Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy birthday 生日快乐

It was a very busy past 2 weeks.

Helping children moving ...dismantling and assembling furniture ... tiring physical-challenged job. I am no longer "The Young One" used to be.

The weekend saw two important family events: a nephew's marriage and mother-in-law's 80th birthday.

My parents in law are blessed with good health, open mindedness and outgoing in their old age.

Both of them have no hypertension and diabetes. They have an appetite of a cow!

God blesses them with filial children too - four girls and a boy ... and many grand and great grand children.

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帮助孩子搬家 。。。拆,装家具,是非常体力挑战的工作,令人疲劳。我不再是当年的“年轻体壮”一丁。




天主也赐给他们孝顺的孩子 - 四个女儿及一个儿子,还有很多的孙及曾孙。


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hei haze ... 烟害

After a long Feast and feasting day, the haze is getting worse.

Tpday, my throat is dry, nose congested ... head heavy, feeling like a sick chicken!

Ho Yan Hor herbal tea comes to the rescue ...

Damned Tobacco Factory of the World, our thick-skin, shameless neighbour.

My dinner 我的晚餐


今天我的喉咙很乾,鼻子有点阻塞 。。。头重重的,好像一只病鸡的感觉!

何人可凉茶救助我吧 。。。


Monday, June 24, 2013

A Feast and feasting day 主保,朵颐日

The haze situation is getting worse. It was caused by forest burning in Sumantera, Indonesia.

API (Air Pollution Index) in many cities are reaching or above danger level.

My wife and I left for Mantin early in the morning to attend the Feast Day celebration of St. Aloysius Church.

The air smelled acidic and visibility was poor (hazy).

The Feast Day Mass was celebrated by Fr. Augustine Li from Subang Jaya, con-celebrated by Fr. Raymond Augustine, the administrator of the church and Parish Priest of St. Theresa Church, Nilai.

The 8:00 am Mass was the highlight of the Feast day Triduum. It was attended by about 400 people consisting of local and outstation faithful, including foreign students from nearby colleges.

The liturgical celebrations was concluded with a procession of the Blessed Sacrament round the church compound, followed with a fellowship breakfast.

After the Feast Day celebration, we met up with Jenny, whom we knew for sometimes but meeting in person for the first time.

We were welcomed by her husband Marin and children to their home near the church.

We have to rush back home to welcome our old friends to our house at noon.

Teh brothers, our friends for more than 40 years, brought Bak Chang, roast pork and duck to have lunch together. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and drinking

In the evening, we attended the wedding dinner of one of our Taichi members' daughter at a restaurant in Kajang.

It was a long feasting day for us。

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庆典结束后,我们会见了早已认识,但尚未见过面的该地教友Jenny。 她及丈夫Martin 热情的邀请我们到他们的家坐坐。他们还送给我们黄梨及大菠萝蜜。。。收获不少!







Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Speechless 无言

The hot and hazy weather was no help ..

I was still feeling depressed but dressing up as picture above. I seldom wear long sleeves for more than 4 years, more so since my retirement 2 years ago.

But today, I was dressing up to attend a funeral of my friend's 26 years son who was drowned in a disused mining pond.

I was more depressed after learning that a Charismatic prayer "prayer" (person who is good in praying, sometimes claims to have direct line to God) told the deceased's father that the son's death is caused by his (father) "sins" ... And claimed that he got the message from God !

I know the deceased's father and he is a very helpful and generous man.

Instead of consoling the father, the bloody idiot offered this "prophetic message".  My friend and his wife were saddened. They were visibly affected by the message.(the husband was worried that the wife would blame him for her beloved son's death)

I told my friend this is not the God that he and I worshiped. Our God is a kind and passionate father, and will not punishes his children by demanding death !

People in Nineveh were sinful but God warned them through Jonah, and spared them.

The one who has sinned is the one who must die; a son is not to bear his father's guilt, nor a father his son's guilt. The upright will be credited with his uprightness, and the wicked with his wickedness.(Ezekiel 18: 20)

 "As he went along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth.
His disciples asked him, 'Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he should have been born blind?'

