Friday, May 31, 2013

Fellowship begins 交流会开始

The second day in Sandakan started slowly.

We went for breakfast in the hotel, enjoying the great seafront view of the restaurant and swimming pool.

At noon, legionaries from various areas streaming in slowly ...

From Kuala Lumpur ....Petaling Jaya ..... Melaka .....Johor Baru ....... Kota Kinabalu ....Sibu ... Kuching .... all in about 323 participants registered for this annual fellowship.

His Grace John Wong, Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese celebrated the opening Mass with Rev Julius Dusin Gitom, Bishop of Sandakan Diocese, Fr. Thomas Yip, Fr. Paul Wong and Fr. Fabian Kong.

In a simple ceremony during the dinner, Bishop Julius declared the Fellowship open and wishing legionaries a successful gathering and happy stay in Sandakan. 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Excitement of Annual Fellowship 交流会的兴奋

View from hotel room

The flight from KL to Sandakan was comfortable.

Budget airline Airasia is not necessary cheaper always. MAS is always a better choice, and it is even better with 30 kg baggage allowance.

Arrived at Sandakan about 11:00 am and were welcome by Hilaria and her friend Chong.

I have made a special request (demand) to have Bak Kut Teh (Herbal pork soup) for lunch and they happily obliged.

We met fellow legionaries from Taiping at the food stall. They were here a day earlier.

After checking into our room at Four Points by Sheraton hotel, we walked to nearby shop to visit old friend Peter Lee and have our favourite Teh Madras.

We bought some fruits from the general market which is just opposite the hotel.

The 21st Annual Fellowship of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Taiwan Chinese-speaking Legionaries will open tomorrow at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.

And I am looking forward to an exciting days ahead, meeting up with many old friends and acquintances, making more new friends, prayers and fellowship ... and many more !

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廉价亚航并以不一定是最便宜的,马航也同样可以推出同样或者更便宜的票价。更值得是 ,马航还给30 公斤的行李重量。马航是更好的选择。






第21届马新汶台华文圣母军交流会,将在明天傍晚五时,假Four Points酒店举行。这将是我非常期待的几天,因为能够见到好多老朋友,旧相识,也可以认识新朋友;好多的祈祷,好多的共融,好多的。。。。。!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hot and exciting day 酷热及有趣的一天

It is a very hot day with outdoor temperature reaching 36° C. , and it is an exciting day for Christian, our Mexican visitor. 

We have India breakfast - Roti Canai, Newspaper Tosai, Poori, Curry Puff and Samosa and Teh Tarik. 

Christian loved them all !!!

After a hearty breakfast,  we went sightseeing at Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. 

The weather is hot but great for taking pictures. 

For lunch, I brought Christian to eat Ipoh chicken rice. However, he preferred roast chicken, roast pork and Char Siu. And he loved them all !!!!

It is time to say goodbye to Christian because we are not able to accompany him for the next two days. We are going to Sandakan tomorrow morning to attend the 21st Malaysia, Brunei, Singaproe and Taiwan  Annual Legion Fellowship.

We sent Christian to his hotel in Kuala Lumpur and bidding him goodbye. 

He will continue his stay in KL and fly off to Hong Kong on May 30 enroute to Beijing. 

Have a pleasant stay in KL and safe journey to Hong Kong and China. 

God bless you Christian and we will miss you.  

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 今天天气酷热,户外气温达到 36° C. 我们的墨西哥客人也享受了刺激有趣的一天。

我们带他到印度餐馆享用印度早餐 - 煎饼,报纸多萨,普里,咖哩派夫,还有印度拉茶。他样样都喜爱,吃得过瘾。

吃过了丰富的早餐,我们到布城观光。布城Putrajaya 是马来西亚的行政首府,所有的政府部门,都坐落在此。


过后,我带Christian 到怡保白斩鸡饭店用午餐,但他比较喜欢烧鸡,烧肉及叉烧。他也是喜欢极了。

午餐过后,是向Christian 说再见的时候了,因为往后的两天,他仍然留在吉隆坡,但我们将在明天早上,前往沙巴州的山打根,参加第21届马新汶台华文圣母军交流会。




愿天主祝福他 。。。虽然短短两天的相处,他给我们留下了美好的印象,我们会很想念他! 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Mexican visitor 墨西哥客人

Today we welcomed a Mexican visitor to our home.

