Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No new government 没有新政府

As at tonight, no new government is being formed. But at a press conference this afternoon, Anwar said he has enough of MPs (more than 31) crossing over to form a new government in two to three days time. He has sent a request to Abdullah for a meeting to discuss a "peaceful handing over". He also called on Abdullah not to impose emergency rule to thwart the takeover.

Another option is to have an audience with the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to seek for a mandate to rule if Abdullah refuses to resign.

In response late in the afternoon, Abdullah said please show me the list!

Is it real or a bluff..... we need to wait for one or two days more. Abdullah and his government is under siege, not only because of the takeover threat, but also strong criticism on his government's shot-in-own-leg ISA arrest. A cabinet minister has resigned in protest.

I hoped no desperate move be taken by any party that will affect the life of the people and jeopardize the peace and harmony of the country.

Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in our country.







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