Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The learning journey 学习之旅 (3)

The second day started early. We have breakfast in the hotel, so no Dim Sum today. Alas, second day in Hong kong without Dim Sum !

Today we were going to the Diocesan Center next to the Cathedral, which housed many diocesan organisations and commissions.

We visited :
1. Diocesan Catechetical Center (DCC)
2. The Catholic News (Kong Kao Po)
3. Diocesan Audio Visual Center
4. Caritas Social Care
5. Caritas Family Service

DCC Director Amelia Lau

I was most impressed by the Audio Visual Center. It staffed with many professional technical staff and modern equipment. It put to shame our KL Archdiocesan Communication Center, which equally well staff and funded in its own big building. It is like comparing an Arabian stallion to an ass, literally. I wondered when our Bishops went to Hong Kong, they must be wearing dark dark glasses and patronised the toilets only. Compared with Hong Kong, our toilets are bigger because we have big land and space. We are proud of it!

We were briefed by the AV Center Director, Dr. Yung (pic right). The Hong Kong Diocesan AV Center produced a DVD monthly with pastoral theme, such as St. Paul the Apostle, Eucharist... and so on, to be distributed to all parishes in the diocese. As for our own Communication Center, it was famously known to produce calender yearly late and on sale at the end of December or January only. Besides the calender, I saw nothing useful coming to my parish, or other parishes as well.

Dr. Yung will be coming to Malaysia in the middle of October. I am meeting him to discuss copy right for DVD production and distribution in Malaysia.

Our second day's activities ended late. However, few of us have the opportunity to have roast duck and local dishes for dinner. No goose drumstick... sold out! So I have no Dim Sum and goose drumstick on the second day in Hong Kong. But I am satisfied with the roast duck, char siu and roast pork.

It was the last night in Hong Kong, so a few of us decided to "roam the street". Stephen of Singapore said he would like to have HongKong tongsui (dessert). After some searching, we found one very cosy dessert shop. Josehp Lim, our KL Chairman said eating tongsui together was the most happy time.



1. 教区教理中心(DCC)
2. 公教报编辑部
3. 教区影视中心
4. 明爱社会关怀部
5. 明爱家庭服务部

Catholic Kong Kao Po Deputy Editor-in-chief, Peter Leung (2nd left)

我印象最深刻的是教区影视中心。它有着许多专业的技术员工及现代的仪器设备。吉隆坡总教区也有本身的传播中心,也是有雇用专业员工及丰足的资金,且拥有本 身建筑物,但相形之下,它的表现令人汗颜。这就如一匹阿拉伯种马和一头驴子的相比。我倒是很好奇,我们的主教们,到香港教区探访或公办时,是戴著很黑很黑 的墨镜吗?他们只会到厕所而已?当然我们的厕所因有很宽的土地和空间,一定比香港的厕所来的大。这也是可以赢以为荣!





We have roast duck, and Hong Kong famous Tong Shui(dessert) also...


Monday, September 29, 2008

the learning journey 学习之旅 (2)

This was my third visit to Hong Kong. For whatever reason of my visit, there was one thing I must do, eat roast goose drumstick and Dim Sum. This trip was no different even though was a goodwill visit to the local Church.

The schedule was very tight. Immediately upon arrival in Hong Kong, we proceeded to the Hong Kong Diocesan Pastoral Central to visit three diocesan body, namely: Commission for Laity, Justice & Peace Commission and Commission for marriage and family.

We exchanged information through report and Q&A sessions.

The visit was arranged by the Executive Secretary of the Commission for Laity Ms Amilia Kuan (right). She was friendly, thoughtful and helpful. She accompanied us throughout our three days visit.

Our first day's activities ended late evening. No goose drumstick and Dim Sum.

(will share about the organisations/commissions later)







Dramatic taxi ride 德士惊魂

Before I share with you our journey my dear friends, I would like to share with you our (Lucas, my wife and I) dramatic ending part of our journey played out on the way home from airport.

After our arrival at LCCT from Macau at 11:30 pm, we claimed our luggage. I discovered one of our luggage was damaged. We made a claimed with Airasia, may be a new replacement will be given to us. This is our fifth luggage-damage claims, second with Airasia, the other three with MAS. This is no drama.

