Monday, March 28, 2011

The mother of all moral scandals 所有道德丑闻之母

This afternoon, after my physiotherpy, my wife and I decided to have lunch at a coffee shop in Sg. Chua, Kajang. We ordered precooked mixed dishes with rice.

Next to our table, two young men were having lunch too. They talked very loud. And the young man facing me was so fouled mouth that every other sentence would mixed with three-letter mantra (slang for four-letter words).... They have been talking for more than 20 minutes... and added up easily with more than 100 fouled words... %$#..*&^, %%$, t#m, f@m.....

Bad manner, bad behaviour and sting. I wished his mouth rot and teeth decay.... (forgive me Oh God...).

However, compared with the Trio in "mother of all moral scandals", this young man is considered juvenile!

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has described the recent emergence of a sex video as slander designed to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim (Opposition leader). In a statement signed by president Reverend Thomas Philips, the council urged the government to take swift action against 'Datuk T', the code-name used by three individuals who have admitted to being behind the release of the video.

The exposure of the video at this juncture, the council said, has made it the "mother of all moral scandals" perpetrated by titled personalities and so-called leaders. (Malaysiakini)

The sex video (see The Blue Monday at Carcosa Sri Negara ) was showed openly to invited journalists and politicians at a "private session" at Carcosa Sri Negara, a prestigious hotel formerly the residence of British High Commissioner, where many visiting kings and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth has been staying while making official visit to Malaysia.

In Malaysia, possession, showing and viewing of pornographic video, pictures and materials is a criminal offence.

The Trio have admitted they are responsible for keeping and showing of the pornographic video of a top opposition polictician having sex with a foreign prostitute. The filming were done with hidden cameras in a hotel room.

People are awaiting with eyes wide open to see what action is the Police going to take. So far Police has not taken any action but the de facto Minister of Law already voiced out that the trio can be protected under the Witness Protection Act and Whistleblower Act... what a great shame ! Must be an April Fool joke! The minister cannot differentiate a mouse from a cat ....

Whether Anwar is or is not the actor in the video, this morally corrupt, ethically bankrupt shamless trio must be brought to justice, and the forces behind them (the plot) be exposed. Shameful to a country so vigorously upholding the "good" religious values and practices.

I love Malaysia, my homeland. It is so colourful and disversify .... as advertised in 1Malaysia!!


在我们的隔壁台,两位年轻人也在那里用午餐。他们谈话很大声。面向着我的那位年轻人,口臭的很,几乎每隔一句话就加上一句三字经。他们大声不停的在那里谈了二十分钟,我大约加起来,至少有上百个三字经 。。。。%¥@,#%&,他#妈,丢X$,妈%& ......



马来西亚佛教,基督教,兴都教,锡克教及道教咨询公会(MCCBCHST)形容最近出现的色情录像,是为了羞辱反对党领袖安华的。在一篇由该会总会长签署的文告中,给公会吁请政府立刻采取行动,对付那自称拿督T 的三名人士,他们已经承认是公开这个色情录像带幕后推手。


这个录影带,是由三位幕后推手,公开给受邀到媒体及政治人物,在Corcasa Sri Negara 酒店,以“私人”方式放映的。

Corcasa Sri Negara 是一间高级酒店,前身是英国大使的官方住所。许多到访的国家元首,首长,包括英女皇,在对马来西亚做国事访问是,都下榻于这酒店。






Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am progressing well from my knee replacement. Thanks to all my friends, Christians and non-Christians, for your kind thoughts, words of encouragement and prayers.

I am still feeling pain (bearable) from the wound. My biggest challenge is insomnia ... most of the nights not able to sleep. When not able to sleep, the pain becomes more obvious .... causing me tossing and rolling from left to right .... right to left ..... finding a comfortable position for the knee !

Otherwise, I am eating well and feeling well.

I am not able to drive yet (for distance) because I need to move my knee joint every other few minutes to prevent stiffness.

And for my physiotherapy, I am learning how to climb down from stairs !

Thank you to you all!







Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 地球一小时熄灯

What you do Counts!

It's Earth Hour 2011, Malaysian time 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

We switched off the porch light, gate light, kitchen light, hall light and all rooms light.

No TV, no entertainment, peace and quiet.

I prayed 5 decades of Rosary for Mother Earth and the Japanese nuclear power station crisis.

Mother Mary pray for us and our earth.


今天是地球一小时熄灯日,马来西亚时间晚上8:30 - 9:30 pm.





Friday, March 25, 2011

German visitors 德国访客

After almost 24 hours of travel, simple Chinese noodles and dishes would help to ease thier jet lag (At a Kajang Restaurant)

Today we welcomed the arrival of Pauline's former German colleages back to Malaysia for holiday.

Mr. & Mrs Paege, Mr. & Mrs Wenlandt and daughter Claudia have arrived from Germany this morning.

