Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye Europe 再见欧洲

Rare good weather in Aberdeen

After 2 days of resting, I shall continue to complete the story of our Le tour de Europe.

It was a veeee...ry enjoyable journey, but also very energy consuming. Despite all the good food and non-stop eating, I lost 3 kgs (same as to Pauline).

We bid goodbye to Julie on the morning of July 23 at the Grenoble train station and reaching Paris 3 hours later.

Waited for a few hours for the Eurostar to take us back to London St. Pancras station. Then to Heathrow Airport for a flight in the evening to Aberdeen.

We spent the whole of 23/7 traveling.

Resting, recuperating and packing for the next few days in Aberdeen.

On 26/7 Thursday, after bidding farewell to our wonderful Scottish "guai lou" daughter Amanda, we left for Glasgow for our flight home the next day (Friday). We will miss her very much.

At Glasgow Airport, we went through stringent security check. Surprisingly, we were directed straight to duty free shopping area, and then to boarding gate.... then to the plane.

No Immigration check !! (I am still wondering and recollecting, whether we have missed the check point!)

So ... Goodbye Scotland, goodbye Europe !

1. Facebook photos Aberdeen

2. Facebook photos Glasgow

The last night in Aberdeen 依依不舍的最后一晚







天下没有不散的宴席,26/7 星期四,我们向犹如女儿般的阿曼达Amanda道别,依依不舍的离开阿伯丁,到格拉斯哥住宿一夜,以便隔天乘搭班机回国。



1. Facebook 照片Aberdeen

2. Facebook 照片Glasgow

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home sweet home 甜蜜的家

Glasgow Airport

After almost 20 hours, we finally reached home safetly at about 4:30 pm Malaysia time

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paris tour 巴黎旅游

The apparition (left) and Miraculous Medal (R)


The Eurostar took almost 3 hours from London to Paris, about an hour's delay. The ride was quite ok but the seat was not very comfortable. It was a new experience for all of us going to Paris by train.

Paris NORD train station is old and congested.

Language is a major concern with Metro and underground train services (no Paris map is available at the station). However, Elizabeth is well prepared in advance regarding train tickets and route to use in going about Paris.

Dragging bags and luggage has tired us down considerably....the cosy and beautiful furnished home-stay apartment cheered us up.

Soon after checking in, we went to visit Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the famous political, culture and religious landmark of Paris.

The grand and beautiful Basilica is situated on top of Montmartre (Mount Martyrs) , the highest summit of Paris. It is an attraction for tourists and local residents because it offers a panoramic view of the whole city of Paris. Crowd usually gathers from late afternoon.

The next morning, all of us eagerly stepped into the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal.

It is an inconspicuous chapel in the heart of Paris. As stated in its official website, "Be careful, though! Some people look for it for a long time, passing back and forth without noticing this hidden place, “a grotto in the heart of Paris” as it is called."

We followed the address, but missed the entrance ... it is a small one, no crowd, no big signboard. It is a lesser know site of apparition of Blessed Mary.

Despite today was the eve of anniversary of apparition, there was no crowd. The Chapel is just 15 minutes walk from the famous Notre Dame De Paris.

It is God's Providence that we were able to visit this chapel and saw the in-corrupt body of St. Catherine Laboure, the young nun who was chosen by God to receive message from the Blessed Virgin Mary. (see Chapel of Miraculous Medal for full story of apparition)

Her body is laid on the right of the altar, where the body of the co-founder of the mission, St. Louise de Marillac is laid on the left of the altar.

I have a deeper understanding of the message of the miraculous medal. As a legionary, we are asked to spread the message and the medals to people especially those who are in need of help.

"O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you".

We attended a Mass (in French) and left to continue our sightseeing of Paris.

As Pauline and Elizabeth has been to Paris before, so me and Mrs Lee decided to join Paris Free Walk Tour ( no charges but tips to be given to the guide according to his/her performance)

It was a 3.5 hours walk to see Paris on foot. We viewed places like : St. Michael Fountain, Latin Quarter, walking along River Seine and historical bridges, Ile-de-la-Cité, The Louvre, Palace de la Concorde, Pont Alexandre III ... on our own, we also covered the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe....

We walked and walked and walked ... almost non-stop covering about 10 kms .

That is the way to see Paris !!

