Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feeling good 感觉真好

After my operation, whenever I am down, I think of people that I know who are suffering from all types of illness and afflictions. I draw strength from them.

Jenny Yap of Kota Kinabalu ( see A brave girl ) and Mrs Lee (see A brave lady ) are among them.

I thought of my former worker Yahya too. So this morning, my wife chauffeured me to pay him a visit.

Yahya (74) is suffering from prostate cancer. He looked bright and jovial. He is undergoing treatment at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

He and his wife were happy to see us. His wife has a 1-kg cyst removed a month ago at a government hospital.

I am feeling good today.


亚庇的俐雯 (参看帖子勇敢的女孩) 和加影的李太太(参看帖子勇敢的妇人)就是其中的一些人。

我也想起来我的老工人Yahya。 所以今早在太太的载送下,我们去他家探望他。

Yahya (74岁)患上前列腺癌症,目前正在吉隆坡中央医院接受治疗。看起来,他精神很好,心情也很开朗。



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