We boarded an airport taxi (Proton Wira). The driver was a Chinese and drove very fast. As we moved on, he was going faster and faster..... from 100 kph to 120 kph. As he took the Nilai-Putrajaya route, certain area was bumpy and curvy. He showed no sign of slowing down. The speed reaching 130 kph and still moving up....

"Taxi daiko, can you please slow down a bit.... about 100 kph please.." I said.

"I am rushing...."

"But you are driving too fast..even though you are rushing, safety is more important! "

" This is my normal driving speed..... you said I am driving too fast, that means you have no confidence in my driving.... I have been driving taxi for forty years (bull shit), never met any accident.."

"I don't mean that. I am not use to such high speed...."

" I took it as an insult to me. I normally drive faster than this. But with passengers, I slowed down... no one complained before except one auntie.

She said why I drive so fast... I told her where got fast... compare with the aeroplane you just sat, this is considered slow already. The aeroplane landing with speed of at least 300 kph, you are not frighten. I am driving at 120 kph and you are complaining.."

I smelt a psycho fellow is talking....

"you said I am driving fast and you are frightened, you are insulting me.."

"I don't... no insult.. I am sorry, I just no used to such speed..."

Not to agitate this mad man, I terminated the conversation. In my heart, I prayed for safety. Lucas was holding a statue of our Lady of Fatima which he bought in Macau, this gave me comfort.

The Taxi traveled at a constant 120 kph and we reached home safely.



我们乘搭机场一辆 Proton Wira 德士回家,司机是位华人,驾的很快。他的速度可说是越来越快,从一百上到一百二十公里。。。他是使用汝来布城路线,部分路面不平坦,而且有点弯曲。他没有慢下来,反而是更快,甚至上到一百三十。。。还会继续加快。。。

“司机大哥,你可以把速度降慢吗?一百左右可以吗?”, 我说。












The learning journey 学习之旅

The visit to Hong Kong and Macau was a journey of learning and discovery, the weather included.

On the eve of the journey (23-9-2008), learned from TV news that Hong Kong has issued typhoon warning level 8, strong wind and rain were expected. ( not much news on Macau). I was a little bit worry about the weather which may affect our flight and the ferry service from Macau to Hong Kong.

We were at the airport (LCCT) by 4 a.m. Our 6:30 a.m flight was delayed by almost one and a half hour. We arrived at Macau airport at about 12:30 noon. We were lucky the flight was not canceled because the typhoon warning was rescinded at 9:30 am, just hours before our arrival. We took a taxi to the Jetty for a ferry to Hong Kong.

Along the way, we saw the destruction of the typhoon which struck Macau the previous night. Fallen trees, broken signboards, many roads were closed due to severe flooding. Through the radio, we learned that this was the worst flood in fifteen years.

We arrived Hong Kong at 3:00 pm without incident.

Lost in Hong Kong street 迷失在香港街头?!


在启程的前一晚, 从电视新闻中知道香港已经挂起八号风球的警告,将会有大风和大雨。我 有点担心这会不会影响我们的班机和到香港的船班服务。





Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodwill visit 亲善访问

My wife and I , together with other KL delegates, are leaving for Macau this morning by 6:30 am AirAsia flight. We will meet up with the delegates from Penang, Melaka-Johor and Singapore Arch/dioceses in Hong Kong for the first leg of our visit.

We will spend 3 days in Hong Kong and 2 days in Macau.

This is a goodwill visit to these two Catholic Dioceses organised by the Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Penang and Melaka-Johor Four-Diocesean Chinese Language Apostolate Commission.

I will be backed on 28-9-08 and hope to share with you about this trip. Bye bye and take care.





Monday, September 22, 2008

Wawasan 2020 宏愿

Today, Wawasan 2020 is just a slogan, the substance has been forgotten. I remembered the Church also hold forum to discuss about this subject. It is good to refresh our memory and check our position now.

Former PM Mahatir Mohamed unveiled the Vision 2020 (Wawasan 2020) in 1991. He expected Malaysia to achieved the status of a full developed nation in 2020. He outlined the nine challenges (areas) :
  • Challenge 1: To form a nation that stands as one.
  • Challenge 2: To produce a Malaysian community that has freedom, strength, and full of self confidence.
  • Challenge 3: To develop a mature democratic community.
  • Challenge 4: To form a community that has high morale, ethics and religious strength.
  • Challenge 5: To cultivate a community that is matured and tolerant.
  • Challenge 6: To form a progressive science community.
  • Challenge 7: To cultivate a community rich in values and loving culture.
  • Challenge 8: To ensure the formation of a community with a fair economy.
  • Challenge 9: To cultivate a prosperous community.
The biggest challenges come from the non-economy, such as social, political, psychological and cultural.

where are we now?

