Friday, November 2, 2012

Self drive journey 自己驾驶的旅程

Our photography expedition was a self-drive journey, it enabled us to stop whenever, wherever we liked, to take pictures of at beautiful spots, and temples, farmhouses, getting up close with farmers doing chores, tilting their lands. We even stopped to take pictures of pigs and cows!

By doing so, we have a better understanding and knowledge of the lives of farmers and rural people.

We have learned to respect the hard-working people of China, especially rural folks.

1. Facebook pictures of Daocheng to Xiangcheng

2. Facebook pictures of Xiangcheng to Ben Zhi Lan





1. Facebook照片 - 稻城到乡城

2. Facebook照片 - 乡城到奔子栏的途中。

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