Tuesday, August 31, 2010

National day holiday 国庆假期 (2 )

Cheng with husband Lau and children
Cheng 与丈夫及孩子

We took the opportunity of a holiday to catch up with Cheng and family from Klang.

They arrived at Kajang around noon. So it was lunch time ... where else to.....!? We brought them to Semenyih for the famous " Nai Sa" !

After lunch, we proceeded to Farm at Broga. I have promised Cheng long ... long...time ago to show them the Farm. At last, I've realized my promise to her.

At Broga, they visited the (also famous) Broga Rock Dato temple. They spent about 45 minutes to pray and looked at the beautiful surrounding scenery.

Andrew welcomed us warmly to the Farm. We settled down quickly and soon found ourselves relaxing in the cool weather brought by the evening rain.

Cheng and family enjoyed the cosy and relaxing environment at Farm. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant and Cheng left for home at about 7:45 pm.

At about 10:00 pm, Cheng sent a SMS informing us that they have arrived home safely and thanking us for the [ 1day tour package] !

We too would like to thank Cheng and family for their company and an enjoyable trip together.

See you sometime soon.... in Klang for Bak Kut Teh! (more pics on Facebook)

乘着假期之便,我们约好了来自巴生的朋友Cheng 及家人见面。

他们在午间抵达加影,正是午餐时间,到哪里。。。?! 我们带她们到士毛月出名的“奶沙”餐馆用午餐。

午餐过后,我们就往Farm 出发。我答应过Cheng 好多次,好久了要带她去参观Farm 。今天我终于实现了我的诺言了。

还没到Farm 前,我带他们去参观武莱岸香火极盛的石拿督庙。他们停留了大约45分钟,在那里膜拜及参观了美丽景观。

Andrew 热情的欢迎我们的到来。很快的我们就放松的融入了幽静的环境了,也享受了傍晚一场雨后带来的清凉气候。

Cheng 及家人都很享受这里的舒适清幽的环境。我们在大约六点左右,到附近的一间餐馆享用晚餐。他们在7点45分,晚餐后,就启程回家了。

在晚上十点左右,我们收到了一则来自Cheng 的短讯,告诉我们他们已经平安的到家,并感谢我们这『一天旅游配套』。


下次再见了....在巴生享用美味的肉骨茶?! (面子书更多照片)

Dinner 晚餐

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