Paris is not that romantic as I have imagined ... and the Parisians (not other places) are not that friendly too. But still it is a beautiful city with many grand historical buildings and structures.

Finding toilets is a big hassle. One needed to pay 50 to 70 cents Euro to use the public toilets (about RM2 to RM 2.80) in train and metro stations.....!

After Paris, our next destination is Grenoble (already posted)

1. Ah Ngao in Paris pictures Facebook

2. Ah Ngao in Paris pictures Facebook









隔天早上,我们来到了『圣母显灵圣牌』小教堂』 (英文)



我与太太跪在修女的遗体前,把从家里带来的圣母显灵圣牌摆放在地上,向圣女祈求。首先我感谢天主恩赐,能够到此朝圣,并且近距离的瞻仰圣女的遗体。身为一名圣母军,我愿意奉献自己,成为传递显灵圣牌的工具,也把圣母的讯息传达出去。我也祈求圣母,藉着圣女的同祷,祝福这些圣牌,祝福领受这些圣牌的人 。。。

见到了圣女的遗体,就是一个天主的奇迹,圣母的临在 。。。这是圣母给我个人的显现!






在巴黎,厕所难找,在火车站,地铁站,厕所都是收费的,从0.50 至0.70 欧元不等(马币2元至2.8元)。

巴黎之后,我们的下一站是Grenoble 格若坡。(已经上载)

(1.) 阿牛在巴黎 照片Facebook

(2) 阿牛在巴黎照片Facebook

Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye France 再见法国

It is the last day in Petit Bilieu lake house.

We went to Charavines, the small town market to see the local Sunday market.

The rest of the day we spent on eating, talking, relaxing, swimming, and ...eating again.

Julie's younger brother Antoine with girl friend joined us throughout the day.

It was a great day.

Mother Nature granted us a beautiful sunset as a parting gift to ensure that we remember the good time we have at the beautiful lake house with Julie and family.

We thank Julie's father James, for his company and generosity. He is humorous and jovial, and made us feel welcome and comfortable.

He extended invitation to come back again anytime, as we also extend our invitation to him to visit us in Malaysia ...anytime.

With sad hearts, we bid farewell .... Au Re voir !
We will be travelling back to Aberdeen tomorrow morning.

(see beautiful pictures at Facebook)



过后,一整天就是在湖边别墅度过 。。。吃,喝,谈天,游泳,及吃,喝。。。



大自然也特别开恩,赐给我们离别的礼物 。。。非常美丽的夕阳。它让我们把这与茱莉家庭共度的美好时光,及这风景优美的湖边别墅,常记在心头。



再见了,朋友 。。Au revoir !



Sunday, July 22, 2012

A relaxing day 轻松的一天

A day of great fun at Julie's family weekend lake house in a village called Petit Belieu, which is about 40 kms from Grenoble.

Early in the morning, Elizabeth tried water skiing for the first time under the tutorage of Jac (James) and Julie.

Later we took a walk around the lake to a small town called Charavines, about 4 km away.

It was a day of relaxation. (see all pics in Facebook)





今天是非常轻松的一天。(全部照片Facebook )

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A holy day 圣洁的一天


It was a great and holy day in Grenoble.

Thanks to Julie's research, she brought us today to a pilgrimage sanctuary called Santuaire Notre Dame de La Salette, about 35 kms from Grenoble. (Apparition in English and Notre Dame de La Salette)

On 19 September 1846, Mother Mary appeared to 2 children who were looking after their cattle on a mountain 1800 meters above sea level in La Salette.

She implored the people to repent and returns to God.

After much controversies and in-depth investigation by the local church, it was officially approved worthy by the Bishop of Grenoble in 1851.

It is another lesser known apparition outside France. However, it is believed to be the second most important pilgrimage site after Lourdes in France. ( Lourdes's apparition is 12 years later than La Salette)

The sanctuary consists of a Basilica, Chapel, hotel, retreat houses and spaces for activities. Individuals or group can stay in the hotel and participate or organise spiritual activities.

