breeze of Genting Highlands was so refreshing I cried inside me: "God, move me!".

Retreat Master Rev. Fr. Lawrence said Peace Haven was the nearest place to God in Kuala Lumpur. Looking up, I saw Genting Highlands Resort, the eternal entertainment city; looking down, I saw Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, the bustling metropolitan where I came from.

In Peace Haven, God is breathing at you. (more pictures in FACEBOOK)



云顶高原的环境及气候,非常适合静默的退省。我感觉到非常的放松及舒服,虽然如惯常的,陌生的床使我彻夜难眠。无论如何,我还是能够专注在这次避静的目的 - 静下来与天主相处。


避静神师大华神父说,和平苑(Peace Haven 或者译为平安苑)是吉隆坡最靠近天主的地方。我往上看,那是云顶娱乐城,不夜的乐园;往下看,那是巴生谷及吉隆坡,一个繁华的大都会,我就是从那里来的。

在Peace Haven 和平苑,你可以感觉到天主的呼吸。

Friday, August 13, 2010

Be still 停下来

"Be still, and know that I am God". (King James version Psalm 46:10)

"Pause a while and know that I am God". (Jerusalem Bible Psalm 46:10)

Too much songs, too much wine, too much food and too much happy and merry making, it is high time for me to hit the mountain for a retreat.... and be still to be with God。

I am going up to Genting Highlands, not for gambling...I hate gambling... but for a retreat at Peace Haven organised by the Legion of Mary on Saturday and Sunday.

Legionary must attend a retreat at least once a year.

It's time to be still!

“停歇吧,应知道我是天主了”。(咏46:10 自译)


我明天及后天(星期六/日)将会在云顶高原,不是去赌博,我讨厌赌博,而是到 Peace Haven 避静所参加圣母军年度的避静。



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Corrupted system 腐败的系统

I come from new village.

Chor Chee Heung, Housing and Local Government Minister said on Tuesday Aug 11 that, effective next year, any request of government fund from new villages for infra-structure development must bear the signatures of 1) village head, 2) New village development officer, and 3) Head of MCA division.

The fact is:

1) To be a village head, one must be a member of MCA or Gerakan, the coalition partners of ruling National Front federal government.

2) New village development officer is a political appointment, needless to say, given to members of MCA or Gerakan.

It simply means that all fund must be channeled through the MCA.

MCA has been holding the porfolio of the Ministry of Housing and Local government for a long long time, and Chinese new villages are under its purview. New villages are the last bastion of MCA political power. The villages have been subjected to MCA's abuse and misuse for the past 53 years (since independence).

The move received protest from its own coalition partner Gerakan. MCA is going backwards and applying its same old tactics of blackmail and dirty tricks to perpetual their control of the villages and villagers. It is in syn with its big brother UMNO where party divisional heads' signatures ensure smooth passage of getting funds, contracts and positions... It is a corrupted practice of power and money political system.


房屋及地方政府部长曹智雄,在星期二说,从明年开始,所有的新村向政府申请基本建设经费的表格,必须有三个人的签名: 1)村长, 2)新村发展官及3)马华区部主席。


1) 村长都是马华或民政党党员(执政的国民阵线成员党)。






Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RCIA session 慕道班

Scene from my RCIA class

Main class 主要讲课

Supporting class 课外课

young observer 小观察员

baby sitting cocks 看管小鸡的公鸡

Monday, August 9, 2010

Old friend came calling 有朋来访

Ah Hui is my old friend of more than 30 years. When I moved to Kajang 30 years ago, he drove lorry to help me.

He is staying in Lukut, near Port Dickson and owns a company dealing in diesel and fuel oil.

Today, he, his wife and youngest son John dropped by for a visit. They have 3 more girls.

They visit us whenever we are home during Christmas and Chinese New year. We used to give John, being the youngest, chocolate and sweets as Christmas present.

One Christmas, we realised that he was no longer a small boy... so no more chocolate and ... no more present! He is now the Assistant to the CEO (his father).

We had dinner at a famous hot & spicy soup restaurant. Other dishes were Fa Diu wine chicken, steamed fish, pork with salted fish and vegetable.

Later got them the famous Kajang Southern Bank Big Pao to bring home.




他们在圣诞节及农历新年,都会来拜访我们。我们通常都会给John 巧格力作为圣诞礼物。某一年,我们意识到他不再是个小孩,就停止给他巧格力。。从此以后,也没礼物了。他现在是总裁CEO(父亲)的助理。


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Annual outing 常年户外活动

Last year, the Holy Family Taichi group went for an outing to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This year we decided to go to Farm for our annual outing.

About 50 members, their family members and friends had a " Eat & drink, happy & merry" weekend from Aug 7 to Aug 8.

May be too much of eating and merry making, I was feeling very tired after returning home... (see Youtube video)


今年我们决定到 Farm 举行我们今年的户外活动。

约有50位太极班会员,其家人及朋友参加了在这个八月七日及八日的 『吃喝,玩乐』周末。

(观赏Youtube 录影)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taliban justice 塔利班法律

This is the cover of the latest issue (August 9) of TIME magazine.

Aisha, 18, ran away from her husband's house to escape in-law's beating and abuse. She was caught and punished by the Taliban's barbaric justice or injustice system. Aisha's brother-in-law held her down while her husband sliced off her ears, then her nose. She was then left on the mountainside to die.

She now lives in a secret women's shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan.




A time for everything 事事有时

There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven:

A time for giving birth,
a time for dying;
a time for planting,
a time for uprooting what has been planted.
A time for killing,a time for healing;
a time for knocking down,
a time for building;
A time for tears,
a time for laughter;
a time for mourning,
a time for dancing........(Ecclesiates 3)

Today we sent off my youngest brother's wife who died of sickness on Monday at the age of 51. She left behind husband and four daughters.

They lived in Seremban and are Taoist/Buddist.

May the Tao (道Truth) that she believed set her free, may her soul enter the promised Western Heaven in which she longed for.





愿她信奉的 (真理及神)给她解脱,愿她的灵魂早达西天净土,永享平安。