Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer for a happy death 求快乐死祷文

Death is a terrifying reality...

Death is a frightening word...

Every one wishes for a good death...

Every one wishes for a good death and to be buried in a good place....

But Christians.. or rather Catholics are very courageous in facing death ... because they believed if you died with Jesus, you will rise with Jesus. Death is a transformation, a beginning of a new life, the eternal resurrected life!

But Catholics are afraid that they have no burial place!

Yes, Christians are facing shortage of burial grounds (public) especially in Klang Valley. All cemeteries are filled up to the brim, and government are dragging feet in providing new grounds ...

This morning, our Parish Priest Fr. William, his Assistant Fr. George, Parish Pastoral Council Chairman Francis Ooi and veteran leader Robert Tan went for a meeting with Archbishop Murphy Pakiam and Archdiocesan Finance Committee representative Datuk Lim Boh Ang (Asst Finance Administrator) regarding cemetery matters. I was invited by the Parish Priests to "tag" along to the meeting.

Maybe we can learn from the Chinese community in Malaysia... more far sighted in owning burial land and not relying solely on government provision.

Any way this is not the main thing I wanted to share about the meeting but something out of the meeting.

After the meeting, we met Tan Sri Lim, the Finance Administrator, who missed the meeting due to prior engagement. He is 93 years old still going strong, keeping busy and living healthy. Robert and I chatted with him ....... he shared with us a "Prayer for a happy death" by St. Theresa, the Little Flower.

I am not sure whether it is an original prayer composed by St. Theresa de Lisieux (may be some one can enlighten me) but definitely a good prayer to share:

By St. Therese – The Little Flower

Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of life
And for the blessing
To be among those who know you are the Son of God.

Thank you for the gift of sight
That lets me see the wondrous things you made
And for my soul to help me see beyond my sight.

Thank you for all things
And especially my heart in which you placed
Magnetic seeds of grace that draw me forever to your love.

I know you hold me forever in the palm of your hand
And shield me forever with your holy face.
Yet, as years go by, Lord,
I fear the yoke of sickness and pain
And worry how my life will end.

And so I humbly come to ask you, Lord,
That when my time comes to leave here below,
Do not call me by a sudden death,
Not by accident that tears the body apart;
Not by illness that leaves the mind confused,
Or the senses impaired;
Not with a heart filled with hate,
Or a body wracked with pain;
Not abandoned, lonely, without love, or care;
Not by my own hands in a moment of despair.

Jesus, let death come as a friend
To set and linger with me until you call my name.

Then let me enter your heavenly home
To receive your final gift of grace
To be near you forever
And look upon the Divine Countenance of your Holy face.














Sunday, March 28, 2010

Honouring our departed 悼念亲人

I was rudely awakened at about 6:30 am this morning by the sound of fireworks.

It is Ching Ming season, a Chinese festival honouring our departed loved ones. The Hokkien Association cemetery at the back of my house already teeming with cars and people coming to pray at the tombs of their loved ones.

To avoid traffic jam and crowd, my wife and I went in the afternoon to Sendayang Chinese Cemetery at Port Dickson Road near Seremban to pay respect to my departed eldest brother and sister in law.

My father died when I was about 5 years old. My eldest brother had to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of a family of 7 siblings plus a youngest brother in my mother's womb. He was 17 years old then.

He passed away in 1996 and his wife about 10 years later.

I missed them very much... my wife and children too. Both my brother and sister in law were very kind to us, like parents to us. They would cook for us our favourate home dishes whenever we went back to hometown to visit them. My brother would make his specialty - "Kao Yok" for us.

I have no more opportunity to express my gratitude and repay their kindness and love for us and to care for them... never ever more.

I missed them very much.....









Palm Sunday 圣枝主日

Today the Catholic church celebrates Palm Sunday.

Jesus, as told in the Bible, riding a donkey into Jerusalem, greeted by crowds with palm leaves...waving and welcoming him.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy week when Jesus would suffered, died on the cross (The Passion of Christ) and rise again on Easter Sunday.