The came back frequently to Malaysia for holiday. They loved the sunshine, beautiful beaches of islands and the friendly people here.

They will be leaving for Langkawi Island on Sunday for a 2-week island holidays.


Paege 夫妇,Wenlandt 夫妇及女儿Claudia,今早从德国柏林抵达马来西亚。



They brought us total of 13 kgs of German sausages, cheese, coffee, chocolate, salami, breads...All are my favourites!
他们带来了13 公斤的德

Visitors to my house for the next 2 weeks will have a chance to share..

Evening outing 傍晚的活动

In good weather, from a hill in Kajang, we can see the Kuala Lumpur Tower and Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and also the Genting Highlands.

Last night the weather was fine. We went to a restaurant at Mewah Club, which is perched on top of a hill, to have dinner with Mr. and Mrs Lee, daughter in law Wei Yee, grandson Marcus, in honour of thier daughter's mother in law from America.

Pauline got to know her when they went together for an Alaskan cruise two years ago.




Mr. & Mrs Lee presented me with my favorite Salak fruit they brought back from Solo, Indonesia

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Malaysia my homeland 马来西亚我的家

Malaysian press media can never be running short of materials ---sensational and dramatic materials.

Such as : Frog politicians; Former deputy Prime Minister Anwar's sodomy case; Minister's sex VCD; Death of MACC (Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission) detainee; Ex-ministers charged in court for misleading the Prime Minister; Police brutality; Too many by-elections; ex-PM Mahathir's controversial biography, crooked bridge but known as scenic bridge, copy righted name of God (Allah) ..........

The latest being sex tape scandal supposedly featuring Anwar, agian ... the black hand behind this drama is a former Chief Minister of the state of Melaka....

Malaysia is a place where you can see the holiest (always holier than thou), ugliest, dirtiest, the lowest and the most degrading human being on earth.

I love Malaysia, my homeland!

马来西亚的媒体绝对不会缺乏资讯, 而且还是耸人听闻及戏剧性的材料。





* pictures credit: Malaysiakini.

Feeling good 感觉真好

After my operation, whenever I am down, I think of people that I know who are suffering from all types of illness and afflictions. I draw strength from them.

Jenny Yap of Kota Kinabalu ( see A brave girl ) and Mrs Lee (see A brave lady ) are among them.

I thought of my former worker Yahya too. So this morning, my wife chauffeured me to pay him a visit.

Yahya (74) is suffering from prostate cancer. He looked bright and jovial. He is undergoing treatment at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

He and his wife were happy to see us. His wife has a 1-kg cyst removed a month ago at a government hospital.

I am feeling good today.


亚庇的俐雯 (参看帖子勇敢的女孩) 和加影的李太太(参看帖子勇敢的妇人)就是其中的一些人。

我也想起来我的老工人Yahya。 所以今早在太太的载送下,我们去他家探望他。

Yahya (74岁)患上前列腺癌症,目前正在吉隆坡中央医院接受治疗。看起来,他精神很好,心情也很开朗。



Monday, March 21, 2011

The beasts

The Western Coalition is a pack of Hyenas - ungly and savage beasts!

Under the hidden black hand of U.S, the UN authorized a No-fly Zone over Libya. No-fly Zone means "All foreign war planes can fly in Libya except the Libyan planes." And they can bomb and shoot whatever, whoever, whichever they want.

The Coalition is to provide "humanitarian support to the people of Libya" - which means they stop Gaddafi from killing his people, but allow the Coalition and the rebels to kill innocents and people loyal to Gaddafi.

Surprisingly, French President Sarkozy was so eager to take the lead, while declaring the formation of No-fly Zone over Libya, French war planes already on their way to attack Libyan targets. No surprise, the ever willing lap dog of U.S, the British followed close behind.

Maybe Sarkozy was eager to show his leadership and heroic guts not only to the American, but to his sweet and pretty wife too.

Muammar Gaddafi has been a mad and oppresive dictator tolerated by the West for the past 40 years or so. As late as 2007, Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, visited Gaddafi in Libya and did a buddy buddy act at a desert tent. In 2009, British Government gained multi-million pounds of business deals with Gaddafi by releasing the Lockerbie bomber.

Many Western government gained billion of dollars by selling weapons and war planes to Gaddafi too.

The Coalition should first destroy Israeli air crafts and facilities which randomly sending air crafts and tanks to attack the Palestinian refugee camps.

They should also send a cruise missile each to Yemen, Bahrain and Syria too ... many protesters were killed by their own government.

Is the bombing helping the Libyan poeple? What are the real motives of the West?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

JB visitors 新山访客 (Edited)

Tony and Susan came last night from Johoh Baru to visit us. This morning, their son Kelvin came from Puchong with wife Jennifer and adorable children Luke and Magdeline joined us for breakfast this morning.

Tony also brought Passion fruits from their garden.