The landscape to the sanctuary and view from top are breathtakingly magnificence. (see Facebook pictures)



谢谢茱莉的搜索,她今早带领我们到35公里外的山区,一个圣母显现的圣地朝圣。经过了弯曲的道路,大约两个小时后,抵达了这个称为 Santuaire Notre Dame de La Salette (喇沙烈圣母圣地)。

在1846年,圣母在这个海拔1800 米的山上,显现了给两位看守牛群的儿童。




这圣地在1800公尺的山上,共有一座大圣殿,小教堂,住宿的酒店及许多活动场地。(可看英文Notre Dame de La Salette) 。 因为不是闻名国际,所以只有法文及部分英文资料。



Friday, July 20, 2012

Grenoble 格若坡

The TGV train took us 3 hours from Parish to Grenoble, a southeastern French Alps town (about 570 kms by road) with beautiful mountains and rivers. The train ride was quite comfortable (much better than Eurostar) and passed through some beautiful landscape of farmlands.

It was the host city of 1968 Winter Olympic and also known as The Capital City of Alps.

Julie was in Aberdeen as an exchange student and befriended Elizabeth. She came to Malaysia 3 years ago and invited us to visit her in Grenoble whenever we can.

Julie welcomed us at the Grenoble rail station in the evening.

She put us at her grandma's apartment at the center of town with windows overlooking the mountains.

We had special cheese dinner at a restaurant in the town square. It was an experience of my lifetime!!

On second day, we walked around the town. It is clean and peaceful with many shops offering Summer sales.

We took cable car to the hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the town ... it is breathtakingly beautiful !!!

At night, we have dinner with Julie's mother Sophie. Gaelle, another friend came to Malayasia 3 years ago, joined us for dinner and have a great time together.

(Grenoble pictures Facebook 1)

(Grenoble pictures Facebook 2)

法国的TGV高速火车,以三个小时把我们载送到五百多公里外的Grenoble (格若坡)。火车相当的舒适,比我们从伦敦乘搭的Eurostar 好的多,沿途还看到美丽的农田风景。

Grenoble 位于法国东南部的阿尔比斯山地区,是1968年冬季奥林比克运动会的主办城市。它也被美称为『阿尔比斯山的首都』。


Julie (茱莉)曾参加过学生交换,到过阿伯丁就读一年,而认识了小女儿。三年前,她到过马来西亚旅游一个月,邀请我们到法国来拜访她。





晚上,我们与Julie 的妈妈共用晚餐。三年前也到过马来西亚的Gaelle,也到来一同用餐。大家有个很美好的时光。

(格若波照片Grenoble Facebook 1)

(格若波照片Grenoble Facebook 2)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It is all about election 全都是因为大选

In the peaceful and beautiful Grenoble, southeastern of France, this piece of news from home shocked me out of my chair ...

"Police Special Branch investigations have concluded that Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorists and former communists are infiltrating opposition parties and trying to be fielded as candidates in the coming general election."..... (JI is a banned South East Asia militant group classified as terrorist organisation by UN)

According to Bernama, it claimed JI elements were trying to infiltrate PAS (Opposition Islamic party) while the communist elements were trying to infiltrate DAP (opposition party mainly Chinese membership).

Bloody fool goons, what are you waiting for? you already have proof .. .... bust them and make Malaysian Police the Top force in the world (and redeem your already badly tarnished name)!!

Can I trust this dumb dumb ....!!

Take consolation that general election is not held while I am abroad ...

Yes, it is all about GENERAL ELECTION !!!

Many more bizzar claims and counter claims would be made ......


“ 警方政治部今日惊人指控,我国在野党正面对恐怖分子的渗透,包括来自伊斯兰教祈祷团(JI)与一些曾与共产党有关系的人士,企图争取在来届大选代表在野党上阵。








My failed attempt to conquer The Louvre

We were in Paris for 3 days two nights ...actually only one and a half day was available for sightseeing, and we made full use of it.

We visited churches, made pilgrimage to the Miraculous Medal Chapel and paid respect to the in-corruptable body of Sr. Catherine Laboure whom Mother Mary has appeared to her in 1830.

We joined the Paris Free city walk, a 3.5 hours of seeing Paris by walking led by a guide. (too little time to write and posting photos, will do it later)

Today, we left Paris for Grenoble, a city at the south-eastern part of France, at the foot of French Alps. It is also known as "the capital of Alps".

It is a beautiful and quiet town with great view of the mountains. We will be here for about 5 days as guest of Julie, Elizabeth's former French course-mate.