今天,二零二零宏愿沦为只是一个口号, 内容已被人忘记了。我记得教会也曾举办研讨会来讨论这个课题。让我们重新在看看这个宏愿,也看看我们目前的进度在那里。

二零二零宏愿是前首相马哈迪在1991年公布的。他希望马来西亚利用三十年的时间,就是在二零二零年时,达到一个先进国家的地位。他提出了九个挑战 (方向):
  • 1: 建立一个团结一致的国家。
  • 2: 創造一个擁有自由,力量及自信的大馬社會。
  • 3: 发展成为一个成熟的民主社会。
  • 4: 建立一个高道德,操守及宗教水准的社会。
  • 5: 培养一个成熟及容忍的社会。
  • 6: 建立一个科学进步的社会。
  • 7: 培养一个富有价值观和爱心的文化。
  • 8: 肯定建立一个经济公平的社会。
  • 9: 造就一个繁荣的社会。


Sunday, September 21, 2008

On the move.... 在搬动中。。。

One week after we sent off Elizabeth, we were backed to KLIA today to send off Jonathan on 3:oo pm flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for his new posting. He will be there for about two years.

Are we home alone?

We are an accidental family on the move. In three days' time, my wife and I will be backed to the airport "to send ourselves" off to overseas.

Yes, we are joining the 4-diocesan delegation to visit Catholic Church in Macau and Hongkong from 24th to 29th September.





Saturday, September 20, 2008

Also good news 也是好消息

I went for my scheduled appointment with my Orthopedic Prof. Dr. Kuan at University Malaya Specialist Center (UMSC), a private wing of Hospital University Malaya.

Good news and bad news.

The good news - Dr. Kuan was happy with the symptomatic observation. I do not have much pain. No painkiller or anti-inflammation drug needed. I am exercising (cycling) which is good for the muscle.

The bad news - The cartilage of my right knee has worn out further. It is almost bone touching bone.

Conclusion: My old knee is still usable. Old knee is better than an artificial knee, so try to last till 60 years old. Come back for check up and evaluation in six months time.

Action - Adeline, my wife and I went for a Korean BBQ dinner to celebrate on the good news. As for the bad news, eat it with a lot of Korean Kimchi.


有好消息, 也有坏消息。

好消息 - 关医生对我的病症观察非常满意。我很少觉得痛,没吃消炎止痛药。我有骑脚车做运动,对肌肉很有帮助。

坏消息 - 我的右膝盖软骨更进一步被磨损, 几乎要骨头擦骨头了。

结论 - 我的老骨头还可以用。损坏的“原装”骨头,会好过新的人造骨头,所以,尽可能用到六十岁。六个月后再回来复诊及评估。

行动 - 我和太太及女儿去吃韩国烧烤晚餐来庆祝好消息。至于坏消息,把它配上更多的韩国泡菜,一同吃掉。

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good news 好消息

Teresa Kok has been released this afternoon around 1:00 pm.

I think the Government has achieved its aim, not that the "threat to national security" has been neutralized, but a clear message has been sent: I can pick and choose, select at will who to detain ! so don't mess with me. But, please go, I shouldn't have arrested you in the first place.

Though the early release of Teresa is expected, but damage to all parties has been done.

The Government has made her a Hero. Abdullah will regret this action and its implications for a long time.


我想政府已经达到了拘留她的目的,不是 “对国家安全的威胁” 已被化解,而是一个很清楚的讯息已经传达了,那就是: 我可以随意拘留任何一个人,你们不要来惹我. 但是,你走吧,我本来就不应该拘捕你。



世态炎凉 moral society?




在7個月大患上小兒麻痺症,從此須以輪椅代步;初中後輟學,蕭麗娟的豆蔻年華沒有常人的燦爛。但她憑著堅強的毅力,朝運動領域發展,如今終於迎來喜悅的春天。(星洲日报,人间有情 17/9/08)

翻开今天的星洲日报,小小的一栏 (最下图),看到首相阿都拉亲自到机场欢迎我国参加北京残奥参加者回国,心理非常的感谢,阿都拉确是个好人。 但这情景和李宗伟在奥运夺得羽毛球银牌后,回国时受到的欢迎程度,真是有天渊之别。李宗伟回国时,欢迎的人潮汹涌,媒体大事报导,州和联邦政府都来抢人,以各自的利益为利益。李宗伟还受封拿督勋衔呢!



