Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tawau Day 3 and goodbye 斗湖的第三天及离开

This video may be blocked on Youtube in some countries, click to watch here Video for a Laugh !(visual quality not as good as in Youtube)

It was a relaxing day.

Today ( 5/6/2013) we decided to explore Tawau town on foot.

We walked for about 4 hours and covered most part of the town.

At the waterfront, we saw traders from Indonesia doing a roaring trade with Malaysian counterparts. They loaded their boats with household items, food stuff, cooking gas, mattresses, refrigerators...even petrol and diesel!

Malaysian bought from them agriculture produces like banana, mangoes....

This is a "tax free zone", no taxes being levied on goods in/out of the jetty.

The Indonesia/Malaysia border is just 15 minutes boat ride away.

At another jetty, I was told by a "custom officer" that goods in/out of this jetty are being taxed. He was quite unhappy that the country gets nothing out of the Indo/Malaysian trades.

It was quite an interesting and mind-opening walk.

In the evening, we attended a praesidium meeting at 7:30 pm followed by a fellowship at a restaurant famous for its "raw fish", "egg Tong Shui" and "Curry duck porridge".

The next day, Nicholas brought us to a restaurant specialized in "Fried milk fish" (imported from Indonesia). We loved it. The restaurant is owned by Indonesian Chinese and can only found in Tawau.

After lunch, Annie and Elaine came to our hotel to say goodbye to us - we were leaving for home on a 4:00pm flight.

Thus concluded our 9 days Sandakan-Tawau sujourn, an unforgettable journey we will cherish for years....

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隔天下午,Nicholas 兄弟带我们去一家马来餐馆,吃那里著名的“煎牛奶鱼”。





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