Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pinched Nerve in the neck 颈部神经线挤捏

Yesterday I was a dragon, today I am a sick cat !

Yesterday when I got up, I felt a terrible throbbing pain in my left arm.  It is a kind of pain mixing with numbing sensation (sourness), drilling through my arm bones... extremely unbearable.

Luckily, my regular Orthopedic was available on Saturday. It was diagnosed as Pinched Nerve in the neck, a condition causing great pain in my left arm.

He prescribed some medications : Neurontin, Orphenadrine, medicines that cause drowsiness. I was knocked out after taking the first dose of them.

I need to do some neck exercise to reduce the pain too.  

(This is an informative posting. Pinched Nerve is a common condition affecting many people on neck, hand and back)








Saturday, December 28, 2013

A blessed day 蒙福的一天

I do not usually celebrate my birthday, and my family respect that.

Everyday is a good day, and my birthday is just one of the good days.

However, I found myself being congratulated by many in Facebook on my birthday this year.

On top of that, my wife specially ordered Chinese "birthday buns" to top up the atmosphere.

So more than 170 Facebook friends clicked LIKE , about 70 left comments and congratulatory notes in my FB webpage.

What a "big" birthday... and thank you to all !






真是大庆祝! 谢谢朋友们。

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baumkuchen 德国树蛋糕

德国蛋糕,配上本地蕃薯,加咖啡 Baumkuchen + sweet potato + coffee

One of our god-daughters sent us a Baumkuchen (Tree cake).

Basically it is same as the Indonesian layered cake albeit in circular shape. It tastes the same as the Indonesian one but minus spices.

我们的一位乾女儿送来了一个德国“树蛋糕” (Baumkuchen)。


Surprised gift from my computer class six learners ...(below, represented by two of them)
电脑班六位学生的惊喜礼篮。。(下图- 两位代表)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday @ Langkawi 浮罗交怡假期 (完结)

Pantai Cenang of Langkawi is crowded with hotels, stalls, restaurants and people.

It is a mini Bali.

We had dinner at a famous seafood restaurant on the last night in Langkawi. The location and ambiance of the restaurant is just like Bali.

Pantai Cenang 海滩,有着许多的酒店,摊档,餐馆及人潮。



(照片Facebook pictures)

(选集录影Youtube video of selected pictures)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday @ Langkawi 浮罗交怡假期(2)

We have been to Langkawi many times, so island hopping was not in our itinery.

On the second and third day, we decided to scout around Langkawi Island, including few up-market hotels and food outlets.

Our German friends Gerd and Dorit, liked to stay in Casa Del Ma resort at Pantai Cenang. They have been coming back every two or three years to enjoy the sunshine of Langkawi and the hospitable and beautiful resort. 

We checked it out and found this villa resort was really comfortable and beautiful.

Gerd and Dorit are coming back to this resort again in 2014, and bringing along 10 friends this time around!

Another resort we went was Four Season Resort. It is situated at Pantai Rhu and also an upmarket resort catered mostly for foreign tourists.

My wife and I also took this opportunity to visit my Facebook friend Theresa Lai who has been living on this island for 21years. 

Our holiday ended on 18/12 and bringing home varieties of imported chocolates.

It was a relaxing and wonderful holiday.

(More pictures in Facebook)



我们的德国朋友Gerd 及太太Dorit, 非常喜欢坐落在Cenang 海滩的Casa Del Ma 酒店。他们大约三两年就回来一次,通常都是两个星期,好好享受这里的阳光及这美丽酒店的优美环境及友善的服务。



另一个著名的酒店的Four Season Resort。这是受到国外游客喜爱的一家高档酒店,一间房一天需要将近马币三千元。

我们的假期在18/12 结束,带回了多种的入口巧格力。

这是一个心情放松, 有趣的假期。

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday @ Langkawi 浮罗交怡假期 (1)

My wife and I went to Langkawi via Penang by flight more than 10 years ago. We parked our car at our God-daughter Agnes's house in Batu Maung.
Agnes was in secondary school then. She has 3 children now - the eldest already in kindergarten, and youngest is 2 months old.

We rented a Honda City at the airport car-rental office @ RM 120.00 per day (Peak season rate).

(See pictures in Facebook)


我们把车放在乾女儿Agnes (钧钡)的家。当时她还是个中学生,现在已经是三个孩子的妈妈了 !(最大的已经上幼儿园,最小的两个月大)

我们在机场租了一辆Honda City 小轿车,每天租金是马币120.00元(旅游季节价钱)


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Langkawi holiday 浮罗交怡假期

We went for a family holiday at Pulau Langkawi (Langkawi Island) from 15/12 to 18/12.

A wonderful time together as a family.

我们一家,15/12 到18/12, 到浮罗交怡岛旅行。


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scottish bird 苏格兰的倦鸟

The Scottish bird is back in Malaysia for a short holiday.

My youngest daughter Elizabeth who is working in Arbedeen, Scottland, arrived yesterday afternoon for a three weeks holiday.