Do you know who is SIOW LEE CHAN?

Don't know? I don't know also. Let us get to know her then.

Siow Lee Chan is the sole Malaysian medal winner at the just concluded Beijing Paralympic Games after winning a bronze in the women's under 56Kg category with a lift of 95 kg. It ended our country 16-year medal drought in Paralympic Games. Lee Chan is from Titi, Negri Sembilan. She is a Polio victim at seven months old.

The national paralympic contingent arrived at the KLIA here last night after competing in the 13th Paralympic Games in Beijing. It was heart warming to see our PM Abdullah on hand to welcome them.

It was a big different from the welcome given to Olympic Badminton Silver medalist Lee Chong Wei's homecoming not long ago at the same airport. The State and Federal officials came charging to grab him with vested self interest.

Big crowd with camera lights flashing and was widely reported by the media. Lee Chong Wei received a Datukship later.

The homecoming of the Paralympic contingent was not reported in many main-stream newspapers. A small picture can be found in SinChew Daily news only (bottom).

If Malaysia is moving towards a moral developed society in 2020, this incident doesn't show that we are on the right track.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Light a candle.. 点支蜡烛

When the Government detained Raja Petra Kamarudin, reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and Member of Parliament Teresa Kok under ISA, people held candlelight vigils throughout the country, even at the gates of Police Stations, to pray for their well being and early release. I have received many SMSes to keep vigil at home in union with all the outdoor participants.

Candlelight vigil not only have religious meanings, but also represents hope, support, unity, justice and love. It also means protest.

Today, not only we must continue to pray for Raja Petra, Teresa Kok and all the other ISA detainees, we must also pray for our country and leaders.

First, light a candle and pray for wisdom, wisdom for our Home Minister Syed Albar, who has given "dumb", "preposterous", "ludicrous" explanation to justify the arrest of Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng. No more putting his foot in his mouth, no more ISA arrest.

Light a second candle, pray for our besieged Prime Minister. He is a good man, but that is not good enough. It is mediocrity. He must make good decision, take good action and also, has the good (interest) of the country above his own interest.

The third candle, pray for the Pakatan Rakyat (The Opposition). They have brought positive changes to our country but also tension that followed. It is time for them to stop the games of shadow playing, help to ease confusion and tension shadowing the country. Instead focus on the good job they are doing so far ( administering 5 states).

The fourth candle is to pray for light triumph over darkness. They are dark forces lurking with the evil intention of perpetuating their self-interest, putting the harmony and unity of the country at risk.

It is a risky situation. People will take risky actions to protect their own interest. There is a Chinese saying: "In chaotic time, Draconian laws apply 乱世用重典". We need light.

Pray...pray...pray....God bless our country, gives us hope and shows us the way!




第 一支蜡烛,点给内部安全部长赛哈密,为他祈求智慧。最近他发表了许多“愚蠢”、“令人捧腹” 、“可笑”的理由,来维护自己的行动。当然还包括他自打嘴巴的“不是我的命令”,“是我代表政府下令”,“不是我延长郭素沁的扣留” 反反复复的,以为人民是笨蛋的理由。祈求他不再自打嘴巴 (英语称为把自己的脚放进嘴巴),也不再有内安法令的拘捕行动。

第二支点给受四面围攻的首相。他是好人,但好人还是不够。他必须作出好的决定,采取好的行动,最重要的是,他必须为国家的好 (利益),放在个人的利益之上。



这是个险恶的时期,有人为了自私自利,会不择手段走险招,来保护本身的利益。俗语说:"乱世用重典", “擦枪走火” 都会发生。我们需要光明的照耀。


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No new government 没有新政府

As at tonight, no new government is being formed. But at a press conference this afternoon, Anwar said he has enough of MPs (more than 31) crossing over to form a new government in two to three days time. He has sent a request to Abdullah for a meeting to discuss a "peaceful handing over". He also called on Abdullah not to impose emergency rule to thwart the takeover.

Another option is to have an audience with the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to seek for a mandate to rule if Abdullah refuses to resign.