Christian, who is working in Texas, USA, is on working trip to China. He decided to make a stop over in Kuala Lumpur, and say hello to us.

Christian and his girl friend Cindy (not with him) presented us gifts from Mexico. We loved them very much!

In Kajang, world famous Kajang satey and famous Kajang Da Pao is a must.

He will be here until 30/5/2013. 

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Christian 是位墨西哥人,在美国德萨斯州工作。他是公干前往北京,途中在新加坡及吉隆坡停留,也顺便探访我们。





Sunday, May 26, 2013

Malaysian life 马来西亚生活

Devil reads Bible too!

Tian Chua, Vice-Chairman of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) was arrested by Police on sedition charges (see Where is Justice).

It is very obvious that this is another political arrest by the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

This is not the first time Chua was being arrested by Police, usually by force. (see old posts: Judgement,and Give them time )

He is a fighter, social activist, well-respected politician, member of Parliament,  unlike those power and money seeking,  knee-jerking, boneless and corrupted bxxxxx politicians in the ruling coalition.

The use of force on Chua was condemned by many.

Interestingly, I found online a tweet by Barisan official Tweeter account on the arrest of Tian Chua (Source: Stop the crooks Blog)

Whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment – Romans 13:1-5—
Barisan Nasional (@barisanasional ) 23 May.

(Authorities gained through frauds definitely is not from God)

It was met with a counter tweet from MalaysiaInsider columnist Erna Merin :

"He who justifies the wicked & he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD." – Proverbs 17:15.—
Erna Merin (@ernamh)23May. 


“The citezen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teachings of the Gospel. Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community. " Render therefore to Caesar things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" (Matt 21:22), "We must obey God rather than men"( Acts 5:29)” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2242)

“When citizens are under the oppression of a public authority which oversteps its competence, they should still not refuse to give or to do what is objectively demanded of them by the common good; but it is legitimate for them to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens against the abuse of this authority within the limits of the natural law and the Law of the Gospel" (Gaudium et spes 74)”

p/s I wonder whether the holy Islamic department would go after a Bible-quoting Barisan guy ....for apostasy!





蔡添强是一位斗士,一位社会活跃份子,国会议员及受人尊重的政治人物。他不像那些在执政党阵营的 x@#%%$&!,只会谋求自己的权利及金钱私利的没骨气,软脚,贪腐的政客。


Barisan Nasional (@barisanasional ) 23 May. “ 所以谁反抗权柄,就是反抗天主的规定,而反抗的人,就是自取处罚。。” (罗13:1-5)

《今日大马》专栏作者Erna Merin @ernamh 则以另一 段圣经章节回应:



"若执政当局发出的指令违反道德秩序的要求 、人的基本权利 、或福音的教导,公民依照良心有责任不予服从。若执政当局的要求违反正直的良心,则在服务天主与服务政治团体的区分上,得到拒绝服从政府的理由。『凯撒的,就应归还凯撒;天主的就应归还天主』(玛22:21)。『听天主的命应胜过听人的命』(宗5:29)『《CCC 天主教教理》 2242。』

”假如政府擅自越权,欺压国民,国民不应该拒绝实践为促进公益的客观要求。然而,国民有权维护自身及其他国民的权利,免受政府滥用权力的危害。不过应该尊重自然律及福音原则所划定的界限。』(GS 74 -论教会在现代世界牧职宪章)

我不知道那神圣的伊斯兰教部门,会不会去抓那位应用圣经发出推特的家伙 。。。因为反教!

5-star dinner 五星级婚宴

 I am always amazed by new ideas popping up at wedding dinners.

Last Friday, we attended a wedding dinner at a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

A waiter was assigned to each table, and food is served in individual portion. Not surprise at all that the waiters are .... Bangladeshis !

Table gift 纪念品


一桌一位服务员 ,食物都是个别送上。当然,毫无惊讶的是,服务员都是外劳 。。。。孟加拉人!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where is Justice 天理何在

The crackdown begins .........