We brought back the blessed palm from the church and placed them at the main door to welcome the spiritual coming of Jesus into our home and our hearts, and journeying with him at the way of the cross and celebrate his triumph over death on Easter Sunday.





Friday, March 26, 2010

A day of many stories 许多故事的一天

Received a call in the morning. A 1 1/2 year old toddler drank by mistake weedkiller bought by her parents. She was in critical condition.... tragic incident caused by the carelessness of parents.

As usual, caught in the notorious Federal Highway - AngkasaPuri traffic jam. Life is jam jam here, jam jam there... jam here jam there... but must go on, to live.

Heaped a sigh of relief while "parking" myself onto office chair. My office is not a great place, but sure is my peaceful enclave after an hour's drive.

Sr. Theresa called at about 12:15pm.

"Sister, I have visitors, will call you back...."

Philip and Jasmine were at my office.

The thunderstorm on Monday evening damaged the factory's electronic weighing monitor and CCTV system. Philip was here to check on the system for repair/replacement assessment to be submitted to insurance company.

Jasmine (above) is my supplier, she dropped in for a business visit.

Philip left for another appointment. Jasmine and I talked about surveillance system... insurance .... and life !

Then Jasmine shared on her life story...... a miracle story!

Jasmine was very ill one day when she was 16. She was diagnosed with acute Leukemia and transferred from Bukit Mertajam to University Hospital in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For a month, her temperature hovering around 42 degree Celsius.... liver punctured, whole body blotted... and was kept in the ICU. Her mother, brother and sister, were by her side 24 hours a day, praying for divine blessings. They were members of Soka Gakkai (a Japanese branch of Buddhism). Doctor said she might not be able to go back to school even though if she pulled through.

During the ordeal, her breathing once stopped and she died-ed ! Miraculously, she was revived and lived.... Doctor made a life and death decision with the consent of her family, to go for chemo treatment. She survived and lived .... regained her health, continued her study after one year of resting.... to university, to work and married. Life moved on .....

Wow..what a story... (she told it in a more moving way ). A miracle is sitting in front of me today.... called for a celebration. I gave her a treat of Sg Buloh fish head curry (left), but she insisted to foot the bill.

Back to my office after lunch.

" Sister, sorry for returning your call late...!"

" I got work for you.."

"oooohh,what work?"

"can you be an interpreter (English to Chinese) at the Marian Congress on May 15 & 16..., they need many for the sessions"

"I knew about the congress...and as a legionary, I am supposed to attend too. But I have to attend my god-daughter's wedding in Kota Kinabalu on the same weekend ... (it was booked almost a year ago) . so ...."

Sister, sorry lah, you kaki gao dim lo!

A SMS came ...telling me that the 1 1/2 year old toddler had pull through the critical period ....

I also manged to get through Anderson and was informed that his son Fabian's corrective procedure on his hip bone at Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday was successfully.

OOh, what a day ...!

In the evening, I offered all my intentions at the Mass and Way of the Cross...

God, please bless the toddler and Fabian speedy recovery..... continue to bless Jasmine good health and happy life. May her courageous and extraordinary life saga inspire many to live life with hope and gratitude.

God bless us all!



























祈求天主保佑及祝福那小女孩及费比安快速复原。。。。 祈求天主继续降福及保佑洁敏,继续享受健康,快乐的生活,也祈望她的勇敢及生命的战斗,能够鼓励许多同样不幸的人,活的更有希望和感恩。



Thursday, March 25, 2010


















Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My knee 我的膝盖

It is the 3rd anniversary of my knee arthroscopy.

Many friends asking me:" how is your knee?"

It is not getting better... it is getting worse... gradually... until such time, a knee replacement is needed. I do not know how soon or when.

I am living .... or rather walking and limping each day happily!





Tuesday, March 23, 2010


China's coolest, hottest vagrant on Internet

Astro Headline News most dress-explosive anchor

See old news 参看旧闻

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A long day 冗长的一天

It is a long day. Before retiring, just write a few words marking the day.

I have a formation session for the Chinese speaking Family Life Ministry of my parish on BEC and family.

The formation finished at about 4:30 pm, went home to change for the memorial concert of Professor Emeritus Louise Chen at 7:30pm at the UniTAR campus in Petaling Jaya.

