Sunday, November 25, 2012

Salutation 至高敬意

Marchers stopping in front of Merdeka Square

My greatest respect and salutation to the Himpunan Hijau (Green March) 300-km "Stop Lynas" marchers for their dedication, commitment and sacrifices in the first ever civil right long-march in the country.

Started 13 days ago from Kuantan with about 70 marchers, it snow-balled into 20,000 marchers at the final destination - Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) in Kuala Lumpur this evening.

The KL City Hall, as expected, cordoned off the square under the guise of "renovation", did not allowed the marchers to camp overnight at the square.

The Anti-Lynas marchers demanded a response from Prime Minister Najib on the issue of Banning Lynas Rare Earth procession plant in Kuantan.

With deep regrets, due to personal reason, I was not able to join the Kuala Lumpur segment of the march.

(Stop Lynas Facebook website) 

谨向“反对莱纳斯稀土毒厂” 300 公里绿色苦行反毒的所有参加者,对他们的坚持,勇敢及付出,致上最高的敬意。


今天傍晚,苦行队伍滚雪球般的总共有20,000(二万)参与者,抵达了最终目的地 - 吉隆坡独立广场。




我因个人的原因,很遗憾的不能参加这300公里苦行的吉隆坡阶段, 不过,我的心还是与他们在一起。



Friday, November 23, 2012

Malaysian Life 马来西亚见闻

Saw it along Balakong Road.

This is a mobile advertising lorry displaying a mattress …. but it looked like You Know What!!

Would you buy mattress of this brand ….. imagine you are lying on the mattress AND inside the lorry !

(see pictures on Facebook, another story -『 Boy, Girl and Friends』)


这是一辆广告罗里,展示着弹簧垫褥 。。。看起来好像是那个那个!!

你会买这个牌子的垫褥吗?想像看,你就躺在这块垫褥上 。。。是在罗里内!

(观看Facebook照片另一故事 - 『孩子与朋友』)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dell service 戴尔的服务

I trusted Dell because of its after sales services and warranty.

I called up Dell Call Center to report the following faults on Monday evening:
1. Speaker volumn cannot be controlled using keyboard buttons.
2. Cooling fan area is too hot.
3. LCD screen cover came loose.

A technician Mr. Jaya was sent one day later.
He practically dismantled the whole laptop and replaced the following, free of charge:
The replaced parts 更换的零件

1. New keyboard.
2. New mother board, new fan.
3. New LCD cover, front and back.

It is working fine.

I love Dell !


2. 冷切风扇部位太热。
3. 显示屏保护盖松脱。






Friday, November 16, 2012

Mother Mary at SDMC, Subang Jaya 圣母在梳邦再也

"You went already?.."
"Have you seen it ?.."

These are the questions frequently asked and being asked for the past few days!

Go where?
See what?
After more than a week, we (my wife, Tony and Susan) decided to follow the crowd ... Sime Darby Medical Center (SDMC) at Subang Jaya see the picture of Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother Mary) on a window pane of the medical center. 

By the first look, any Catholic will have not doubt to identify the image on a glass pane is the traditional image of our Blessed Mother Mary.

How it is formed? why it is there? No body knows....

But for many Catholics, they believed it is an apparition of Mary.

Many gathered to pray the Rosary ...
Mary brought flowers ....
Mary knelt down to pay respect ...

It was told that the picture appears in different color tones at different times of the day.

What we saw was a picture of Mary, standing .... just like the picture above (taken by me with my small camera, but quite true to the real one).

What do I think?
Amazing picture ....

Is it a miracle or Marian apparition ?
I believed in miracle and Marian apparition .... But not yet for this one .... I have to wait for an official authentication from the church hierarchy.(may takes months ..or years)

What did I do there?
Admiring the picture on the glass pane ... 
Taking pictures...
Listening to conversations of the crowd...

A group of devotees were praying the Rosary.

We did not join the prayer group ... but we prayed our Rosary inside the car on our way home - a daily commitment we are struggling to fulfill.

After seeing the "apparition of our Lady",  what next?
Nothing much ... don't get too excited,
just continue as usual ....

Trust in Yahweh and do what is good,
make your home in the land and live in peace;
make Yahweh your only joy,
and he will give you what your heart desires.(Psalm 37:3)

Be happy at all times;
Pray constantly;
and for all things give thanks to God... (1Thess 5) 

Hail Mary, Full of Grace,
The Lord be with You ....

And continue to pray the Rosary, daily!

(More pictures in Facebook) 

(Other news link)

















将你的行径委托于上主,寄望于他,他必使之成就  (圣咏37:3)

这就是天主在基督耶稣内对你们所有的旨意。 (得前5:16)





Thursday, November 15, 2012

A day in Bentong 文冬的一天

Tony  and Susan were up in KL for a week's holidays with their grandchildren, and also to visit Tony's siblings.