Top: Student activist Adam Adli
Below: 3 Opposition & NGO leaders

Meanwhile, another case of detainee died while under Police custody. (Pic right)

"A consultant pathologist from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) had late yesterday confirmed that police detainee N Dharmendran died as a result of "diffusion of soft tissue injuries due to multiple blunt force trauma"." (Malaysiakini)

Where is justice ?


上: 学生社会运动者亚当阿里





Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family Rosary 家庭玫瑰经

Our BEC (Basic Ecclesial Community) had home Rosary at my house tonight.

It is a small and warm community consists of about 11 families.

After the prayer, we had refreshment and fellowship chit chit chat chat ....

Tonight's topic is .... no more politics ....all about health, travel and Father's Day celebration next month !!!

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今晚的谈的课题是。。。不要再谈政治 。。。谈有关健康,旅游及下个月的父亲节庆祝。


The 13th General Election result is a foregone conclusion, despite many disputes and tributes. Najib had formed his Cabinet.

The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) refused to accept the outcome in total, and accused the EC (Election Commission) of frauds and irregularities.

The people in the EC, headed by its sneaky and slimy head (pic below), must have minds like the thieves and robbers. They constantly thinking and scheming ways to cheat, rob and manipulate the election, to ensure a ruling Barisan Nasional (BN)'s victory.

For example, the delible indelible ink.It is supposed to last at least for 3 days but many voters reported the ink can be washed clean at home with normal detergent after casting their votes. I am one of them.

Lying without eyes blinking (A Chinese saying)

The EC's explanations ( at various occasions):

1. Election officers did not shake bottle well before use.
2. It doesn't matter how long it lasts, but at least deterring the voters from voting again on the same day.
3. Certain ingredients were removed for Halal use in Malaysia, thus affecting the quality.
4. Even with finger washes clean, traces of ink can still be found on the finger. (Need forensic expert to be stationed at the polling station to prove this ?)
5. The Silver Nitrate content was limited by Health Ministry, so it affects the quality also.
6. The ink was too long in Police stations for safe keeping, thus affects the quality.

The EC using different answer at different occasion when cornered ... lying without eyes blinking, really profiiii !!

The PR are in the process of collecting evidence to bring the EC to court over frauds and irregularities.

They are organising huge rallies in many cities to drum up support from the people.

On the other hand, the BN, although won the election with a simple majority,  was blaming the Chinese for its less satisfactory poll results.

Najib blamed it on "Chinese Tsunami".

Ali Rustam, the guilty vote buying UMNO leader and ex-chief  minister of  Melaka, blamed the "ungrateful Chinese" for his loosing the parliamentary seat, thus dashed his federal minister-ship dream.

Utusan Malaysia, the UMNO's organ daily, in its usual racist style, headlined "What more Chinese wants?"

"The Chinese was misled by the oppositions ..." (Chinese are dumb fellows, with no mind of their own)

An ex-Federal Judge warmed:"...the Malay will take revenge " ( a threat ?)

The new Home Minister Zahid told those who were not happy with the Malaysian " simple majority wins" system, to migrate overseas, Chinese included.

Chinese has been told umpteen times to "go back to China" by extremist  and racist Malay.

Yes, it is Chinese bashing time. It is the racist labeling other racists! ( we saw Christian bashing coming! )

MCA, the party supposedly representing Chinese, suffered a heavy loss and declared that its members will not hold any governmental posts, including cabinet minister posts.

The most-disliked party head Chua Soi Lek is making a big gamble (big threat too) that will see his party going on a self-destructive mode. He is leading his party to "Holan" ( means damnation)

His " Chinese against Chinese", "Hudud" laws rhetoric showed that he is out of touch, out of new idea and a bankrupt politician.

It is tough times ahead for Chinese who gallantly and defiantly said NO to corruption, in-justice, unfair policies, inequality, racist politics and religious persecutions.( Same to many Malay and Indian voters who did the same)

The Chinese, together with Malay and Indian of like-mind,  has made a choice and shall stand firm to defend our rights.

Malaysia is our our motherland. We shall keep her sacred and clean from all sins and evils of racist and corrupted politicians.

We are ready for rough times ahead !

