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Paris tour 巴黎旅游

The apparition (left) and Miraculous Medal (R)


The Eurostar took almost 3 hours from London to Paris, about an hour's delay. The ride was quite ok but the seat was not very comfortable. It was a new experience for all of us going to Paris by train.

Paris NORD train station is old and congested.

Language is a major concern with Metro and underground train services (no Paris map is available at the station). However, Elizabeth is well prepared in advance regarding train tickets and route to use in going about Paris.

Dragging bags and luggage has tired us down considerably....the cosy and beautiful furnished home-stay apartment cheered us up.

Soon after checking in, we went to visit Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the famous political, culture and religious landmark of Paris.

The grand and beautiful Basilica is situated on top of Montmartre (Mount Martyrs) , the highest summit of Paris. It is an attraction for tourists and local residents because it offers a panoramic view of the whole city of Paris. Crowd usually gathers from late afternoon.

The next morning, all of us eagerly stepped into the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal.

It is an inconspicuous chapel in the heart of Paris. As stated in its official website, "Be careful, though! Some people look for it for a long time, passing back and forth without noticing this hidden place, “a grotto in the heart of Paris” as it is called."

We followed the address, but missed the entrance ... it is a small one, no crowd, no big signboard. It is a lesser know site of apparition of Blessed Mary.

Despite today was the eve of anniversary of apparition, there was no crowd. The Chapel is just 15 minutes walk from the famous Notre Dame De Paris.

It is God's Providence that we were able to visit this chapel and saw the in-corrupt body of St. Catherine Laboure, the young nun who was chosen by God to receive message from the Blessed Virgin Mary. (see Chapel of Miraculous Medal for full story of apparition)

Her body is laid on the right of the altar, where the body of the co-founder of the mission, St. Louise de Marillac is laid on the left of the altar.

I have a deeper understanding of the message of the miraculous medal. As a legionary, we are asked to spread the message and the medals to people especially those who are in need of help.

"O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you".

We attended a Mass (in French) and left to continue our sightseeing of Paris.

As Pauline and Elizabeth has been to Paris before, so me and Mrs Lee decided to join Paris Free Walk Tour ( no charges but tips to be given to the guide according to his/her performance)

It was a 3.5 hours walk to see Paris on foot. We viewed places like : St. Michael Fountain, Latin Quarter, walking along River Seine and historical bridges, Ile-de-la-Cité, The Louvre, Palace de la Concorde, Pont Alexandre III ... on our own, we also covered the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe....

We walked and walked and walked ... almost non-stop covering about 10 kms .

That is the way to see Paris !!

Paris is not that romantic as I have imagined ... and the Parisians (not other places) are not that friendly too. But still it is a beautiful city with many grand historical buildings and structures.

Finding toilets is a big hassle. One needed to pay 50 to 70 cents Euro to use the public toilets (about RM2 to RM 2.80) in train and metro stations.....!

After Paris, our next destination is Grenoble (already posted)

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2. Ah Ngao in Paris pictures Facebook









隔天早上,我们来到了『圣母显灵圣牌』小教堂』 (英文)



我与太太跪在修女的遗体前,把从家里带来的圣母显灵圣牌摆放在地上,向圣女祈求。首先我感谢天主恩赐,能够到此朝圣,并且近距离的瞻仰圣女的遗体。身为一名圣母军,我愿意奉献自己,成为传递显灵圣牌的工具,也把圣母的讯息传达出去。我也祈求圣母,藉着圣女的同祷,祝福这些圣牌,祝福领受这些圣牌的人 。。。

见到了圣女的遗体,就是一个天主的奇迹,圣母的临在 。。。这是圣母给我个人的显现!






在巴黎,厕所难找,在火车站,地铁站,厕所都是收费的,从0.50 至0.70 欧元不等(马币2元至2.8元)。

巴黎之后,我们的下一站是Grenoble 格若坡。(已经上载)

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