Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful snow mountains 美丽的雪山

Ben Zi Lan 奔子栏
After seeing the beautiful Daocheng-Ya Ding Scenic Park, we returned to Xiangcheng en route to Ben Zi Lan, a town perching on the bank of JinSha River (literally means River of golden sands), which separate Sichuan and Yunnan.

Ben Zi Lan is an important town on the historical Tea & Horse Road in Yunnan.

We put up a night in Ben Zi Lan and left for De Qin after breakfast.

The 110 km mountain roads took us almost whole day cover. We made many stops to take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

From Ben Zin Lan at 1900 meters, we traveled bumpy and winding mountain roads to reach the highest point at 4300 meters to view the magnificent Bai Ma (white horse) snowy mountain.

Then we traveled downhill and saw the most beautiful snow mountain of Yunnan, the Meili Snow Mountain.

We reached De Qin at night. It was freezing cold.

More pictures in Facebook - Ben Zi Lan to De Qin) 

Bai Ma snow mountain 白马雪山






接着,我们就下坡,在傍晚时分,观赏了夕阳西下时,云南最美丽的雪山 - 梅里雪山。这是全世界唯一没人征服的雪山。


(更多照片Facebook - 奔子栏到德钦)

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