In response late in the afternoon, Abdullah said please show me the list!

Is it real or a bluff..... we need to wait for one or two days more. Abdullah and his government is under siege, not only because of the takeover threat, but also strong criticism on his government's shot-in-own-leg ISA arrest. A cabinet minister has resigned in protest.

I hoped no desperate move be taken by any party that will affect the life of the people and jeopardize the peace and harmony of the country.

Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in our country.







Monday, September 15, 2008

The Change 改变

Tomorrow is 916, the date set by Pakatan Raakyat to have regime change. I prayed that tomorrow will be just another day, no change of government, no chaos, people can go on as usual to earn their daily bread.

I am very disappointed with the present Government, but not to change by crossing over. Change is not from Barisan to Pakatan Rakyat or vice versa only. Change means a just, fair, clean and moral government emerges. Change means let people decides in a fair and transparent General Election.



me not in Taiwan 我不在台湾

If I were in Taiwan during the visit of a group of Malaysian MPs, I must be the most embarrassed person on earth.

More than forty honourable Members of Parliament made a hushed up visit to a country without official diplomatic tie, hiding by days (avoiding media), locked in by nights (no communication), amidst some shameful reports (to collect RM50,000 is one of them), went to airport in darkness ( in 20 taxis), no welcoming, no farewell and sending off...... malu bangsa dan negara lah!

If a group of 40 MPs from any country coming to visit Felda in Pahang, the Federal Government will give a big welcome, roads will be decorated with colorful bantings and banners, the State Government will host big official dinner to welcome them. Their pictures will splash across all major newspapers.....

When I went to Taiwan to visit my church friends, I was welcomed at the airport by them with big welcoming banners and group photograph taken to show off.

If my Taiwanese friends asked me why like this one? I malu to say...... I also will go hiding.

Luckily I was not in Taiwan!


我国为数超过四十位的尊贵国会议员,在仓促的安排下,到台湾作农业考察。他们到一个和我国没有正式外交关系的国家访问,白天神出鬼没(躲避媒体),晚上闭关(没有通讯), 谣言满天飞(去收取五万元是其中一项),半夜静悄悄的离开酒店到机场(二十辆计程车), 没有欢迎,没有欢送,没有告别... 好像过街老鼠,真是丢人。

假如任何国家有一批四十人的国会议员到我国彭亨州的联邦土地发展计划地区(Felda) 考察,联邦政府会高规格接待欢迎,沿路高挂彩旗,州政府更会隆重的设宴款待。各大报章必定也头条报导。


假如我的台湾朋友问我为什么你们的尊贵国会议员会这模样的, 我会羞死了。。。我也会好像他们一样躲起来的。


Hail Mary... 万福玛丽亚

Hail Mary, full of Grace, help me find a nice parking space...

It was Rev. Sr. Rosalind who taught us when we have problem to find a parking space. I discovered you can call upon Mother's help in other situation also.

Elizabeth's baggage was whopping 35 Kg, 5 kg more than allowed as a student. She also have a hand luggage weighed 14.5 kg. She has to hold a book of more than 3 kg (pretending as a reading material) because there wasn't any more space to put in. My wife brought along a spare bag, just in case, to take home the extra items (if it cost too much as unaccompanied baggage),and send later by sea freight.

My wife an Elizabeth proceeded to the check-in counter. My wife told me to keep our fingers cross and pray.

Hail Mary, full of Grace, help us to get more luggage space... I prayed.

After ten minutes, it was done, no extra charges, no need to carry a 3-kg book.... all settled to our satisfaction.

How was it possible? Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.........









Sunday, September 14, 2008

New journey 新旅程

Farewell at the airport 机场送行

Elizabeth left for Arbedeen of Scotland last night on 11:00 pm KLM flight. After 16 1/2 journey, she arrived safely at destination at about 8:00 am local time (3:00pm Malaysian time).

We had a video conference tonight at 9:00pm Malaysia time. She looked a bit tired but raring to go out to explore the new surrounding. She stayed in university hostel.

Take care our baby!




First tele-conference 第一次视频交谈

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was released today afternoon after being detained for 16 hours under the ISA..

According the Home Minister, the arrest was necessary for her safety. The minister claimed police intelligence have indicated that the journalist's life was under threat after she reported an Umno division leader's allegedly racist remarks. He did not mention whether the Police has taken any action to neutralize the threat. It is a laughable excuse and double-standard justice where innocent jailed and the guilty roamed free.

