Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Moroccan hospitality 摩洛哥的热情

A short video and pictures of our visit to Essaouire and Bouznika.

We stayed 3 days at Abdel's house in Bouznika, enjoying the Morocca hospitality extended to us by Abdel and his parents.

(See video in Youtube.)

这是一段我们我们在Essaouire 及 Bouznika 的视频。

我们到了Abdel 在Bouznika 家,并在那住了三个晚上.




Monday, September 29, 2014


A short video on Marrakesh Medina

(Click HERE to see in Youtube) 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home sweet home 回家了

23/9 After a haircut, relaxing with our dogs. Back to normal 理了发,和狗儿相聚,一切恢复正常
22/9 Home with bagful of laundry 带了好多的待洗衣服回来

On Sunday, 21/9/2014 10:00 am (local time), we bid farewell to Mei and Amanda at the Aberdeen Airport for our flight home. It was a sad moment although we were laughing and poking jokes at one another. 

We boarded a KLM flight for Amsterdam with 5 hours transit, and another 12 hours flight to Kuala Lumpur.

At about 4:00 pm, Monday 22/9/2014, the plane landed safely at KLIA Internationa Airport, ending our 9 weeks of holidays in Europe and Africa.

It is good to be home!

21/9/2014 星期天,当地时间早上十点,我和太太在阿伯丁机场与女儿告别,开始了回家的旅程。这是个充满伤感的时刻。




Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bye Bye Africa 再见非洲

Morocco journey was a physical and mental challenging one.

All of us, despite eating well, lost weight. I lost almost 7 kilograms in 2 weeks.

However, the experience was life-long and memorable.

If there is a single reason for us to go back to Morocco, it is the loving and caring Papa and Mama (Adel's parents). It was Moroccan hospitality and love at it best.

Great appreciation and gratefulness to Abdel in making our African journey came true. Regrettfully, due to his work obligation as an oil rig engineer/project Manager, he was not able to join us in the Sahara leg.

After Sahara, we visited Tangier, the northern most city of Morocco. It was a modern city with eight-lane boulevards and modern buildings.

It takes 45 minutes of ferry from Gibraltar to Tangier.

We returned to Bouznika for a night stay after Tangier.

Indeed it was a sad goodbye for us when we bid farewell to Abdel's parent for Marrakesh, from where we flew back to Aberdeen on 13/9.  Amen.

( More pictures in Facebook)


我们虽然三餐都吃得很好,但每个人都消瘦了。我本身就在折 14天里,体重减轻了7公斤!

假如给一个原因我们会再到回摩洛哥,那应该是Abdel 的父母。


谢谢Abdel, 让我们梦想成真,能够踏足非洲。可惜的是,身为钻油台的工程师/工程经理,他不能与我们共游沙哈拉。


从坦几亚,我们回到波斯妮卡,住了一晚,然后向Abdel 的父母告别,大家都依依不舍的说再见!



Desert experience 沙漠的体验

The main motivation for us to visit Morocco was the Sahara Desert.

On 8/9, we drove from Fez to Merzouga, a journey of about 530 kms, taking us more than 7 hours for the Sahara adventure.

Upon arrival at about5:30 pm, we got ready to ride camels into our desert camp for the night.

It was a great experience- riding on camel, hearing the desert wind howling, and sand dust flying, sleeping under the bright round moon ...

We stayed a night at the camp with simple facilities and got up early in the morning to see the sunrise.

Later in the morning, we boarded on a four-wheel vehicle for a drive into the deep of the the desert.

(more pictures in Facebook)




这是一个非常难得、难忘的体验 - 骑着骆驼、风在耳边嚎叫、沙尘飞扬,当晚也刚好是中秋节,月亮圆又亮(遗憾看不到满天的星星),躺在沙漠上,欣赏着月亮。。




Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meknes & Fez 麦纳斯及菲斯

At Fez
 After being well fed and rested in Bouznika, we left for Fez on Sunday, 7/9  which is about 250 kms away.

