Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Light a candle.. 点支蜡烛

When the Government detained Raja Petra Kamarudin, reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and Member of Parliament Teresa Kok under ISA, people held candlelight vigils throughout the country, even at the gates of Police Stations, to pray for their well being and early release. I have received many SMSes to keep vigil at home in union with all the outdoor participants.

Candlelight vigil not only have religious meanings, but also represents hope, support, unity, justice and love. It also means protest.

Today, not only we must continue to pray for Raja Petra, Teresa Kok and all the other ISA detainees, we must also pray for our country and leaders.

First, light a candle and pray for wisdom, wisdom for our Home Minister Syed Albar, who has given "dumb", "preposterous", "ludicrous" explanation to justify the arrest of Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng. No more putting his foot in his mouth, no more ISA arrest.

Light a second candle, pray for our besieged Prime Minister. He is a good man, but that is not good enough. It is mediocrity. He must make good decision, take good action and also, has the good (interest) of the country above his own interest.

The third candle, pray for the Pakatan Rakyat (The Opposition). They have brought positive changes to our country but also tension that followed. It is time for them to stop the games of shadow playing, help to ease confusion and tension shadowing the country. Instead focus on the good job they are doing so far ( administering 5 states).

The fourth candle is to pray for light triumph over darkness. They are dark forces lurking with the evil intention of perpetuating their self-interest, putting the harmony and unity of the country at risk.

It is a risky situation. People will take risky actions to protect their own interest. There is a Chinese saying: "In chaotic time, Draconian laws apply 乱世用重典". We need light.

Pray...pray...pray....God bless our country, gives us hope and shows us the way!




第 一支蜡烛,点给内部安全部长赛哈密,为他祈求智慧。最近他发表了许多“愚蠢”、“令人捧腹” 、“可笑”的理由,来维护自己的行动。当然还包括他自打嘴巴的“不是我的命令”,“是我代表政府下令”,“不是我延长郭素沁的扣留” 反反复复的,以为人民是笨蛋的理由。祈求他不再自打嘴巴 (英语称为把自己的脚放进嘴巴),也不再有内安法令的拘捕行动。

第二支点给受四面围攻的首相。他是好人,但好人还是不够。他必须作出好的决定,采取好的行动,最重要的是,他必须为国家的好 (利益),放在个人的利益之上。



这是个险恶的时期,有人为了自私自利,会不择手段走险招,来保护本身的利益。俗语说:"乱世用重典", “擦枪走火” 都会发生。我们需要光明的照耀。


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