No news of Teresa Kok and Raja Petra's whereabouts.

Candle light vigils were held in many places including churches, to mark this dark day of history and to express hope that the good will triumph over the evil. They also prayed for the early release of Teresa and Raja Petra.

This is a "scaring" tactic used by Government to silent the dissents.

The voice has quieten down but the flame continues to burn.






声音虽然静下,但热火仍然在 继续燃烧着。

Friday, September 12, 2008

a sad day of the country 国家悲伤的一天

All signs pointing to its coming, but the speed is a surprise.

Hot on the heel of the announcement yesterday that the Government would use the existing laws, including ISA against owners of blogs and websites found spreading news and touching on sensitive issues like religion and race, the Police has today arrested controversial blogger and owner of Malaysia Today (website) Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

The Police also arrested Sin Chew Daily reporter Miss Tan Hoon Cheng (right) in Penang. She was the reporter who reported Ahmad Ismail's alleged statement of Chinese Malaysian are squatters.

While Tan was only doing her job as a reporter reporting news and events, no such similar action was being taken as yet against Ahmad Ismail, the person who made the statement.

Yesterday, show cause letters were also sent by the Home Affair Ministry to three newspaper: The Sun, Sin Chew Daily News and Suara Keadilan.

Many quarters feared this is the prelude to "Operation Lalang II". More arrests are expected to follow.

Today is a sad day for Malaysia.

p/s***Member of Parliament, Teresa Kok has been arrested under ISA tonight.






很多政治人物,维权人士担心,这是茅草行动二 的前奏。相信会有更多的人被逮捕。


后记*** 国会议员郭素沁也在今晚,在内安法令下被逮捕。

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Farewell 饯行

Many activities taking place prior to Elizabeth's departure. My parents-in-law came up from Johor Baru to send her off (Saturday).

We have a farewell dinner in her honour tonight with grandparents, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Tomorrow would be a full packing day.



Love your enemy 爱你的仇人

The whole morning I am thinking whether to call or send SMS to my house tenant to demand the rental he has promised to pay me on 9-9-2008. It is three months in arrears.

It is a single storey terrace house and the rental is RM420.00 per month. The tenant has promised me many times... no problem...no problem...don't worry, I will settle in full.... That, is the problem and worry.

The tenant is facing tight financial situation. However, He has promised to pay me on certain dates but failed. I am very disappointed and angry.

Then the Gospel reading this morning:".....But love your enemies and do good to them, and lend when there is nothing to expect in return. Then will your reward be great and you will be sons and daughters of the Most High. For he is kind towards the ungrateful and the wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.." (Luke 6:35)

Shall I follow my way or God's way ??

Let me pray...........

整个早上我在想着,到底要打电话呢,还是传短讯给我的屋子租户,向他追讨答应在9-9-08 要还我的租金。他已经拖欠三个月了。



正巧今天的福音读经里,耶稣如此的说:“。。。但是,你们当爱你们的仇人,并善待他们,借出去,就不要期望收回。如此,你们的赏报必定丰厚,且要成为至高者的子女。因为他善待忘恩负义者和恶人。你们要慈悲,就像你们的父那样慈悲。。。” (路6:35)



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leaving the nest x 2 离巢 x 2

Three more days before Elizabeth flying off to Scotland.

Three weeks ago, my son Jonathan received a posting notice. He is being posted to HSBC Kota Kinabalu Branch in Sabah and required to report for duty on the 22/9/2008. He is leaving for Sabah on 20-9-2008. Sabah is not far ( 2 1/2-hour flight) but we will not see him home during weekends as it is now.

My wife and I are feeling a little bit sad and will be missing them. Right now every one is busy packing and no time to think of how we will miss one another.

As parents, we are tired and exhausted, physically and emotionally. But to the two young fellows, they are looking forward to their new life in Scotland and Sabah with enthusiasm and expectations.

Looking back at myself when I was at their age, young and energetic, life was beautiful then. Full of excitement and challenges, living each day with hope and zeal. They must be feeling the same now.

I pray to God to watch over them and protect them, guide them in their new phase of life away from home and parents. Mother Mary, our Mother, be with them always.

In prayer and in the Holy Eucharist, we are always in union as a family.

