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美丽台湾处处情 (2) LOL Taiwan

Professosr Hsia on right 右为夏太长教授
For the week in Taichung, we have visited many churches, shrines and scenic spots.

Professor Hsia from Chienkuo Technology University, has arraged to take us for a day tour to a few special places of interest. Professor Hsia is humble and pious man who has a special devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mother.

Firstly, he  brought us for a tour of the university campus. It is a private university situated at the foothill of Bagua mountain range near Chang Hua. It is a medium size university with beautiful landscaping, especially many unique giant stones and beautiful gardens. We were greatly impressed.

After that we visited a retreat center run by the Jesuit - Manresa Center of Spirituality. I met Fr. Matthew Chu who had suffered greatly under the China Communist regime. He was jailed, tortured for more than 30 years with another priest, Fr. Matthew Koo whom I met a few years ago.(both priests are named Matthew)

Fr. Chu contacted Fr. Matthew Koo in the United States through Skype, and I was happy to have a briref conversation with him knowing that he is well and active.

We have great respect and admiration for these priests. Fr. Chu will be coming to Malaysia in May to visit a Shanghainese nun in Petaling Jaya.

We continued our journey after lunch to a holy shrine at Miaoli, about 90 km away from Changhua.

It was a replica of The House of Mary in Loreto, Italy. It was believed that the house in Nazareth which Virgin Mary was brought up, was transferred by 4 angels to Loreto in Italy before the expulsion of the Crusaders by the Muslims.

The Taichung diocese has declared it a pilgrimage shrine.

We spent almost 2 hours at the shrine, which was quiet and serene. Me and my wife have not been to the original House of Mary in Loreto, so this was quite a refreshing spiritual experience for us. 

We returned to Taichung in the evening and gathered at Wei Qiang's house.

Wei Qiang's house is just a stone throw away from the famous Feng Jia night market right in front of Feng Chia University.

It was Saturday and big crowd was expected at the market. Wei Qiang gave us a quick briefing regarding safety and route of the market, with a specific meeting point in case any one got lost. A map was given to each one of us. 

With great excitement and salivating for delicious street food of the Feng Jia night market, we could not wait a minute longer to march towards the night market. We were caught up by the first store selling "Cold chicken feet". It was very very delicious.

However, just less than a 100 meters into the market, we were bogged down by the crowd coming from front and back. Inching our way was just too difficult for us. To avoid suffocation, we retreated ..... cutting short our venture into the famous night market of Taiwan.

Instead, we had a jolly time at Wei Qiang's apartment with some delicious home-cooked snacks prepared by Li Fang.

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(Feng Jia night market short video Youtube )

House of Mary圣母之家


9/3/2012 星期六,夏教授带我们到他的校园一游。建国科技大学,是一所私立大学,坐落在台中八卦山麓。它的规模不是很大,但有着优美的环境,尤其是独特的大石及园景,让我们留下了美丽的印象。











我们也从该朝圣地的修女得到证实,在玫瑰经後常诵念的『圣母德叙祷文』,就是源自意大利的洛雷托『圣母之家』圣地。(英文称为Litany of Loreto 或者 Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary













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