Saturday, July 19, 2008

A brave girl 勇敢的女孩

Meeting Jenny was the most important item in our KK itinerary. Fourteen months ago, Jenny was seriously injured in a road accident. She spent two months in KL hospitals. When her condition got better, she flew home on a stretcher with special arrangement by MAS. She was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and undergone a few more major operations and hundreds of hours of physiotherapy. I was meeting this brave girl with joy and sadness. I was filled with joy to see Jenny has recovered almost fully and resumed normal life. On the other hand, I was pained knowing that this young girl has gone through so much sufferings and pains. She has to bear the physical and mental pain and agony of many operations.

It was not the time to ask "why", and there would be no answer to it too. The most important thing was to accept and face the reality with courage and hope. This was exactly Jenny, her parents, members of family and friends did. They have set themselves free from denial and despair. They have hope and trust in faith. They lived one day at a time, one step a day. They walked patiently, they bore the pain courageously, and Jenny recovered slowly and surely.

As a parent, I empathized with the pain and agony her parents have gone through. At the initial stage, the parents were tirelessly be at her bedside, care for her day and night for more than two months. They offered love and care. They have many sleepless night and crying days, disappointment and despair, but they never give up on her. Jenny's recovery was the testimony of the unwavering love and care, courage and dedication. With these, I am confident Jenny will achieve a full physical and mental recovery.

Today, Jenny has resumed her study and is currently pursuing her Business Administration Course at the University Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR), Sabah campus.

To Jenny, me and many others, we said: You are a brave girl. The accident has changed your life and shattered your dream but do not give up. Life continues to change and grow. You have shown your courage and determination, continue to fight on, to achieve your new dreams and new life.

We will always be with you and walk with you. We offer our sincere prayer, love and care to be with you always. We love you.

Jenny with niece





俐雯就在爱中,加上自己的勇气和耐力,一天、一步的,慢慢的康复过来。今天,她已经回到校园,就读亚庇敦拉萨大学 ( UNITAR)分校工商管理课程。




Anthony said...

還有俐雯媽媽,那天在亞庇匆匆一瞥,我知道你是勇敢的母親,也堅信你的女兒是勇敢的。 (汶萊 至賢)

V.C said...

My best wishes to this courageous girl !

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keep your spirit high. You can make it...your study, your new life !!


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