They were with us today for a "Jalan-Jalan, Makan-Makan" (In Malay, means sightseeing and feasting)  outing to Bentong. They have not been to Bentong before.

My wife and I brought them to places we have been and food that we liked.

Today's programme:

Arrived Bentong before noon, enjoyed the famous Bentong Häagen-Dazs - to Kow Po ice-cream palour.

Then Bukit Koman famous boiled duck .......

Tea at Lim Chee Keong's favourite coffee shop at Kg Perting New Village....

After tea, we made a short trip to introduce Tony and Susan to the beautiful Chamang waterfall

In the evening, we paid a visit to Fr. Andrew Gooi, the new Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church. 

We have dinner at a restaurant before heading home to Kajang. 

We arrived home at about 9:00 pm .... 

We concluded a long long day by watching a hahahahahahahah laugh-me-to-death Rosmah singing a love song to her husband, Prime Minister Najib on Youtube (Click to laugh)

I slept slightly after midnight .... after chatting with Fr. Raymond Pereira on Facebook, who went daily to Sime Darby Medical Center to see the apparition of Mother Mary - a picture found on a glass panel. 

His sharing is moving and inspiring.   

(More pics in Facebook)

东尼及苏珊 (Tony and Susan) 上来吉隆坡度假,也一并探望他们的孙子及东尼的姐妹们。




中午之前抵达文冬,先去尝尝著名的『文冬冰淇淋』 - 球宝雪糕。



喝过了茶,我们特地带他们到美丽的Chamang 瀑布参观。虽然没有下水,但他们都被美丽的景观所吸引住了。



作为结束一日游,我们特地观赏了上载到Youtube, 首相夫人罗斯玛对他丈夫首相纳吉唱的一首情歌。 我们几乎给笑死了!!我想,以后我们再不会听这首歌了。。包括原唱者的。(观看捧腹录影Youtube)





Saturday, November 10, 2012

The way home 回家

Help of the Sick Praesidium, Sg Buloh

My last visit to the members of Legion of Mary in the Sg Buluh Leprosy Settlement was during the Chinese New Year more than 5 years ago. 

I used to meet members of the Help of the Sick praesidium regularly when I was the president of the Chinese Curia. They came once a month, by chartered transport from Sg Buluh to the Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, to attend our Curia meeting.
Help of the Sick praedium was formed in 2-8-1955 and is still active today. However, many members have passed away and left with a few only. All members are recovered leprosy patients.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a book, in English and Mandarin, telling the touching stories of leprosy patients and their families from all over Malaysia including Sg Buloh Leprosy colony. 

I was pleasantly surprised to read about the story of a legionary which was highlighted in the book.

It is a first-ever book, telling "the stories of the isolated emotional world of former leprosy patients and their descendants. "

It is a powerful, eye-opening and touching book!








Friday, November 9, 2012

At random 随性

Rain comes usually during All Souls and All Saints Days (November 1 & 2)

We are experiencing wet weather since the beginning of November. Practically, it rains every afternoon. Many low lying areas in some states already inundated by overflowing rivers, thousands of residents have been moved to flood relief centers.

Since our return from Yunnan holidays, we hardly have rest .... being rainy, added more inconvenieces.

Today, we decided to take a breather at The Farm in the afternoon.

It was raining along the way but good sunshine before reaching The Farm.

We have few hours of relaxation with Andrew who kept us in stitches with his animated sharing of some peculiar behaviour of guests and visitors to The Farm.....(such as stealing flowers, fruits, even utensils ... asking or taking away potted plants and flowers ....)




今天下午,我们决定到庄园 The Farm作个小歇息。


我们度过了几个小时的轻松时光,加上Andrew 生动分享了到此一些客人的怪异行为,使到我们捧腹不已。 (如偷摘鲜花,水果,有些还偷窃用具。。。贪小便宜,向他讨盆花,植物等)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Concluding 完结篇

We woke up early in the morning to freezing cold and without water. The main supply pipes burst and rendered the whole De Qin town without water.

Many of our tour members got up as early as 5:00am in order to get a good place to watch the first light on the Meili Snow Mountain.

The view was spectacular.

After breakfast, we left De Qin for Lijiang. Again, it was a whole day bus journey covering almost 380 kms. We only stopped once for lunch.

We arrived at Lijiang at about 9:00 pm.

Early in the morning, we got up to see the first light shone on Yu Loong Snow Mountain before entering Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town is an UNESCO listed World Heritage site situated at the foot of Yu Loog (Jade dragon) Snow Mountain. It is famous for its unique architecture, beautiful and harmonious landscape with flowing streams. 