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Holy Spirit , Legion of Mary 圣神,圣母军

Today is Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, it signifies the birth of the Church.

It is also Legion Day, a special day for the Legionaries marking the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

I am a legionary for more than 30 years. It is sort of a personal achievement for me.

For the past 30 years, I attended not less than 1200 times weekly meeting (taking consideration of many days of absence) ... at least for my hard-working !

We held a photos and magazines exhibitions, giving out leaflets and prayer cards.

Parish Priest Fr. George is very supportive of the organisation and expressed thanks and appreciation of good works done by all legionaries of language groups.

Currently we have an English and Tamil praesidium (group) each, and 2 Chinese-speaking praesidium.

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Ye! we are the legionaries 嘢!我们是圣母军



我参加圣母军已经有30年了,多少也算是一个个人的成就。过去的30年里,我参加了不少个1200次的周会 (扣除一些缺席的日子)。所以没有功劳,也有苦劳!




Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malaysian life 马来西亚的生活

The weather  天气

Temperature at my front porch

Our country is experiencing a hot spell ... very very hot weather.

According to the Meteorological department, it is due to the changing of the monsoon wind from North Easterly to South Westerly. 

The temperature is expected to reach 36 °C.

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Too hot for the dogs to go out 狗也懒惰出去

我国正面对非常酷热的季节 。。。 非常非常大热。


气温将会达到 36°C.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Malaysian life - Family Rosary 家庭玫瑰经

May is the month of Rosary.

Mother Mary appeared to 3 shepherds at Fatima for the first time on May 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal.

We held our family rosary at Mrs Puspanathan's house and celebrated Mother's day after the prayer.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rally against election frauds 反对选举舞弊大集会

Rally against 13th General Election fraud at Stadium Kelaya Jaya, Petaling Jaya tonight.

Facebook pictures 脸书照片

Monday, May 6, 2013

Facing reality 既成的事实

纳吉今天宣誓成为新任首相 Najib sworn in as new Prime Minister

The official result of 13th general election: Barisan Nasional (BN) obtained 133 parliamentary seats, Pakatan Rakyat (PK- People’s alliance) obtained 89 seats. (Total 222 parliamentary seats)

BN won with a simple majority and will form the next government. BN also wrestled back Kedah state which they lost in 2008.

PK maintained the control of 3 states: Penang, Selangor and Kelantan, gained extra 7 parliamentary seats and more state seats than 2008.

PK refused to accept the result based on reasons of many irregularities, vote buying, suspicious electoral rolls were discovered during the election. They will take further action such as protest rally, meeting with the EC (Election Commission) and bringing it to court.

Whatever it is, it is a stark reality that BN has won.

Basically, the Chinese community has a firm mind to vote for change, thus sided with the oppositions. Contrarily, the Malays at the last minute, decided to fall back unto UMNO, thus affecting the performance of PAS and Party Keadilan, rendered the vision of federal government change unfulfilled.

However in Kelantan, voters continue to support the Islamic system of government by returning PAS to power.

The two advance states, Penang and Selangor, with the more matured voters, basing on wisdom, they rejected money politics, promises of all sorts, corruption and abuses, to return PK state government to power in a bigger margin of votes.

One man’s gain is another man’s loss. PK’s gain, especially by component party DAP,  is MCA’s loss. MCA was practically wiped out in many states.

7 ministerial candidates from MCA were defeated in this election. Already there are calls for the head of unpopular MCA President Chua Soi Lek.

Although BN was able to form the next government, it gained only 48.6 % of votes, whereas PK gained 51.4 %.

Prime Minsiter Najib blamed the worse BN loss in history on “Chinese Tsunami” which means Chinese rejected BN and embraced the oppositions.

MCA President Chua Sok Lek also sang the same tune. Chua also said the present situation has become   “Malay in power, Chinese in opposition” and a “ 2-race system”.

Chua said that no MCA member would hold governmental posts including cabinet minister. He wants to see how the Chinese would suffer without Chinese voices in the government.

This tactic is a double-sided sword.  To a political party used to enjoy power and benefits, without government portfolio, would be like a tree without roots to convey water, will die of a slow death.
Chua himself is a good example of a party boss without a cabinet post …. His political life is dying!

