Monday, March 15, 2010

Haircut and Mary

Went for my haircut this evening.

Mary was quiet and seemed disturbed.

When almost done, she asked:" any house break-in in your area during Chinese New Year? ".


" At my place ( Kajang Prima), break-ins happened almost daily, and happened during day time. Many owners of the house returned after half an hour later, found their houses being broken into... rooms ransacked and mostly gold and jewelry were taken away! I heard they (the thieves) have some instrument to detect such items..."

"We (the residents) are meeting to plan for hiring security guards and other measures. Two days ago, an Indian resident staying at a corner house, returned home and was attacked by robbers... he was slashed and robbed... frightening! "

" If there are 500 houses, almost 300 had been robbed, some even robbed two or three times"

She sure sounded worried and sad.

Me too!

After the haircut, looking at the mirror, saw more white hair.... the scalp looked more shining through the thinning hair...。。!





“在我们住的那边(Kajang Prima),几乎每天都有偷窃事件,而且是在白天发生。许多屋主离家半小时后,回到家门,家里已经被人破门而入偷窃,翻箱倒笼,多数收藏的金器不见了。。。听说他们有特别仪器,可以侦测到金器”。







Lol said...

The story has made my day. Had a good laugh and am surprised that she did not cut of a piece of your scalp relating her fear.

queen_of_bee said...

more handsome after haircut wor!

Simon Phun said...

I like the comments leh!

Anonymous said...

lll ! lll ! Amboi~Datuk saya cantiknya!! ~O~

Kueen Lizzie said...

suai ke Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

haha, interesting post!