Sunday, July 20, 2008

Corruption 贪污

While we were in Sabah, many events taken place in Peninsular Malaysia. First the arrest of two top officials of the Immigration department, then the debate of Anwar and Sabri. After the debate, Anwar was arrested the next day for sodomy charges, followed by the arrest of Raja Petra who alleged the involvement of Depety Prime Minister Najib's wife in the murder of Mongolian Atantuya in his Statutory Declaration. Not to mention the traffic jam due to road blocks set up by the Police.

The arrests, debate and intrigue of the murder case sidelined the seriousness of corruption in our country. The arrest of the Director-General and Deputy Director-General was the most serious one but warranted the least attention. "The corruption in the department was so widespread...from top to the bottom.... that it threatened the national security" said the Director-general of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) who ordered the arrest. If so, why they were not detained under ISA? They were released on bail later.

The No 1 and No 2 of a department were arrested for corruption(visas for money).... so you can imagine what type of department it is !! There is a illegal Immigrants Detention Camp in Broga where I passed by when I go to the FARM. My friend told me that if you need to see a detainee inside (Indonesian, Myameses, Blangadeshi, Vietnamese, Chinese...), you need to pay your way to the guard Manning the main gate right up to the guard inside the detention rooms.

Perhaps Malaysians were not surprise by the arrest because it was not a surprise..... corruption in government department existed like the fishes existed in the river. "Big position eats big, small position eats small " " you know lah....." this is the common perception. Malaysia Government and Malaysians feel no shame on it at all ..... as if it is all in a day's work.

Interestingly, the arrest of the top immigration officials was done after the Prime Minister Adullah Ahmad Badawi's announcement of his handing over of power to his deputy in 2010. He wanted to leave behind a legacy as a reformer. He praised ACA for a job well done without further comment. He was the former Internal Security Minister which the Immigration Department was under. He was the former boss of the Director-Generals ! It was just handed over recently to Syed Hamid.

In another interesting news report titled "cop vs cops", a policeman in Gemas, a small town in Negeri Sembilan, lodged a report against all his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed. This should have made it to the headlines, even CNN....

Former Inspector-general of Police, Tun Haniff Omar said two years ago that if ACA were to initiate an investigation on police personnel, no evidence needed, half of the police force would be hauled to court simply for living beyond their means.........ho ho ho!!

Prime Minister has chosen Hong Kong's ICAC as model to reform our ACA. A delegation of senior officials have gone to Hong Kong to learn from ICAC. Many of them are Police officers, IGP (Inspector General of Police) was one of them. Do you expect changes.......jiong lah (Chinese word and symbol





这几件大事,把国家严重的贪污事件给覆盖了。移民局的第一及第二号人物因贪污而别逮捕,没有被重视。反贪污局总监在评论这启贪污案的逮捕时说:“移民局的贪污非常广泛。。从上到下。。已经威胁到国家的安全了”。 这么严重 !但他们没有在国家安全法令下被扣留,隔天后,都被保释出去。


为什么这么严重的贪污案,没受关注?这可不必奇怪,因为这已是见怪不怪的事了。政府部门有贪污,已是人民心照不宣的公开秘密,就如水里有鱼般的觉得很自然的事。“大吃大,小吃小” “你知我知”。。。大家都知道就是啦。。!我们的政府,马来西亚人民,不会因这高官的贪污案,而觉得羞耻,或不好意思。

有趣的是,这项逮捕行动,是在首相阿都拉宣布在2010年把权力移交给目前的副首相后而进行的。我想阿都拉是要在他离开后,赚得一个改革者的美名吧。他大赞反贪局的成就,他的前下属贪污一事,好像当没事 !移民局是归属在他曾掌管的内安部,他刚移交给赛哈密。



首相阿都拉在宣布改革司法及反贪污局时, 提到要模仿香港的 ICAC 独立反贪局,以更有效的铲除我国严重贪污现象。政府还派出了一个高级官员的代表团,到香港考察,学习。有好多警方高官参与,其中一位就是警察总长。你说会看到改革吗?哎呀,真是

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