The defeated former Chief Minister of Melaka Mhd. Ali Rustam put the blame of his loss squarely on the Chinese for being “ungrateful”. He was found guilty by his own party of vote buying during party election few years ago.

This was exactly the reason of their own demise: They do not know what they are talking, because they do not know what the Chinese community wants !

Chinese community are not keen to play racial politic, not interest to see “Chinese VS Chinese”. What the Chinese wants are also the desire of other communities too.

The Chinese wants a clean government ( no corruption, no money politic), fair and equality (No racial discrimination, cronyism and nepotism), independent Judiciary (no manipulation from the executive branch, respect of human rights), freedom of religion, equality in education, freedom of speech, fair and clean election and so on,

All are basic rights and values. It is not about race. That simple.
To make matter worse, they said the Chinese were misled and instigated by the oppositions to oppose the BN. This is a great insult to the wisdom of the Chinese, and at the same time, exposed their stupidity and ignorance.

They are blinded not to see that more than half of the Malaysian voters discarded them, not Chinese only.  As Lim Kit Siang, veteran opposition leader said “ it’s Malaysia Tsunami, not Chinese Tsunami”.

So do not ‘racialize” the election result and distract the people from their corruption and tainted election.

In kajang, my state constituency, MCA candidate was handing out cash, gifts and free dinner daily. Yet he lost to an outsider PK candidate by more than 6000 votes (15%), and Malay contributed 50 % of his winning.

Look at Selangor, the PK-governed state. Despite Najib’s great effort and many promises of cash, projects and benefits inducement,  the state government retained power with a bigger margin than 2008. The multi-ethnic population rejected BN, not Chinese alone.

It was the wind of change, the desire of getting rid of corruption, abuse of power that people rejected the BN.

If the MCA leaders, especially in Kajang, do not see these, and still singing in tune with their President, claiming “ the 2-race system”, “Malay in power, Chinese in opposition”, I suggest it is better for them to rear chicken than continue with their political life!

Najib will now have to realize and accept the fact that people wants change … not his “transformation” rhetoric. We should wait and see whether the next 5 years, Najib would pursue a more open and reconciliatory stand, or a retaliatory path of racial politics.

There will be no Chinese politicians in his cabinet. However, he can still bring in non-politician Chinese professionals or community leaders into his cabinet in order to substantiate his idea of moderate and a PM for all.

As for us Chinese, the current post-election situation demands us to be courageous, bite the bullet, face up to the challenges ahead.

It is time for us to stand up to the age old threat of MCA: no representative in government. We have the support of more than half of the population with us.  

Politicians may come and go, but Malaysia is our country, we are here to stay and we shall prevail!

What does Chinese wants?
Chinese wants a fair, just and stable country. That's all.


大选的官方成绩正式公布:『国阵』获得 133 国会议席,反对阵线『民联』获得 89 席。(国会总共有222席位)


民联这届大选在三个主要州属:槟城,雪兰莪及吉兰丹保住政权。另外,他们比2008年,多斩获 7个国会议席及更多的州议席。


无论如何,这已经是一个事实 - 国阵继续执政。

大致上,华社已经非常的坚定立场,要改变,要换政府,所以都把票投给反对党。相反的,马来社会在最后一分钟,大部分决定回到他们熟悉的巫统怀抱,导致民联的两个成员 - 公正党和伊斯兰党的成绩欠佳,使到 “五月五,换政府” 的行动失败。





『国阵』虽然继续执政,但他们所得到的选票,只是48.6 %,而民联则获得51.4%,所以,国阵不是一个受到大多数人民支持的政府。


蔡细历还说这是“两族阵线” ,“马来人在朝,华人在野”的状况。他说马华不会加入内阁及接受官职,看看没有华人代表在内阁说话及传达讯息的下场,到底是凄惨到什么地步。















很简单的,华人要的是一个公平,安定的国家 。。。



世界是如此的小 我们註定无处可逃


Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5 五月五

It is a day of joy for Malaysians, a very special day.

My family queued for about one and a half hours at the polling station to cast our votes at a secondary school near our house.

For the first time in 30 years, my wife and I are voting both parliamentary and state seats.