It was raining cats and dogs when I left home at 5:30pm... it has not been that much of rain lately.

The concert was great with Zheng experts from local, Hong Kong and Taiwan showing off their skill and paying tribute to Prof Chen.


我主持了一项由美满家庭事工所主办的一天培训活动,主题是 “夫妻同行,BEC一定行!”

节目在下午四时半结束。在结束前,一位参加者发出提问,参加了这个活动后,大家是否很肯定的说,“ BEC 一定行?” 不是全部都举手说“行”,有些还在犹豫。

无论如何,不管夫妻是否同行,BEC一定行,也一定要行,因为我们已经没有回头路了。BEC 是西马半岛教会的基本抉择,别无他选了,只许成功,不许失败,所以,夫妻同行,肯定是行!

匆匆的回到家,洗刷后,在5:30 pm,马上就出门到八打灵拉曼大学礼堂,出席陈蕾士教授的纪念音乐会。





Saturday, March 20, 2010

Faith tolerance 信仰的包容

Fr. Lucas Ng paying respect to the deceased

Christopher Lim died on 26 March last year.

Three days ago, his mother Veronica died at the aged of 88. Taoist funeral rite was conducted according to the wishes of family and tradition even though Madam Veronica was baptised years ago.

A Mass was celebrated this morning at the residence by Fr. Lucas Ng attended by many Catholics and non-Catholic members of family.

A scene of religious harmony, faith tolerance and communion of saints!





Monday, March 15, 2010

Haircut and Mary

Went for my haircut this evening.

Mary was quiet and seemed disturbed.

When almost done, she asked:" any house break-in in your area during Chinese New Year? ".


" At my place ( Kajang Prima), break-ins happened almost daily, and happened during day time. Many owners of the house returned after half an hour later, found their houses being broken into... rooms ransacked and mostly gold and jewelry were taken away! I heard they (the thieves) have some instrument to detect such items..."

"We (the residents) are meeting to plan for hiring security guards and other measures. Two days ago, an Indian resident staying at a corner house, returned home and was attacked by robbers... he was slashed and robbed... frightening! "

" If there are 500 houses, almost 300 had been robbed, some even robbed two or three times"

She sure sounded worried and sad.

Me too!

After the haircut, looking at the mirror, saw more white hair.... the scalp looked more shining through the thinning hair...。。!





“在我们住的那边(Kajang Prima),几乎每天都有偷窃事件,而且是在白天发生。许多屋主离家半小时后,回到家门,家里已经被人破门而入偷窃,翻箱倒笼,多数收藏的金器不见了。。。听说他们有特别仪器,可以侦测到金器”。






Saturday, March 13, 2010


陈蕾士教授 纪念音乐会


时间 : 2010年3月21日(星期日) 晚上 7:30 pm
地点 : 八打灵拉曼大学资讯与通讯科技学院礼堂

唐建垣 (香港唐氏艺苑中心创办人)
攀慰慈 (台湾中国文化大学中国音乐系系主任)
陈国兴 (马来西亚著名古筝演奏家)
陈 雯 (台湾国立艺术大学中国音乐系讲师)
张梦意 (马来西亚)
程 呈 (马来西亚)

这项纪念音乐会,是由拉曼大学中华研究中心主办,芥子福音传播中心,音扬艺术中心联办,中马中化校友会协办。爱Ai FM 为指定电台。

音乐会是凭票入场。索票处: 光仁控股有限公司 (03-78801303),拉曼大学中华研究中心Block PH 楼座(03-79551812),音扬艺术中心(012-3721813)。

-- 准时出席
-- 十岁以下孩童,恕勿进场

*** 请参阅【星洲日报】 14-3-2010 『快乐星期天』副刊第32版 艺文 特别介绍。

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ipoh mission 怡保的使命

We left Butterworth after breakfast, heading to Kawasan Permatang Tinggi Light Industri to purchase A1 curry paste on Her Majesty my wife's pesan (request).

However, my water logged GPS (as described by my aiya grand-daughter Olivia) led us to "holand". Instead of going to Action One factory, it led us to Nebong Tebal exit to highway, telling us to go home!

