Monday, June 3, 2013

Fellowship 4 交流会

The 21st Annual Fellowship was a great success.

On Sunday, many legionaries heading to airport for early flight home.

We attended Sunday Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral.

In the afternoon, we went out with our Sandakan friend for tea at a coffee shop which also making fresh bread and cakes.

At night, Vincent graciously hosted us to a sumptuous seafood dinner at a seaside restaurant.

We will be leaving for Tawan by bus the next morning.

(more pictures in Facebook)


2/6 星期天,许多军友乘搭早班机回家了,其他的则自由活动。



傍晚,Vincent 李兄弟邀请我们共享了一顿丰富的海鲜晚餐,度过了一个愉快的晚上。


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