En route, we stop at Meknes for a short visit of its medina (old walled city).

Fez is an ancient city famous for its leather products. The oldest tannery can be found in the medina dating back almost thousand years ago.

We stayed a night at a hotel in the old walled city and left for Merzouga, 530 kms away south for our Sahara Desert adventure.

(pictures in Facebook)





(照片 Facebook )

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Casablanca & Rabat 卡萨布兰卡与拉巴茨

At Rabat 在拉巴

Morocco gained Independence from Spain and France in 1956. It is larger than Malaysia in terms of area with population of 35 millions, in which majority are Arab-descent Berber.

The language spoken are Moroccan Arabic and Berber. Most of the population also speaks French and Spanish.

We have a comfortable stay in Abdel's house and treated warmly by his parents. His mother ensured we have enough of food throughout the day.

She prepared breakfast for us in the morning, tea in the late afternoon and a scrumptious Moroccan dinner in the evening.

Mint tea (tea with fresh mint and sugar) is the most common and regularly drink at home or cafe. Moroccans have a sweet tooth, all beverages and drinks are sugar added.

On 5/9, Abdel's aunty (mom's younger sister) who was staying about 20 kms away, invited us over for lunch.

Her specialty is FISH !

We were feted to a delicious all-fish meal ... a Moroccan fish banquet of our life time, delightful to eyes, delicious beyond words to taste !(see pictures)

After lunch, we invited her to join us for an short outing to Casablanca.

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is a seaport and commercial center of the country.

We visited the famous Hassan II mosque and its nearby beach front.

It was just a "touch and go" visit to the city ...

On our way home, we stopped by a community culture event of Fantasia, an event of horse-riding and riffles firing.

We also visited Rabat, capital and second largest city of Morocco.

(See Casablanca and Rabat pictures in Facebook)

(short video of Fantasia)

Casablanca 卡萨布兰卡



Abdel 的家非常的舒适,父母也很热情的接待我们。他的妈妈更是照顾我们的饮食无微不至,把我们喂的饱饱的。


这里最普遍的就是喝薄荷茶 -中国茶叶,放进新鲜的薄荷叶,加糖。摩洛哥人民的品味偏向甜,所以茶及其他饮料都加糖。

5/9, Abdel 的阿姨(母亲的妹妹)邀请我们共进午餐。她的家大约在20公里外的一个市镇。











Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bouznika 布斯妮卡

The Moroccan Hospitality

On 4/9, we arrived at Abdel's house in Bouznika. It would served as a base and home away from home for the next 8 days.

It is a 4-storey shop-cum-house with typical Moroccan decoration, and very comfortable.

Upon arrival, Abdel's mother, despite a six hours journey from Essaouira, cooked us a delicious meal of Moroccan Couscous.

It was the best authentic Moroccan Couscous ever tasted ...

Mama is a very good cook. For the next few days, we would enjoyed more Moroccan home-cook meals. (She treated us all like her children, so we fondly referred her as our Mama)

Our returned journey of 4 hours from Essaouira was delayed due to road diversion. A section of express way was closed for 2 weeks for the filming of Mission: Impossible 5.

Later in the evening, we visited Abdel's parents farm and vineyard.

The juicy grapes making all of us " uh..ah.."!

(Pictures in Facebook)


4/9, 我们来到了Abdel 在 Bouznika 的家。这里将是我们往后8天的基地,也是我们第二个家。


Abedel 的妈妈,虽然经过6个小时的车程,但很快的为我们准备了一顿美味的摩洛哥Couscous (库斯饭)。


Abdel 的母亲对我们好像是她的孩子般,所以我们也亲切的叫她妈妈。妈妈是个厨艺高手,往后的日子,我们会尝到更多美味的摩洛哥食物。

傍晚,我们到Abdel父母的农场/果园 参观。



Essaouira 伊沙维拉

 3/9, we left Marrakesh for seaport city Essaouira. It is about 180 kms from Marrakesh. 

The Medina (old walled city) of Essaouira is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is smaller than Marrakesh Medina but very much more peaceful, cleaner and orderly.