We continued towards Ipoh for an appointment with Anna, mother of Lina who passed away about 70 days (Dec 27 2009) ago.

As I mentioned earlier, meeting Lina's mother and going to Ipoh is the wonder of the Lord, a Godly arrangement.

Lina's ashes were kept in the house all the while and will be interred in the columbarium on the next day after our visit.

On Fr. Lawrence's recommendation, Lina had kept a diary recording her thoughts and feelings during her period of illness. She left words that this diary be handed over to Fr. Lawrence in order to be shared with many friends and well wishers who visited her when she was alive.

In a simple ceremony, Lina's mother handed over the diary and a visitors book to Fr. Lawrence in front of the picture and ashes of Lina. Mission accomplished.

Not informing Peter while in Ipoh was no respect for my old friend. So we met up for lunch and enjoyed the food and hospitality before heading home.


但是,因为我那个湿水卫星导航器(我的哎呀乾孙女馨之说的)闹别捏,带我们去“荷兰”。本来要去工厂购买的,但它却带我们到高渊(Nebong Tebal) 的大道出口,叫我们“回家”。

我们决定直行到怡保去,因为和莉娜的妈妈月玲姐约好到她家见面。莉娜就是在70天 (去年十二月二十七日)前去世的怡保患癌症女孩。(可键入【莉娜】搜寻有关她的帖子)






A priest in the north 北方一位神父

Simon & Simon, Comrades of strong arms!

On Saturday, after morning Mass, Fr. Simon Ee, CDD (top left), the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Anne's Church at Bukit Mertajam, brought us out for breakfast. This was the first time me sitting with Fr. Simon !

Fr. Simon has been serving the parish for the past 3 1/2 years. He has a tight schedule serving the Chinese speaking Catholics in the northern region, namely Kedah and Province Wellesly.

Just the previous evening, he drove a 4 hours round trip to celebrate Mass at Changlun, Kedah.






Friends and food 朋友及食物

Gabriel (right)brought us to Glutton street

Praise the Lord, our round trip of 800 kms to Penang completed safely and successfully.

Sending off Fr. Paul Chin on his final journey was our main aim. Through providence, we also visited Ailing's father who was just been discharged from hospital a day earlier.Then a brief stopover in Ipoh to complete a specific mission is an amazing wonder of the Lord.(will write about it later).

Then God threw in extra bonus by leading us to meet up with some wonderful new and old friends, plus delicious Penang hawker food, it was really really graces filled to the brim..."jia beh liao" !

I was delighted to meet up with god daughter Agnes. She took leave to attend the funeral Mass with her parents and younger brother. The passing of Fr. Paul Chin was a sad loss to them.

Agnes is my first aiya god daughter and Ailing is number tenth and the last. They met for the first time.... and discovered that they were related! Welcome sister, we are all in a family!

At the lunch reception after the service, Archbishop Emeritus Soter Fernandez was surprised and happy to see me. He told me Fr. Julian Leow will be completing his study in Rome soon and will be back in July to teach in the College General.

Glad to meet Ailing's childhood buddy Gabriel Lau. He is a soft spoken kind gentleman. He is active in the Permatang Tinggi parish and has been busy for the past few days for the wake and funeral Mass of Fr. Paul Chin.

We met him and wife at his auto parts shop at Jln Raja Uda(pic right ). He later brought us out to the hawker center to feast on Penang delicious local food. Thank you very much for his hospitality.

Anna & Agnes 瑷伶及钧钡

这趟北上,来回全程大约走了八百公里。天主的宠佑,旅途顺利,也完成了几项心愿 --送别陈汉忠神父是这趟行程的主要目前,探望璦伶的爸爸,则是天主巧妙的安排,归途中到怡保停留,可是天主神妙中的神妙!(这段将在较后时讲述)。在感恩还来不及时,天主又额外的给了我们加分红利(bonus),可谓“吃不了”(jia beh liao)!