还有三天,小女儿Elizabeth (淑倾)就要飞去苏格兰了。

约三个星期前,儿子 Jonathan 接到公司调派通知,被派到沙巴亚庇分行工作。他将在九月二十号启程飞往亚庇,然后在九月二十二号到公司履新。亚庇并不是很远(两个半小时机程),但他不能如现在般的在周末回家了。






Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Greetings from Rome 罗马来鸿

Just received a mail from Fr. Julian who is studying in Rome. He is on holidays before the commencement of his second year. He looks relax under the Roman Sun. Wwwah..lao...He is wearing a Malaysian T-shirt lo... but made in China ?!?! :D

Take care my Brother and Father !



Monday, September 8, 2008

My beloved PM 亲爱的首相

The latest controversy in the country is the statement made by Ahmad Ismail, UMNO division head of Bukit Bendera Penang during the Permatang Pauh by-election. He said the Chinese are squatters of this country. It was said in front of Najib, the Deputy PM. It received strong reaction from Chinese community and political parties. All demanded an apology from him and action be taken against him. Five Police reports has been made against him for making this racist statement.

The incident has exposed Abdullah all signs of a lame duck Prime Minister, Head of UMNO and the Barisan National. It is a house divided.

Ahmad Ismail has refused to apologise so far. MCA and Geraka have both threatened to review the option of withdrawing from Barisan. DPM Najib has apologized openly on behalf of Ahmad. Abdullah seemed to agree and said apologizing was the right thing to do.

Last Saturday, after meeting with Ahmad and Penang UMNO division heads, Abdullah's position changed. Instead of offering a solution, he instructed all parties to "cool it". He defended Ahmad by saying his statement has been misunderstood. Ahmad was not a racist but just stressing a historical fact. He blamed on the press for playing up the issue. He said this was an abuse of freedom of speech ( by the media, all the people involved except Ahmad)

Apparently, he was being pulled by the nose. He was under pressure to back Ahmad because he needed the support of Penang UMNO, his homebase !

At the end of it, he decided to save his own skin at the expense of MCA, Gerakan, Chinese and other non-Malays. It was a slap on Najib's face too.

It is time for Najib to reconsider his position. June 2010 may not be a sure date for his succession to the Chair of PM. The Chair may have been sold then.


这个事件,清楚的显露了阿都拉是一个跛脚鸭首相 、巫统及国阵主席的地位。这是个四分五裂的家庭。






Sunday, September 7, 2008

Farewell 惜别

It was an unconventional farewell.

The Spiritual Director of "The 3-Organisation" (Constantini Research Center, Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd and Mustard Seed Evangelisation Center), Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kang, would be leaving for Taiwan to take up his new post as the Director of the Seminarian Training in Taipei.

The three organisations held a farewell and handing over ceremony on Saturday at 7:00 pm at the Mustard Seed Center in PJ.

Besides a fellowship dinner, Fr. Kang conducted an 1 1/2 hour silent prayer-reflection session for the 15 members from the three organisations.

Bro. Lawrence Ng, a CDD seminarian, will take over from Fr. Kang.

We wished Fr. Kang God's choicest blessing and protection in his new posting. And to Bro Lawrence, happy to be working with you.

Body food 身体食粮

Spiritual food 精神食粮


三机构 (恒研心,光仁控股有限公司和芥子福音传播中心)指导神师江奇星神父,将在本月十三号,到台北担任主徒会修生的管理神师。三机构在星期六(6-9-08)晚上,假八打灵芥子园举办了一个惜别、神师交替仪式。




Handing-over (The Net)
Predecessor (right) and successor
卸任 (右)及接任神师

Successor of Jesus ?

Parish boundary 堂区界线

With the quick pace of development of the past decades, we saw the correspondent growth of the Church of the Holy Family parish in population and territory.

We have added the Putrajaya and Cyberjaya township to our boundary although not many Catholics residing in these areas. We saw the tremendous growth and the establishment of the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Puchong area. The need of re-alienation of parish boundary was necessary.

Last Saturday morning, five of us from the Parish Boundary Demarcation Committee went on a site trip to determine the boundary between Holy Family Church and the Guadalupe Church in Puchong.

We saw the development of Puchong, Serdang and Kinrara with many interlinked housing estates. A clear and well-defined boundary is necessary for effective pastoral care of the people in that areas concerned and the future pastoral planing.

It was a fruitful trip.