The French Alps viewed from the city center of Grenoble
The view on way to Grenoble

More to come later ... hopefully!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Arrived at London King's Cross station 抵达伦敦火车站

The train arrived on time at London King Cross train station at 5:00 pm.

We sat on first class coach (we got very good early booking promotion price) and it was very comfortable with free Wifi ( I managed to load all Inverness, Loch Ness and Isle of Skye pictures to my Facebook). Drinks (coffee, tea, water, soft drinks) and sandwiches, snacks were served throughout the journey… non-stop until one hour before London!

The train ride was one of the high points of our London trip.

With great anticipation, I stepped out of the underground train station, with blue sky, I took the first breath of LONDON AIR …. Yes, me the Ah Ngao (country bumpkin), for the first time set foot on London. The Jubilee picture of smiling Queen Elizabeth greeted us warmly.

We were staying at the London Youth Hostel, St. Paul’s Cathedral is just at the back and we heard bells rang throughout the night/day from our room.

Immediately after checking in, we went out by foot for sightseeing – Millennium Bridge, River Thames walk, Waterloo bridge are just walking distance from our hostel.

The next day, I joined Free London Walk for a 2.5 hours walking tour. The guide Rachel was fantastic, animated and funny.

Places covered: Famous Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, famous Pall Mall street, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Big Ben and Westminster, Westminster Abby… and more!

It is highly recommended to use Free Tour if you are seeing London on your own.

Malaysia Tourism Board office is situated at the heart of London and most expensive property – Trafalgar Square, so you know how big a budget Tourism Ministry is getting … and how many British tourists coming to Malaysia?

London is a worLinkld tourists’ destination, crowded with tourists from all over the world … We stayed two nights in London only.

(London Youth Hostel's Wifi charges is high.... so no posting in London. It is posted in Paris ..Paris story to be followed..)

(London 1 pictures in Facebook)

(London 2 pictures in Facebook)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Inverness, Loch Ness and Isle of Skye

There are still a few places visited has not been posted in my blog or Facebook.

Among them, the beautiful Ruegan Island and Dresdan in Germany. I think I can do it only when back in Malaysia .. also as a recollection of good memory.

We have visited the famous Loch Ness at the city of Inverness. After Inverness, we proceeded to Isle of Skye, a remote but beautiful island. It was cold and windy there.

It was raining and cold but it did not hampered our journey and enjoyed very much of the stay in these places.

We stayed at a camping pod situated at a camping ground where campers, caravans camped and parked.

I am posting pictures of Inverness, Loch Ness and Isle of Skye in parts to share with you all.

(Pictures of Inverness Facebook)

(Loch Ness Facebook )

(Isle of Skye)

我还有好几个地方的照片,还没有上载,原因是缺少时间, 如德国的吕根岛及德斯登。这都是美丽的地方,我会在会在马来西亚后,整理了才上载,也当作的美丽的回顾。

我们到了著名的尼斯水怪出现的尼斯湖,及所在的樱花尼斯(Inverness),及斯盖岛(Isle of Skye)。



(Facebook Inverness 照片)

(Facebook Loch Ness 尼斯湖照片

(Facebook Isle of Skye )

Packpacking 背包行

We are embarking on a backpacking journey to London and continental Europe journey.

We are taking a train for this 500+ miles journey taking about 7 hours.

This blog is posted using train WIFI.

It is expected to be crowed in London due to the coming Olympic games.

View from train 远途风景




Friday, July 13, 2012

We have graduated 我们毕业了

Congratulations - to Elizabeth and ..me and my wife too!

We have graduated.

Today Elizabeth is officially graduated from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen with M.Sc Advance Architectural Studies. She has started working already.

The convocation was held at His Majesty Theater, Aberdeen today at 10:30 am.

As for us, we have also graduated from Working & Producing Money for children studies, and we are now jobless ...!! so rehat and makan angin pigi le..!(rest and pleasure we go)

May God continue to bless Elizabeth's new chapter of life, good health and happiness; may the Holy Spirit guides and protects her in her new undertakings, and synergises her contributions to societies and communitiesin years to come.

May all successes and achievement in praise of God's mercy, may His name be blessed and glorified. Thanks and praise. Amen.

(see all pics in Facebook)

Short video - The moments







(简短录影 The mom

Thursday, July 12, 2012

pei 呸

The cunning face
The ugly face
Their common interest - the blood gold of Bukit Koman, Raub ... not sports !

