Thursday, June 17, 2010


When I returned from Kota Kinabalu on May 17, we saw Tian Chua at the airport waiting to collect his luggage after returning from Sibu by-election.

On June 11, when I sent my wife and children off to Paris, Tian Chua arrived at the departure gate at the same time. (Today I learned that he went to France also).

Tian Chua is the Opposition Member of Parliament for Batu Parliamentary constituency (Kuala Lumpur). He was always "bullied" and manhandled (drag, pull, punch ... ) by Police during many rallies and protest marches (see old post GIVE THEM TIME). And he is most probably the victim of mis-justice!

He was charged for biting 3 policemen on Dec 11 2007 and was sentenced by a Magistrate court to six months jail and RM3000.00 fine. This will disqualify him as an MP.

He appealed. Today, the Kuala Lumpur High Court dismissed his appeal but reduced his sentence to RM 2000.00 fine only. So no disqualification and no by-election.

The Judge said that “I would say the magistrate had went overboard in deriving to making speculations in arriving at the conviction.” “But I would not disturb the conviction because of the finding of fact,” However,the sentence was reduced to avoid a by-election. “Having him disqualified would result in a by-election to be called and this would involve a lot of funds. A by-election will also affect a lot of people.”

What ?!? A political judgement?

The Barisan National (the ruling coalition) knows very well that it is Waterloo for them in Batu... would be a slap on the face for Prime Minister Najib. So, smart enough not to disqualify Tian Chua. In Malaysia, the independence of the judiciary is not to be proud of.

Chua, who returned this morning from Paris, said: “I am pleasantly surprised... I was expecting the worst. Now I can go on with my struggle for justice and reforms,” he said, before proceeding to the registrar's office to pay the fine.

He can take his fight to another venue, another time....

Source of news & pics: Malaysiakini


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