Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye France 再见法国

It is the last day in Petit Bilieu lake house.

We went to Charavines, the small town market to see the local Sunday market.

The rest of the day we spent on eating, talking, relaxing, swimming, and ...eating again.

Julie's younger brother Antoine with girl friend joined us throughout the day.

It was a great day.

Mother Nature granted us a beautiful sunset as a parting gift to ensure that we remember the good time we have at the beautiful lake house with Julie and family.

We thank Julie's father James, for his company and generosity. He is humorous and jovial, and made us feel welcome and comfortable.

He extended invitation to come back again anytime, as we also extend our invitation to him to visit us in Malaysia ...anytime.

With sad hearts, we bid farewell .... Au Re voir !
We will be travelling back to Aberdeen tomorrow morning.

(see beautiful pictures at Facebook)



过后,一整天就是在湖边别墅度过 。。。吃,喝,谈天,游泳,及吃,喝。。。



大自然也特别开恩,赐给我们离别的礼物 。。。非常美丽的夕阳。它让我们把这与茱莉家庭共度的美好时光,及这风景优美的湖边别墅,常记在心头。



再见了,朋友 。。Au revoir !



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