他们的共同利益 - 劳勿武吉公满的血腥黄金 。。不是运动!

“The newspaper pictures of top Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei and his national team colleagues holding up a RM2 million gold bar with Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd (RAGM) director Andrew Kam has angered Bukit Koman residents.

However, the Bukit Koman residents questioned whether the move is merely a public relations exercise and if the national badminton team has been used to salvage the image of the gold mining company.(Malaysiakini)


劳勿居民质疑金矿公司借助这场公关秀,透过身为公众人物的羽球国手来“漂白”其争议性的采金举措,并遗憾李宗伟等羽球国手甘愿为金矿公司站台。(Malaysiakini 今日大马)

Insensitive and money minded badminton champion fell for cunning businessman's dirty tactic !!!
无知(或无良?),见钱眼开的羽球冠军,掉入狡猾商家的肮脏技俩 !!!

(See Stop dirty gold 不要毒金)

Back to Aberdeen 再回到亚比丁

亚比丁 Aberdeen

Today at about 4:30 pm, we arrived at Aberdeen ... after five days, 1,100 miles ( 1,760 kms) journey, crisscrossing almost 3/4 part of Scotland.

It was a great journey emcompassing many cities and region, especially the highlands and island of Scotland, enjoying the magnificent view and wonders of nature.

We brought Mrs Lee to try on the famous fish & chips of Aberdeen.

We shall embark on another journey again in a few days time.

(more pics in Facebook)

Fishermen's feast 渔人的大餐





(更多照片Facebook )

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Edinnburgh 爱丁堡

There are few things tourists do in Edinburgh.

1. Visit Edinburgh castle
2. Walk the Royal Mile, where many historical buildings are located... and tourist attractions.
3. Check on the busiest shopping area around Princess Street.
4. After the above 3 must-do, visit more castles and tourist spots outside the city ....

We did the first three things, and the fourth one is not possible for us due to constraint of time.

Edinburgh is the second largest city of Scotland. It has many old (Medieval) buildings ... many old sand stone buildings, grand and beautiful. The city was listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.

However, you see one, you see all ... all about the same, row by row street by street ...

It was drizzling in the morning and weather turned better in the afternoon. We spent about 2 hours at the Edinburgh Castle, which is walking distance from the city center. Princess Street is the center where every public bus would pass by.

(More pics in Facebook


1. 参观爱丁堡古堡。
2. 漫步“皇家街”-这里有着许多历史悠久的建筑物,也是吸引游客的景点。
3. 到市中心最繁忙的『公主街』购物中心 。
4. 除了以上三点必须做到的,然后到市区外参观更多的古堡及景点。







Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Edinburgh 往爱丁堡去

Today we arrived at Edinburgh at about 7:30 pm after a 8-hour-240 miles drive (UK still using British measurement) from Isle of Skye, the most northern island of Scotland.

We were in Isle of Skye for 2 nights staying at a camping pod at a camp site fronting a lake. The site is fantastic but the weather is un-bearable ... rainy, very cold and winudy ( nighttime about 10 degree C). It has no WIFI, no hand phone signal ... rendered us in-incommunicado during our stay.

The natural scenery of the island is great, mostly rocky mountains and hills, and strong-waved seacoast.

We left the isle at about 10:30 am, making many rest and photo taking stops, driving through great landscape of Scotland, admiring the great beauty of nature along the way. ( All are Isle of Skye pictures)

我们今天在傍晚 7:30 pm 抵达爱丁堡。

我们是在早上10:30 am, 驾车离开苏格兰最北的岛屿领土Isle of Skye,经过了八个小时的路程,240 英里(应该还是沿用旧英里),才抵达目的地。

我们在Isle of Skye 住了两位,选择了露营方式小屋。这营地坐落在一个湖边,主要是租给露营车使用。这岛屿的风景非常的美,但是很冷,两天都下雨及刮大风,冷得有点难顶。(晚间温度大约十度左右)。这里也没有无线上网,手机电讯也没有,可谓是“音讯全无”。


我们在早上10:30 am 离开该岛,沿途经过美丽的国家公园山峦,多次停留休息及拍照,欣赏了苏格兰自然的风景。(全部是 小岛照片)

(more pictures would be uploaded to Facebook later .... 较后时,更多照片上载到面子书。。))