Neither he nor his parents sinned, ' Jesus answered, 'he was born blind so that the works of God might be revealed in him." (John 9:1-3)

Depressing !

I have limited knowledge of Bible, and only can quote the 2 above to console him ... and it helped. 

I told my friend to distant himself from this group of prophetic people... and advise that particular prophet to apply for a more lucrative job in the Tokong temple by the big tree, he can make big money!  










 谁犯罪,谁就该丧亡;儿子不承当父亲的罪过,父亲不承当儿子的罪过;义人的正义归于义人自己,恶人的邪恶也归于恶人自己。 (厄18:20)  

耶稣答复说:「也不是他犯了罪,也不是他的父母,而是为叫天主的工作在他身上显扬出来。 ” (若9:1-3) 



Monday, June 17, 2013

Fatique 疲劳症候

I am just too lazy to write ...

I am suffering from multiple-fatique of .... all types !

ZZZzzzz zzzzzz zzzz zzzzz z z  z    z     z       z         z           z  ~   ~    

Actually I am depressed !



ZZZzzzz zzzzzz zzzz zzzzz z z  z    z     z       z         z           z  ~   ~    


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Malaysian Life 马来西亚的生活

Beautiful Malaysia.

Malaysian celebrates together.

In the afternoon, we attended a Malay wedding lunch at our neighbourhood.

At night, our BEC (Basi Acclecial Community) celebrated Father's Day at a Chinese restaurant. About 30 members attended this gathering.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tawau Day 3 and goodbye 斗湖的第三天及离开

This video may be blocked on Youtube in some countries, click to watch here Video for a Laugh !(visual quality not as good as in Youtube)

It was a relaxing day.

Today ( 5/6/2013) we decided to explore Tawau town on foot.

We walked for about 4 hours and covered most part of the town.

At the waterfront, we saw traders from Indonesia doing a roaring trade with Malaysian counterparts. They loaded their boats with household items, food stuff, cooking gas, mattresses, refrigerators...even petrol and diesel!

Malaysian bought from them agriculture produces like banana, mangoes....

This is a "tax free zone", no taxes being levied on goods in/out of the jetty.

The Indonesia/Malaysia border is just 15 minutes boat ride away.

At another jetty, I was told by a "custom officer" that goods in/out of this jetty are being taxed. He was quite unhappy that the country gets nothing out of the Indo/Malaysian trades.

It was quite an interesting and mind-opening walk.

In the evening, we attended a praesidium meeting at 7:30 pm followed by a fellowship at a restaurant famous for its "raw fish", "egg Tong Shui" and "Curry duck porridge".

The next day, Nicholas brought us to a restaurant specialized in "Fried milk fish" (imported from Indonesia). We loved it. The restaurant is owned by Indonesian Chinese and can only found in Tawau.

After lunch, Annie and Elaine came to our hotel to say goodbye to us - we were leaving for home on a 4:00pm flight.

Thus concluded our 9 days Sandakan-Tawau sujourn, an unforgettable journey we will cherish for years....

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(Video for a laugh @ Youtube!)











隔天下午,Nicholas 兄弟带我们去一家马来餐馆,吃那里著名的“煎牛奶鱼”。





Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tawau day 2 斗湖的第二天

From right: Annie and Elaine

First thing to do in Tawau on 4/6 Tuesday morning was to have breakfast with fellow legionaries Annie and Elaine at a famous Seafood Soto noodle shop.

It was operator by an Indonesian Chinese specializing in Soto-style seafood and beef soup noodle.

According to Annie and Elaine, long queue is a common sight during breakfast and lunch hours.

After breakfast, we went to Tawau Fish Market to select some fresh fishes to bring home.

Many types and sizes of fishes, fresh and priced much more lower than West Malaysia.

Many are exported to Hong Kong and west Malaysia, thus pushing up local prices. The locals are complaining that they can no longer enjoyed low price fishes anymore.

In the evening, fellow legionaries feted us to a pot-luck dinner at St. Clare's convent. They brought many delicious dishes, many of them are my favourites.