Putrajaya 及 Cyberjaya两个新行政区,虽然不是有很多天主教徒居住在那,但也都归纳在加影管辖的范围。我们也看到蒲种地区的惊人发展,及瓜打路霹圣母堂区的成立。所以,重新鉴定堂区的界线是有有需要的时候了。




Mooncake Festival 中秋集会

It was a Mooncake Festival Celebrations under the Sun !

Due to the closure of our church Hall for major renovation, the Chinese-speaking community celebrated this year's Mooncake Festival at the Breakfast Corner (porch of the Hall) immediately after 10:30 morning Mandarin Mass.

It was a pot-luck fellowship. With Sun as the Moon, it attracted more than 200 parishioners, including many English speaking and non-Chinese parishioners to this lunch fellowhship.

Fr. George Harrison, our mandarin-speaking Assistant Parish Priest, blessed the food and have lunch together.

Fr.George blessing the food





Wednesday, September 3, 2008




耶稣的使命是来宣讲天国的喜讯。当他复活后,在升天前,他把这个救赎的使命传交给他的门徒及教会。“你们往普天下去,向一切受造物宣传福音。。。" (谷16:15)

奇迹不是耶稣福音的中心,只是其中一部分,是用来印证他的天主性。他是以人子的身份,降生世界,实行天父的救赎工程。福音的中心是逾越奥迹 - 他的受难、死亡及复活。这本身就是一个奇迹了。耶稣自己在弥撒圣祭中,亲身显现了这个奇迹,

今天,还有很多人在教堂里等待,好像葛法翁的人民一样,等待奇迹。他们要在奇迹中,才会看到耶稣, 看到了耶稣,才去传福音。


耶稣说:“因为你看见了我,才相信吗?那些没有看见而相信的,才是有福的!” (若20:29)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Johor visitors 新山访客

This afternoon (Tuesday), I received four surprise visitors from Johor-Melaka Diocese.

They were Fr. Peter Ng, the Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bro. John Ng, Chairman of the Chinese Language Apostolate of Johor-Melaka Diocese, who was also the Editor of Qiao Liang, the diocesan Chinese periodical, and two other editorial board members, Mei Cui and Min Fang. They made a stop over in Kajang on the way going back to Johor Baru from Kuala Lumpur.

Fr. Peter Ng, who is also the Director of the Diocesan Office of Social Communication, was on visiting round to some parishes to promote their new publication fang zhou le yuan (Ark of Paradise), a monthly children magazine.

We have a warm meeting over Chinese tea which I brought back from my kampong in China. They left one and a half hour later to Melaka before heading home to Johor Baru.

I wish them all the best in their apostolic endeavour. God bless each of them good health and peace.


新山圣心主教座堂本堂黄来发神父,桥梁』主编、甲柔教区华文教务促进会主席黄文才兄弟,桥梁采编部佘美翠及罗敏芳姐妹,从吉隆坡回新山途中,在加影稍作停留,“莅临” 鄙人办公室,喝茶小聚。

黄神父也是甲柔教区社会传媒局主任,这次到来吉隆坡,拜访一些堂区负责人,为该教区新出版的儿童月刊 『方舟乐园』做宣传及订户推介。


谈了将近一个半小时后,他们就告辞, 启程前往马六甲,然后才取道回新山。


Monday, September 1, 2008

RCIA weekend 成人慕道周末

On the National Day holiday weekend, I was in Port Dickson attending the four-language* RCIA facilitators retreat organised by the Archdiocesean Catechetical Commission

I was given the task to conduct the Mandarin session for the 15 Mandarin-speaking facilitators from four parishes. The theme of the retreat was " Journeying through the rites of RCIA" based on the church document [ The Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults ]. The main objective of the retreat was to lead the participants on a spiritually journey through the rites to re-discover the vision of the RCIA, and come to a greater awareness and appreciation of the rites of the RCIA.

It was a good retreat for my small group. A lot of sharing and interaction, warm and friendly.


我被奉派负责带动华文组的工作。总共有十五位来自四个堂区的华语推动员参加这次的退省。这次的退省主题为“走过成人慕道的 礼仪”,以教会的文件【成人慕道礼仪】为主要参考。退省的主要目的是带领参加者透过成人慕道礼仪,走一趟灵修旅程,重新体现成人慕道的愿景(vision),提高他们对成人慕道礼仪的了解及鉴赏。




不像是避静,倒好像是选美 !