Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tawau day 2 斗湖的第二天

From right: Annie and Elaine

First thing to do in Tawau on 4/6 Tuesday morning was to have breakfast with fellow legionaries Annie and Elaine at a famous Seafood Soto noodle shop.

It was operator by an Indonesian Chinese specializing in Soto-style seafood and beef soup noodle.

According to Annie and Elaine, long queue is a common sight during breakfast and lunch hours.

After breakfast, we went to Tawau Fish Market to select some fresh fishes to bring home.

Many types and sizes of fishes, fresh and priced much more lower than West Malaysia.

Many are exported to Hong Kong and west Malaysia, thus pushing up local prices. The locals are complaining that they can no longer enjoyed low price fishes anymore.

In the evening, fellow legionaries feted us to a pot-luck dinner at St. Clare's convent. They brought many delicious dishes, many of them are my favourites.

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4/6 星期二早上,我们在斗湖的第一件事是跟随军友Annie 及Elaine 去一家非常特别的餐馆吃早餐。

这餐馆是一位印尼华侨所开的。他卖的是印尼风味的 Soto式海鲜及牛肉汤麵。


早餐后 ,我们去斗湖海获市场,挑选一些鲜鱼,冷冻后带回家这里有各式各样,大小不同的鱼。



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