这份红利,就是天主安排我们有机会认识几位新朋友,也能够和就旧相识见面,再加上这些朋友带我们去品尝槟城的美食,确是如我所说,“吃不了 jia beh liao"。





很高兴的认识了璦伶童年“把弟”(buddy) 荣庆兄弟。 这位斯文友善的荣庆,活跃于教会。过去的几天,他可为陈神父的守灵及葬礼而忙碌。我们在他的汽车零件店里,一同会见了他及太太(上右图)。在傍晚,他特地带我们到当地的“为吃街”品尝道地的槟城小吃。非常感谢他热情的招待。

Sunday, March 7, 2010













世事难料,在这 “乱世” 中,什么事情都可能发生,我们就拭目以待,三月二十八日就有分晓。但只要还有人追求权势,这个斗争还是没完没了的 。。。。


1. 背信弃义
2. 背后插刀
3. 真假难分
4. 笑里藏刀
5. 狼狈为奸
6. 蛇鼠一窝
7. 言而无信
8. 拥抱敌人
9. 卖友求荣

Home vi\sitation 家庭探访

It was providence, not co-incidentally in Penang that we were able to visit Ailing's father who had an operation 3 days ago.

My Aiya god-daughter Ailing's father John Lee, had undergone an operation 3 days ago to remove a growth the size of a ping pong ball from his neck. He has this goiter for more than a decade.

we visited John at his house in the evening.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an up and about and a jovial John welcoming us when we arrived. He was discharged from hospital only a day before. His recovery was encouraging!

I have the chance to meet Ailing's uncle who returned from US for the Chinese New Year and her brothers, sisters in law, nephew and nieces.

Best wishes to Bro John for speedy recovery and good health always. God bless us all.


在傍晚时分,我们到瑷伶的老家探访了他的爸爸,李启发大哥。李大哥在三天前,刚刚动了一个手术,割除他劲项上约乒乓球般大小的 “大劲泡”。他的“大劲泡”已有上十年的历史了。(参看照片纬之乐园部落格)




Saturday, March 6, 2010

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam press statement


by Archbishop Murphy Pakiam


I have read with disappointment the letter from the Polis Diraja Malaysia, IPD Dang Wangi, wherein it states that the DPP instructs that there will be no further action on the police report lodged by Sudhagaran Stanley with respect to the recent article appearing in the May 2009 issue of Al-Islam entitled ‘Tinjauan Al Islam Dalam Gereja – Mencari Kesahihan remaja Melayu Murtad’.

I am saddened by the article written by Muhd. Ridhwan Abdul Jalil @ Erwanz. The journalist has displayed utmost disrespect to the Catholic community when he admits receiving and spitting out the Holy Communion, then photographing the sacred species and worse, publishing the incident in the Al-Islam magazine.

It is disrespectful and sacrilegious because Holy Communion is fundamental and central to Catholic belief and is always held in the highest honour. Indeed, we Catholics believe that during Mass the host is transformed and becomes the Body of Christ. And when it is in this form it is sacred. Its desecration is a most heinous offense. It is thus not only disrespectful but shows contempt for our belief and a hatred for the Church when our belief is violated.

It appears that the DPP’s instructions of no further action implies and conveys the message that no crime has been committed, despite an admission by the journalist of desecrating the Holy Communion. There are sufficient provisions in the Penal Code for this purpose.

If those in authority fail in their duty to take action against the perpetrators, then others will feel less compelled to act within the constraints of the law and basic civilised norms of decency, if this or like incidents are repeated. The lack of positive action would appear to legitimise the actions of the journalist.

The Catholic Lawyers’ Society, Kuala Lumpur did, on 27 August 2009, present a Memorandum on the matter to the Honourable Home Minister which was received by his Deputy Yang Berhormat Datuk Abu Seman. We have not heard of any action taken by the Government. This silence does not augur well for interreligious harmony and peace.

What is even more intolerable is the failure on the part of the journalist, the editor of the magazine and its publisher to own up and offer a public apology. Good sense must prevail. Such a modest act would go a long way to heal the wound in the Catholic community caused by their actions.