After 30 years, we managed to change our voting address from Kuala Lumpur to Kajang.

The indelible ink put on my finger was removed at home with ordinary hand washing soap within a minute - a disgrace to the term "INDELIBLE" and our nation.

Continue to pray for a peaceful and clean polling throughout the day.

God of mercy and justice, watch over us.Amen.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remembering Alex 怀念Alex


Alex (洪太保), 49岁,于四月二十三日,因肺癌在家乡峇冬丁宜与世长辞,留下太太惠蓉(Chirstine)及三位孩子。


Alex 及太太和孩子住在沙登地区,是圣家堂的教友,所以我们有好多人北上峇冬丁宜,包括加影本堂主任赫佐治神父及堂区领袖,亲身慰问及哀悼,一些专程上去参加了他的葬礼



我们将永远记得Alex 那令人心暖的笑容,亲和的友善。他是我们团体的一位好兄弟,家庭的好丈夫及好父亲,



Alex, 我们永远记得你,怀念你。愿你灵魂安息主怀。阿门。

( Alex 的灵前守夜及葬礼录影)

It was heart-breaking pain for us.

Alex Ang (49) passed away on 23/4/2013 at his home town Permatang Tinggi, leaving behind his wife Christine and three children. He died of lung cancer.

His untimely demise is an unbearable and crushing pain for his family and friends as well.

Alex and Christine are members of the Holy Family Parish. They stay in Serdang area.

Many from our parish, including Parish Priest Fr. George and parish leaders, traveled a round trip of 700 kms to pay last respect to him and convey condolences to the family. Many attended his funeral which was held on Saturday, May 26.

We pray to Almighty God for his mercy, bring Alex into eternal rest.

We also pray for Christine and children, that God will protect and guide them, grant them courage and strength, together with the care and love from the community, be courageous and strong to face the future ahead.

We will always remember the warm smile and friendliness of Alex. He is a beloved member of our community, a loving husband and father.

He is a great motivator and team builder.

He constantly showing affection and appreciation to his wife and children. Two hours before he died, he said to his wife: " It is a great blessing that I know Jesus ..."!

Alex, you are always with us and in our mind. May your soul rest in Peace of the Lord. Amen.

(Video on Alex's wake and funeral )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vote by conscience 依据良心投票

After much inner struggle, I am not able to pass my conscience ... I have to say NO !

I have intended to attend election rallies organised by both sides of political divide, to hear different views and styles from different speakers.

I was informed by a friend to attend a rally by MCA (BN coalition partner) at a well known restaurant -- free food, free gifts and lucky draw for expensive prices.

For BN, especially MCA, election rallies no longer be held in town halls, open fields and community centers. It is usually held at restaurants, or organised tented dinners with free flow of food, drinks, gifts and prizes.

They use money to buy votes. Sources of money?

Very much I would like to go, but dinner, gifts are just too great an insult to my dignity and belief. It is too degrading and disgusting to step into the trap set by thieves and immoral robbers.

Why not a straight forward open air rally? town hall rally? Because they are afraid of empty seats and lukewarm crowd.

In every state, the BN are using dinner, gifts, cash to buy the hearts of voters.

The ruling coalitions simply invite voters to eat in the many "appointed" food stall to eat, free !!!

Prime minister Najib is making promises after promises, giving cash handouts daily to buy votes. I believed, on the eve of polling day, he would have left with underwear only.

That is the situation of our country -  with the promises of cash, projects, grants and handouts by the PM, the country would be deeper indebted, and like Najib, left with underwear, worse still, a poked hole-filled one -  a heavy indebted nation. 

In Penang, the BN supported 1 Malaysia Charity was holding street dinner daily. A mile-long street dinner was held recently, about 200 food stalls were set up, providing anyone and everyone who walked in, with free flow of food, beer, drinks and gifts.

Everyday, voters are invited to stalls and restaurant to eat and eat and eat and eat !!!

Are we voters can easily be bought with dinner and gifts? Are we "cheap"? where are our dignity, principle and belief ? 

Is our future are all about eating? food? gifts? cash handouts?

The 13th general election would be billed as the most corrupted, dirtiest election in history.