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4/6 星期二早上,我们在斗湖的第一件事是跟随军友Annie 及Elaine 去一家非常特别的餐馆吃早餐。

这餐馆是一位印尼华侨所开的。他卖的是印尼风味的 Soto式海鲜及牛肉汤麵。


早餐后 ,我们去斗湖海获市场,挑选一些鲜鱼,冷冻后带回家这里有各式各样,大小不同的鱼。



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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sandakan-Tawau  山打根-斗湖

Our guardian angels: Monica (left) and Irene

We bid farewell to Sandakan, left for Tawau by bus on 3/6/2013.

Our 2 guardian angels Irene and Monica, one waited for the ticket booth of express bus to open, one picked us up from the hotel, made sure we boarded the bus at 8:30 am safely for our next destination.

The bus ride was comfortable (quite a new bus) but took almost  6 hours to reach Sandakan.

The supposedly "express bus" made many stops to pick up passengers and goods along the way!

At one stop, the bus picked up almost 3 tons of "goods" - belongings of a family moving out to Tawau.

We checked into Shirvirton Hotel at the center of the city.

The last time we were in Tawau was more than 5 years ago. I did not have Facebook and blog account then. You can see some pictures from my old website.  

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3/6 早上,我们告别了山打根,往下一个目的地---斗湖前进。

我们的两个护守天使 - Irene 与Monica, 一人在车站等售票处开门售票,一人用车载我们到车站,以保证我们能够安全的登上八点半的快车,到斗湖去。






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Monday, June 3, 2013

Fellowship 4 交流会

The 21st Annual Fellowship was a great success.

On Sunday, many legionaries heading to airport for early flight home.

We attended Sunday Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral.

In the afternoon, we went out with our Sandakan friend for tea at a coffee shop which also making fresh bread and cakes.

At night, Vincent graciously hosted us to a sumptuous seafood dinner at a seaside restaurant.

We will be leaving for Tawan by bus the next morning.

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2/6 星期天,许多军友乘搭早班机回家了,其他的则自由活动。



傍晚,Vincent 李兄弟邀请我们共享了一顿丰富的海鲜晚餐,度过了一个愉快的晚上。


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fellowship day 3 交流会

 It was a day of outing and a finale of the Fellowship.

We went visiting today after Mass. The main activity of the day is to see Proboscis monkeys at Lubuk Bay sanctuary.

It was a hot and breezy day with blue sky and scorching sun.

After dropping by St. Mary's Cathedral where a wedding Mass was taking place, we have lunch in the midday at a restaurant.

After lunch, we traveled one and a half hour to Lubuk Bay in time for the feeding of monkeys.

We have the opportunity to watch Proboscis monkeys up close.

In the evening, the climax of the event -  Farewell dinner.

During the dinner, it was announced that Penang is the the host of 2014, 22nd Annual Legion Fellowship!

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午餐后,我们就往观猴Lubuk Bay 前进,一个半小时后,就到达了目的地。


傍晚,是交流会的高潮 - 惜别晚宴。

晚宴中,宣布了下一届,2014年,第22届马新汶台华文圣母军的主办单位 --- 槟城!!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fellowship day 2 交流会的第二天

Group photo 全体合照

Day 2 of the Fellowship sees more serious business.

We started the day with Mass, followed by a talk by Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu John Wong entitled " Awakening of the Door of Faith".

Fr. Fabian and Fr. Paul Wong each gave a talk each on the same subject entitled "Knocking the Door of Faith" and " Open the Door of Faith". 

We have some free time before and after lunch that allowed legionaries to mingle to do some catching up, and getting to know more friends.

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(Fr. Fabian "knocking on the door of Faith video )

Legionaries from Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡军友

交流会的第二天, 是较严肃的活动 - 讲座。



江宗欢神父 - “敲响信德之门”。江神父以故事及图片,充满动感的呈献了这个讲座。

王保禄神父 - 敲开信德之门“。王神父以日常及生活化的方式,生动的完成了这个讲座。