In this connection, the Catholic community in Silibin, Ipoh are also disappointed and carry their hurt feelings due to the inaction of the Police over the reports made regarding the demonstrations in the church compound by some unruly crowd in 2006. The Government must be proactive and take the appropriate action to prevent a recurrence of such incidences.

In making this statement, I am advocating greater understanding and foremost respect from all concerned. We live in a multicultural and multi-religious community. There is a need to be respectful of each other’s beliefs, failing which we will lose sight of our own humanity and dignity, the very basis of the 1 Malaysia concept.

We will continue to pray God Almighty to give enlightenment to all concerned.

His Grace Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam
Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur
Date: 04 March 2010


Today at 10:46 am

Islamic magazine Al-Islam has issued an open apology to the Catholic Church and Christians, which has been posted on the website of its publisher, Utusan Karya.

According to the apology, the magazine's editor apologised for running the May 2009 special report, titled 'Tinjauan Al-Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Ramaja Melayu Murtad' (Al-Islam visits church: To verify apostasy among Malay te
ens). Al-Islam said that the report had "unintentionally hurt the feelings of Christians especially Catholics".

Domus St Anne 圣安娜之家

Domus St Anne 圣安娜之家

We decided to stay one night in Bukit Mertajam and returned home on Saturday.

Thanks to Fr. Simon Ee, the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Ann's Church of Bukit Mertajam, we put up at our grandmother's house - The Domus St. Anne.

It is a double story building located at the back of St. Anne's church. The room is comfortable. It opens to non-Christian organisations and individuals too.

Room for 4 人住宿房间


谢谢大山脚圣妇安娜堂的副本堂余金忠神父的安排下,我们进住到祖母的家 - 圣安娜之家。


Spacious and cosy lobby 舒适宽敞的大厅

Chatting with friendly caretaker Nicholas

Farewell to Fr. Paul Chin 告别陈神父

"Even though we were praying to God to take him away, but we are feeling sorrowful when he died and will miss him very much..."

My god daughter Agnes of Penang shared with me when met at the funeral Mass of late Rev. Fr. Paul Chin at the Church of the Holy Name of Mary at Permatang Tinggi.

Fr. Paul Chin (72) died on March 2 after almost 9 years (erroneously mentioned as 10 years in my earlier posting) of coma. Bishop Selva described this comatose period as "God's mysterious way... inactive life".

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam, Archbishop John Ha, Archbishop Emeritus Soter Fernandez and 30 priests, many religious and 800 laity attended the Mass.







Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fr. Paul Chin died 陈汉忠神父逝世

Finally, God has called home his faithful servant Fr. Paul Chin after almost 10 years in coma caused by heart attack.

I knew Fr. Paul when I was the Chairperson of KL Archdiocesan Chinese Language Apostolate Commission. He was then the Spiritual Director of Penang Diocesan Chinese Language Apostolate and we met a few times a year when the 4-diocesan Chinese Language Apostolate met in Kuala Lumpur.

I am leaving tomorrow at about 5:00am for Permatang Tinggi to attend his funeral at 11:00 am with Fr. Lawrence and a few others.

May his soul through the mercy of God, rest in peace.






Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black business, blue business 黑色蓝色的生意

About 20 years ago, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) enforced a law that all heavy vehicles must install a speed detecting device with a yellow lamp affixed to the outside cabin of the vehicles. When the vehicle exceeded the speed limit (normally 80 km/hr for heavy vehicle), the yellow light would flash ....

However, this system was easily opened for abuse and alteration. Somehow it was discontinue and dropped due to the faulty system and protest from big bus and transport operators (politician owners).

Me and a friend co-owned a road tanker then and spent about RM700.00 (equivalent to RM1500 today) to install the system. Same as other thousand of vehicle owners, our money (millions of Rinngit) went down to the drain just because some bas*%@# wanted to make money by monopolising the import of such gadgets. I couldn't remember who was the Minister of Transport then but was from MCA, may be Neo Yee Pan?!

Then came Ling Liong Sik, he implemented the "Black Box" speeding device.....costing almost two thousand Ringgit per set. Many vehicles fitted but many refused ... especially big transport operators. What happened to the black box policy now? It died off during Ling's tenure. Someone again had profited from yet another fail policy...but successfully lining the pockets of some fat pig political connected businessmen and corrupted officials.