We have a relax evening, enjoying the relax atmosphere of an seaside resort town. We visited the Portuguese ramparts, fish market.

We left Essaouira in the morning for Bouznika, our home away from home in Morocco. 

 (More pictures Facebook)

3/9. 我们离开马拉卡斯,来到了海边城市伊沙维拉,距离大约180公里。


我们在这里度过了一个轻松的傍晚。我们参观了 葡萄牙留下来的边防炮楼,海鲜市场。



Monday, September 15, 2014

Marrakesh (2) 马拉卡斯

We returned from Morocco via Amsterdam yesterday (13/9) and arrived at Aberdeen at about 10:00 pm (local time).

My backpack of clothing and shoes was short-landed (went missing). A report was made and hopefully, it would be found soon.

Thus concluded our 3260-Kilometres Moroccan adventure filled with excitement, surprises... and prayers. Praise the Lord! 

Car rental in Morocco is not expensive, but the terms and conditions are ridiculous especially the Excess clauses.

We rented a Peugeot 301 Diesel (local model) which was quite new and comfortable. Great appreciation to Mei, my youngest daughter for her dexterous left-handed driving, and thanks and love to Mother Mary, who intercede for us a safe journey (I was praying constantly " O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who has recourse to thee" for safety on Moroccan roads).

Driving in Medina and town area can be a scary experience, more so with pedestrians and motor-bit criss crossing everywhere.

Now, I shall continue with my posting of our Moroccan adventure.

On the first day in Marrakesh, we visited the Medina (old walled city) with thousands of stalls and shops selling varieties of goods. However, all items are not labelled with price. The shop-keepers would open with an exorbitant price, and bargaining pursued.

According to visitors comments on social media and advice of local friends, it can be slashed by as much as 50-60 %, depending on your bargaining skill and length of time. It is a way of life in Morocco.

But it was not our cup of tea, so we bought nothing!

On the second day in Marrakesh, after the tour of the famous but notorious Medina, we went out  for an excursion of the Atlas mountains area.

Abdel's parents graciously joined us for the journey.

Abdel's parents were first generation migrants to France but still maintaining a Moroccan home at Bouznika, about 300 kms north of Marrakesh.  In recent years, they spend more time in Morocco attending to their farms and fruit orchards in Bouznika.

(More pictures Facebook)



我们 3,260公里,充满刺激、惊喜及很多祈祷的摩洛哥行程,也宣告结束。感谢赞美天主!




根据过来人的介绍,价钱可以“杀”低百分之五十至六十之间 。。。但需要技巧及时间。





Friday, September 12, 2014

Sahara desert adventure

On 7 and 8/9/2014, we went for a overnight camping at Sahara desert.

It was a dream came thorough and a un-forgetable experience.

Upload a few pictures on Facebook to share. Posting later.




Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Marrakesh (1) 马拉卡斯

It is our dream holiday of life!

On 31/8/2014 evening, we landed at Marrakesh airport at about 7:00pm.

Through the invitation of Abdel (Mei's friend), we have the opportunity to visit Morocco, a North-Western African country with mystical stories and beautiful landscapes.

Marrakesh is our first destination of the journey.

The main attraction of Marrakesh is its Medina - an vast 700-hectre old walled city, which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site (1985).

It is a maze of narrow streets and alleys full of shops, stalls, vendors, people, motorcycles and donkey-carts!

Our first day's itinerary was to visit the souks (markets) and historical places within the medina. It took us more than 8 hours (Inclusive 2 hours lunch time) of walking, covering a distance of about 10 kms just to see less than half of it.

(see pictures in Facebook)

Abdel and his parents * Abdel 与他的父母



在我女儿的朋友Abdel 的邀请下,我们有机会到西北非洲的摩洛哥,一个充满神秘故事及美丽风景的国家。


马拉卡斯的首要游客的景点是它的围墙旧城区 (Medina)。这个700公顷的古老城区在1985年,被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产地点。





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