She has a difficulty adjusting to our local humid weather.

My wife has prepared her favourite dishes for dinner - Steamed Tilapia with bean sauce, lotus root soup ... and durian.

Too much for fist day home!




我的太太准备了她最喜欢的菜肴作为晚餐 - 酱蒸非洲鱼,莲藕汤 。。。还有榴莲。


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Old but gold 老字号

今天到吉隆坡玫瑰堂参加黄姑的葬礼,过后顺便到光顾了数十年的一间小摊,购买些卷蛋糕(Swiss Rolls)及咖吖郭(Kaya Puff)。




** 这里的 咖吖郭(Kaya Puff ) 比怡保所谓出名,需排队的咖吖郭,美味的多呢!
(更多照片 Facebook)

We were in Kuala Lumpur this morning to attend a funeral Mass at the Holy Rosary Church, Jln Brickfields.

After the service, we made a stop at an old stall to buy some Swiss Rolls and Kaya Puff.

My wife has been patronizing this stall for more than 30 years. It was situated at Jln Yap Ah Loy near Petaling Street.

The Kaya Puffs and Swiss Rolls are great - the old Kuala Lumpur taste and part of its history.

** The Kaya Puff is many times better than the so called famous Kaya Puff in Ipoh.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Concluded 完结

Our computer class concluded successfully today.

Six ladies completed this six-session basic computer classes equipping themselves with better knowledge and skill in social media and computer operation.

Ladies are more humble and up front than men ... most men know nuts but pride preventing them joining my class. 

New class will start next year depending on demand.





Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Malaysian country side 马来西亚美丽的郊外景色

Beautiful Malay house 美丽的马来屋子

Monsoon brings rain almost everyday.

On Nov 6, Friday, me and my wife took a drive to Simpang Pertang farm, meeting up with Stephen and Anna, and Fr. Naden, our respected priest who rears ducks and chicken, generating income for Orang Asli ( Aborigines) mission works.

We took a slow drive, and video our journey "just for fun".

Along the way, we stopped by to take some pictures of beautiful Malay houses. A house owner invited me to enter her compound to pluck some Rambutans... it was Malaysian hospitality and generosity!

We also visited a young couple who have a handicapped son. We were helping them with physiotherapy at Hospital UKM in Kuala Lumpur.

We stayed overnight, and left for home on Saturday with Durians, coconuts and other fruits.

(More pictures in Facebook)

(Video in Youtube)


十二月六日星期五,我与太太驱车到新邦葫芦顶一游,去探望金彪及年娇夫妇,还有那为受人尊重的纳登神父。他是在新邦葫芦顶的园庄里,养鸡鸭谋生及赚取利润,用在他毕生的工作 - 照顾原住民的牧灵工作。







Tuesday, December 3, 2013

台湾访客 Taiwan visitor








I met Fr. Moses Kam, a Jesuit, at Silent Hill Spirituality Center in Taichung sometime in April this year. He told us that he would be coming to Malaysia at the end of the year to conduct a retreat (Igniatius Spirituality).

This morning, David Chia (Lao Zong) called me to inform that Fr. Kam was available tonight for a dinner fellowship. The retreat at Maranatha Retreat House in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang was over by yesterday.

David and Fr. Kam are old friends of many decades.

Present tonight were 3 other former Chairpersons of Mustard Seed Evangelise Center.

Fr. Kam is currently the new Director of GuangQi Cultural Group, a Jesuit publishing house in Taipei.

He had been booked for next year's retreats in Malaysia. 

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Legion's AGR 圣母军的常年联欢大会

我们的童年Our childhood









我们选了“童年”。 这是每个人都喜爱的歌曲,也是每个人响往的年代。





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The Legion of Mary Kuala Lumpur Regia held its Annual General Reunion (AGR) yesterday, December 1. It was the first day of Advent.

AGR is an annual reunion of legionaries of a district. It is a social evening with minimum formality. It is light-hearted event to foster interaction and affection of members. All programmes are contributions from members.

Except Legion's prayer must be said, no reports and long speeches are necessary.

This year, St. Anne's Church hall in Port Klang was chosen as the venue for the event. This gave the Klang legionaries an advantage of  avoiding the hussles of traveling tens of kilometers to KL or PJ for the event as the previous years.

The two Chinese language praesidium were assigned to present an item for the event. 

Our item of "Childhood action song" attracted loud applause from the audience.

Many curia also presented wonderful and exciting items to liven up the evening.

More than 500 legionaries from Klang Valley attended the event.

(More pictures in Facebook)

(Video in Youtube)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

RCIA Rite of Acceptance 成人慕道收录礼

Today, the Church of the Holy Family held its Rite of Acceptance, welcoming RCIA enquirers into the church and parish community.

In the 11:00 am Chinese language Mass, the community welcomed 14 enquirers who had completed 5 months of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process, equipped with some basic knowledge of the Catholic Faith.

RCIA is a 10-month faith journey for those who are who are interested, or wanted to know the Catholic Faith, or wish to be a member of the Catholic parish community.

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