This is my second time to Lijiang Ancient Town. I loved the lay-back lifestyle and clean environment of the town.

It was a pity that we spent only 2 hours in this world famous ancient town.

From Lijiang, we made our 400-km journey to Chu Xiong, our last destination before our flight back to Kuala Lumpur the next day (24/10/2012).

It was a wonderful, adventurous and physically grueling trip of our lives. We have seen a lot, learned a lot, and it would be cherished forever. 

(see more pictures in Facebook)
















( 更多照片 Facebook)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful snow mountains 美丽的雪山

Ben Zi Lan 奔子栏
After seeing the beautiful Daocheng-Ya Ding Scenic Park, we returned to Xiangcheng en route to Ben Zi Lan, a town perching on the bank of JinSha River (literally means River of golden sands), which separate Sichuan and Yunnan.

Ben Zi Lan is an important town on the historical Tea & Horse Road in Yunnan.

We put up a night in Ben Zi Lan and left for De Qin after breakfast.

The 110 km mountain roads took us almost whole day cover. We made many stops to take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

From Ben Zin Lan at 1900 meters, we traveled bumpy and winding mountain roads to reach the highest point at 4300 meters to view the magnificent Bai Ma (white horse) snowy mountain.

Then we traveled downhill and saw the most beautiful snow mountain of Yunnan, the Meili Snow Mountain.

We reached De Qin at night. It was freezing cold.

More pictures in Facebook - Ben Zi Lan to De Qin) 

Bai Ma snow mountain 白马雪山






接着,我们就下坡,在傍晚时分,观赏了夕阳西下时,云南最美丽的雪山 - 梅里雪山。这是全世界唯一没人征服的雪山。


(更多照片Facebook - 奔子栏到德钦)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Self drive journey 自己驾驶的旅程

Our photography expedition was a self-drive journey, it enabled us to stop whenever, wherever we liked, to take pictures of at beautiful spots, and temples, farmhouses, getting up close with farmers doing chores, tilting their lands. We even stopped to take pictures of pigs and cows!

By doing so, we have a better understanding and knowledge of the lives of farmers and rural people.

We have learned to respect the hard-working people of China, especially rural folks.

1. Facebook pictures of Daocheng to Xiangcheng

2. Facebook pictures of Xiangcheng to Ben Zhi Lan





1. Facebook照片 - 稻城到乡城

2. Facebook照片 - 乡城到奔子栏的途中。

All Souls Day 追思已亡日

The Catholic Church dedicated 1st November as All Saints Day and 2nd November as All Souls Day.

Today, November 2, we pray for the faithful departed, those who have been baptised, been faithful to their faith, but need to be completely purified of all stain of sin before they come into full union with God in Heaven. We called this stage The Purgatory.

Besides attending Masses, Catholics also visit the graves of their departed loved one.

All Souls Day is a day of remembering our faithful departed, and also is a day for us to reflect on our own lives and our faith. Let us pray together and in union with the saints in Heaven and the souls in the Purgatory for the glorious day when we are united and see God face to face.

“ Remember, Lord, those who have died and have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. May these, and all who sleep in Christ, find in your presence light, happiness and peace"







Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beautiful Ya Ding 迷人的亚丁

After 5 days, we reached Ya Ding Sceninc Park in Sichuan.

It is being call the last Shangrila because it is not fully accessible to tourist due to its un-developed infrastructure and facilities. 

We were happy to be there before the big rush of tourists coming in.

As I said before, bridges, tunnels, elevated highways would be in place in a couple of years. A new airport is being built in Daocheng.

Tourists will be traveling in more comfort style to Ya Ding. However, they will not be seeing what we saw along the old roads. 

The scenery within the park is breath-taking.






KK visitors 亚庇的客人

Seated from left: Mary Ann, Cynthia Long and Sue Ann

Two days ago, Cynthia Loong of Kota Kinabalu came to Kajang to visit us in the morning.

She came to Kuala Lumpur about a month ago to visit her twin daughters, Sue Ann and Mary Ann who are staying in Petaling Jaya area.

Together with them were Sue Ann's two children, Damian (2 yrs) and baby Owen (3 months).

Dogs are best friends of children.

Damian were kept busy by my little dog, fishes and chicken.

They left in the afternoon after Satey lunch.


她来了吉隆坡将近一个月了。她是过来探望住在八打灵地区的两位孪生女儿,Sue Ann 及Mary Ann 。

一起同来的,还有Sue Ann 的两个孩子,Damian (两岁) 及 Owen(三个月)。

家里的小狗,还有鱼及小鸡,也够弄到Damian 忙得不亦乐乎。


( 更多照片Facebook)