Chan Kong Choy took over the ministerial post and proposing another new device...luckily he did not stay long enough to implement it. As for Ong Tee Kiat, he spent so much energy on his own party infighting, no time to think of such thing yet.... lucky for the poeple!

A week ago, another scam called " Blue Box" policy unveiled in our corrupted country. All imported fishes must use government approved, supplied by one company only, blue boxes for better monitoring and better quality control of products. It smelled rat...and rotten fish!

Another good idea coming out from corrupted government officials to make money for themselves.

It has been uncovered that a director of Fishery Department is a director of the company which holds the monopoly of the distribution of blue boxes ...... what a rat!

I wondered many policy and decision making government officials, with their big ass sitting on the padded chairs, must be constantly thinking in their corrupted mind:

1. How to make more money for myself and cronies,
2. What new rule or policy can make more money for myself and cronies,
3. How to force the people to accept so that money can flow into pockets of mine and cronies,
4. The rule or policy that is good for me is good for the people too,
5. So more rules, more money, more benefit for the people........

May the tiger of the year eat up all the corrupted bas*&%# government officials .... justice to the people!





一星期前,一宗 “蓝箱”的诡计在上演了。所有的进口鱼鲜必须用政府新规定,油一家公司供应的蓝色塑胶箱装载,因为这些箱子装了晶片,容易监管,也可以保持鱼的新鲜及无毒。一看就知道又是一宗中饱私囊为出发点的政府条例。


有时我在想,这些能够作决策及政策的高官,他们平时在办公室里面,肥屁股坐在舒服的大椅 上,肮脏的鼠大脑到底是在想什么?我猜应该是:



Monday, March 1, 2010

Snake and rat in a lair 蛇鼠一窝

Another classic case of brothers of snake and rat !

At first, one would make a lot of noise, complaining being ill-treated, marginalised and victimised. Then another brother in the same lair would do the duet, echoing the same story. After a period of noise making and attention seeking, realising that they would not get what they wanted, then it was time for their transformation...from beautiful human being into political frogs, discarding their principles and values.... for their own interest and gain. (frogs are beautiful and useful animal but not political frogs).

Penang former deputy chief minister Fairus left Party Keadilan to join UMNO. Another Keadilan member of parliament of Nebong Tebal Tan Tee Beng quit the party and became an independent align to Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition.

Watching their peculiar behaviour weeks before their "frogging", it was no surprise at all. In fact they smelled rat the moment they ratted on their own people and party.

These political frogs whom were elected to the assembly and parliament on sheer luck riding on the political Tsunami 308, should have making use this opportunity to serve the people and country. Instead, they were busy fighting for their own glory and wealth.

May be this is a cleansing process to weed out those snakes and rats that causing damage to the community and country. Hopefully, given chance and time, through this process, the Opposition front would become stronger and cleaner for the good of the country.








Kajang new year carnival 加影嘉年华

ABC store maned by All Beautiful Chabor

Yesterday, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, was the last day of our new year celebrations. It was Yuan Xiao Jie - the first full moon night of the new year!

And yesterday, our Taichi group participated in the annual Chinese New Year old street carnival fair organised jointly by the Ulu Langat (Kajang) Chinese clan and business associations from 10:00 am to 111:00 pm. This was the seventh annual carnival and the second time our Taichi group participated in.

It was a very very hot day (36'C), our ABC (air batu campor) store was one of the most popular stores at the carnival. Besides we sold also some specialty food items - salted chicken, drunken chicken, vegetarian dishes .....

Many exciting programmes lined up right from the morning till the end at 11:00 pm.

In the evening, the street transformed into an open air theater.... more singing, lion and dragon dances, cultural dances and acrobatic performances....

Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid graced the carnival at night.


Chicken lady

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当天的天气非常的炎热,大约在摄氏36度以上,所以我们开的ABC 冰水档,成了最受顾客光顾的档位。除了冰水,我们还售卖独特的咸鸡,醉鸡,斋菜等美食。我们档位的收入,将捐赠给慈善机构或善事之用。