Later at night, after a day's outing, we celebrated Luke's 9th birthday with a very special birthday cake! (see pic at bottom and Facebook)

东尼和苏珊昨晚从新山上来探访我们。今早,他们住在蒲种的儿子Kelvin,太太Jennifer 及可爱的两个孩子,也下来我家一起共用早餐。


在晚上,我们特备了一个别致的蛋糕,庆祝了Luke 的九岁诞辰。(看下端照片及Facebook

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting better 更好些了

My wife cooked Bak Kut Teh (herbal pork meat soup) and Kaya for me .....because I have lost weight!

On purpose, I informed my old friends, the Teh brothers, two weeks after my operation so that they would not rush up from Port Dickson and KL to visit me.

However, when they knew about this last week, they came immediately yesterday (Sunday) to my house. They brought famous Lukut roast pork for us too.

We went for lunch in Semenyih (Famous Nai Sa Fish & Black vinegar pork leg).

I have a relaxing Sunday.





Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan 为日本祈求

Our thoughts and prayers with the people of Japan, for the losses of lives and properties during the earthquake and Tsunami.

Lord have Mercy, Chirst have mercy, Lord have Mercy.

Mother Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for the world.




Saturday, March 12, 2011

Depressing period 情绪低落期

Physical Therapy is the most important and difficult part of my Knee Replacement operation. It means fighting with pain. And pain is a very depressing feeling.

I have reached a bottleneck on the second week of my rehabilatation, and I am depressed.

My knee was able to bend almost 80 degress (from zero) when I left hospital. It was a battle of determination and endurance of pain that I have reached 100 degrees after a week of physiotherapy.

To rehabilitate the wasted muscle that I have not been using for the past 4 years, is a very difficult and painful journey. I needed to bulid up my tight muscles (quardriceps) that control the knee.

This is one of the reasons that knee replacement must not be delayed too long.

My weak muscles' protest and complaining of pain have prevented me from pushing further. That's where the frustration and depression set in. Occasional throbbing pain of the wound,boredom of doing nothing much and insomania are the causes too.

I sensed that I must pull myself out of this depression. After few days of sulking, lazing and with the encouragement of my wife - the able private nurse, personal assistant and driver, I am fighting back......

I got up early today and joined my Taichi members for our monthly birthday celebration. They have planed to visit me at my house after the celebration this morning and were pleasantly surprised to see me.

This post is dedicated to my wife who is by my side throughout and provided 24-7 tender loving care selfless and un-reservedly.










Friday, March 4, 2011

访客 Visitors

Two visitors came this afternoon.

They brought no fruit basket, no bird nest gift ... they were considered unwelcomed visitors.(Note: Only visitors with fruit basket, bird nest gift are welcome ... high class patient!)

They are the Angels of Death! One preaches death, the other one writes about death!!

Death was not what I wanted.

But they said:

Death, where are you?
Are you afraid of death?
What is the reaction when seeing a corpse?
Death is the gate of Resurrection!

Welcome, welcome then!

Ooi..., you said they were not welcome?

Welcome, welcome ...they brought Good News: Death the gate of Resurrection! Good News!!

They were Fr. Lawrene Ng and Pham (Xiu Hui), a freelancer (Production, Direction and script writing).

Fr. Lawrence will be giving a talk on March 12 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm) at the Xiao En Centre, Cheras. Pham is collecting materials on Death for her new production.

They left after dinner.











神父将在三月十二日,(早上9:30 am- 下午4:00 pm)假蕉赖孝恩馆主持一个讲座,题名:死亡之旅,公开给有兴趣的朋友参加。(Facebook Event)



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unbearable pain 不能忍受的痛

Boringly painful 隐闷的痛

A week of staying at home, I am already feeling bored for doing nothing. And a deep sense of pain surrounds me.

The pain is not from my operation but thinking of my old friend who are right now suffering and crying in a private nursing home in Kuala Lumpur.

My friend was brought back home by his children for Chinese New Year on evening of the eve of New Year.

I was so happy to visit him on the first day of New Year and promised to come visit again later. He told me "die die also not going back to the nursing home". He was happy and bright, giving Ang Pow to me, my wife and children too.

On the third day of New Year, a group of friends went to his house to vist him. They found the house was all locked up.... no one at home.

One of them called me and enquired whether he has gone back to the nursing home.

"Cannot be... so soon? He said die die also not going back too!"

I was thinking if the children wanted to send him back, could have let him stayed right after New Year holidays.... and allowed him to enjoy the joy of new year with family and friends...

Later my friend called me to confirmed that she has called the nursing home amd spoken to him. He was brought back by one of the children under the pretext that he was to collect all his belongings and will bring him home later.

He was cheated by her %@f#%b#% children.

He will never have the chance to leave this home alive !!!!

I visited him two days before my admission for my operation. As usual, he was crying ... crying ....and crying!!!!

The pain in my heart is more acute than my 8 inches wound.








他被自己的 &%#杂#@&种% 孩子骗了!