And making history also:

1. Former Inspector General of Malaysia, Musa Hasan has joined oppositions Pakatan Security Advisory Council.
2. Former army chief General Mohd Hashim Hussein has joined opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR- People's alliance) and stand as a candidate for Johor Baru Parliament constituency.
3. Former BN Chief Minister of Selangor Mohammad Taib has joined the opposition Pakatan Rakyat
4. MCA president Chua Soi Lek did not contest in this general election, making him the butt of jokes in every election rally.
5. Tamrin Ghafar, son of former Deputy PM Ghafar Baba revealed that May 13 racial riot was an inner coup of UMNO to topple then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. The coup was planned by UMNO leaders including Mahathir. They blamed Lim Kit Siang, the opposition leader then, to be the instigator of the riot. Tamrin said that he was told by his father, and also by Tunku Abdul Rahman and Gazali Shaffie.
6. The latest being the indelible ink used on polling day, can be cleaned with detergent and solvent. This was discovered by military and police personnel who had cast their postal votes 2 days ago. A righteous army camp commandant lodged a police report on the ink. The Election Commission announced that it was because the polling officers did not "shake the bottle" before use ... what a dumb and suspicious answer.
7. Many foreigners, mostly labourers, would decide the faith of our country. From illegal immigrants, they are "drafted" to become citizens, then voters within hours. Their votes sealed the faith of the country ....

So I opted for 2 rallies by the oppositions, one in Kajang and one in Sg. Long, a township half an hour away.

The opposition rallies not only provided no food and drinks,  instead, the organiser appealed to all the attendees to donate money towards their election funding.

Yet, their rallies are well attended by thousands of people, as many as 50 thousands to 70 thousands in some places, and raised more than a quarter of a million Ringgit.

The oppositions are not complacent on the big support from the electorate. They warned that the ruling coalition have many dirty tricks up their sleeves.

The dirtiest and most potent being the hundreds of thousands of dubious voters -  foreigners being one of the blocks of dubious voters.

To remove a corrupted entrenched power, besides voters, we need the help of Divine forces of Justice and Light.

"God the Almighty, hear us, help us, be with us on our polling day. May your forces of Justice and Light be with the people, destroy the evil and corrupted power, grant us a peaceful, just and fair election, to a bright, just and peaceful future. Amen. "








为什么不就举行简单的露天群众大会?民众大会堂集会? 因为他们害怕见到很多的空椅子,冷漠的群众。




可怜的是,这确实是我国目前的状况。首相承诺更多的现金分派,工程及拨款, 我们的国家将会负债更多,就如纳吉,只剩下底裤了。。更糟的是,是一条满是破洞的底裤 -负债累累。







1. 前任国家总警长慕沙哈山,已经接受成为反对党民联的“安全咨询委员会”的成员。
2. 前任国家陆军总参谋哈欣将军,已经加入民联,成为新山的国会候选人。
3. 前任雪兰莪国阵的州务大臣莫哈末,加入了民联。
4. 马华总会长蔡细历,没有参加这届的大选,成为了反对党集会的必谈笑柄。
5. 国阵前任(已故)副首相嘉化的儿子谭林透露,五一三种族暴动,是巫统内部自己策划的,前任首相马哈迪是魁首之一,他们的目前是要推翻当时的首相东姑阿都拉 曼(国父)。他们诬指当时的反对党领袖林吉祥是幕后策划者。谭林说,这是他爸爸给他讲的,这还包括东姑及其他巫统领袖给予证实。
6. 最新的时件是有关第一次使用的大选不褪色点墨,是可以被洗脱的。这是发生在那些两天前投邮寄选票的军警人员所透露的。一位有正义感的兵营营长为此事,向警方报案。选举委员会的回应是:因为使用时,没有把墨汁摇均!这是蠢蛋的答案,也令人怀疑。
7. 这也将被记载进入历史:我国的前途,将有外劳决定。 国阵政府引入了好多的外劳,从非法外劳,到成为马来西亚公民,再成为一位有资格的选民,只需数个小时,我们的将来,就由他们给定局下来。





最有杀伤力及最肮脏的伎俩就是那些成千上万的非法/可疑选民 - 外劳就是其中的一组非法选民了。